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In a Lover’s Eyes

Author: @neonlightwood on tumblr

Pairing: Simon Lewis/Jace Wayland

Word Count: 4,500

Summary: Soon after they get together, Jace offers to let Simon drink from him. Simon says no. And keeps saying no, even when he needs it to heal himself.

Simon’s whole experience being a vampire has frankly been a series of bizarre and unacceptable events, but even he thinks he caught a lucky break never having tasted blood straight from the source. Nothing good could’ve ever come from it. The one and only exception was that time with Jace-Clary-Jace, the life draining from Simon through the slit at his throat and – well, that whole experience just supports Simon’s theory of having dodged a bullet. Even though he was mostly delirious at the time with the only visual recollections being flashes of Clary’s frightened face and Valentine’s smug one – he recalls with startling clarity the feeling of his fangs piercing the thin skin on Clary’s – Jace’s – wrist and the sweet, metallic rush of blood traveling down his throat.

Having a direct tap of heroin in his veins would be less exhilarating, the way that first taste seemed to fire his neurons all at once, sending electricity crackling up his spine and down his veins. Simon’s sure that it’s only the extraordinary trauma of everything else that happened from the moment Simon wrenched his mouth away is the only thing that stopped him becoming an addict.

That, and remembering how afterward, Jace had looked straight into his eyes and said with the kind of seriousness that could crack an iron heart: I would’ve let you.

Months later, having Jace pressed up against him in lonely hallways has become an incredible, unexpected norm. Better still is when they’re in the privacy of Simon’s room back home, during the sacred hours of one and four in the afternoon when they’re the only living – ha – creatures in the house and Jace’s mouth is hot on Simon’s and his hands burn where they splay against Simon’s back, just under the hem of his shirt.

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BTD2 Walkthrough - Vincent Endings

Alright I put this guide together for Vincent since pretty much everyone has been looking for one. Now edited (4/12/17) to hopefully make the steps more clear; a lot of routes branch from ending 1 which are noted mainly because tumblr keeps fucking with my formatting. Hit me up if you have questions or if I made a mistake editing and I’ll do my best to answer/fix it!

Lots of spoilers under the cut!! Thank you @daniel-bear for the solutions to 13 + 19!

I also personally used these guides for the other boys: Cain / Lawrence / Ren

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all to myself: vlog 5

“It’s hard to be a vlogger when half your subscribers care more about your hot friends than you.”
- Y/N, from her April 23, 2016 vlog titled ‘Jimin shows his stupid abs 8 times (not clickbait)

↳ vlogger au
pairing: jimin x reader, yoongi x reader
warning: smut

teaser&info | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | on-going

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Free! Ages and Birthdates

This is going entirely by how old they were when Free! was airing (from July 4th 2013), or in relation to each other.

Haruka Nanase
-June 30th
-Just turned 17 in the story
-Born 6/30/1996

Makoto Tachibana
-November 17th
-Born the same year as Haru, so younger
-Born 11/17/1996

Nagisa Hazuki
-August 1st
-Is a year younger than both Haru and Makoto
-Born 8/1/1997

Rei Ryugazaki
-December 14th
-Is 15, going on 16
-Same year as Nagisa
-Born 12/14/1997

Rin Matsuoka
-February 2nd
-Same year as Makoto and Haruka
-This post explains it all
-Born 2/2/1997

Sosuke Yamazaki
-September 14th
-Once again, same as Makoto, Haruka, and Rin
-Born 9/14/1996

Aiichiro Nitori
-January 4th
-Same year as Nagisa and Rei
-Born 1 /4/1998

Momotaro Mikoshiba
-December 6th
-Starting his first year of high school at 15
-Born 12/6/1998

- Ai was the baby of the group until Momo showed up.
- You know Nagisa has played the age card on Rei.
- Haru is the oldest in general.
- Sosuke and Makoto are absolutely the mom and dad duo of the group, despite not being the oldest.
- In real time, they’re probably all in college by now (except maybe Momo).
- I still love these boys.



Chapter 1

So this is how Trini’s life is going to end.

At 16 years old. In some remote, unmarked cavern. Lying amongst mounds of debris and rubble with a million plus year old, green glowing, freakazoid’s hands wrapped around her neck.

Trini could think of more than a few better ways to go, but at least she isn’t going to die a virgin.

A silver lining, right?

“TRINI!!!” Kimberly screams reverberate throughout the cavern.

Trini immediately snaps out of her thoughts. She glances over at Kimberly, battered and bruised beyond recognition, and instantly feels the cracks start to spread across her heart.

Trini knew as soon as Billy had began to walk her and Zack through the game plan, that this wasn’t going to be easy. Physically… Emotionally… Even mentally.  It was going to be nothing short of a gauntlet.

But, then again, nothing about being a teenaged superhero is ever easy. So why should this moment be any different?

Now, though, having to fully accept the look of pain and confusion on Kimberly’s face, Trini finally understood why.

This moment is different because of Kimberly.

Trini eyes dart across the cavern and hone in on Zack. They exchange a brief, unspoken look of uncertainty. There’s a big likelihood that this could be the end but neither of them can dwell on that now.

“Get her outta here!”

“But–” Zack hesitates, clearly torn on what to do. It’s taking every ounce of willpower not to ignore Trini’s instructions and jump into action.

The hands wrap tighter. Trini squirms, bucking her body in a last ditch attempt to get some sort of leverage to gain an upper hand. But it’s of little use. She’s pinned.


Zack blinks back his tears and swallows his ever growing emotions. He gives Trini a firm, reassuring nod and then without another moment’s hesitation wraps his arms around Kimberly.

“Aye aye, Crazy Girl.”

“What? No! No! We can’t just leave her!!!” Kimberly screams out in a full blown panic as the realization of what’s about to occur sets in. She thrashes against Zack’s body, using every ounce of strength she has left to try and break free.

Kimberly isn’t going anywhere without a fight.

“It’s gonna be okay, Princess. Promise.” Trini flashes Kimberly a half-smirk, half-smile and then forces herself to look away. She knows that if she doesn’t, then she won’t be able to go through with what needs to happen next.

“Do it Billy,” Zack yells into his wrist communicator.

“Trini! No! I… I love–” Kimberly’s words cut out as the sound of teleporter echoes throughout the cavern.

Trini glances back just in time to see both Zack and Kimberly de-materialize into thin air. A momentary sense of relief washes over her.

Kimberly is safe.

And for now… nothing else seems to matter.

“Any last words?”




“Stop squirming,” Kimberly reminds Trini for the umpteeth time while repositioning her head back down.


The all too familiar sound of the clippers coming to life fills the bedroom.

Trini should be used to this. Kimberly has been “volunteering” to clean up her undercut on a weekly basis now for well over a month. Every Thursday afternoon during their after school study sessions.

And why does the word “volunteering” deserve air quotes? Because it really isn’t volunteering at all… No, it’s more like a well rehearsed play.

One where Kimberly starts off by making an indirect comment on why Trini never wears her hair up… which then naturally leads to Trini putting up her hair… which triggers Kimberly to offer to clean up her undercut… which somehow always results in Trini sitting in the middle of her bedroom, towel draped around her shoulders while Kimberly works her magic.

Every Thursday. Just like clockwork.

And why? Simple. Because Trini can’t say no to Kimberly.

“Am not,” Trini grumbles back under her breath. She lets out a nervous sigh and then tucks her chin down into her chest. “What’s taking so long, anyways?”

“Thought I’d try something new.”

“New?” Trini voice slightly cracks as she chokes down a breath of air.

“Yeah,” Kimberly hums in response. She gently guides Trini’s head to the side and re-adjusts her grip on the clippers. “I saw this awesome undercut design on my instagram feed yesterday. Kinda looked like a mandala. But not as intricate.”

“A man-what?”

“A mandala. It’s a Hindu symbol. You know that painting that’s across from the bathroom in my house? That’s a mandala.”

“You’re carving a hand into the back of my head?!” Trini’s voice jumps up an octave as panic sets in.

“Yes. Along with my initials,” Kim quipped. “Now hold still or I’m gonna fuck it up.”

Trini tries to remind herself to breathe. In through her nose and then out through her mouth. And again… And again…

All she needs to do is keep breathing.

“What? No snarky comeback?” Kimberly turns off the clippers and then brushes her fingers over Trini’s newly shorn nape, admiring her handiwork. A small, but noticeable smile crawls across her lips.

Trini catches sight of Kimberly’s smile in the mirror on the wall directly across from her and can’t help but match it.

God, that smile… It’s fastly becoming Trini’s favorite sight in the whole entire world.

“I like to leave you guessing, Princess.”

Kimberly lets a chuckle slip. “Ah, that’s better. Knew you couldn’t hold back for long.”

Kimberly unties the towel around Trini’s shoulders and starts to go about cleaning up.

“Don’t know what you’re talking about.”


Trini gets up from the chair and makes her way across the room towards the mirror. She takes a moment, letting her fingers trace over the design.

The lines weave their way up Trini’s neck, crisscrossing over each other to create a simplistic yet beautiful pattern.

It’s nothing short of badass and she knows it.

“So?” Kimberly comes up from behind Trini, playfully twirling one of her fingers around a loose strand of Trini’s ponytail. “What do you think?”

“Not bad.” Trini shrugs with her signature cocky smirk.

“Really? That’s it? Not bad?”

“I’ve seen better.”

Kimberly shakes her head and rolls her eyes at Trini in half annoyment and half amusement. “I think the words you’re looking for is thank you.”

Trini takes one more look in the mirror, then reaches up and pulls out her ponytail, completely hiding any traces of her undercut whatsoever.

“C’mon. Can’t you leave it up? Just for a little bit?” Kimberly finishes tucking away her tools within Trini’s desk drawer.

“No can do. My mom would so lose her shit if she knew about this.” Trini settles down on the bed and pretends to dive back into where they left off in their bio textbook.

Kimberly plops herself down next to Trini and begins to run her fingers through Trini’s wavy locks.

“You should let me cut it shorter.”

“No.” Trini immediately grows tense as her internal walls skyrocket upwards. She doesn’t want to have this conversation. Not now and definitely not with Kimberly. “What part of my mom will lose her shit did you not understand?”

An uncomfortable silence seeps in between them as Trini waits for Kimberly’s response… but it doesn’t come. Not yet.

Instead, Kimberly’s eyes hone in on Trini, ever so carefully boring tiny holes within walls.

Those eyes… Trini can’t help but wonder how someone could have eyes like that. Eyes that seem to be able to penetrate one’s soul with just a single, solidarity glance.

Eyes that no matter how hard she tries, Trini can’t seem to hide from.

“But what do you want?” Kimberly finally responds with nothing more than a whisper.

Such a simple question and yet, Trini finds herself utterly tongue tied. She doesn’t even know where to start. There’s just too many ways to answer it.

Trini wants to be able to get dressed in the morning and not feel like she’s letting her mother down simply by choosing to wear a pair of baggy jeans over a skirt. She wants to be able to hold someone’s hand without feeling like she’s being judged by everyone around her. To be able to call someone her girlfriend without living in fear of the ramifications that that one word might bring…

No. Scratch that. Trini doesn’t want to call just anyone her girlfriend. She wants to call one specific person her girlfriend… but that’s just some pipe dream better left for late night “what if” thoughts.

Kimberly Hart is straight. Straighter than straight. She’s the cheerleading, popular, date the most alpha male athlete, sorta straight.  

Kimberly Hart would never be more than just a friend no matter how much Trini wishes for it.

Trini abruptly sits up and moves off of the bed, putting space between herself and Kimberly. It’s the only thing she can do in the moment in order to maintain some sort of front.  

“It doesn’t matter.”


Trini zig-zags her way down the semi-crowded hallway, trying her best to blend into the background. She’s come to learn that it’s easier this way. To just keep her head down and be invisible.

If they can’t see her, then they can’t single her out.

“Hey Trini! Wait up.” Jason shouts as he emerges from amongst the crowd. He jogs over in an attempt to catch up with Trini.

Trini lets out a sigh and slows down.

So much for being invisible.

It’s not like Trini doesn’t like Jason. Well, at first, maybe just a little bit… but now, after everything they’ve been through, she can’t help but see him as the big brother she never had.

What Trini can’t stand is the way that Jason manages to call attention to things. Of course, in a brotherly, “I’m just looking out for you” sorta way, but none the less, it’s still annoying.

Even months later and Trini’s still not used to people even acknowledging her, let alone having impromptu conversations in the hallways.

“Sup,” Trini mumbles while fiddling with the straps of her backpack.

“You’re still on for this afternoon? I know you said you were, but wanted to double check.”

Trini nods in response. She shifts from foot to foot, trying her best not to look too awkward.

“Good. Zordon mentioned something the other day about sensing some sort of shift in the energy levels. Could be nothing, but figure some extra training couldn’t hurt, right?”


“Cool. I’m gonna–” Jason gets cut off as a freakishly large, ponytail clad boy, knocks into his shoulder. His hand immediately shoots up, rubbing the spot of contact. “Geez.”

“Yo! Watch where you’re going, asshole.” Trini shouts after the boy and then turns her attention back to Jason. “You okay?”

“Yeah. All good.”

“Who was that?”

Jason cranes his neck around, trying to get a better look, but it’s of little use. The boy has already disappeared back into the sea of students.

“Not sure. Maybe Teddy? Or Tommy? Think he’s new here.”

The bell rings, cutting through the steady chatter of the hallway. Students start to scatter, all heading to their respective classes.

“Catch ya later?” Jason flashes Trini a smile and then takes off down the hallway at a slightly exaggerated jog.

“Yeah. Later.”


Gym class.

The two words that Trini has come to dread with a fiery passion in her short time at Angel Grove High. It isn’t the actual class itself she hates. Ironically– or not so ironically depending on how it’s looked at– she loves sports.

What Trini hates about gym class, though, is the before and after portions… specifically, the locker room portions.

“Alright, Ladies. Hurry it up. Everyone needs to be out on the bleaches in the next five.”

Trini sits on the bench, in the middle of the locker room, still fully dressed. Unlike the girls around her, she makes no attempt to change whatsoever.

“Ugh. Stop staring at me!” Amanda voice carries a bit too much over the semi-crowded room.

Trini doesn’t have to look up to know that the comment is directed at her. It’s always directed at her…

“Wasn’t starin’,” Trini mumbles while keeping her eyes fixated on the lockers in front of her. “And even if I was, it’s not like you’ve got much worth starin’ at anyways.”

A chorus of snickers erupt from those within earshot. It’s a somewhat low blow, and Trini knows it.

“Fucking dyke.”

Trini automatically straightens herself up at these words. She slowly rises from the bench, locking eyes with Amanda.

Deep, down inside, Trini knows she should just let it go. That any move she makes next, with the exception of walking away, will only lead to trouble.  

But Trini can’t just let it go…

“Say it again,” Trini growls in response. Her hands clench into fists, channeling the rage coursing through her veins.

Amanda takes a step closer, never once taking her eyes off of Trini. She isn’t planning on backing down either.

“I said, you’re a fucking dyke.”

Trini start to lunge at Amanda–

“Gomez! My office NOW,” echoes throughout the locker room, bringing everyone to a crashing halt. Busted.

A victorious smirk crawls across Amanda’s face. “Yeah Gomez. Her office.”

With that, Amanda and her lackeys make their way out of the locker room.

Trini collapses back onto the bench, runs her hands through her hair and lets out a frustrated sigh. “Fuck.”


“Again Alpha 5.” Trini calls out, while stretching her neck from side to side.

It has been three hours… Three hours since Trini has gotten another month of Saturday detention thanks to her little run in with Amanda.

Three hours of running the training simulation over and over again. Regardless of how many frantic “But Master Trini…” warnings Alpha 5 chirps at her.

Three hours of pummeling virtual putties again… and again… and again…

“But Master Trini, your hand–”

“AGAIN!” Trini cuts Alpha 5 off with a burst of pent up anger.  

Alpha 5 scurries out of the pit, not wanting to stick around for Trini’s full wrath.

Trini gets herself into her ready stance, itching for another round.

Trini knows that she should probably stop.

Her left hand throbs with a white hot pain that she’s come to learn over the past few months signifies that something is broken. Most likely it’s her knuckles but possibly her wrist as well. Too hard to tell at the moment…   

“What are you doing?” Jason emerges from the top of the pit.

“Bakin’ cookies.”

Jason makes his way down into the pit and approaches Trini. He instantly spots the state of her left hand and grows concerned.

“We aren’t supposed to train alone. You know that.”

“Yeah well I needed the practice,” Trini mumbles with a shrug.

“You okay?”

An awkward silence falls between the two of them as Jason patiently waits for Trini to respond.

But Trini can’t seem to find the words. Instead, she shifts from side to side, growing more and more uncomfortable in her own skin with each and every passing second.

“Holy shit, your hand!” Kimberly’s voice cuts through the silence.

Trini closes her eyes and lets out a light sigh. “Shit.”

Kimberly scrambles down into the pit and immediately makes a beeline towards Trini. She takes hold of Trini’s left hand, bringing it upwards into the light for a better view.

There’s no denying it… it’s bad.


“I’m fine.” Trini attempts to free her hand from Kimberly’s grasp, but it’s of little use. Kimberly’s not letting go.

“No, you’re not. Jase, go get the medkit. Billy stashed it away in the bunk room. Next to the desk.”

“On it.”

Jason takes off, out of the pit, leaving Kimberly alone with Trini.

Kimberly leads Trini over towards a nearby pile of boulders and directs her to sit down. She squats down, taking a closer look at Trini’s mangled hand. “What happened?”

“Nuthin’” Trini manages to respond, unable to bring herself to look Kimberly in the eyes. She knows that once she does… it’s all over. Trini won’t be able to keep up her facade.

Kimberly, though, isn’t buying it. She reaches out and ever so carefully lifts Trini’s chin with her fingertips.

“Hey. Look at me.”

Trini swallows thickly and with what little courage her has left, opens her eyes.

And that’s all it takes. Trini feels the cracks start to spread across her walls. She can’t resist those rich chocolate orbs staring back at her.

“That’s better.” Kimberly smiles. “Where were you after school? I swung by at your locker after English but you never showed.”

“I bounced early.”

“Rough day?” Kimberly tucks a loose strand of hair behind Trini’s ear.

“You could say that.” Trini exhales.

“Well let’s change that, shall we?”

Kimberly reaches in and plants a tender kiss on Trini’s cheek.  

And at that very moment, Trini realizes just how utterly fucked she really is. There’s no denying it nor trying to hide from the truth any longer…

Trini is head over heels in love with Kimberly Hart.

Season 1, Episode 9: “The 23rd”


“Zooey and I were trapped in a real bathroom, sitting on the floor eating cookies. We had this really sweet moment.” – Hannah Simone

Season 4, Episode 20: “Par 5”


“I wrote that episode so it meant a lot to me. It gave me a chance to appreciate what the writers go through.” – Lamorne Morris

Season 1, Episode 16: “Control”


“We spent two days at Venice Beach, mostly Zooey and me. We did stuff with a mime that was just ridiculous.” – Max Greenfield

Season 2, Episode 15: “Cooler”


“That was a great time for the Nick and Jess story. The first (kiss) felt like a real moment for the show and the characters.” – Jake Johnson

Season 1, Episode 3: “Wedding”


“They’re all attached to a time and place for me, so I can’t pick a favorite. I like (some) from every season.” – Zooey Deschanel

New Girl cast on their favorite episodes. taken from this interview (x) in 2016

What You Do To Me part I (Park Chanyeol x Reader)

*This is my very first time writing! I hate reading and literature but I was just feeling it so why not? Please read and give me tips and advice. I’d like to turn this into a series. Please reblog and like so I know I’m doing well 💖 enjoy!

Description: What happens when you’re a 21 year old bag designer and meet Park Chanyeol who you’ve been stanning your whole life at Fashion Week?

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 1864

Shuffling in my comforter on my king-sized bed while my alarm went off, I let out a groan. I reached over to my phone on the left nightstand and my hand just happened to miss it pushing it right off onto the marble floors of my apartment. The alarm was still going off and I let out another groan as I prayed that nothing had cracked. I manage to slide out of the comfy sheets and grab the device from the ground to shut off the loud morning call. The sun had barely risen, so why was I up so early? As much as I wanted to spend another 15 minutes in bed, I knew I couldn’t. Today was an important day for me and my career. I looked over to my right nightstand and saw a small envelope decorated with gold leaf and vintage flowers. I pulled out the piece of cardstock from it and in bold letters it read, “You have been invited to the S/S 2017-2018 CHANEL Show @ New York Fashion Week.” It had more information regarding the event and featured designers. I read every single word until something caught my eyes. At the bottom of the invitation I read, “Seat: A116”. Row A. I was going to sit in Row A of Section 1 in seat 16. Only the best of the best in this industry were seated here. This was the section where top bloggers, top designers, and top celebrities chilled as mannequin-like figures strut down the runway. I had only turned 21 about three weeks ago, so how did someone as young as me get one of the best seats at Fashion Week?


“Designer y/n will be the Hottest Handbag Designer of 2017”, I read off the article in excitement as all my friends and families congratulated me. I never went to design school or took professional lessons, but I had made a successful debut as a handbag designer. My aesthetics were appealing to many people. It was the perfect mix of hard and soft, feminine and edgy, cool and dark. Everyone loved it. This included Beyonce. My work was beautiful and modern. Beyonce tweeted my work and even asked for a handbag for herself, which I definitely did not refuse. Ever since then, I’ve been blowing up as the next big thing of 2017.

This was my first appearance at a major event. My work was being recognized and I deserved a spot here. I would be able to make create so many connections and opportunities for myself in this industry. Focusing back to my first priority, which was to make yourself a nice warm cup of green tea, I put down the invitation and scrambled out of the bedroom. Quickly starting up the water on the stove, I ran to wash my face and brush my teeth. After, I came back to finish making my cup of tea and headed back to my bedroom. I sat down at my vanity and wondered how I was going to do my makeup. Feathery brows and a dewy base was the trend so I decided on that. Before I started, I pulled the curtains away so I could do my makeup in natural lighting. I had bad experiences with looking too orange after doing my face in bad lighting. As I did my makeup, I listened to whatever was playing on my favorite station on Spotify, which was in no doubt, EXO. I was the biggest fan of them, especially Chanyeol. I admired how talented he was. I mean, SM though, right? Right when I was about to attempt Chen’s highnote in Monster, the music stopped. My phone rang in the familiar ringtone of EXO’s debut song and I picked up. It was my best friend, f/n. “Hey! Did you hear?” she exclaimed. “No, what? Why are you so excited so early?” - “I just heard something and you won’t believe it” - “okay, and?” I replied with confusion. “Okay so you know my friend Marco. He works with the organizers of Fashion Week and gave me a peek at the guest list in your section. Oh my god I’m going to die. EXO is seated right next to you in seats A117-A120.” I couldn’t believe it. EXO, who I had been following from the very beginning in 2012 was going to be at Fashion Week. Seated right next to me. How was this possible? I was honestly going to lose your shit. Just how was I going to introduce myself and act? Am I gonna be lame and ask for an autograph and picture. That’s not lame, is it? Too many thoughts were running through my mind at the moment and found everything hard to process right now. I finished the call with f/n and finished my makeup as calmly as possible. 5 minutes later, I still haven’t calmed down my shit yet. Well, a little bit. I pulled out an outfit from my closet. It was a ruffled blouse in the color of crimson. Along with it, was a pair of flared culottes that defined my waist in a beautiful nude color. It was the perfect length for my petite body that stood at 5’0”. I quickly styled my hair into loose waves that framed my face perfectly. Time was passing quicker than I remembered so I packed my little nude clutch, threw on my outfit, a pair of single-strap heels and I was out the door.

Thank god I lived in the Big Apple because 5 minutes after i arrived, lines got real long. I showed my invitation to the two overly buff men at the entrance and entered the venue. It was nothing like I’ve ever seen before. It was dim and there were people from all industries. Oh yeah, celebrities. Celebrities were EVERYWHERE. EXO was nowhere to be seen (yet) so I managed to stay calm. It was awkward not having anyone I know to keep me company considering I was new to this world. I stood in the corner like a plant not knowing what to do. I checked my phone and it displayed “12:46 PM.” The show didn’t start until one so I was stuck with no one to talk to for the next 14 minutes. But that was a lie. A lady who looked in her early 30’s came towards me. She was chic and had a perky personality. She introduced herself as a journalist from Vogue and wanted to interview me. I was more than happy to and answered all her questions perfectly. It was just the right timing because the show was going to start any minute now. I shuffled around to my spot and man, I felt incredible. Front row seats, where I would get the best view. I was on top of the world, until I saw a large shadow overcast me. The large figure took a seat and I recognized who it was right away. EXO. EXO was seated right next to me. In fact, Park Chanyeol was seated right next to me. I might’ve stared for too long because Chanyeol turned to greet me. I greeted back and tried to focus on the show. My face was growing as red as my blouse. Was Chanyeol going to notice? Oh god, he smells wonderful. He was so close to me, I knew I was going to lose my shit. But i’m an adult, so I didn’t. The show started and I was able to relax more into my seat. I totally had forgotten about the beautiful being that was seated next to me. I enjoyed all collections that came out on that runway and I knew I was going to be invited to more shows. At the end, everyone stood and applaud the closing. It took about five minutes for everyone to settle down and continue on with whatever they planned to do for the rest of the day. EXO was getting up from their seats and greeting people. Are they going to leave? Am I going to ask for a picture? Should I just introduce myself? I couldn’t make up my mind as my phone suddenly rang. Oh my god, Mama was playing from my phone right now. And I was too shock to turn it off. Chanyeol immediately turned to me hearing the familiar song. He gives me probably the most angelic smile I’ve ever seen and he was hella tall. He towered over me but I didn’t look like a midget thanks to my 4-inch heels. The only thing I could say was “It’s my ringtone”. Of course I stuttered it, but it came out in korean so that was a plus. “You speak korean?” Chanyeol asks. I thank the lord for letting me study korean because they were finally coming into use. I answer shyly yes and Chanyeol was more than excited to talk to me. “A-ah Annyeonghaseyo. My name is y/n. I’m a handbag designer.” Unconsciously, I hand him my business card. He takes it from my fingers and says, “Ah! I’ve heard about you. I’m a fan. It’s amazing how far you’ve come considering your age.” He just said he was my fan “I’m a huge fan of you too! You have no idea how long I’ve been following you gu-” I cut myself off, too embarrassed to continue. Now, my face was really blowing up. Chanyeol lets out a small laugh. He leads a small talk with me until one of the other members nudge him that they must leave now. “How long are you guys staying?” I quickly asked. Chanyeol replied, “We’re leaving tonight. But please come to Korea and watch our shows sometime!” I gladly nod and wave goodbye to him. I guess he wasn’t expecting just a wave because he came in to give me a light hug. And like that, he disappeared into the crowd, leaving me stranded in row A of Section 1 with my fastly beating heart.


Resting on the couch, I scrolled through all the articles about me at Fashion Week. There were tons of them. Apparently, I had been one of the favorite outfits of the bloggers. A plus for that! As much fun as the show was, I couldn’t forget about Chanyeol. Why would he hug me when he barely knew me? Wouldn’t all the other fans come after me if they knew? I was more than familiar with this crazy fandom and there are some crazy lunatics. But still. Why didn’t he just settle with a wave? Are koreans that open? I thought they didn’t like skinship. Once again, my heart was beating extremely quick. I decide to close my eyes and rest my mind. Not even 20 seconds had pass when I get an instagram notification. I look at the screen and my jaw dropped wide open. “(y/insta/n): real_pcy liked your photo” I was losing brain cells because this wasn’t being processed into my mind either. My phone dings again with another notification. “(y/insta/n): real_pcy sent you a message” And I lost my shit again.

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anonymous asked:

I don't know what kind of question it is but....how old are you and since when you start drawing? I love your drawing! I hope i can be like you one day!

// wawawawa
1. I’m going to be 16 this April
2. For as long as I can remember ya