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1,2,11,15 for reddie!

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1. Who yawns and snuggles up to their partner? 

This is totally both of them. When they’re sleepy and cuddling together they’re both so affectionate. Typically I’d say it’s Eddie doing this, since Richie’s so lanky and tall. But a lot of the time, especially when Richie’s not having a great day, it’s him that likes to be held and be the little spoon and stuff. They both love it either way, and if Richie’s feeling down or just wants affection shown to him he’ll be the one to snuggle up to Eddie.

2. Who likes to press their nose against their partner’s neck while smiling?

Eddie, just because he’s shorter. Richie’s usually the one kissing Eddie’s neck, but if they’re standing and kissing Eddie’s head fits perfectly in the crook of Richie’s neck so this tends to happen often like this.

I answered 11 and 15 here