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Shameful Behavior pt. 1

So this is going to be part one of a short little series I’m doing because I’m absolute Skam trash. Feel free to request any Skam related imagines you might want written.

AN: It’s the start of a new year at Nissen and things are going to change.
Pairings: William x reader
Characters: William Magnusson, Christoffer Schistad, Vilde Hellerud
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Prompt: “Can you please do a William from Skam x reader where she’s his friend and they fall in love and stuff?”
You pushed your hair away from your face as you stepped out of your front door, fighting a losing battle with the wind as it whipped about you. Summer was coming to its end and holidays were officially over, which meant it was the start of another year at Nissen. It was due to be your last year of high school and so there was no buzz of nerves or anxiety this time round, just excitement. After all, now you were a third year, you would pretty much run the school.

You started walking, shifting the weight of your backpack from one shoulder to the other. You could tell that it was going to be a perfect day, just warm enough that you wouldn’t need your scarf. You’d always hated the bitter cold of Norwegian winters, a fact which your friends teased you about endlessly, so a warm day was a literal godsend, as far as you were concerned.  You let your mind wander to all the possibilities that this year held; parties, dancing, the end of high school and, of course Russtiden. You and your friends had been planning your Russ Bus since the end of your first year and, now, everything was all but ready. Russtiden promised to be the highlight of your young adult life.

“Hey, earth to Y/N,” A familiar voice called, snapping you out of your reverie, “you there?”

“Chris!” You greeted with a smile, “Hey there.”

Christoffer was sitting in the passenger seat of a mean-looking black car which could only belong to one of your other close friends, William. You hadn’t seen Chris much over the holidays since his family had decided to go on vacation to Portugal; William, however, you had seen quite a bit of, not that any amount of time with William was ever quite enough. The man in question gave you a bright smile from behind the wheel, brushing his long, dark fringe away from his eyes.

“Need a lift Y/L/N?” he asked, with a hint of teasing in his voice.

“Don’t mind if I do.” You responded, sliding into the back seat and promptly plugging your phone in to the AUX cable.

William leant his head back against his seat and chuckled, shooting you an incredulous look.

“Really Y/N? Imagine Dragons?” he joked.

You gave him an overly bright smile in answer and he rolled his eyes, slowly pulling back into traffic.

“So, Chris, tell me all about Portugal.” You said.

Chris snorted, “Who cares? What’s important now is that we’re motherfuckin’ third years baby! We’re the kings of the school!” he cheered, “And queens, of course.”

“Thank you.” You acknowledged.

“This year is gonna be insane dude; partying, drinking, partying, drinking-“

“Studying for exams,” you cut in, “applying for universities.”

The boys booed in unison.

“You’re so boring Y/N.” William joked.

“And you know what else?” Chris continued, as though there had been no interruption at all, “First year girls. God I can’t wait for all the fresh new-”

“Chris!” you said indignantly, gently slapping the side of his head, “Can you not be an absolute brute for one minute please? They’re people, not sex dolls, you know?”

“What would you know, Y/N? You had your share of fun in our first year.” William pointed out.

You rolled your eyes, “Yeah, but I was young and stupid. If I’d known all the shitty things that third years say about first years I never would’ve gone there.”

The boys laughed and Nissen finally came into view. William parked, and the three of you clambered out, chatting amiably amongst yourselves. There were a chorus of hellos from various classmates and second years who knew The Penetrators’ reputation, but none of you were particularly fazed. You weren’t a member of the infamous Penetrators gang, but you’d been friends with the boys since first year.

After a particularly disastrous party hosted by some idiot in the year above, during which Chris had gotten so drunk that he’d been unable to walk, an unbreakable bond had been formed between you and the two boys. Chris’ parents were too strict for him to go home completely pissed and William had lost his phone, so you had taken them both back to your house. No questions asked, no strings attached; you’d gone to bed as strangers and had woken up as friends.

“Oh, Will, check it out.” Chris said out of the corner of his mouth, “It’s a nice bunch this year.”

You looked over to where Chris was angling his head and saw a group of girls looking at them and giggling. You rolled your eyes and sighed, pushing down the jealousy that bubbled up as William whistled appreciatively. He was an asshole when it came to girls-well, other girls-but you couldn’t help it, you were hopelessly devoted to your silent pining. Mentally, you knew that having William’s respect was more important than having him lusting after you, but your heart hadn’t quite gotten the memo yet.
Something about your face must’ve betrayed how you felt, because William gave you a sheepish smile and nudged you gently with his elbow.

“Come on Y/N/N, there’s got to be some first year boys that have caught your eye?” he asked.

You shot him a look, “I’m not going to go chasing after some insecure little first year, thank you very much. God, doesn’t it get boring?”

“Jealous?” Chris teased with a suggestive wink.

Your face flushed with embarrassment because-well-yes, you were jealous but you didn’t want them to know that. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw William’s face change. He looked shocked and confused and you felt your heart sink.

“I’ve got Norwegian now. I’ll see you guys at lunch.” You muttered, walking away from your friends.

You breathed a sigh of relief as you stepped into the building. You’d always loved learning, and Nissen was almost your second home. Both of your parents essentially travelled for a living, so you barely knew them. You’d spent most of your time alone, at least until you’d met Will and Chris, so school had been heaven. Some of that sentiment had managed to stay with you, over the years.
As you walked up the stairs towards your classroom, you heard someone calling and, after a minute, realised that whoever it was, was trying to get your attention.

“Mm?” You asked, turning to face the caller.

It was a girl, sixteen by the look of it, with an overly bright smile that showed off her perfect teeth and hair so pale that it was practically white. Her enthusiasm rolled off her in waves, and you already knew that this would be an exhausting conversation.

“Are you Y/N?” she asked, her voice as shiny and bright as her smile. You nodded and she continued, “You’re friends with Chris and William?” You nodded again, and somehow her smile got even brighter, “Do you know if William has a girlfriend?”

You sighed. This was the one part of school that you hadn’t missed, talking to girls who were interested in Chris and Will. They were usually very nice, but they would inevitably end up heart broken and then they’d hate you as well. Chris was the better of the two, he occasionally did date a girl. William, on the other hand, was a One Date, Let’s Screw And Then That’s It, kind of guy.

“What’s your name?” You asked.

The girl’s eyes widened, “Vilde; Vilde Hellerund.”

“And you’re in first year?” You continued. Vilde nodded, “Okay. Well no, he doesn’t, but let me give you a little bit of advice, Will doesn’t date. There are a ton of really great boys in this school who would love to be with a pretty girl like you, you can do better than Will, okay? Just drop it, I promise it won’t go well.”

Vilde’s smile faltered and you felt a surge of pity for the girl. She was desperate for approval, desperate to find a place to belong, and to find people that wanted her. You remembered that feeling all too well. You sighed again.

“How about this, there’s a Penetrator’s party in two weeks; there’ll be loads of cute boys there from the second and third year classes. Why don’t you come? You can bring all your friends; there’ll be drinks and music. It’ll be a blast.” You suggested with, what you hoped was, a kind smile.

Vilde nodded, her big blue eyes widening with happiness, “Really?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Thank you! I’ll be there.” She promised, practically vibrating with happiness.

“Cool,” you replied, adjusting your bag again, “I’ll find you on Facebook. I’ve got to get to class, but I’ll see you around, Vilde. Welcome to Nissen.”

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updated 04.21.2017

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So my friend is watching season 1 for the first time


“Never frown; someone could be falling in love with your smile,” ~ Lydia Martin, Formality 1x11


Small Tales from the Borderlands/Doctor Who crossover! :D

Basically… Yeah, I got inspired by Wikipedia xD

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Taeyong: Uncertain Future,1

Two Three Four Five

Well y’all wanted Taeyong because we thirsty af, so here I am to quench your thirst!! Buckle up and enjoy😃


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It’s currently 12:10 AM and I’m crying in my bed over the Skam Instagram accounts

I think that it should be made obvious that relationship between Sherlock and John is the most important thing within the show, whether romantic or platonic. Their relationship, over anything else. Not the crime, not the intelligence, not your housekeeper, and above all, not about John’s PTSD and not about Sherlock’s bitterness and sociopathic tendencies. In fact, it’s quite the opposite of the latter. It’s about them growing together and fixing each other. It’s about those details being a past thing because they fixed each other. Season One, it’s about them meeting and living and adjusting together. Discovering each other’s quirks and being awed, then annoyed, then caught off guard, then surprised with each other and with their own loyalty for the other. Season ending with them realizing that they were willing to choose their own death and die together, even willing to die for one another. That’s a hard thing to do if you simply tolerate each other or are simply flatmates and/or colleagues. If a similar situation happened like in TGG with you and your roommate/flatmate, you would more than likely hesitate about your actions. After all, it comes down to basic survival. Would you throw out your life for another, just for an acquaintance, at the drop of a hat? But if this person was the reason you were okay, you were you, were alive, even, how could you hesitate? They keep you together, the glue to your shattered pieces of your life. Season Two. The entire season is about becoming comfortable with their realizations and each other, and their trust being shaken and honed. Becoming family, but recognized as friends. What they believe in fails them, but they still hold on out of sheer loyalty, every instinct telling them otherwise. Whether it be their mind, their body, or each other. Ending in a loyalty so fierce, even when trust and hope wavers, that Sherlock faces Moriarty yet again, and fakes his own death, having to stay strong and persevere, having to watch John fall figuratively at Sherlock’s literal, for two years enduring torture and loneliness just to keep John safe. John having to suffer tragic loss, still remaining loyal to Sherlock no matter the facts against him, refusing to believe Sherlock is a fraud, trying so hard to believe that he is alive. Season Three. The main points being forgiveness, realization, lost chances, and as always, trust. When John discovers Sherlock is alive, he is… Broken. He feels betrayed and lied to, hurt beyond measure. He’s happy he is alive, obviously, but it all measures down to the pain he feels. Both Sherlock and John have a substitute for each other that season. Neither truly works. Sherlock’s is Molly, John’s is Mary. Sherlock tries to use Molly as an adjuster into life as it was, but now, with less of John. John tries to use Mary as someone to fix him like Sherlock did. When forgiveness is ensued, the substitutes are no longer needed, at least not as they were previously. At John’s wedding, the episode does not focus on, nor does it even show, John and Mary’s vows. Instead, it focuses on Sherlock and his speech, and form of vow, to John. This is John’s WEDDING, and it focuses on their relationship, yet again. Namely, their, love for each other. And they do. Love each other. Friends or more, there is no denying they love each other. Then Sherlock is shot by John’s wife. Here comes Molly helping again, helping him survive. As he delves deeper, it becomes surviving because and for John. And when John found out who it was, he questioned everything. Even when he forgave her, he never truly did. That relationship was cursed the moment she shot that gun. There was no coming back from that, no matter how hard either tried. Then it came down to one thing yet again. Sherlock and John, a big bad, and their lives, though in a different manner this time. Not their body, but their minds. This ended in as you know, Sherlock killing Magnusson. Actually killing someone for someone. Giving in, to yet again, his own life at stake. Season Four. Key points being family, disillusionment, guilt, forgiveness, and trust. Mary dies, leaving John a widower and a single father, with disgust of himself shaking his very core, forcing the blame to be placed on someone. Anyone. The blame is placed on Sherlock. Of all people. The very person who fixed him. Mary manages to help save this relationship from beyond the grave. Both her video will, and John’s hallucinations. To fix them so they can save each other. Sherlock suddenly has a sister, discovered when John is shot, confirmed thanks to Mycroft. Eurus. Similar to the Holmes brothers, with a large helping of batshit crazy. The last episode is in large debate over whether or not it is John’s version of TAB, and that John was severely wounded by the gunshot and is actually bleeding out, hallucinating vividly, meaning everything from TFP actually happens in John’s head. Either way, the last episode is very important on Sherlock and John’s relationship. Putting them through stressful trial after trial, testing their wit and emotional boundaries, Mycroft included. Eventually dating back to why Sherlock is Sherlock, thanks to his sister during his childhood. Redbeard wasn’t real. At least not as a dog. His name was Victor. He was Sherlock’s best friend. Eerily similar to John. Murdered by Eurus. Making Sherlock rethink his entire existence, while having to keep his head in the game to keep John alive. Ending with them rebuilding their lives, living together again, and raising a child together. Aight I’m done with my early morning rant I need sleep peace bitches.

Edit: Okay so I made this very early in the morning while half asleep, so yes I’m missing key details. Add on if you please, I would love to hear other opinions and/or details and points on the topic!

        does anyone want to go on a date w/me this weekend.

Mark: Pack Threat, 1

This story begins just a few days before Hunter’s Night ends. 
Welp, here we go! Beginning NCT’s mini-series in 3, 2, 1! — arosequartz

Two Three Four Five Six Seven Epilogue


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I cannot help but compare Dark Matter to Firefly

One reminds me of Simon
Two reminds me of River and Zoë and also kinda Mal
Three reminds me of Jayne
Five reminds me of Kaylee
Six reminds me of Wash
And I absolutely love it because I’ve been craving something like Firefly for so long


The girls from SKAM // That’s My Girl