1 clock in the morning or so

Tease (M)

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: one shot, angst, fluff and a little bit of smut

Word Count: 3,298

Request: for @shesdreaminginoverdose :  Hi author-nim can I request 33 with Baekhyun fluff and a bit smut (*´艸`*) 

Summary: (33- “Bite me” “If you insist.”) Ever since you moved next door to Baekhyun, you have been the victim of his teasing and you had enough. 

A/N: Hey everyone, this is my first one shot from the prompt list I posted a couple days ago. I will try to post the other requests soon (btw I didn’t proofread so sorry if there are any mistakes). Enjoy!

Part 1, Part 2

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You run into school late, your hair everywhere and your breathing rigid. It’s your first time being late, your alarm clock not ringing for some reason.

Thankfully, you get to class before the teacher arrived. You walk into the chaotic classroom full of rowdy students talking, laughing, and throwing things around. You walk to your seat in the front of the classroom, planning on just studying when suddenly a body steps in front of you.

“Hey Y/N,” smirks Baekhyun.

You roll your eyes, not wanting to deal with him so early in the morning. “Move Baekhyun.”

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baby, my baby | 04

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“Raise my child, just for twelve months”

◇ pairing: jungkook | reader
◇ genre: angst, fluff. parents au
◇ word count: 3.3 k
◇ author’s note: i will be updating this series every friday evening, 11~12pm korean time! i really hope you enjoy!

part one  ↠ ↠ previous part ↠ part four next part 

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You Could Warm Me Up

Summary: It’s cold in the bunker when you and Dean wake up in the middle of the night, so you find a fun way to warm up
A/N: This isn’t my best work by any means but I thought this fic up at like 5am one morning when I couldn’t sleep so…here we are! 
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Warnings: smut, oral (female receiving), language
Word Count: 1,515

-Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated! 


Your arm landed on the left side of your bed to find it cold and empty, rousing you from your sleep state, into a half-asleep state. Opening your eyes slowly, you saw that the room was still completely dark, and only the red glow of the numbers on your bedside alarm clock that read 3:38 AM were visible. Taking a deep breath and pulling the comforter up to your chin, you curled into yourself, deciding that you were simply too sleepy to get up and look for Dean. You were also too tired to get up and try to figure out why it was so cold.

You had almost fallen back asleep when you heard the bedroom door open and then close again. Soon after, the mattress dipped, and like second nature, you scooted up to who you knew was Dean, and he wrapped his arms around you, pulling you in tight. His bare chest warmed you almost instantly as he pulled the covers over himself as well.

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The Labyrinth Chapter 4

Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU

Pairing: Reader/Jimin

Word count: 2387

Plot: Finding an injured boy collapsing in front of your house, you decide to help him, only to find out he’s associated with some underground business. After that fateful night, you surprisingly find him in the new class you had just transferred into.

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 7  Chapter 8  Chapter 9  Chapter 10  Chapter 11  Chapter 12 || Jin Trailer ||

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Fionn Fluff 💖 #1

My first Fionn blurb - Stressed and sleepy Fionn

     I glanced at the clock as I poured the second shot of gin into the glass of tonic water on the kitchen counter. I knew Fionn’s schedule by heart now: awake by 5am, hopefully out of bed by 6am (that boy can does not do well in mornings), out the door by 7am, film training until 5pm, and back at the flat by 6:15pm. He’s been in this routine for the week and a half, so I knew exactly at which minute I would hear the door creek open and the big sigh that signals another long day. We were both ready for the training to be done, but I wasn’t quite ready to send him off to film in Dunkirk. I was beyond excited of course, but I didn’t look forward to coming home from uni and work at the coffee shop to an empty flat. 

     Just as I set down his drink on the kitchen table I heard Fionn’s key wobbling in the door, drawing a smile across my face. He opened the door, dressed in sweats and a striped pocket tee. His usual exhausted face greeted me, but he couldn’t help but smile when his eyes met mine. “There’s my boy,” I chimed, walking towards him and wrapping my arms around his waist. His warm arms, sticky from sweat, wrapped around my shoulders and squeezed me in tight as he let out a big sigh. “How are you?” I spoke softly as I pulled away and brought my face close to his. 

     "Tired,“ he let out in a groggy voice as his lips met mine. 

     "I made you a gin and tonic,” I pressed my lips to his again, “it’s a double.“ 

     "Mm, thank you” the corner of his mouth lifted and his lulled eyes perked up a bit as he dropped his bag and sat down at the table, letting out another exhausted groan. I smirked as he slugged back half of his drink and finished with a scrunched face. I trailed to the back of his chair and wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing the crown of his head and leaning to do the same to his heated cheek.

     “I don’t know what I’m gonna do without you after a long day of work,” he sighed and looked up at me, “who is gonna make me drinks and suck me off?” he let out a breathy laugh at his own comment. I shoved his shoulder and took a seat in the chair next to him as he slung his legs over mine.

     “I’m sure you could recruit one of the thousands of extras to do that task for ya” I teased. As I drew circles on his leg, he threw the rest of his drink back.

     “None of them quite as good as you though,” he whispered as he leaned forward and kissed me again, with more heat this time. He hummed against my lips, “If I close my eyes for more than a second I think I might fall asleep, though.”

     “Well my mouth will be here when you wake up,” I reminded him. We both stood and I took his hand to lead him to the couch. Propping my back up on a pillow, I laid down on the sofa. With another tired moan, he laid down on top of me, pressing his cheek into my chest and wiggling his arms around me. Although he was heavy, this was my favorite way for him to fall asleep on me - feeling close to him. 

     I slipped a hand under his shirt to scratch his back and he mumbled against my chest, “I love you.” I whispered it back to him and within seconds Fionn’s breath had deepened and he was fast asleep. I closed my eyes and let myself do the same, feeling happy as could be.

Before We Were Us (Part 5)

Summary: The story of how you and Zach first met and became a couple

Pairing: Zach Dempsey x Reader

Warning: Fluff

A/N: Sorry for the late write up. This weekend was crazy busy with graduation and all. But nevertheless, tags are open, so let me know if you’d like to be tagged. Feedback is always appreciated and encouraged through the comments, ask box, or my personal messages. I would really love to hear from you guys

<< Part 4 | Part 6 >> 

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It was starting to get late, but you and Zach had to finish this project. It was due in a couple of days, but you didn’t want to procrastinate. Zach would often invite you over to his house to go over your biology homework, but you would politely decline his offer; however, tonight was different. Your parents and Zach’s mom and sister were all out of town for the next few days providing you and Zach an opportunity to finish the project free of distractions.

“And now we are done with this bitch,” you announced as you wrote down the label for the rough endoplasmic reticulum and stuck it in the Styrofoam structure of an animal cell.

“Wow,” smiled Zach, “I never thought this would have taken as long as it did,”

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mayu-the-kitsune  asked:

hey me again i want to ask about advise for if i decide to take estrogen or another type of transitioning drug?

The most common problems i’ve heard about through translady friends are ones involving doctors not specifying/incorrectly assigning dosing times and methods.  I’ve only known Estradiol and Spironolactone in my experience, which are the most commonly prescribed to trans girls in the US, so if you’re prescribed something else, this advice may not apply. ALSO PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT I DO NOT HAVE A PHARMACOLOGY DEGREE, I’M JUST A TRAN WITH INTERNET ACCESS AND A SPECIAL INTEREST IN MEDICINE.

ok so first off:

1. HRT IS MEANT TO BE IN YOUR BODY AROUND THE CLOCK.  Girls have told me before that their doctors have told them to take all of their pills in the morning and call it good.  This is less than ideal. HRT is meant to be in your body consistently around the clock, and If your doctor tells you to take all of your pills at the same time, they’re setting you up for some fucked up mood swings.  Ideally, you want to take half of your daily estrogen+antiandrogens in the morning, and the other half closer to bedtime. Some food in your stomach is recommended if you’re taking spiro.

2. SUBLINGUALIZE YOUR ESTRADIOL (that means let it dissolve under your tongue rather than swallowing it).  A lot of doctors (particularly ones that don’t have experience with trans patients) neglect to mention that the most common estradiol pills (the little flat football shaped tablets, not the synthetics) are meant to be sublingualized, and are most likely manufactured with this in mind, indicated by the fact that it tastes very sweet and dissolves quickly.  Sublingualizing your estradiol rather than swallowing it will ensure that more of the estrogen goes directly into your blood stream through the capillaries under your tongue, which will put less of a strain on your liver, as well as allow your body to more effectively retain larger amounts of The Hormone per dose.  

Swallow your antiandrogens, though.  Those things will never dissolve.

3. IF YOU MISS A DOSE, DON’T DOUBLE UP.  again, the key to a healthy transition is dose consistency.  Taking more hormones at once than you usually do can definitely set you up for some wild mood swings.  Just save your accidental leftovers for when you run out.

Hope this helps! And again, I’m not a professional!!

Creepypasta #1243: Auggie The Clock Watcher

Length: Super long

There was very little to enjoy about working in the fast food industry, but nothing quite so bad as the customers. They were demanding, impatient, and firmly believed they were right even when it was obvious to everyone else that they were not. The worst were the parents who left their kids in the restaurant and expected us to babysit while they went shopping in the plaza next door, even after they’d been asked and then told not to.

Many of us were fairly young ourselves with no idea how to handle a rambunctious, messy child, so if anything ever happened to them, we’d be totally lost. That ever present concern just made us dislike them even more.

The only exception was Auggie. Although he was pushing middle aged, a head injury when he was young had left him with cognitive issues so that he behaved like a child, albeit a very polite, well mannered one. His mom did her best to make sure he had a caretaker during the day, but when they were unavailable, she’d drop him off with us. She worked at an upscale department store across the way and would check in every half hour, but our answer was always the same.

“Auggie’s fine.”

Unlike the others left in our (mostly unwilling) care, he never made any fuss or raised his voice and he kept himself occupied with books and toys that he carried in his dinosaur backpack when we were busy. During our downtimes, which were frequent in the later hours, he’d show us what he’d brought in that day and ask us about ourselves, all the while smiling shyly and keeping his eyes diverted to the floor.

When he wasn’t playing quietly or reading, I noticed that Auggie liked to watch the clock. Whenever it got close to an hour mark, he’d stop what he was doing and run his index finger excitedly across his bottom lip, after which he’d go back to his previous activity with a pleased little bob of his head.

It was an unusual, but endearing habit and I found myself watching him every time he watched the clock. The happiness that it brought him was kind of infectious and it always helped brighten my mood, even if I didn’t understand why he did it.

When he came to the counter one quiet afternoon to order his usual hamburger and fries, I asked him about it.

“You really like that clock, huh, Auggie?” I asked as I slid his tray over to him.

“Yes, Miss Ivy.” He said quietly.

“Do you have one like it at home?”

He gave a small shake of his head. “We got the ones with numbers.”

I figured he meant digital. “You like them too?”

He looked up enough to catch a brief glimpse of my face and, when he saw that I was smiling, his excitement started to take hold. “Yeah, they’re easier to read, but this one’s good.”

“What do you like about them?”

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Voice Mail Pt. 1 (M)

The sound of your phone alerting you of a message repeatedly is what woke you this morning. You groan loudly checking the time on your digital clock, 10:30AM on a Saturday. “Why are you like this?!” You yell at your phone.  When you unlock your phone you see “24 new messages…25 new messages…26 new messages…” all from “Markie 💩”

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anonymous asked:

Can you make a really fluff relationship goals one shot with jeff atkins? He is such a pure soul who needs more stuff regarding him on this webpage😭❤

title: boy, you got me helpless

word count: 475

note: more of a lil drabble just because it’s late at night, but it’s still cute. jeff is an adorable, caring cinnamon roll. PEEK THAT HAMILTON REF THO this is like one relationship goal based on what i feel my goals are tbh lmao it’s cute tho

Your clock on your bedside table glared a bright, jarring red “1: 34 AM” and you groaned inwardly as you slumped over on your desk, lying your head on top of your American Government textbook. You had a test in the morning that you needed to study for so you could pass and bring your grade up. However, your attempts were being derailed by the menace known as sleep. Just as you were drifting off on top of a page about public opinion, your phone buzzed, playing the quiet tune of “Helpless” from Hamilton, the special ringtone that showed Jeff was trying to contact you.

You picked up your phone, smiling tiredly at the contact photo for your boyfriend as Eliza sang “Boy, you got me helpless.” Your finger slid easily across the answer button.

“Hey, sugar,” you greeted, your voice obviously dripping with drowsiness.

“Hey,” Jeff replied on the other side of the line. “I really didn’t think you were going to answer. I figured you’d be asleep right now.”

“No, no. I’ve got a test in American Government later and I’m trying to cram for it.”

He sighed and it came through crackly, distorted and quiet. “You should get some rest. If you don’t, you’re going to flunk it no matter how hard you studied tonight.”

“Where’d you learn that?” you asked jokingly.

“Clay. He told me once after a tutoring session that if you don’t get enough sleep before a test, it can seriously affect how well you do. I trust him, babe.”

It was your turn to sigh; you knew Jeff was right. He usually was when it came to stuff like this.

“Yeah, yeah.”

“Really, [nickname]. Get some sleep. If it’ll make you feel better about it, I’ll meet up with you extra early tomorrow at Monet’s and I can help you study.”

“That sounds really nice, but I don’t want to wake you up earlier than you need to be. I know you have that baseball game that’s, like… three hours away. You need the energy-”

“[Full name], your test is way more important than some baseball game. I know you really want to bring your grade up in that class. It’ll be okay, I promise.”

Another sigh. “Alright.”



“Yeah, sweets?”

“You know I love you, right? And that you’re the best boyfriend in the history of boyfriends?”

He chuckled on the other end and you knew from experience that he was blushing, running a hand over his face; he always did when you complimented him like this, especially when it was spoken softly late at night.

“Yeah. You make sure to let me know every day. Just so you know, I love you, too. And you’re the best girlfriend in the history of girlfriends.”

“Thanks, Jeff.”

“No problem, [Name]. Goodnight, love you.”

“Love you more. Night.”

            First, I’m truly sorry if this post is uploaded in the middle of your school year, but I guess it’s better than nothing right? Well, I would like to congratulate everyone for surviving the past school year and for those who are wondering what kind of post I’m writing today, it is going to be everything (or maybe) you need to know about school life. This is based on my experiences so, do feel free to use any of the tips in this post if you find it helpful.

1.     Sleep early

Holidays are over, time for a reality check, school is going to start soon. Start organizing your life by repairing your body clock back to school season. If you have been going to bed at 3 in the morning because you are playing Overwatch or binge watching your favorite series, I would suggest you try to sleep early (probably around 11 pm) to ensure that your body clock would be ready before school starts. Try to change your sleeping routine at least a week before your first day of school so that your body would be familiarised with the new routine.

2.     Buy your necessary things beforehand

Okay, probably people might go for a last-minute shopping trip to their stationery store because there would be a “Back to School” sale going on, but there are times when you try to find the things that you would need for school only to find out that it is out-of-stock? Well, list down things that you need for the school year such as stationery on your phone’s memo and make a trip to your stationery store a month before school starts to ensure that you have your items ready for school. Personally, I would go to Popular two months in advance to grab all my stationery that I need for the following school year.

3.     Start planning

School is where your brain runs all over the place if you are not ready. That’s me during my first week in Polytechnic (which is equivalent to junior college in the UK or community college in the US). So, I would suggest you start having a bullet journal or simply a small planner with you to school. You do not have to make fancy spreads on your bullet journal if you do not have time to do so. If it helps you with your planning, it is more than enough.

4.     Things to bring to school

You do not have to bring your entire stationery collection to school. Just bring a few black or blue pens (be it gel ink pens or ballpoint pens), two colors of highlighters, ruler, pencil and eraser and you are good to go! Do not forget about your scientific calculator and mathematic set if you need for class. Other than your textbooks or laptop, bring a small notebook (preferably A5 because I feel that it’s the perfect size to slide into your bag) to jot down information during lessons or lectures. Also, do not forget your planner. Other necessities you would need would be umbrella, packet of tissue paper, hand sanitizer, a small bag to keep your sanitary pads or plasters, laptop charger so that your laptop would not die on you during lectures, water bottle to keep yourself hydrated, a jacket so that you would still be comfortable despite the blasting aircon in the lecture theatre or classroom.

5.     Make sure to have your breakfast

Breakfast is probably the most crucial meal of the day because it is to kick start your day. Well, you do not need to have a full table meal for breakfast or you would end up sleeping in class due to overeating. At least you have something for your body to digest before starting your day in school.

6.     Forming good habits

It’s not too late to develop good habits. As the saying goes, “old habits die hard”, try to slowly dispense old yet bad habits. Start early before your school year so that you would be familiarised with the new habits when school starts. Good habits include – packing your bag the day before, organizing your room/desk, planning, etc.

7.     What to wear for school

Every school have a dress code for the students to follow and with that, some students would treat their school’s corridor as their fashion runaway. Trust me, you do not need to dress fashionable well to go to school. Wear casually unless you have a presentation to go, dress smart and formal. Also, for makeup, you are already beautiful, you do not have to spend 1 hour on doing your makeup, that 1 hour can usually be used to calm yourself down (or sometimes, sleep in).

8.     Digital notes vs traditional notes

I guess there’s an ongoing debate on what type of notes should you use. Be it digital or paper, both serve the same purpose which is to help you with your academics. There are pros and cons in using either digital or paper which I would probably going to explain in another post. But, depending on your situation, if your lecture does not allow any form of digital notes, I guess handwritten notes would be the only choice, unless you transfer your handwritten notes to your laptop. But during fast-paced lecture, I personally prefer digital notes because I type faster than writing. The other reason why I personally choose digital notes is that I can use it during examinations easier.

9.     Few close friends are enough

You do not have to be friends with your entire cohort. Stick to a few, that will help you with your journey in the school year. It’s best to have at least two or three close friends in each class so that if you are absent for any of the lesson or lecture, you can go to them and ask for help. If you and your friends have the same mindset of achieving good grades for the school year, everything is going to be fine.

10.  Never afraid to ask your lecturer for help

I used to be afraid of asking questions in class because I am afraid that the lecturer would find me someone who ask irrelevant questions in class. But trust me, it’s for your own benefit. Just ask them questions when in doubt. Raise your hands and ask your questions. If you are afraid to ask questions in class, ask after class. Tell them that you have some clarification to make and I am sure that they would be happy to help you.

11.  Attend class regularly

Even though there are schools that make classes optional (not the case for mine), try to at least attend 90% of your classes. That way, you would not have to miss out on lessons and you would not be a blur student who would be rushing for exam notes from your classmates. You would be prepared of what would be tested during the examinations. However, if you are really feeling unwell, please do not drag yourself to school. Instead, visit the doctor and get proper medication. Rest well because it’s an indication that your body is lethargic. Take some vitamins to keep your body healthy and full of nutrients.

12.  Take part in after school activities

There are more than just your academics my dear. Regularly check your school’s board or email for any activities that you can take part. Be it sports competition, maths or science competition or even volunteering work, you can use them for your application for your future’s academics. This not only boosts your certificate but it also gives you the experience that you might miss.

13.  Get used to your campus

If you are a freshman in school, make sure you try to locate your classes beforehand. You would not want to get lost on your first day of class and ended up late. I suggest you search up your classes first before your school’s office and the cafeterias.

14.  At the end of the day, grades do not define you

Listen here sweetheart, despite the grades that are reflected on your certificate at the end of the day, those As or Bs you have does not define who you truly are. What matter the most is your passion to learn. Because your future boss would not only look at your grades but also whether you are capable of working in the company.


Doctor Shaun Murphy is slowly killing me with his pureness.

Originally posted by inconspicuouslyabsent

He genuinely cares about others well being, and became a surgeon specifically to help people. He showed up at that family’s house at 1 o'clock in the morning. He didn’t have to, but he went there anyway despite the fact that he knew he could get in trouble. He carried that little girl (I think her name was Martine) to the car and did everything he could to make sure that she was okay. He may have problems connecting with people, but he’s compassionate. That’s what makes him the good doctor.

the merciless flaw | four {final}

pairing: sehun x reader
genre: soulmate!au, fluff, series
summary: the clock counts down the years, days and hours left until your being will be smudged from existence. not wiped, but smudged, because you will be remembered by your saviour; your soulmate

pt.1 / pt.2 / pt.3 / pt.4

A/N: i literally do not wanna post but i only posted this cos i promised it would be out by today and because i havent posted in a while so if its terrible now u know why + ends too quickly sORRY i might change it in the morning idk

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

Sporadic stars filled the darkness surrounding you. It provided you with elements of entertainment from your forced boredom; you pushed your knuckles harder against your eyes, gaining a strange euphoria.

The passing time seemed to slow with each prolonged second. Your loneliness grew.

He still wasn’t here. Nor had he called. Abstaining from abusing your eyes, you watched the clock. How each second merely passed, as if it did not hold your hurt and frustration. Time had always held importance to you, watching how your clock ticked down each second, it seemed meritless yet you realised how much value each moment held. It was hard not to when you’re entire existence depended on timing and when you the years turned into days, you knew timing determined everything within life. So your anxiety piled up. Though you knew how much love you held for Sehun, unsympathetic thoughts of having told him too early daunted you. If you had heard him repeat those sweet words to you then the agitation growing within you would be subdued. Yet his elusive presence and nonexistent words of affection didn’t stray your belief he felt the same. But what was belief to reality?

You watched the clock, your mind occupied with thoughts that held no important. Forceful thoughts to rid you of your haunting worries. The irregular beating of your heart indicated you needed a source of comfort. 

The only comfort you could get would be knowing where he was. Picking up your phone, you pressed call on his contact. You listened to the phone ring with hope you would soon hear his voice.but were met with his voice message.

Without hesitation, you rang him again. No thoughts occupying your head. You tapped your fingers on top of your lips. The extensive ringing made you believe he wouldn’t pick up; with a sudden melting of hope, you pulled the phone away from your ear. Just before you could save your ears from the endless ringing, Sehun’s rumbling voice flooded out. 

“Hello? Y/N?” 

Immediately, you placed your phone back against your ear. Your eyes wide in surprise, your smile full of joy. 

“Hi! I just wanted to know when you would get here by. It’s kinda late but you said you would come so I’ll stay up if yo-”

A dry sigh of disapproval interrupted your excited flood of words. Your next words clogged in your throat, waiting for him to speak. Your mind went blank as you heard him shuffle around and close a door, you realised he was at home.

“I know but I can’t anymore. When I said I was busy, I meant it. It’s really draining me and you calling isn’t helpin-” Your ears perked up at hearing a second voice interrupt him. A soft, feminine voice. Though you couldn’t hear what she said or who she was, you knew she meant something to Sehun from the way he kindly replied. 

“I’ve got to go,” He mumbled, making her sweet tone with the unknown girl seem more intense.

With your words still stuck in your throat, you were left to hear the dreary, heavy sound of nothingness.

You were left with the banal heartache, so expected from love.

The thumping of your heart, if you waited any longer, could delude you into thinking a heart attack would hit you. A hand was placed over your erratic heart, as it would keep it in your chest if it attempted to jump out.

With your spare hand, you knocked harshly against the door once again; you began mentally preparing yourself, not sure for what.You felt a sharp zap of electricity run up your arm, the same arm with the clock. Irked with the pestering sensation that kept you company for the past few days, you furrowed your brows. Knocking against the door in a new found anger.

Before you could knock more violently, the door swung open. An equally frustrated, ruffled looking Sehun came into your sight.

His narrowed eyes widened once he realised it was you. The girl he had forgotten about and neglected for weeks. The girl who loved him. With a deep breath, he relaxed his expression.

“What are you doing here?” His voice was unusually calm, as if he knew he deserved the anger you held within your eyes. Not even thinking of answering his question, you pushed past him and into this apartment. He followed your movements with his eyes as he twisted on the spot, you turned around to watch him close the door. There was no use you thought, you weren’t going to stay long. 

“What’s wrong with you? Why have you been avoiding me?” The strong facade you held up managed to stay intact even within your voice, despite the way you crumbled inside. You didn’t want to know.

Sehun rubbed the side of his face in shame, fully aware of how he had been treating you. He licked his lips. He took a few steps forward but you blocked him from walking away, and in so in acceptance of the situation, he leaned the back of his head against the door. You knew him well enough to know that despite his glazed eyes, he was deep in contemplation of revealing his truth.

“Don’t lie to me, Sehun,” The softness in your voice grew as the realisation of the situation oozed into you.

He swallowed after hearing your words. Don’t lie to you? That’s all he’d ever done to you though. Every word of affection, every graze of his hand over yours, every kiss, every hold you were in was a lie. It was all a lie when his mind was occupied with another. 

However he would die of shame if anyone accused him of not trying. He tried to love you. To feel even an ounce of what you felt for him. He couldn’t when what you felt for him, he felt for another.

“I can’t be with you, Y/N.”

Hearing those words forced you into a state of blurriness. You weren’t sure what to feel when you felt everything at once. Your throat dried up and your racing heartbeat slowed. The previous zap of electricity surged through you, yet with the numbness you felt nothing. The silence urged him on.

“If it wasn’t this way, I would love you. But I don’t.” His voice strained in emotion. “I can’t be with someone I don’t love, Y/N.  Yes I do love you, but not the way you love me because I feel that way for someone else. I’ve felt it since I met her. I’ve felt it even when we were together,” His voice drowned into a whisper of truth.

Your voice was devoid of emotion, yet your eyes welled up both from hidden emotion and the heat bubbling in your arm where you clock sat. “But we’re soulmates, Sehun. We have to be together.”

“Being soulmates does not mean I love you. It means I should but not when-”

“Not when you love her.”

He nodded, his head hanging low in both shame and hatred of the way he felt. You scoffed, unamused. Neither of you wanting to state the obvious. A burdening silence festered as you both listened to the ominous ticking of the clock. 

Your throat closed in and your heart clenched, the silence allowing you to fully understand what this meant. Your bottom lip quivered slightly, decided to face the truth you started speaking.

“I’ll die,” Your shaky whisper barely loud enough to reach him. With a rough sniffle, he threw his head back and blinked. As if he hated hearing it out loud. He may not hold the type of love you held for him, but he did love you. He cared for you immensely and it broke him into pieces knowing he was the reason this was going to happen. Your existence would be smudged, not wiped because you would still remain within his heart. The person who saved him is the person he used, the person who would die because of his selfish ways. He would lose his soulmate for a love he wasn’t sure would last. And it broke him. His suffering had began.

“Isn’t death better than suffering?” His voice was heavy with emotion. Fallen tears ran down his face which he quickly wiped away, only to have them replaced by new ones.

Your arm twitched violently with a new shock of electricity. Your vision blurred with pain. Soon replaced with darkness. The abyss no longer decorated with stars.

A malfunction in the system. A denying of reality.

And so you lost your love.

You lost your life.

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Second Chance ~ Part 1

Part 1: Ending

You wake up in the darkness realize that sometime after the argument with Christian you fell asleep on the couch. You reach for your phone on the table, it was 4 o’clock in the morning and there were no message or any type from your boyfriend. None.

Those late calls, sweet message turn into arguing and fighting. Even simple issues always turn into argument. We once were so happy, where did it go wrong?

Your relationship started very simple. You met him at Peru and how he said you guys met for a reason since it’s the last vacation you made before you move your work to South Korea. He promised to keep you company when you arrived at South Korea. And guess what? He keeps his words. Those simple text became late night phone calls and late night phone calls became movie dates and that’s when Christian ask you to be his girlfriend.

He’s pretty upset when you said you didn’t know him. But he’s pretty relief too since he don’t want you to make friends with him just because he’s famous. Those simple late night walks, accompany him to finish his editing works. It was just simple and pure.

After you took a glass of water, you’re back to your comfy bed, you check your phone again. Still no messages. You throw your phone to the nightstand and turn over with a sigh of disappointment.

After days without his text or calls, you had enough. You love Christian and you weren’t going to give up without a fight. You’re going to fix this. 

You gather your courage and walk into his apartment building, taking the nearest elevator push his floor number. Just after you went out to his apartment door, you see a figure out from the door, on your reflect you took a turn and hide beside another apartment door.

Isn’t she one of Michael’s friend?

“Thank you for the dinner Emily.” You heard Christian’s voice. You took a peek and your heart almost drop. They’re kissing.

You wait until the drop dead gorgeous girl leave and vanish through the elevator, then you out and click Christian’s apartment door lock.

He look surprise to see you.

“Babe what are you doing here?“

No answer from you. Just starring at his eyes. That full of lie.

No single tears. It’s just flat. “I see you found someone new.”

That words just hit him, he look at the door and look at you again. Remember what he just did. “Y/N..”

“Don’t.“ You dodge you arm from him.

“I guess, I came to say goodbye.”

“I’m sorry Y/N.“

“No.“ You pause to take a deep breath and continue “I’m the one who should say sorry, Rome. I’m not enough.. Never enough.“

I guess you realize now that you’re nothing special. At first you’re kinda surprise that you and Christian can be a thing. Look at him.. He’s freakin gorgeous.

“So goodbye Christian.“ You said your last words after petting Lori for the last time.

It’s been a week. A week being single. A week of torture. A week of emptiness. A week of nothing. Works became very hard. Everything just reminds you of him. You can’t work like this. So you ask for a break from you boss. She know you’re a hardworking person. Without asking, she just gave you permission.


“Take a week Y/N. You look horrible.“

“Thank you unnie. I really appreciate it“

You just lay at your bed watching nothing. Turn the TV so it’s not too lonely. Just then you heard someone unlocked your smart door. 

Who the hell?

You went out to the door to look who’s coming.

“Dabin-ah..“ You watch Dabin just storm at your apartment just like his apartment.

“Why.. Why are you here Dabin?“

“You’ve been avoiding my text and calls. What happened?“ It’s true that you’ve been avoiding him and rest of the crew. But you think it’s better for both of you and Christian if you had no contact with them.

“We broke up, Dabin.“


“What do you mean so? It’s over.“

“So you mean our friendship is over too because of that Y/N?” You try to gather a nice word for him, but nothing comes out from your mouth.

“Wah.. I really don’t know that you ever think me that low Y/N. I know we’ve been friends since you’re with Christian. But don’t you think you’re a bit too much when think our friendship is over too because of that?“

He just starred at you with disbelief.

Of course not Dabin. But when I see you.. I see you as HIS friend. It’s keeps reminding me of him.

The tears just keep gaining on your eyes. You try and try to be strong. But today, you just can’t hold it back anymore. You let the tears out in front of Dabin, Christian’s best friend. Your best friend. 

You felt an arms hold you. “Let it out Y/N. Let it out.” You cried in Dabin’s arms.

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Author’s note: I’m going to start my own writing ^^ There’s a lot of talented writer around here kekekeke.. they keep me motivated. I hope part 1 wasn’t that bad?

Private Lessons (M) [Part 2]

Requested by: Anonymous
Warning: Smut

[Part 1]

You leaned back against your desk, handing out packets of practice tests as students filed into the classroom. Friday’s were the earliest days for your students, so you were mostly met with grimacing faces in response to your cheerful, ‘Good morning,’.

Yoongi stepped in front of you, his hair tousled as if he got out of bed and just headed for class without so much as a run of his hand through the strands. His eyes were tired. “G'morning,” he mumbled, gripping the papers between his thumb and forefinger.

You couldn’t help but spare a quick glance to the clock; 8:24. “You’re early,” You didn’t even bother to keep the surprise out of your voice.

“Just trying to impress you,” One corner of his mouth twitched up into a small smile, slowly pulling the packet of papers from your hands. “Professor,”

Long fingers ran along the back of your hand and you wouldn’t have thought anything of it normally, but it was the touch and the way that Yoongi was staring at you; close enough that you could smell the laundry detergent on his shirt. There was a long, dragged on moment of silence, the two of you just standing in front of each other and saying nothing. It was only broken by a student coming up behind Yoongi and tapping his shoulder to get him to move out of the way so she could get her practice test from you.

“Good luck,” You said as Yoongi turned away from you to take a seat at one of the wooden desks. The girl in front of you grinned, thanking you. You heard Yoongi snort out a laugh, most likely because he knew just as well as you did that you weren’t addressing her.

Once every student was seated at their desks, heads bowed as they worked at answering the problems on the sheets, you slumped into your desk chair. You should have been passing the time marking papers, or at the very least organizing the atomic bomb-level disaster scattered over your desk. Despite how hard you were trying, however, you just couldn’t shake the feeling that was building up inside of you. It was like a warmth that bloomed in your chest, spreading it’s way through your body. You felt an uncomfortable presence creeping it’s way into your awareness, as if you were being watched. You lifted your head and surely enough, a pair of brown eyes were watching you from beneath a fringe of mint hair. When your eyes met his, Yoongi’s lips turned from a concentrated straight line, into a daring smirk and you felt the babyhairs on the back of your neck tingling.

Shit. Shit times infinity. Squared.

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I found an iphone 4s in my car.. I have no idea whose phone it is and of course its locked.. the only hints I have is
1. that they love Kpop, panic at the disco, and fall out boy among a few others

2. they get notifications from Oklahoma state, last given note was 717 days ago meaning its been in my car for like a year and a half
(I live in florida so wtf? WHO ARE YOU)

3. they have alarms set in the morning from 2:12 am to 8:11 am in a weird fashion; including 4:20am

4. their world clock is set for new york, cupertino, and tokyo

5. that they have a friend named L (or at least nicknamed)

and finally 

6. that they played tsum tsum and have a line account. 


(edit: this is driving me nuts, if anyone has any tips on how i can get into it PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Also siri wont work cuz its not connected to the internet, poo)

EDIT! I FOUND OUT THROUGH THE ALARMS THAT LET ME SEE THEIR MUSIC ON THE PHONE THAT THEY HAVE A 235 SONG PLAYLIST CALLED TO FLORIDA! ..not like thats a big hint but ahskjdfslskfgja at least it didn’t teleport there from oaklahoma

Ten More Minutes

I’m late but desperately wanted to write some soft plance college au for Lance Loves Ladies Week, so here’s the first two days merged together. 

Day 1: Morning/Nights

Day 2: Cuddles/Kisses

Rated T

Lance awoke with a low groan underneath him, the small body trying to push him away.

Yuff fevy,” he heard muffled, small hands moving from trying to push him off, to wrapping loosely around his torso.

He stretched his limbs out, groggy as the yellow morning light dripped through the dorm rooms curtains and warming his body. His vision was blurred but he could make out the red numbers 8:00 on the alarm clock next to the bed. Thank god, he thought, they still had another hour before they had to get up.

Another grumpy groan underneath him made him smile, and roll over onto his back. He looked over to the side, watching as Pidge curled up into a ball, burying herself into his side, trying to hide her face from the early light.

“Hey,” he said, his voice raspy from sleep.

She looked up, eyes opening just enough to see him. Her hair was pointing in every direction, and her oversized sweater rose up just enough to show a sliver of pale white hips before her sweatpants. Lance felt his heart flutter a little.

“Hey,” she said after a beat, curling up on top of him now, burying her face into his neck.

Lance felt around the bed until he found the duvet, and pulled it over them. Then he searched a little longer for his phone, and was about to go through his notifs before a hand grabbed his and forced him to set the phone back down.

He chuckled again, “Babe, I need to see if Hunk is still up for tutoring me for the physics exam.”

“No need,” she groaned, her hot breath sending shivers down his spine, “I can tutor you, dumbass.”

Lance ran a hand through her hair, smoothing it down. “You say that but how did last night end, again?”

He heard a small snort, and she turned her head away from him. He rolled them over onto their sides, forcing Pidge to look at him, though she kept her eyes closed with a small smile playing on her lips. Her lashes looked so long from this point of view, Lance thought.

“Tell me or else,” Lance threatened, placing his hands on her sides where she was the most ticklish, “Admit it.”

Pidge laughed, and tried to move away, but Lance held tight, beginning to tickle her before she caved in.

“Fine,” she conceded, “I tried to teach you and you were annoying and kept interrupting me.”

“Um, nice try, but wrong,” Lance said, “I remember asking you extremely important questions, until we got onto the topic of Thundercats somehow and ended up watching 20 episodes until we feel asleep.”

Pidge, opened her eyes again and smirked, small dimples dotting her face, “I was right about Snarf’s real name being Osbert.”

They giggled together, and Lance leaned in, rubbing his nose against hers, “Come ‘ere, you.”

Lance pulled her back on top of him, but instead of letting her head fall back into the croak of his neck, he gave her a soft, slow kiss. They slowly melted into each other, Pidge wrapping her arms around the back of his head, lacing her hands with his soft locks. Lance led a hand up the back of her shirt, rubbing soothing circles and tracing little patterns. Pidge deepened the kiss, tilting his head in her hands, letting her body rub against his. Lance’s hands drifted lower, just above her sweatpants, and fingered at the fabric when-


They pulled away from each other, sharing a singular loud groan, as Lance stretched his arm out to shut off the alarm.

“How the hell is it already nine…” He rubbed his eyes, and felt a buzz at his side.

Pidge fished around for her phone, picking it up and glared at it with a pout.

“It’s Matt, wants to grab an early breakfast together,” she said, before stretching out and yawning.

Lance sighed, letting his eyes close for a moment, preparing to force himself (and his girlfriend) out of bed and start the day, when Pidge collapsed back on top of him with a loud huff, throwing her phone off the side of the bed and onto the pile of laundry beneath them.


Pidge hushed him, putting a small finger to his lips, “Ten more minutes, please?”

Lance looked down at her, eyes already shut again, a hand grasped firmly on his shirt, looking peaceful and serene in a way he knew no one else would have the luxury of seeing. This was one of the few moments when Pidge, in her tough exterior, let her walls down with him, and he didn’t want to waste that.

Lance wrapped his arms tightly around her. “Sure, thing. Ten more minutes.”

Nightmares // Tony Stark

A/N: This is my first time writing for Tony, so I apologize if he’s out of character at all. I watched iron man 3 again, and I was inspired to write this after seeing Tony’s anxiety attacks.

Warnings: nightmares, mentions of blood and injury, anxiety

Y/N shot up out of bed, sweating. Her hair was a mess, her sheets were tangled around her legs, and her voice was raw from screaming. Her nightmares seemed to only get worse and worse, and she had no idea how she could fix them. She looked over at her clock on her nightstand. 1:38 in the morning. She flopped back down on to her bed. It was way too early in the morning to go and try to talk to someone. She pulled her sheets up over her body, hoping to fall asleep. After what felt like an eternity, she was still awake. She looked over at her clock again, and to her dismay, it was only 1:53. She groaned and sat up, leaning her head against her hands. She shook her head, wondering what it would take for these wretched nightmares to go away. She laughed mirthlessly to herself. With her luck, they would never leave her. She stood up and shoved her feet into her tattered slippers and grabbed her robe off of her door. She tied it around her waist securely and slowly walked to the kitchen. No one else was awake, and she wanted to keep it that way. She didn’t want to explain to anyone why she was up this late, or why the dark circles under her eyes were so dark, or why she felt like she was about to explode into a million tiny pieces. She shuffled over to the cabinet and grabbed a glass off of the shelf. Her hands were still shaking, as she could barely keep herself steady. She turned the faucet on and filled her glass up with water. The next thing she knew, she was down on her knees, glass covering the floor. She didn’t even register the pain, or the fact that hundreds of tiny pieces of glass had now embedded themselves in her legs. Blood, water and glass covered the floor as Y/N sobbed into her hands. She turned over onto her back, not caring about the glass covering the floor. She could take care of glass in her flesh. She couldn’t take care of the pain consuming her mind and heart anymore.

As soon as Tony heard the crash from the kitchen, he came running as fast as he could. When he saw Y/N in the middle of the floor, sprawled out on her back, his heart cracked a little bit. She looked utterly broken, and he hated to see her that way. He rushed over to her, carefully picking her up. She looked up at him, pain and embarrassment in her eyes.

“Tony, I-I-”

He simply put a finger over her mouth, silently telling her to just cooperate. He carried her down to his lab, carefully setting her down on top of a counter. He grabbed a random first aid kit and began pulling out pieces of glass. The pair was silent, save for a few gasps of pain. When Tony had finally pulled out all of the glass, he finally spoke.

“Are you alright?”

She shook her head.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

She sighed.

“I wouldn’t want to burden you anymore than I already have, Tony. You have enough problems on your own. I would hate to just add to all of those.”

Tony looked at her, studying her face. She gazed back at him, her expression unreadable.

“Damn it, why won’t you just talk to me?”

Y/N sighed.

“I can’t tell you.”

Tony ran his fingers through his hair.

“Why not? What is it that you can’t tell me?”

Suddenly, Y/N felt very tired. Her mind was screaming at her to keep her stupid mouth shut, but she knew she had to tell somebody what was going on.

“They won’t stop! I can’t even get a full night of sleep anymore because they just won’t stop! I see Sokovia all over again, New York, everything. I see you dying and I can’t lose-” She broke off, realizing too late what she had said. She slid off of the counter, mumbling that she was heading back to her room. Tony stopped her, placing his hands on her shoulders and looking squarely into her eyes.

“You should’ve told me sooner, Y/N.”

He pulled her into a bone crushing hug, and she wrapped her arms back around him.

“The nightmares will get better, I promise. I’ve been there myself, and for a while it feels like there’s no hope. It will get easier. And I’ll be alright, don’t you worry. I can take care of myself.”

She let out a small laugh.

“Are you sure about that Tony? Because I’m pretty sure the last time you tried to take care of yourself all alone, you nearly died. That doesn’t sound like-”

He cut her off by pressing a soft kiss to her mouth. It was nothing like she would’ve expected from him. It was soft, and sweet, and held a sense of innocence. She wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Come sleep with me instead.”

She raised an eyebrow.

He just took her hand and pulled her up to his room. The two of them climbed into his massive bed, and Tony immediately wrapped his arms around Y/N. She snuggled into his chest, wondering how such an awful night had gotten her here. The last thing she remember before she finally drifted off, safe in Tony’s arms, was him mumbling that she was never sleeping alone again.