1 is straight

underrated queer culture things that i love:

- commenting on friends selfies like “i am so GAY i have never been gayer in my LIFE”

- alternatively commenting on friends selfies like “i am straight u have turned me straight this picture made me heterosexual”

- phrases starting with “when i was a heterosexual,” to refer to any time before u realised ur gayness

- are u an X gay or a Y gay?

- saying “that’s homophobic” whenever u don’t get ur way

- moodboards. we make so many moodboards for shit like “potato girlfriends” let’s never stop making them

- having token straight friends in group chats. how does this happen why is there always just one (1) token straight

- “what are u, straight?”

- no character that is loved is ever straight or cis give me nine million bi or pan trans headcanons for them

feel free to add more

do u ever take a picture of yourself and then when u take a second to really look at it it’s like… how does even 1 person think i’m straight let alone most people in my life

  • <p> <b>What she says:</b> i'm fine<p/><b>What she means:</b> in the first season of Skam, Isak is told by his best friend that "he only knows gay songs", and then when we get to know him again in season 3 we find out he nowadays listens to music that makes him feel tough. That that's the specific reason for it. We get a deep insight into this image of heterosexuality he's trying to project, and that dissonance in characterization makes it clear that it's something he's forcefully constructed in the last year. There are many more explicit examples of his internalized homophobia, but this one strikes me as especially heartbreaking because it's a direct response to something that was meant to be a casual remark, but had a deep impact on shaping his self image.<p/></p>

cute date idea: take your girlfriend to the botanic gardens near you. watch her point out her favourite flowers and secretly take pictures of them to make a collage for her later. count all the bees you see. have a picnic in the shade of some trees and throw the crumbs from your sandwiches to the birds

Every inch of you is perfect from the 

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the girls’ cover of be mine? saved the gays. mamamoos performance? saved the gays. the boys’ cover of bad girl good girl? saved the gays. jimin and taemins collab? saved the gays. jungkook and yujus duet? 1 point for the straights

things I wish someone had told me when I was recently coming to terms with being a woman who isn’t straight:

1) if your first relationship with a girl is messy: a lot of us don’t know how to go about it because we have little to no models of healthy w/w relationships around us, and we struggle and it doesn’t work out or ends badly. this doesn’t mean you or any of us are straight or should’ve stayed straight. it doesn’t mean you’re never going to be happy with a woman. if your first experience, or second experience, or third experience with women isn’t the rosy picture of bliss without any problems that you pictured it would be, it just means you’re human. don’t hold the concept of relationships with other women up on a pedestal; it’s wonderful and great to be with women but it might not save you from the things that are wrong in your life like you fantasized about when you were first coming to grips with your sexuality, and it definitely won’t be without struggle because interpersonal relationships aren’t ever without growth and change. 

2) that feeling of panic and “I’m going to be alone forever I’m never going to find another woman who loves me or “I’m not xyz like other gay/bi girls why would anyone want to be my girlfriend” is a normal feeling. no, you aren’t going to be alone forever, but feeling that way is something that nearly every one of us goes through. 

3) you may find yourself idolizing the first relationship you have with another woman, you’re so relieved to have that “I’m going to be alone forever” feeling gone and that your sexuality is Real, that you put all of your eggs in that basket and forget that there’s even a possibility of it ending. you might find yourself terrified of that one relationship ending, or have it end and feel like you can’t be alive anymore because the happiness had been so intense and now the heartbreak is even more so. 

if you’re someone who is also attracted to men, you might feel like these feelings are more intense or more overpowering than any time you’ve been in love before. if you aren’t attracted to men this might have been the first time you felt that way about anyone. and you might find yourself feeling irrationally paranoid that someone’s going to take it away from you. if you break up with your first girlfriend you might find yourself more depressed or angry than you’ve ever been about a breakup before. but you’re going to be ok even if this relationship ends. you don’t just get one chance at happiness with a woman. it’s like any other breakup, it’ll suck but you will be alright. take a step back. realize what is healthy and unhealthy about the ways you are dealing. make new ties, heal, grow.

3) if a woman ever treats you abusively it’s ok to call it abuse. some so-called radicals especially in certain separatist spaces are gonna push logic that tells u that abuse is a “just a straight people thing”, that being/staying with a girl is something you do to be radical, and if you “really love women” then gay relationships won’t require as much work and will automatically last forever / last longer / be healthy - those are idealizations. although heterosexuality does propagate more chances of abuse due to a power dynamic of misogyny, abuse is not just a straight people thing and anyone can be an abuser. your abuser doesn’t get let off the hook because she’s also a woman. call it abuse. cut ties with the people who try to push back against that. cut ties with the people who tell you that your sexuality is better as a function of radicalness than of building happy, healthy relationships. realize that any relationship will take work and have flaws. make new ties, heal, grow. 

4) it’s ok to not be experienced and to not know what to do. you are in good company, even if that doesn’t feel true. not knowing how flirting, dating or sex is going to be, and being nervous about that is a place where all of us are at one point or another - lesbians and bi women aren’t a herd of ultra confident, experienced people who are all going to laugh at you or turn you down because you don’t know what you’re doing. it can be intimidating to put yourself out there but you’re allowed to exist in the LGBT dating world / social scene without being experienced, I know that’s a common worry.

5) you don’t have to be attracted to every gay girl you meet, that’s not a reason to second guess your attraction to women. you don’t have to be attracted to, or say yes to, first girl who asks you out or flirts with you. you don’t have to fall in love with the first girl you like, or the first girl you date. you might feel pressured to hurry up and get into a relationship with a woman, once again to “prove” your sexuality, but you don’t have to rush to do that. you should go on dates with / have sex with / get into relationships with people because you’re attracted to them, you want to, you’re excited about it, not because you’re trying to fill a hole where you think certain experiences should go ASAP. 

if Get A Girlfriend Right Now is your core goal you’re going to end up forcing yourself into interactions that aren’t sincere, which is not only dishonest but also doesn’t help at ALL with the whole second-guessing if you like women internalized homophobia thing. taking years to find a woman you enjoy dating or having sex with doesn’t mean you’re secretly straight, it means we have a narrower dating pool and an even narrower group within that who are compatible with you, as well as a hell of a lot of internalized shit to go through . 

6) if you have unrequited feelings for someone you’re not evil, you’re not pathetic and you’re not going to spend your whole life unhappy and stuck. best friends, straight women, people who live far away from you, sometimes it can seem like you can’t seem to fall for someone in your reach. that’s normal too. you won’t be stuck forever. and you aren’t terrible, you aren’t predatory or a burden, your feelings aren’t a curse on those around you.

this is is ok to reblog and add on to if you have other tips / things that you want to say; I just wanted to make a post reaching out to women who a) recently realized their sexuality, b) have known their sexuality but don’t have much experience or c) are feeling isolated or unsure of themselves.

The stages of me, shipping people

me: *saw 2 people interacting with each other*
me: awww look at them, they’re soooo cute
me: yep. definetly. shipped

Am I the only one that smiles like an idiot every time I read fanfic fluff?

I like how there is like 1 straight ship out of 7.

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i’m really sick of bisexual being erased constantly like!!! leaf us alone!!!

Sangwoo through the chapters
  • Sangwoo: Chapter 1- Oh definitely 100% straight, let's murder this woman
  • Sangwoo: Chapter 2- Definitely straight! Let's torture this gay shit
  • Sangwoo: Chapter 3- I'm straight! Right?
  • Sangwoo: Chapter 4- This perverted stalker makes me feel loved but I'm pretty sure I'm straight
  • Sangwoo: Chapter 5- ...Am I gay?
  • Sangwoo: Chapter 6- I AM GAY
How To Survive A Boring Lecture

1. Scare yourself straight. “If I don’t pay attention to this lesson and remember every single sentence the teacher says I’ll never get into college. If I don’t get into college, I’m never going to earn my degree. I’ll end up 35 years old, still living with my parents and no hopes of getting my own house and family. No one will respect or dare depend on me for advice or anything. Say those words to yourself, share yourself that way and you will pay attention.

2. Even A students get bored at times by lectures.  What is the difference between the A student and the C student?  Their approach to the lecture.  Don’t let “boring” become an excuse for not showing up to class.  Dive right in, sit near the front, buy a coffee, and simply face the fact that you will be less than entertained for a couple of hours.  Get in the mental game and you will survive.

3. Note Focus Since the teacher is boring, you need to find something you can make interesting. While I usually don’t recommend note taking unless the student really enjoys the process, this is a time when note taking can be a huge advantage.

When you take notes, you give your brain an explicit purpose in listening to the teacher speak. If you’re not writing something down on your sheet of paper then you instantly know you’re probably not paying enough attention. While you shouldn’t try to get down every word the teacher says, if keeping up with the teacher is an absolute breeze then continue trying to write down more. This process forces you to focus on the teacher despite the lecture being boring. It gives you a clear and measurable objective when it comes to focus. If at the end of the class, you have no notes written down then you definitely failed. If you have pages of notes written down then, whether you enjoyed it or not, you at least focused a little through the lecture.

4. The Subject – Not The Speaker  Make sure you’re focusing on the subject of the boring lecture instead of the speaker. Focusing on a person that talks too slow or speaks in a monotone voice can be downright painful. If you want to put up with it then it’s usually best to focus as much of your energy on the subject as you can. Don’t try to hear the teacher’s enthusiasm. Don’t listen to emotional content. Listen as if the teacher is just a computer reading off something. Listen mechanically instead of emotionally.

This is a process of distancing yourself from your own emotions. Do everything you can to keep all your emotional energy on your own representation of the information you’re being told. By focusing on that you can limit your distraction and boredom during the worst of it.

5.  Absolutely read the material before class.  If you are unfamiliar with the course material then it will only magnify the boredom.  Not reading would be like signing up for a book club, going to the gathering but never bothering to open the book. How boring!  Be sure to prepare and stay in the loop.  When you are reading the material create possible questions to ask in class (if the professor takes questions).  Participating in class speeds up time for you.  And, you never know, your question could prompt others to speak up and the class could take an intriguing turn.  Dare I suggest, you might enjoy the class then.

6.  Do not take out your phone to answer, chat or read emails.  Again, this will make the boredom worse.  You are essentially running away from the problem by turning to the cell phone rather than confronting the issue head on.  This is a C student response.  Moreover, it is a bad habit.  After college, you might find yourself in other boring situations like work meetings.  It is not a good (or beneficial) idea to tune out and gravitate to your phone while others are talking.  Indeed, there will be times when your good friends bore you!  Would you take out your phone while they talk?  Of course not.  For class time, strengthen your concentration abilities and keep the phone in your bag.

7.   Through The Motions If you’re absolutely desperate to focus then eventually, it’s best to focus on going through the motions. If you learn to go through the motions of focusing then you’ll eventually start actually focusing on the subject. It’s virtually automatic. If you can’t force yourself to focus mentally than just forcing yourself to go through the motions will be able to get you most of the way there. When you go through the motions you’re giving your brain the signals that you’re trying to focus on the subject. Most of the time, your brain follows the motions you put your physical body through

Be that boyfriend that puts her on to movies she’s never seen even if she’s never had a childhood. 


2. Straight out of Brooklyn 

3. New Jersey Drive 

4. Juice 

5. Harlem Nights 

6. Who’s Da Man 

7. Just Another Girl On The IRT 

8. KIDS 

9. Requiem For a Dream 

10. In the Realm of the Senses

11. Friday 

12. Brown Sugar 

13. The Best Man 

14.  There Are No Children Here (Oprah Movie) 

15. Beloved 

16. Candy man 

17. Do the Right Thing 

18. Waiting to Exhale 

19. Eve’s Bayou 

20. I’m Gonna Get You Sucka 

21. Black Dynamite

22. Hoodlum 

23. Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song 

24. The Mack 

25. Jungle Fever 

26. Tails From The Hood 

27. Johnny 5 

28. Honey We Shrunk The Kids 

29. The Land Before Time 

30. Space Invaders 

31. City Of God 

32. Belly 

33. New Jack City 

34. Training Day 

35. Paid in Full 

36.  Menace II Society

37. Boyz N da Hood 

38. Baby Boy 

39. Above The Rim 

40. Set it Off 

41. South Central 

42. Dead Presidents 

43.  Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the  Hood 



46. Blood In Blood Out 

47. ATL 



50. State Property 

51. Strapped 

52. Players Club 

53. Deep Cover 

54. Before I Self Destruct 

55. Snow on tha bluff 

56. The Wash

57. Straight Outta Compton 

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