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‘Sympathy for The Queen’

  • Me at the start of 'The Miserable Mill': I don't recall Charles and Sir being so 'partnerly'
Netflix’s ASOUE

so I just finished binge watching the entire series and I have to say it was remarkable. The casting was great. I loved how they seemed to know their characters very well. And the quotes in the book oh my the smart quotes were used! There were a few changes but they didn’t affect the story in a major way so it’s still on track. The added scenes were great and I’m really excited to know where it’s heading.

So I’m going to just randomly sprout out the things that i love in it so this will be very messy and yes it will contain some spoilers so if you haven’t watched it yet don’t read the words that follow.

There were a few references to ATWQ and I.LOVE.IT:

- the “When Did You See Her Last” line referring to sunny

- “typist”

- “that’s the wrong question”

- “the question she should have asked is…”

- and OMG violet says her mom said “Do the scary thing first, get scared later.” and this is like Lemony’s motto before he became an adult bfhjsebhjd

- there might be more idk

I also love all the VFD elements like the symbol was everywhere, the map of the city is shaped like it, montgomery’s labyrinth is similar, the outline for lake lachymose, and the tunnels! the tunnels gawd they are already giving us places from the 6th book and the names! THE NAMES on the tunnel like how? There were names like “Strauss” and “Hal” and though I couldn’t be sure if they are vfd members i can’t really be sure either why their names are there. 

The Spyglass thing from the movie was followed. This wasn’t really in the books but i think this is a very important device for the series because at the end, we see klaus and duncan holding out a piece for the spyglass and i just can’t wait for them to put it all together??? I also love how the Quagmire parents are shown because we literally have no idea about them in the books??? 

And who is Jacquelyn exactly? She is like very active in the firefighting side as shown in the series but we don’t know her at all? She had a lot of background agendas and she helped the baudelaires that for a moment i was thinking maybe they let Jacques become a woman and named her Jacquelyn? But then she has a different last name i forgot what it was  but i think it sounded like a warped version of “Snicket” idk. And then I also thought she might be Kit? What if she was really Kit. But in the end I am also hoping that she might be R. Oh gawd, I hope she’s actually R because i really liked her from Lemony’s writings and we don’t get to see her. But maybe she is just Jacquelyn, a character handler wants to introduce.

And Georgina is like Olaf’s ex? hahahaha did not see that one coming and is the taxi driver in wide window the ishmael from The End? Kinda hoping they’d meet Bruce at the end of ep. 4 though, but I liked the Larry scene. Also 90% sure it was Esme at the quagmire fire? (i really hope she was the one who burned the baudelaire mansion though, i want to see and feel the same emotion i’ve felt in a scene in the 13th book) 

the sebald code wasn’t exactly as it was in the books but i understand because SC is hard to visualize (they could’ve followed the script from TUA but i might be asking too much). Plus the way to decode it using the spyglass was creative.

I was really hoping to see the swordfight scene though but i understand how it must be too difficult to be done, like how sir’s face should have been covered with smoke all the time. also i did not expect the library in lucky smells to be so full? like yes they were full of the same books but i was expecting it to contain only three books. i was also hoping there’d be a lot of Jacques action like for example we’d see him investigating the Firstein murder.

but all in all it was an awesome experience and i could not wait to see the rest of the installment ugh ugh i want it all 


So Netflix decided to be mean to all of us watching A Series of Unfortunate Events, less than 5 minutes before the end of the 7th episode. And they’ve already shown us the wonderful little triplets from the books, Isadora, Duncan, and Quigley Quagmire, at the beginning of that same episode. I wish there were more episodes, but Season 2 has already been confirmed, with 10 episodes covering The Austere Academy to The Carnivorous Carnival. I can’t wait!!!

  • 5 Seconds Of Summer

lets be honest, this is the best part of the whole interview.

whole interview: [5SOS] BBC Radio 1 interview with 5SOS and Scott Mills - July 17 2015

Meant to Be Yours, Chapter 14

Robin and Regina deal with the fall out of their not-kiss, and the Mills and the Locksley’s celebrate Thanksgiving. 

For @x-wishesonfallenstars-x who requested Robin being there for Regina after a nightmare; and the anons who requested the quote “you don’t have to say it” and Henry starting to develop an interest in magic.

Previous chapters can be found HERE. Also, this one-shot is a bit of a contrast to this chapter.

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“I have this new group of people that I consider to be like my fans and sort of my family..who kinda get all this stuff about me that–for a while, you know, some people were like,‘that’s weird that you do that’ or 'you’re kinda quirky’.. 'you’re kinda short’..'you’re kinda this, you’re kinda that.’ That stuff starts to mess with you as an actor–And suddenly to have that sort of validation…  People don’t like to hear the word,'validation’ but it’s nice to have people be like,'we’re cool with that, actually. And we like it. And we believe it,so we’re gonna go on the ride.’ Um…so, I’m touched.”- Nicole Beharie

Meant to Be Yours, Chapter 15

Christmas is coming, and Henry is leery about it. So Regina encourages him to write a letter to Santa; meanwhile, Robin and Regina go on a date.

For @stick-to-the-lasagna-lady who basically co-authored this; and for @rcgalbeliever who is having a birthday today! Happy birthday, and I hope you enjoy the Hood Mills Fluff! 

Previous chapters can be found HERE.

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