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1. Favorite music video? 

that sure is a difficult choice! I love most of them, but if I had to pick one I’d pick On Melancholy Hill. It’s really nostalgic for me because I loved that song and video way before I discovered there was a whole story behind Gorillaz, besides that Noodle is badass with her mask and guns, I love how 2D and Murdoc are drawn there and I love how the guest artists all make a guest appearance!

10. Opinion on The Fall?

(I already answered this one a long time ago and this was my answer )

The Fall to me… It’s a bit complicated. I know the majority of the fandom seems to dislike it, and I understand that. I mean Seattle yodel is on The Fall. Is there anyone who likes Seattle yodel?

But, the Fall also has Hillbilly man, and Amarillo, and revolving doors. And those are songs that I love. I think revolving doors is one of my favourite Gorillaz songs actually.

And plotwise I somehow just don’t want to hate the Fall, seeing how it’s 2D’s album you know?

‘’ And this one The Fall, is mostly just me…something more gentle and just…well…it’s just me and an iPad really mucking about…trying out some stuff. Just looking at America and then tapping on the screen…I’m not really concentrating too hard on it….So, right, each album got all of us on it somewhere, but each time it’s… more of one of us than the others….Well, that’s how I see it anyway.“

-2D (x)

I also think it’s amazing that Damon was able to make it on an Ipad in a short time! I mean I know a lot of people criticize the album over that, but I think it makes the Fall special.  

Soo.. I don’t really have a conclusion. I can’t say that I like most of the songs, but I don’t hate the album and it has a few songs that I actually really love!

Me: I’m really not that into 1 dee anymore

Radio: shut the door….

Me: turn the light off, I wanna be with you, I wanna feel your love. I wanna lay beside you, I cannot hide this even tho I try–


Under the cut you’ll find roughly 113(132 counting lighted gifs idk how that happened but okay) gifs of the beautiful Aisha Dee as Kennedy in Sweet/Vicious season 1 episode 1 “The Blueprint”. Dee is an actress known for her roles as Desi Biggins on The Saddle Club, Mackenzie Miller in I Hate My Teenage Daughter and she also appeared in Chasing Life as Elizabeth “Beth”  and Baby Daddy as Olivia. She is also a musician, in her own band called Dee Dee & the Beagles. Ethnically, she is of Black (unspecified) and White (also unspecified) descent, so please cast her accordingly. The gifs are all small/medium, textless, and mostly hq. Any repeats were to just make her face bigger or to lighten the scene in case some thought it to be too dark. I made all of these gifs so credit to me and please if you decide to steal them or edit them in some way, although I’d like so say don’t do it (but some of y’all won’t listen) at least please give me some sort of credit. Please like or reblog if you plan on using. Thank you! 1/?

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Unrelatedly, I’m a bit ????? about the convention that Luke is SUPER TINY.

Mark Hamill is 5′9″. That’s certainly not tall, but except for stormtroopers it’s not really short, either. He’s the same height as Oscar Isaac and John Boyega, and only an inch shorter than Diego Luna, Ewan MacGregor, and Ian McDiarmid.

Of course, we mostly see him around tall men (Harrison Ford is 6′1″, Billy Dee Williams is 6′, David Prowse is 6′5″ w/o the suit), so between that and the coming of age narrative, it’s understandable that he seems small and boyish. But he’s not tiny! Really!

It was all but inevitable that I would get around to this topic sooner or later. And it is by no means all I have to say in this regard. But I feel like it does a good job of opening up just SOME of the internal stress that such a basic act creates for me and so many other trans folks.

That said, there is also only two days left to go with the “Finding Dee” Kickstarter. Check it out: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bigpondcomics/finding-dee-1-a-life-in-transition

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1. Hi Dee, I just saw your reblogged post about what's been happening in Chile and after reading the tags there's something I want to add. It's true that fans in the West treat (western) celebrities differently but it's also true that we have zero chance to interact with them, so if we're lucky to recognise them somewhere, my experience is that you'll politely ask for a photo or autograph, maybe compliment them and then just leave. I have done that so many times after small scale concerts, the

2. artists just come out of the venue with the purpose of interacting with fans and I have a whole collection of photos with famous musicians. With Kpop idols it’s different for 2 reasons: first of all, some of us used to listen to Jrock and it’s well known that some famous Jrockers interact openly and sleep around with fans, so some girls would expect the same treatment from Kpop idols LOL. Also Kpop groups already interact SO MUCH with fans that it’s absolutely out of line to search for

3. further interaction outside of official events. That’s where the confusion for us western fans comes from. We don’t get direct interactions with them like K-fans but at the same time we have the same amount of entitlement because we follow them so closely, so we search for a way to fulfill our desire for direct communication. Stalking is the “easy” way. But also the disguting and disturbing one. Girls, please sort your priorities out and get your feet back to planet Earth. You won’t sleep

4. with them, flirt with them, become their girlfriend or even their friend, so just go to their concert, meet&great/fansign/fanmeeting if and when there’s a chance and if you really want to communicate with them, send Namjoon fanmail, as he probably still reads them. STOP STALKING THEM BECAUSE YOU WON’T GET ANYTHING OUT OF THAT EXCEPT FOR WASTING YOUR TIME AND MONEY AND IRRITATING THEM.

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(1/2) hey dee! i wanted to share something with you that i haven't been able to not giggle @ this entire day. (i don't want to sound to full of myself but you are to me a close pal so i wanted to share hahah) so yesterday the boy i've been into finally came to my place and wanted to have sex (we've been onto each other for so long i swear!! literally grabbing each other under the table in class 24/7) so like he wanted to use the bathroom real quick @ my place and when he came back his face

looked like he had seen a monster so i panicked! like did he see something? not that i’m hiding anything lmao but he saw that my cabinet is FILLED with skincare lmaooo i was dead on the floor when he told me “how tf do you manage to have SO MUCH SKINCARE???” (i’m quite obsessed). i just laughed and pulled him closer BUT THEN THE PLOT WAS LIKE HE SAID “…. can we put on a face mask?” SO WE LIKE BEFORE SEX ENDED UP DOING A FULL SKINCARE ROUTINE i love him so much his face turned red as he asked

Did you just get cockblocked by a face mask!? Hahaha I’m glad things are going good for you, though :)

While this art was originally created in black and white for an upcoming strip for my #webcomic, #FindingDee, it’s now pulling double duty as a #limitededition #colorprint for a NEW #StretchGoal for the Finding Dee #Kickstarter