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(Shipping thing if you still want to do that!) I am a 5'1 lesbian girl with short, floofy brown hair. I really like Marvel, musicals, music, and art! I either want to become an actor or a comic book/novel writer. I love to learn and I can be loud and meme-y, but I also can have really bad anxiety and be very shut off. I'm very cuddly and I love warm drinks! I also procrastinate to no end save me

Zoe!!!! (and possibly Alana but ????)
She’s freaking in love with your hair and really wants to diy it or so something cool with it (but she loves it how it is so she wouldn’t be sad if no!), she likes to put it in different styles tho!
You guys would probably sing and do duets a lot together and possible even make a youtube/Instagram account where you post songs together!
When your having a bad day she would probably give you her sweaters to wear and take you out to a quiet place and get ice cream or something together, just something quiet and sweet.


Here a full body of The Squad . Just so you know ( in order they are here)

Amy Cassandra Brooke , 22yo, 20 December , 5'5 (1.66), Indian , Lesbian ,Trans Girl
Shy,Kind,Calm , Sad ,Recovering from Deppresion

Anna Alice Anderson , 23yo,12 August , 5'9 (1.75) , Algeria , Lesbian , Cis Girl

Lucy Maria Fernandez ,23yo , 8 May , 5'7(1.70) , Spanish , Bisexual , Cis Girl
Aggresive,Vulgar,Liar,Clumsy,Can be cool

Casey Sophie Johnson ,23yo , 4 March , 6'8 (2.03) , Italian/Asian , Lesbian/Asexual , Cis Girl

Emma Elise Smith ,23yo , 2 February , 6'0 (1.83) , American , Lesbian, Cis Girl

Ikarie Kelly Cooper , 22yo , 22 October , 5'3(1.60) ,Afro/American,Pan,Cis Girl
Childish,Kinda Gullible and Stupid ,Coward,Hyperactive