1 body 2 heads

Trans!Sans for a friend!! This took me less than an hour, maybe even just 30 mins to design and make, so he’s definitely just a wip

But hey, a trans sans for your trans sans needs

Please don’t reblog if nsfw/kink blog and/or with likewise tags! Have a nice day! 💙❤💀❤💙

Opening Commissions!

Hey guys! I’m starting to open commissions for my art. I need a little help paying for bills and food for a bit. If you cannot get a commission, please reblog this post and spread the word around!

Sketches - $2    Sketches are rough drawings done in pencil and not outlined. These will be slightly sloppy as they are sketches

Icons - Icons are anything from the shoulders up. First character is included in original cost, any extra characters cost extra

  • $3 Linart Only
  • $5 Coloured
  • +$2 (Lineart)/ +3 (Coloured) per extra character
  • +$1 Simple Background/ +$2 Detailed Background

Torso - Anything from the waist up. First character included in original cost, extra characters cost extra!

  • $4 Lineart Only
  • $6 Coloured
  • +$3 (Lineart)/ +$4 (Coloured) per extra character
  • +$1 Simple Background/ +$2 Detailed Background

Full Body - These are from head to toe. First character included in original cost. Extra characters cost extra!

  • $5 Lineart
  • $7 Coloured
  • +$4 (Linart)/ +$5 (Coloured) per extra character
  • +$1 Simple Background/ +$2 Detailed Background

Abstracts - These are extremely colourful and detailed abstract backgrounds. This will included 1 full body and coloured character. Extra characters cost extra!

  • $12 - Starting price
  • +$5 per extra character


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anonymous asked:

do you know what some of the kinkier clipping. songs are?? i've been listening to them for a while but i've only really listened to a handful on repeat and im feeling a bit freaky ;)

i’m like half awake rn but i’ll list off the first few that come to my head:

1) Body and Blood
2) Hot Fuck, No Love
3) Tonight
4) Wriggle


heeeey! I got the Commission list done finally! 

The last one was the kind of sketches you can ask for they all literally cost the same as the one on the very top just different variations and different time frames the more to the right it goes the longer it takes. Anyways here’s the full list.

Sketches (these takes a few hours)

Full Body ; $3

Waist-up ;$2

Head Shot ; $1

-From here on it doesn’t matter if you want detailed characters or Background the prices won’t change but the maximum of heavily drawn characters are 2 anymore will add an additional $4-

1600x1200 Canvas Size 

Block color ; $15

Full paint ; $25 ( If you’re wondering why this costs so much it takes me roughly about 6-24 hours to make one of these depending on the detail, so you get my drift)

1024x1024 Canvas Size

Block Color ; $10

Full Paint ; $15

-I only accept payment upfront-

the reason for this is actually because I’ve seen and heard a lot of artists complaining/ranting about making a commission they don’t necessarily pay for them and before someone actually waltz in here to rant about how “Why do I even need to pay for these, It’s just pictures” Please keep in mind that even artists need to eat. Thank you for your patience and consideration

I use Paypal, So if you want to commission me you can message me through tumblr and I’ll give you my email, then we can discuss things there. When we’ve reached an agreement I’ll send you a payment request from Paypal 

This is the process of how you get your art after you pay for it

1. I will send you a sketch of it (a super rough-sketch with the block sketch still intact, In this stage you can still change what you want from the art by the sketch for example “can you change their clothes/pose” or “I want to change what i want entirely” without extra payment)

2. I will give you a half finished one ( if you want to change from here there will be an additional $2)

3. When it’s done I’ll give you the PNG/JPEG (your choice) version plus a signature/anything you want me to write to you on the PNG/JPEG, I won’t post it in any media unless you want me to and you have my permission to use it however you want as long as long as you don’t edit the watermark off of the artwork and claim the art as your own. (You can not change anything from here on out)

I’ll draw anything BUT old people because i don’t necessarily have the skill to make them to the best of what they can be/ as appeasing to the eye as they could be.

Any artwork will be done roughly around 1 day-1 week depending on the schedule of Commissions i have.

This’ll help me a lot with my daily needs and if you can’t commission that’s okay you don’t have to, if you could share and spread this around that’ll also help me alot

thank you for your continued support and your patience with me. I’ll see you next time~! Love, Lum


(on desktop: click on the images for full size) 

Commissions are open!  My rates vary depending on the complexity of the proposed project, but these are the basics! If you can’t see the images:

P a i n t i n g Example 1 - Example 2 (Realistic Style)

$55 - Full Body

$45 - Torso

$30 - Head

L i n e a r t Example

$35 - Full Body

$25 - Torso

$15 - Head

S k e t c h Example

$16 - Full Body

$10 - Torso

$5 - Head

All prices are per character. Adding a more elaborate background/setting for your illustration will come at an additional cost (determined by the complexity of the requested background).

You can find this page here.

Please PM me with any inquiries! 

(Important note: I will not do the following: 
Anything homophobic/racist/otherwise offensive in nature
If you’re not sure if what you’d like illustrated falls into one of these categories, please feel free to ask me!)


I can officially start doing commissions! I don’t have set prices really ^^“. So this is how I’ll do it for a bit. I’ll list the total prices for USD.
Rough sketch
-head shot: $1
-full body: $1:50
Line art
-head shot: $1.50
-full body: $2
-with black/blush/grayscale shading: +$.50
-head shot: $3
-full body: $4
-with shade or highlights: +$1
-both shade & highlights: +$2
Will NOT be doing anything Nsfw for a while.
My PayPal: mefowlks@gmail.com

About Anghyfi’s power

it’s slightly strange 

Since she was hung, drawn and quartered when alive and then turned godtier she became the Witch of Blood and with this ability to control blood she can keep her body moving.


the scars of where her body parts were removed are still there and allow her to remove said body parts. these include: 

1. Her head
2. Her arms {at all joints} 
3. Her legs {at all joints} 
4. Her top half from her bottom half 
5. And some internal organs {stomach, liver and intensities} 

This does come with a down side though. She must drink the blood of those in her cast to sustain her body. So technically she’s sorta a bloodsucker.  


•Email me

at kmmrays@gmail.com with what you want your commission to be, state your tumblr/name you prefer me to call you. If you dont have an email, then make one. there are 100s of email sites to choose from and Gmail takes all.


i will not complete a drawing and send it THEN be paid that can set of for thievery and i am

Not having that, My payment is through


If you do not have one, get one, its free easy and if you have cash: find an ATM that transfers cash to paypal credit.

Send me a REFERENCE SHEET or PICTURE of your character DO NOT send me a paragrapher of this character and expect me to design it.


, commissions take time to make and i also have a life, and school, and family and friends and other things, so please do not nag me constantly, you can REMIND me if im taking TOO long through email but NEVER nag me through message or email;


•I have the right to deny a commission if im not comfortable/am physically unable to draw it. (i refund will be assured if need be)

I sometimes will send wips of the commission for you if i remember, my memory is poor so forgive me if i dont, IF you want me to TELL ME and ill try my hardest to remember.


If theres something specific you want me to add into the picture please tell me!!

Head - 10$
Chest up - 13$
Waist up w/o arms - 14$
Full body - 15$
Simple shading + 0$
Complex shading + 2$

Head - 7$
Chest up - 8$
Waist up w/o arms - 9$
Full body - 10$
Gradient cell shade + 3$
highlight + 2$

Head - 5$
Chest up - 6$
Waist up - 7$
Full body - 8$
Simple shading +2$

Head - 3$
Chest up - 4$
Waist up - 5$
Full body - 6$
Simple shade + 2$

Head - 1$
Full body - 2$


Complex +2$
Each extra character +5$ (7$ if complex)

Simple +2$
Detailed +8$

Colored lines - Ask! (Free)
Comics + 5$ per frame
Reference sheets 27$
Two characters free

Homestuck (pixel only) +2$
Chibi +0$
Semi-Chibi + 2$
Real style +5$

Canon Chars
Fan Chars
Up to 20 Char

21+ Chars (amount not age)
Incest ships
Pedophila ships

One last thing, Pay a commission from me REALLY helps me a lot! Even if you can’t afford one: REBLOG IT! signal boost it! It helps so much! even just one! reblog!! spread it around!!

Thank you wonderful followers <3

Upd8 on commissions 
This is has now switch to an emergency! I need money to eat since my mom can’t afford food right now!!
Please help me out the last thing i need to do is die ;-;
Please and thank you! 

If you can’t afford PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST!!

Commissions - Pricing and Some Examples

Here is the spreadsheet of the pricing

In-case you cannot read it the prices are as follows:


-1 person headshot: $3

-1 person waist up: -$5

-1 person full body: $10

-2 people head-shot: $8

-2 people waist up: $12

-2 people full body: $22

Price increase for a basic background (ex: a single color a simple gradient): +$1

Price increase for a complex background (ex: a city scape) : +$10

Price increase for a short amount of time: +$3 if less than a week

Price increase for a number of people/characters above 2: Price for 1 person times the number of characters requested. 

Price increase for complex characters: +$3


-1 person headshot: $6

-1 person waist up: -$10

-1 person full body: $18

-2 people head-shot: $12

-2 people waist up: $16

-2 people full body: $30

-Price increase for a basic background (ex: a single color a simple gradient): +$3

-Price increase for a complex background (ex: a city scape) : +$10

-Price increase for a short amount of time: +$6 if less than a week

-Price increase for a number of people/characters above 2: Price for 1 person times the number of characters requested. 

-Price increase for complex characters: +$5

Simple shading (ex: having he entire character be one shade of pink with some shading thrown in) (ex: having everything be lineart but there being basic shading to provide more depth)

-1 person headshot: $10

-1 person waist up: -$15

-1 person full body: $20

-2 people head-shot: $15

-2 people waist up: $18

-2 people full body: $28

-Price increase for a basic background (ex: a single color a simple gradient): +$5

-Price increase for a complex background (ex: a city scape) : +$10

-Price increase for a short amount of time: +$6 if less than a week

-Price increase for a number of people/characters above 2: Price for 1 person times the number of characters requested.

-Price increase for complex characters: +$6


-1 person headshot: $15

-1 person waist up: -$18

-1 person full body: $25

-2 people head-shot: $18

-2 people waist up: $25 

-2 people full body: $35

-Price increase for a basic background (ex: a single color a simple gradient): +$6

-Price increase for a complex background (ex: a city scape) : +$20

-Price increase for a short amount of time: +$25 if less than a week

-Price increase for a number of people/characters above 2: Price for 1 person times the number of characters requested.

-Price increase for complex characters: +$10

Prices can be negotiated. This is a work in progress. I won’t take to many commissions on at once. 

Message me to discuss details!

anonymous asked:

"I talked to someone who had to watch the library tape for police training and he said it made HIM cry. Dylan was kneeling and saw Eric kill himself and cried hysterically and uncontrollably - his whole body was shaking, his head was back, etc...." (1/2)

2/2 “…He either slapped or shook Eric and then put his hands together like he’d pray but just covered his face, cried more and then killed himself. He died crying because his friend left him to die alone. Patrick Ireland may have heard him sobbing, not coughing.” IS THIS TRUE?!

A few things here stand out as questionable to me:

1.  “I talked to someone who…”   

Who exactly did you talk to? More importantly, how did anon even reach the point in the conversation with said someone to even broach such a conversation with the supposed someone?  The problem I have with this is that anyone could make a random claim like this without giving the specific details. It’s all very vague and sensational sounding.

2. How in the world is it that after sixteen years beyond Columbine not even one employee from the police force has leaked the library tape to anyone? The Basement Tapes were sealed so tight that only a select few people got to see it and yet they would allow an allegedly existing library tape to be freely distributed for police force training across the country?   What? You gotta be kidding me, right?  And how is it over this decade and a half we haven’t heard from multiple people leaking information about what they saw on these tapes during their police training?  Wouldn’t we hear at least a few officers, not just this one finally in the year 2015, tempted to tell their story of what they saw on the tape?  Wouldn’t a few other people’s stories get out on the internet with dovetailing information by now?  I would definitely think so.  Seems fishy to me. 

3. Why would Dylan be ‘slapping’ or ‘shaking’ a dead Eric with his head blown off completely unrecognizable? Does that even make some semblance of sense?   There wouldn’t be anything to slap or shake to bring him back to life. Dylan would’ve known the moment he glanced at Eric that it would’ve been exercise in futility since Eric’s head was visibly blown apart with blood seeping out onto the carpet.  Plus, Dylan was also expecting to die. Of course he’d react shaken to Eric shooting himself so suddenly and before himself but Dylan was also planning on dying too and dying was the icing on the cake to NBK for him.  This scenario reads to me like someone who had no plan in place and was completely and utterly surprised that suicide was in even in the plan at all for either Eric or himself.  Given that Eric and Dylan had just killed people,  watched a bunch of people die, I doubt Dylan would’ve been that ‘hysterical’ that stage of the game.  Dylan having experienced Eric die right beside him would’ve wanted to leave too and as quickly as possible.  He would not be trying to shake and revive his dead friend nor praying.  This is my feeling on how this thing reads compare to my own sense of things.

Lastly, we need to remember that the so-called ‘Library Tapes’ are not confirmed by authorities as evidence that even exists.  According to Jeffco, the official record is that there was nothing filmed in the library. I can’t recall off hand whether their official statement was that there was cameras in the library but they just weren’t on that day or whether they claimed their were no cameras in the library. In any case, they stated there are no such tapes in existence. Now, of course, it’s highlly possible they’re stating this for the record purely because they believe such content being made public would be very damaging to the victims’ and perpetrators families to be floating around on tv or the web, etc.  Imo, even lending copies for police training is highly risky because someone is bound to be tempted to make a copy for themselves and it would’ve surfaced somewhere on the webs by now, after all these many years.

Is this true, you ask? This story sound very melodramatic and it makes for a good rumor, one of many easily started and spread on the internet. I mean, it makes everyone picture it visually in their minds and react emotionally to Dylan praying and crying, but on the other hand, you’ve got to look at the fact that there is absolutely no source to back up this claim. It is told from an anonymous ‘source’ who claims to have talked to a ‘someone’ and this is supposed to somehow be credible enough.  Well, it’s not honestly.  So, my suggestion is to take it with a grain of salt. :)

anonymous asked:

I at is a tritype? I see people with numbers and freaking out, what doe it mean?

Well, I haven’t studied up on enneagram much, but I think I’m at least qualified to answer this question.

-There’s another personality-thing that’s not MBTI that people use, and it’s called the Enneagram of Personality, yeah? It’s all based on core fears, and it has more of a basis of how you are seen to the world (through other people’s eyes) than does MBTI. Everyone has a core type, on either Heart, Head, or Body, that helps them interact with the world. Head: 7, 6, 5. Body: 8, 9, 1. Heart: 2, 3, 4.

-In depth introduction of Enneagram: https://www.eclecticenergies.com/enneagram/introduction.php

Core fear:

Type 1 (The Reformer): Being corrupt/evil or defective

More: https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/type-1/

Type 2 (The Helper): Being unwanted, unworthy of being loved

More: https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/type-2/

Type 3 (The Achiever): Being worthless

More: https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/type-3/

Type 4 (The Individualist): Having no personal identity

More: https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/type-4/

Type 5 (The Investigator): Being useless, hopeless, or incapable

More: https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/type-5/

Type 6 (The Loyalist): Being without support or guidance

More: https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/type-6/

Type 7 (The Enthusiast): Being trapped or in pain

More: https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/type-7/

Type 8 (The Challenger): Being harmed or controlled by others

More: https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/type-8/

Type 9 (The Peacemaker): Loss or separation

More: https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/type-9/

(I suggest you check out the links, what I said doesn’t help much to determine who you are)

-Then each type has “wings”, which can be either of the two numbers corresponding either behind it or before it on a number line (4′s wings would either be 3 or 5). That’s determined by which of the two you relate to more (4′s case, either more type 3 or more type 5), but, if the two wings are virtually equal, they call it “balanced”. 

-It’s accepted to document your core type with a “w” in the middle to indicate wing (like 4w3 or 4w5). If you’re balanced, you’d just put “4″. 

-Also, it’s not mentioned here, but there’s a thing called instinctual variants (written as sx/so or sp/sx, ect.). Sx means Sexual variant, So means social variant, Sp means self-preservation. They’re in order of most value to least value, where the absolute least valued isn’t even included in the writing of the instinctual variants because you barely even use it.

-Instinctual Variants test w/ Enneagram wings: https://www.eclecticenergies.com/enneagram/test-2.php

-Enneagram test w/ wings (more accurate than last): https://www.eclecticenergies.com/enneagram/dotest.php

You should be able to determine tritype from those, too.


-For the “tritype” thing:

-There’s a theory that everyone uses at least one Head, Body, and Heart type to interact with the world. The tritype indicates which of those three you are, and places it in ranking of significance from most used to least used types(4-9-5 means 4 is used more, 9 less, and 5 very least). 

Description that looks boring enough to be informative: http://www.katherinefauvre.com/tritype/

-You can only use one of each Head, Body, and Heart in your tritype. In my case, my dominant is Body-8 (8w9, specifically), my second most used is Heart-2, then Head-7. (827, for shorthand)

Best 27 type description I can find: http://personalitycafe.com/enneagram-personality-theory-forum/73452-27-tritype-archetype-descriptions-2.html

- @artblog-of-intp was freaking out because apparently MBTI rationals (xNTx) don’t usually have type 2 in their tritype. Especially not introverted ones, because 827 is very extroverted. She’s just being a nerd, don’t mind her.


Soldier A
Occupation : Soldier Apprentice
Sex : Man
Level : 2
HP : 18
MP : 7
Left Hand : Soldier’s Sword
Body : Soldier’s Armor
Waist : Leather Belt
Shoes : Leather Boots
Power : 11
Speed : 87
Physical Fitness : 22
Intelligence : 27
Luck : 1
Maximum HP : 18
Maximum MP : 7
Attack : 2
Defense : 5
Loyalty of Heart: 279
Ex : 14

Occupation : Magician
Sex : Woman
Level : 30
HP : 214
MP : 153
Right Hand : Wiseman’s Rod
Head : Three-Cornered Hat
Back : Jet-Black Cape
Personal Item : Jet-Black Book
Power : 38
Speed : 68
Physical Fitness : 31
Intelligence : 96
Luck : 121
Maximum HP : 214
Maximum MP : 153
Attack : 50
Defense : 62
Chuuni Level : 279
Ex : 241766

Occupation : Priest
Sex : Man
Level : 31
HP : 238
MP : 25
Right Hand : Hardcore Mace
Body : Holy Clothes
Head : Holy Hat
Personal Item: Bible
Power : 253
Speed : 60
Physical Fitness : 140
Intelligence : 96
Luck : 78
Maximum HP : 238
Maximum MP : 25
Attack : 219
Defense : 121
Faith in God : (Crossed Out (15)) (Written In (999))
Ex : 298105

Occupation : King (The Greatest)
Sex : (Crossed Out (Woman)) (Written In (Girl))
Level : 1
HP : 10
MP : 10
Head : Crown of Ramitonia
Body 1 : Cashmere Clothes
Body 2 : King’s Robe
Personal Item : Girl’s Secret Pouch
Power : 3
Speed : 8
Physical Fitness : 2
Intelligence : ???
Luck : 255
Maximum HP : 10
Maximum MP : 10
Attack : 1
Defense : 4
Financial Assets : National Budget
Ex : 0

Occupation : Demon Lord Army Soldier
Sex : Man
Level : 37
HP : 402
MP : 185
Right Hand : Demon Blade Kusanagi
Body : Armor of Legend
Back : Cloak of Curse
Power : 249
Speed : 130
Physical Fitness : 167
Intelligence : 140
Luck : 21
Maximum HP : 402
Maximum MP : 185
Attack : 320
Defense : 140
Evil Eye Power Level : 333
Ex : 417771

13-screaming-crows  asked:

Your art is amazing! I especially love that "moderator Jim" sprite you made yourself. Being an amateur artist myself, as well as a bit new to Tumblr, I'd love to know how you made that sprite! I'd love to make one for myself, but not only do I lack the needed program(s), but I'm not quite... Sure... How. Any tips, wise words of wisdom, that you could give me?

Thank you very much!! :D

And sure thing! I’ll make a quick probably ridiculously long-winded run-down of how that one was made! 

This may or may not be entirely incoherent.

It also turned out to be so long that I’ll put it under a cut.

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If Hichigo met each of the espada

As requested by anon. :)

Hichigo doesn’t usually get to wander around in a body all of his own, but for the purpose of this post, let’s say he does. If he met each of the espada individually, how would that go?

1. Hichigo + Ulquiorra = fighting

Ulquiorra was super ready to finish his fight with Ichigo….but then he crumbled into dust. If, through the magic of, um, fan wishing, Ulquiorra got to see Hichigo again, I’ve no doubt they’d finish their fight.

Ulquiorra: [waiting]

Hichigo: Uh…some reason you ain’t drawing your zanpakuto, espada?

Ulquiorra: You did promise to tear off your own arm and leg, you know.

Ulquiorra: A gentleman would keep his promise.

Hichigo: That was the king. I don’t do that sort of thing

Hichigo: I can rip YOUR arm and leg off, though, if ya want!

Hichigo: May do that anyway!

Ulquiorra: Oh, it's on.

2. Hichigo + Grimmjow = fighting

Those eyes just make Grimmjow attack. They are like catnip to a kitty…if catnip turned kitties into a murderous, screaming claw-machines.

Hichigo: Dude! Look at how big my eyes are in these glasses!


Hichigo: I am basically Pavlov.

3. Hichigo + Nnoitra = fighting

Not because they have any particular grudge. That’s just Nnoitra’s only way of interacting with anybody.

Hichigo: Yo.

Nnoitra: That a challenge?

Hichigo: What else would it be? A lame greeting?

Nnoitra: OH IT IS SO ON

Hichigo: I think I like you!

4. Hichigo + Szayel = taste-testing

Because it turns out that unlike Szayel’s fellow “oh we’re too busy” espada and unlike his shinigami “ew go away you freak” bosses, Hichigo actually WILL taste Szayel’s new fraccion recipes. Because Hichigo is cool that way.

Szayel: Okay now try this one. It’s something I just whipped up last night.

Hichigo: Hmmmm….pecan with a hint of….nutmeg?

Szayel: You have such a good palate! So, thoughts?

Hichigo: Gotta be honest. So far nothing tops the raspberry hazelnet peanut butter fraccion.

Szayel: Yeah, that is one of my best.

Szayel: Can’t believe Gin refused to try it!

5. Hichigo + Yammy = Q & A

I mean, or fighting, but let’s be real: that joke is played out.

Yammy: You an albino?

Hichigo: No, there was just a tiny incident with the whiteout.

Hichigo: And then a much bigger incident with the flour.

Yammy: Why would you use whiteout and flour in the same place?

Hichigo: The…..recipe was wrong and I needed to fix it?

Yammy: You seem pretty sharp.

6. Hichigo + Halibel = bathtime

For Hichigo, of course.

Halibel: What are you doing here, hollow?

Hichigo: Just came by to say ‘hi.’

Hichigo: Maybe talk about whether or not this Hueco Mundo monarchy really needs a king AND a queen, ya know?


Halibel: Cascada.

7. Hichgo + Starrk = pranks

Mostly because Starrk just never woke up.

Hichigo: Behold! I have stacked not 1 not 2 but 29 bobble heads on Starrk’s body!

Hichigo: Now to get them all in sync…

Lilinette: What the HELL are you doing?

Hichigo: Oooh, a helper! Got a sec?

8. Hichigo + Barragan = awkwardness

Not that either of them show it. At all.

Hichigo: Hey, nice crown. You a fellow king?

Barragan: I have no fellow kings. I am the king.

Hichigo: I hear that a lot.

Hichigo: But I’m pretty sure in the end, I’m the real king.

Barragan: Excuse me?

9. Hichigo + Aaroniero = awkwardness

Not at first. But once Aaroniero took off his mask…

Aaronerio (in Kaien form): …


Aaroniero: Are you albino me?

Hichigo: Are you what Ichigo would be without his hideous hair?

Aaroniero: Are you the ghost of the lieutenant I ate?

Hichigo: Is that ruffled collar really necessary?

10. Hichigo + Zommari = serious philosophical discussion

What? Zommari likes hollows.

Zommari: Tell me, hollow, what are your thoughts about the current state of shinigami-hollow relations?

Hichigo: I think they suck. Does my shinigami let me have his body more than like five seconds a year? No!

Zommari: Shameful.

Hichigo: Does he pay me for my work? Not so much!

Zommari: Disgusting.

Hichigo: Does his soul world have FIOS? Nope! Dial-up! Dial-up!!

Zommari: My heart bleeds for you.

Zommari: So…want to join my union?

Zommari: I have pamphlets!

Biggest Lies of HTGAWM

1. Wes - “Heads. We go back for the body.”

2. Sam Keating - everything that comes out of his mouth

3. Asher - “I’m wayyy smarter than all of your dumb asses!”

4. Annalise - THE wig

5. Oliver - “I tested negative!”

6. Connor - “I don’t do boyfriends.”

please help i am so anxious right now

im really short on money for college and i need to get money soon, my #parents won’t stop harassing me about applying for scholarships but i really do not have the mental energy to write essays every day, im looking at scholarships and i feel like im going to throw up because im so anxious

so. here is what i’m willing to do, u can contact me thru my ask box or at Chargefire@gmail.com


song - 6$/min

4 part chorale - 1$/2 measures


prose - 1$/100 words

poetry - 1$/line


head - 4$

full body - 10$

(for flat colors: 2$+. for full shading: 4$+)


english <-> esperanto - 10 cents/word

japanese -> english - 1$/sentence

french -> english - 1$/sentence

heroinewithoutashell  asked:

Donnie, you're so adorable. I must ask, how do you do it?

To answer this question I decided to look up what makes things cute to us. 

After all, there’s got to be a scientific reason, right?

The answer, of course, is yes.

The answer is that I don’t do anything at all. My features just happen to fall within the range of what most people find adorable. There are certain features that babies, and tiny animals have that makes people think that they are disgustingly adorable and make you want to take care of it. This is what drives us to take care of babies and rescue puppies. It’s why you worry about the small child playing alone in the street. It’s because biologically you want to take care of the adorable thing until it’s no longer adorable.

So what are these traits? These traits are called Kinderschema and was put together by a German ethologist named Konrad Lorenz. When Lorenz wasn’t being a Nazi and doing experiments on people as a side gig, he was studying animal behavior.

1. Large head compared to body.

2. large forehead.

3. Large eyes situated blow midline of face.

4. round cheeks.

5. Soft body.

So let’s look at this list. Large head…check. Big forehead….check. Large eyes, check. Round cheeks? Eh…not so much. Soft body-nope. It’s all hard on me, baby. Ah yeah. Look at these biceps. I could break rock with these thighs.

So going down the list, I have three of the five characteristics that would make me adorable, but also characteristics that would make me pretty hot scientifically (such as height, deeper voice, hard body). Therefore I am in that situation where you don’t know if you want to take care of me and tuck me in to bed, or “take care of me” and take me to bed. Heh heh heh. sorry not sorry.  That’s because I’m a teen. I am growing out of that adorable phase and into the man that I will become.

Animators and toy creators even style their characters on purpose to make you more sympathetic towards them or like them more. You ever notice that  Elsa’s eyes are just freaking huge? That her head is way way bigger in proportion to her body?

So there you have it! You are biologically wired to think those certain traits are just cheek pinching adorable.