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So, guys, if you don’t follow me on Twitter, you probably didn’t see the amount of fan-girling I went through roughly 12 hours ago. 

I basically went on fandom cardiac arrest (just ask @jesuisunjardin) xD. Imagine. It’s 11pm, I’m dead tired from the day, then Thomas pops in with FOUR DESIGNS of Adult!Mari and ALL OF THEM HAVE PIXIE-CUTS. There was absolutely NO way I was not going to draw them. 12:30am, I’m now drawing this (n, it couldn’t wait because I have responsibilities). I go to bed at 2am ; u;

I lost sleep for this, regrettably.


Hey cats long time no see. (More like long time no draw tbh ugh but that’s a different kettle of fish.) Have an Overseer. I hate the background, but I like the Overseer himself, so I’m posting this :U I’ve been experimenting off and on with Liquitex ink and a calligraphy pen and tbh I have no idea what I’m doing? But I’m having fun anyway. The grey is actually India ink that I’ve had for so long the pigment has settled to the bottom and refuses to move for love or money, even if I shake it. It makes a good wash, though. The gold bits are actually metallic irl. 

Love you but I’m leaving

Part 1

Michael Gray x reader

Request: A micheal gray x reader where he absolutely adores her (his wife) but polly doesn’t like her and tries to break them up until she realises how happy the reader makes michael?xx

Note: I got so carried away it will be in two parts now!! 

You are woken up by the sun burning through your window creating a frame of light over your fiance. His strong jaw line clenched and unclenched as he dreamed. You traced his chest with your fingers, his soft skin comforting to touch. You watched him as his eyes flickered open adjusting to his settings, smiling when he saw you staring at him.

“What are you looking at?” he smirked, pulling you closer and turning around to face you. You leaned forward pushing your lips against his as he ran his hands down your back and through your hair. You pulled away slightly as your face rested into a more serious expression.

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Karamel Fanfic #31 Part 2

WARNING! Spoilers from Supergirl 2x16 and the Flash 2x17 (aka MUSICAL CROSSOVER!!!)

Title: Returned

Prompt: Mon-El talks to Kara while she’s in Music Meister’s coma.

Word Count: 3776 

Part 2 of Someone Who Doesn’t Leave

Part 1: http://busysciencegeek.tumblr.com/post/158601624828/karamel-fanfic-31

Also posted on AO3

Notes: Well, my initial plan was to write this and publish it before the Flash episode aired, but I had three exams this week and, well, it didn’t really work out for me. BUT what a week it was! Double dose of Karamel, with the musical crossover, all of my faves singing… It was just AMAZING! I don’t think anything I wrote can top what the show did, but I think I’d seen a post - I have no idea whose it was - on Tumblr about Mon-El talking to Kara about how much he loves her while she was in coma, and then she hears it, and I’d really liked that idea and wanted to play with it. I didn’t write Kara’s POV while she was in Music Meister’s dream, but you can imagine it being more or less the same as the show except the ending. 


Requested by @taurusclh. I hope you’ll like the second part of this, sweetie :))))))

Mon-El didn’t know for how long he’d been sitting next to Kara, watching her sleeping figure. Maybe it had been an hour. Maybe two. Maybe it hadn’t even been more than ten minutes. It didn’t really matter; after all, no amount of time spent by sitting here could change Kara’s condition.

Yes, they’d came to Barry Allen’s earth after Kara was knocked out cold when the alien, whom team Flash was calling Music Meister, showed up in the DEO, stole Kara’s interuniversal travel device thingy, and sang out, like it was a damn musical, that now that he’d gotten the “Girl of Steel,” he needed to go and catch “Fastest Man Alive.” All Mon-El and J’onn could do was follow him, with Kara in Mon-El’s arm, to catch Music Meister and bring the Kryptonian back.

But of course, because they were the luckiest people in two universes, everything had to turn to hell not a day after they arrived. And now, Barry was in the same condition as Kara, Music Meister was locked up in the pipeline and was being as cryptic as ever, and they couldn’t find a damn way to bring either of the superhero back.

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a not-entirely-earthling stinky boy

my advice for young incoming college students: it is way more important to do what you love and be ok than to be rich and do something you hate. as someone who used to be obsessed with being financially successful, i majored in a field i really did not like, and it took me 2.5 years to realize i should’ve just been studying what i wanted to study this whole time and now i have to start over. my aunt majored in finance, worked on wall street for five years, and then dropped everything to go to culinary school. my friend’s mom went back to school recently to become a yoga instructor. most people end up doing what they want to do anyway and it’s better to start down that path from the beginning than to sort it out during a mid-life crisis. either way, there is always potential to be wealthy in any field if you have the right drive, and that drives comes from passion 👊🏻