1 min

Coconut-lime fish with green beans- super easy! 

Cheap with excellent taste and takes a few minutes. To avoid chopping, pinch stems off green beans by hand.

  1. Cook frozen fish sticks in the microwave about 2/3 done (about 1.5 min, turning over once);
  2. Cut or pinch off the stems of the green beans;
  3. Fry the fish sticks briefly with coconut oil and lime juice til just browned, add a little garlic salt at the end. Remove promptly.
  4. Cook whole green beans briefly on med-high Heat, stirring constantly (they should still be fairly firm but with brown on a side or two) with oil and dusting of garlic salt.
  5. Mix mayo and sour cream (use mostly sour cream) for fish sauce!

Talking with a buddy last night made me realize I don’t do nearly enough of these.  Sadly, the old site I went to for gesture photos seems to be borken, so I tried a different one.  Some of the poses they have these models in are nuts, haha