1 million sub video

My Boyfriend does my Makeup- Markiplier

Summary: Mark had recently started dating Y/N, who is a Youtuber just like Mark and she decides to have him attempt to do her makeup.
Pairings: Markiplier x Reader
Warnings: None
Genre: Fluff
Word Count:670
Authors Note: Just got the idea so I decided to write it.

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You were thinking of what video to upload to your YouTube channel to celebrate hitting 1 million subscribers, everybody had been really supportive of you and you wanted to do something special to thank your fans. While you were brainstorming ideas in your head your boyfriend, Mark decided to walk into the living room.

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Simon x A/N …No Warnings….Requested? Psh no but I did get the idea from @emily-anna-reinhart ( By the way @emily-anna-reinhart if you read the end that would be amazing thank you!!)

Imagine playing football with Simon and you’re in goal and he’s taking shots. But you keep saving almost all of them and he gets frustrated and upset and he playfully picks you up in frustration and brings you in for a kiss.

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If anyone here is a fan of video games or Pewdiepie then you will be sure to like DashieXP. He’s super funny, does extensive game plays, and even has an extra channel for skits. His gaming channel is DashieGames and he’s just under 1 million subs, he definitely deserves. Any person who uploads one video a day all year is truly committed, check him out!


Hey guys! Nate is nearing 1 million subs!!! As a tribute to him I am making a video using songs of his and video clips, and I also want to include something from the fans. That’s where you all come in!

I wanna request one thing: send me a quick line, or paragraph of something you would like to say to nate. You can send a picture, or just send me the text and I will put it on a picture in the slideshow. This would be awesome if I could get a lot of people to do this so we can show Nate how much he means to all of us!



I will not be sharing your emails or anything, just what you want to say so PLEASE send me some things! Also reblog this and share it with your friends!!!

anonymous asked:

Hey Man, Congrats on almost reaching 1 million subs. Got any plans for a video of some sort? Would love to see a draw my life. Keep it up!

Yes. I do have a plan for one million subs…

we’re all here hyped thinking they’re gonna play just dance for their 1 million subs video and then it’ll end up being ‘my first pet pony’ or something because they’re giant trolls who knows although i would pay to see them play that lets be honest

anonymous asked:

Did you see that you hit a million subs? :D

Yes I did! I knew it was gonna happen for a while, but it’s still really exciting.

I have a 1 million sub video I’ve been slowly working on for a long time now, but it might not be the next video I release so it’ll be a tad late I think!

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do you like cat?

(i’m assuming you’re talking about catrific) i don’t really have an opinion on her anymore, i used to hate her for no reason like everyone else in the phandom did for a while but then i realized i was being stupid.

  i think it’s funny she has almost 1 million subs but only an average of like 10k views on her videos though bc the phandom only subbed to her to see phan


to celebrate 1 million subs; full montage video by the boss @andrewrose on youtube.com/torikelly

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2709batman-deactivated20170409  asked:

What would you do if you reach 1.000.000 subs?

When/If I hit 1 million subs, I’m gonna do my Top 10 Favorite Video Games, or something along those lines. Sounds a bit simple, but I wanted to do something more personal for such a big milestone. I’m gonna try to make it silly and fun as usual, but I also just want to share more of the games that have really affected me in my life. And maybe other people will be inspired to try out a game or two that they’ve never experienced. 


groundtype  asked:

PBG, what's your favourite type of videogame, and what would you consider is your all time favourite game?

I’m really not sure if I have a favorite type of game, honestly! I like so many different kinds of games. It’s hard to pick one genre.

And for the second question, I’ll save it for my 1 million sub video. =)