1 lancs

Pidge: Sooooo, Allura. You’re a princess, right?

Allura: Last I checked, yes.

Lance: So that means you have princessy powers, yeah? You can make laws and decrees and stuff?

Allura: In essence, yes, though I haven’t had the time or need to do so yet. Why?


Allura: (standing next to Voltron’s foot) … And in conclusion, in the name of the great Sally Ride, I hereby declare Voltron…

(Coran hands her a bottle of nunvill)

Allura: … To be a gay icon. (She smashes the bottle against Voltron’s foot)

Everyone: (cheers)


And Keith’s shoes were ruined.

Thanks everyone for the first 1000+ it means a lot to me that everyone is having as much fun with this A.U. as I am. Sorry for the lack of question answering! I wanted to finish this up first.

For those who haven’t read Voltron Cafe, this is the last scene in the first chapter. Check it out if you like?

Lance: As the great philosophizer Aristotle once said, “Man is by nature a political animal.”


Pidge: I mean, first off, I’m impressed you know the Politics, but did you just pronounce ‘Aristotle’ like ‘Chipotle’?