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I find it interesting that Colum asked Claire to help relieve his pain, and not just ask the healer back at Leoch. What are your thoughts about it?

I assume you’re referring to 02x12 “The Hail Mary.” Well, I can think of several reasons:

1. He knows that Claire is far more skilled and will likely give him a treatment that actually works

2. He uses it as a pretext to get time alone with her

3. She doesn’t work for him. She would tell him like it is - she’s not looking to flatter him. So she will be honest and speak the truth - and her mind. That must be so refreshing to a man like Colum

4. He is looking for a way to put himself out of his pain. And he knows Claire well enough to know that he could express such a wish to her - and that she not only would listen to him, she wouldn’t judge him, and she would do exactly what he wished. No questions asked.

I do think that Colum comes to deeply respect Claire over time - not just as a skilled healer, but as a profoundly intelligent, pragmatic, and quick-thinking person. A perfect match for his nephew. And - from what we gather based on secondhand descriptions of her personality - someone who shares a lot in common with Colum’s beloved elder sister, Jamie’s mother Ellen.

And let’s not forget what Alec tells Claire in Book 1:

“Colum is no the man to let an opportunity pass by him. He’s quick, and he’s ruthless, is Colum…Ye’d be wise to bear that in mind, lassie.”

When else would he have an opportunity to size up Jamie - know that he was leaving Hamish in good hands - and have access to a healer who actually knew what she was doing?


“He waited patiently in line, showing no signs of realizing that he was surrounded by a hundred men, armed to the teeth, who would be quick to resent any insult offered to The MacKenzie and the clan. Je suis prest, indeed." 

Jamie’s Oath - 1x04 The Gathering