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“Question: Any info on James’ new love interest on Supergirl? —Saranda
Ausiello: It sounds like James will be mixing B with P now that Lena Luthor is joining CatCo as his new boss. “You’ve got this sort of antagonism between the two of us [because] we’re still not quite sure of what our professional roles are,” Katie McGrath says. “And then layered in on top of that, obviously, is the added fun of our professional roles getting a little bit shady because of personal feelings. So I think as the season goes on, that is going to come more into the forefront.” http://tvline.com/2017/11/17/the-good-doctor-season-1-spoilers-fired-leaving/

NO NO NO NO NO i hate this! i hate this pairing sooooo much! 

I’ve become so good at leaving since you taught me how to do it.
—  Experience is the best teacher, right? // Late night thoughts #69
two opinions that can coexist
  • 1: Lapis’s desire to leave is understandable considering her past experiences with the Gem War, and her behavior is reflective of her PTSD, a key part of her character.
  • 2: What Lapis did was still very hurtful and unfair to Peridot, and if she returns, her actions shouldn’t be excused solely because of her mental illness.

a not-entirely-earthling stinky boy