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Call Me Thomas Pt. 4

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Requested: By a lot of lovely, lovely people, and (shocker) @secretschuylersister

Pairings: Thomas Jefferson x Soulmate!Reader

Summary: Even though Y/N knows that he is coming, it is still a shock to see Thomas Jefferson at her house, in her bedroom.

Previously: {1} {2} {3}

Warnings: Like, literally one swear word

Word Count: 1,134

A/N: I hope that this new part is what you all were wanting. I am so excited to see where else I can take this, and as always this is one of my favorite things to write…so let me know what you thought!

With the way that your week had been going, you were shocked when you were left to get ready in peace. Granted, after Thomas had asked you, you had spent the rest of the evening trying not to freak out. You hadn’t told anyone, but Peggy had her ways.

Thankfully, Thomas wasn’t coming until that afternoon, so you still had time to help your father. You threw on your favorite pair of pants and a button down blouse, knowing that if he needed you to get anything for him that you were not going to be doing that in a dress You tied your hair back into a braid and settled in for a morning of work at your desk.

You were knee deep in paperwork by the time that there was a knock on the door. “Come in!” you called, gathering your stack of reviewed cases to hand to your father, who was not standing in the doorframe as expected. Thomas Jefferson was leaning against your doorframe, somehow managing to look like he belonged there. “Oh! I thought you were my father…” you said, gesturing to the stack of papers in your hands.

“I can confidently say that I am not your father,” Thomas laughed, glancing around your room, allowing himself a moment to take it all in. “I thought that you could show me around your grounds.”

You glanced out your window to the modest back yard that he had generously termed ‘grounds’. You had forgotten that Thomas spent a lot in his beautiful luxurious home in Virginia. The thought brought a lump to your throat, one that was only intensified by the faint glow of your stomach.

But you needed to make the best of things. “Of course!” you replied, somehow managing to muster an almost sincere smile. “If you would just let me change…”

You sat the papers down on the desk and pulled open your wardrobe, withholding a groan at the thought of putting on a dress.

“Don’t bother,” Thomas laughed, taking your hand and pulling you out of your room and down the stairs. “We both know that you hate the damn things anyways. We won’t go far,” he turned to meet your eyes as you paused just short of the front door. “Promise.” And so, promise in hand and butterflies in your stomach from the wink he had offered before pulling open the door, you were off.

You showed him the garden that you tended, if only because your mother would have been distraught to see it fall apart. You showed him your favorite reading spot and where you often took your father’s hunting dogs to play fetch, even though he insisted that it was making them soft.  

You somehow managed to do most of the talking. Thomas had fallen suspiciously silent, only offering a few affirmative noises and asking follow up questions to a topic you had only touched briefly on.

“Cat’s got your tongue?” you teased him after you had been walking in silence for a few moments.


“You are the most talkative person that I know, second maybe to Alexander, and you have barely said more than a few words to me since you dragged me out of my room,” you said, motioning wildly with your arms.

“If you must know, I received an anonymous note this morning reminding me to allow you to have a turn in the conversation. If you had a problem, you know that you could have just asked-”

“I sent you no such thing.” You took a deep breath, making a mental note to chastise Peggy later. You lapsed into silence for a few moments, before a peculiar thought popped into your head. “Were you being quiet because you thought that your oversharing hurt my feelings?”

It was nearly impossible to not find the idea absurd. Thomas Jefferson was tip-toeing around you because he thought that he had hurt your feelings.

“I can tell that you’re smirking.” You turned around to see that Thomas had stopped a few feet behind you, his shoulders drooping and his eyes fixating on his shoes. “I hope that you know your well-being, your happiness is more important to me than anything that I can think of in the present moment. And… I hope that you know that even though we see the world a bit differently, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t perfect for me.”

You were shocked that you were somehow still breathing.

“I have been thinking about what you said, how I shouldn’t have to change to make this… us work.” He said slowly, gesturing back and forth between the two of you. “I think that if you agreed with me about everything, while I would love it, there is no way that you would help me grow. And I think that is why the universe brought us together. You challenge me, in ways that I thought were impossible after only a few short days together.”


“You don’t have to say anything, because I know that you need time. And time is important. It lets you-”

“You bumbling idiot.” You were walking towards him, big bounding steps placing you directly in front of him before you could fully register the reality of the situation.

“Y/N- you’re not glowing anymore.” His eyes were like two moons had landed on his face. Bright and wide and full of possibility.

“I know,” you said, allowing yourself a smirk and taking another, small step towards him. You were literally toe to toe with him, and you didn’t know if you could bring yourself to move any farther.

“Does that mean?”

“Just kiss me already, you idiot.”

His arm found its way around your back, pulling you flush against his chest, and you were certain that he could feel your heart beating as he bent down to meet you halfway. Peggy had told you about her flings in the past, the fireworks, the spark, the way that you almost felt electrocuted. This… felt nothing like that.

Thomas’ lips on yours felt safe, in the single best way possible. You felt secure, like cuddling up by the fire after a long, cold day. You felt like you were at home with him. His lips moved tenderly against yours, pouring a thousand emotions that Thomas could never vocalize eloquently enough, but he was going to try. Every day, for the rest of his life.

Although neither of you wanted to admit it, you eventually needed to breath. As he pulled away, both of you were speechless, something that had never happened before. If it was even possible, his round eyes were filled with all of the love and devotion in the world.

And all at once, you knew that your glowing stomach was going to be a problem anymore.


1000+ Followers Gift - Part 2

For the next part of my followers gift, I’m going to be doing sim requests! These are some of my favorite things to do, so I had to find a way to do them again!

Because of all of the requests i got last time, i’m only going to take 6 requests for now, and reopen them once i’m finished with the first set.

If you want a spot, just send me an ask and I’ll give you the link to the typeform!

Reserved Spots:

1. @lazerlemon

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6. @pinkiepie125

Send me a fandom!

And I’ll tell you:

1. My favorite male character
2. My favorite female character
3. My OTP
4. My NOTP
6. My other ships
7. My least favorite character
8. My favorite season/movie
9. My favorite episode/book
10. Character I’d like to have sex with

The Orchard, a walking dead fanfic | FanFiction
One-shot. Rick and Michonne take full smutty advantage of their first visit to The Kingdom. If Carzekiel aren't going to enjoy that open air, furtile privacy, someone's gotta. ;)

It’s Richonne Fanfiction Appreciation Week!
Day 7 - Anything Goes

I have had SO MUCH FUN this week! Lessons learned:

1) I’m to stingy with the follow/favorite. I spent hours trying to find the great fics I remembered reading. Most of the time failing to find what I wanted. So I’m sorry to all those I didn’t call out directly. I love your work too.

2) Rereading so much fanfic broke my writer’s block.

3) So here is my little smutty drabble to end the week. Before the writer’s block, I had big plans for this that included cunilingus and pomogrante seeds. But, I decided to let pomogrante seeds be Carzekiel’s thing and just let our lovlies enjoy the setting that Carol passed up. I’d say Carol passing on Orchard-couch-firepit-sex was about as shortsighted as Michonne passing on Morning-breakfast-sex in East. Oh well, the glory of fanfiction is we can correct all that. I hope you enjoy.

genos-idea  asked:

!!!! 3, 12, 15, 36, 38, 39, 40, 52, 60, 71, 90!!

Phew!! let’s see

3. What is your birthday?

January 30th! 

12. What was your last dream about?

It was last night and I dreamt that my Aunt was giving me my Remicade injection IV on my back ( like , stabbing the needle right in my spine? ) it sure was….unpleasant and weird? ( why my Aunt? I never see her) 

15- Already Answered~

36. Favorite clean word?

hmmm… usually if you open a medical dictionnary and pick up any random words, I usually like how they sound. Like Parthenogenesis or Ileocolitis ahaha

38. What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without sleep?

3 Days of ZERO sleep.  

A week for “ can’t sleep longer than 1 hour.” ( I usually require 10 hours of sleep. ) 

39. Do you have any scars?

Many , I have endless injection scars on my arms from my Remicade IVs and blood draws ( they are tiny but very very numerous and will just continue to grow with time)

I also have stretch marks on my inner tights from Cortisone treatments during early teens years. ( and weight changes from my Crohn’s disease.) 

I have bruise scars from bike rides on my knee and elbows and a vertical scar on my wrist that has always been there from as far as I can remember even tho I have ZERO idea how I got it.

40. Have you ever had a secret admirer?

I get Anons who say very cute stuff, does that count? 

( but in real life? No. As far as I know.) 

52. Favorite food?


60. Do you talk to yourself?

Yes , often ahaha. Tho it’s mostly when I’m stressed out and I rant inwardly  ( ex: “ What a fucking idiot that client, who the hell do he think he is , he’s not fucking royalty , blablabla… ) 

but outside that  I like to say “ it’s okay to talk with yourself as long as you don’t REPLY.” ahaha ~ ( it’s a common saying here. ) 

71. What makes you nervous?

Unwanted attention, People who get in my personal space without permission, Phone calls I am not used to, Public presentations, Rude clients that cannot be avoided, People coughing when they eat ( I have a big phobia of Food-Asphyxia. ), Late bills

90. What makes you angry?

( some makes me angry but some just irritates me ) 

- Hypocrisy

- People who have no backbones or change opinion depending on who they are with ( and I don’t mean when it’s to protect themselves, that I can understand.)

- Acephobia,Transphobia,homophobia,racism, sexism, etc etc etc…

- Pompous people or people you cannot place a single word with without them making it about themselves or that they “ always somehow have it worse.”

- People who think them being above others give them a pass to discriminate against anyone ( ex: Gay individuals shitting on Bisexuals for “straight passing?”  or people thinking Acephobia doesn’t exist.) 

- Rude clients who thinks everything is due to them.

- Donald Trump supporters.

- People who get brainwashed by anything TV says. ( read : my dad. ) 

- People who spread false and possibly very dangerous “ medical advice”.

- People against vaccines.

- Certain Vegans who think me having a disease that makes me unable to have that kind of diet means I deserves to die. 

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Name: Maiara
Nickname: Maia
Gender: female
Height: 1.65 m
Star sign: Aquarius
Sexuality: It’s complicated.
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff!
Favorite color: black
Favorite animal: dogs <3
Time right now: Noon
Cat or Dog Person: dog person
Favorite Fictional Characters: Anankin Skywalker, John Winchester, Negan, Jarod, Sirius Black, Ned Stark, Sansa Stark, Neo and Bucky Barnes.
Number of Blankets: 3
Favorite Singer/Band: I don’t really have one favorite.
Dream Trip: SDCC
Dream job: work with special effects/editing.
When blog was created: 2011
Current number of followers: shhhh…..
Why did you pick your URL: John Winchester, my love!!!!

tagging: everyone!!! <3

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1. Kanda Yuu and Dazai Osamu (I can’t do this they are both my everything ;;)

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2. Nakahara Chuuya 

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3. Tomoe

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4. Kageyama Tobio

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5. Son Hak

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6. Yato

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7. Tsukishima Kei

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8. Tamaki Suoh

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9. Allen Walker

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10. Yuri Plisetsky

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kels and i had a wonderful time tonight at our favorite restaurant to go to & petco bc 1) the cheese fries are covered in blue cheese and bacon 2) i got to wear kels’s clothes bc all i had was my school uniform 3) petco is just a wonderful place 4) cupcakes and hot tea are wonderful and people are mean but FOOD IS NOT (unless food poisoning but let’s not think about that rn)


// So uh when is nick spencer going to fucking get fired already from making Marvel Comics? Cuz I’m pretty tired of how shitty he’s portraying my favorite characters. 1. You make Steve Rogers a fucking nazi. 2. You completely ruined what Sam Wilson stood for since the very beginning. 3. We get a Mexican Falcon and the first thing you wanna do is ruin it by being an angry man child and try to stick it to the “snow flakes". Like shut up. I hate you. Leave Marvel and never come back.

Oh, right, I was tagged.  Thanks, @chum-n-mum ^_^

1. Name/Nickname? My name is Jennifer.  My nickname is Jen.  Sometimes I go by my last name, too–there was another Jen at my last paycheck job, and she had seniority. So, there are people who only know me by my last name.

2. Relationship status? Partnered up with an awesome man. ^_^

3. Favorite color? Purple

4. Last song listened to? “Mean to Me” by Brett Eldridge

5. Favorite YouTube channel? @asapscience

6. First Fandom? Um.  That’s surprisingly difficult.  I knew the whole preamble to Star Trek and the Vulcan salute when I was four years old, and I watched Star Trek every night, but didn’t quite *get it* the way most fans do. (I get it now. Especially TNG.)  Exo Squad really taught me how to fangirl and got me started writing fanfiction, but that was before internet fandom was huge, and it wasn’t as wide-reaching as Star Trek, so there was no “fandom” per se.  But those are my first “I’m in a fandom” and “I am a fangirl” moments.

7. Hobbies? 
-Video games:  Right now I’m obsessed with Stardew Valley
-Crafting: Crochet and making beaded jewelry are my favorites
-Drawing: This is new, and it’s still entertaining

8. Worst thing I’ve ever eaten? Taco Bell, not because it tastes bad, but because it’s SO EASY and SO COMFORTING.  I could swear off fast food forever if it weren’t for Taco Bell.  And of course I crave it when I’m stressed or upset, and less likely to make healthy choices in the first place.  (And, yes, I destroyed some chili cheese burritos yesterday)

9. Favorite place? Southern California, on the beach.

10. Three wishes? 
-Justice and equality for all Americans!
-A kind, helpful, healthy, and happy adult Liz who makes the world a better place
-A corgi

I tag: @momnivogue, @thehallhousehold. @thegreentraveller, @jms-healthful-life, @frontalbread, @fatmaninalittlesuit, @frostlass, @oxford-male, @erikawastaken, @jazminerae

About me

Rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better

I was tagged by: @lachapiada thank you for tagging me 😭

Star Sign: Libra ♎️ 
Height: 5'3 
Time Right Now: 1:23 pm 
Last Thing Googled: “What was the three fifths compromise was included in the constitution to resolve a conflict over the?” (Lmao I was studying)

Favourite Music Artist: idk I don’t really have a favorite I’ve been listening a lot of Kid Cupi, J. Cole, Kanye West and Majid Jordan

Last Movie Watched: Resident evil: extinction

Last TV Show Watched: The vampire diaries

What am I wearing right now: An oversized t-shirt and shorts

When did I create my blog? August 2016

What kind of stuff do you post? Ummm anything really whatever my heart desires at the moment tbh

Do i have any other blogs? No

Do i get asks regularly? Lol no y'all fake

Why did i choose my URL? Well my middle name is Esme so yea lol I just added sx in front

Gender: female

Pokemon Team: Valor

Favourite Color: Burgundy

Average Hours Sleep: Idek my sleeping
schedule is all types of fucked up

Lucky Numbers: 8

Favorite Characters: idk

How many blankets do I sleep with? 2

Dream job: honestly just want to help others it makes me really happy so a psychologist or something with children

I’d like to tag : @espressouls @reynitaa98 @thickshortiesss @youcancallmekokaina @ifyouwantityoucangetitt @iiissaa @lispyjan @lloro-na @lordxpvpi @xicanamorenita @cali4niagirl2o @chingona-af @vvestcoastbae @michoacana101 @sk8beef @horchata-daddy @shinjuku-alien @slimlikeabicyclerim @karlanthonisha @humbly-grinding

OTP Tag Game

I was tagged by the lovely @themindofcc to name my five favorite ships in no particular order and tag another ten followers.

1) Johnlock is my most rent obsession and is now my heart and soul. I’ve got so many theories riding on these two.

2) Fiddauthor because it is so obviously true and they are just different enough to compliment each other in amazing ways.

3) Stanchez. My intergalactic crime boys.

4) I’ll admit to loving Sportarobbie.

5) idk if there’s a ship name for Lestrade and Molly? Lestrolly? Meh. I’ll take Mystrade as well. Greg just deserves some love.

Now, I tag @soulbrassmike, @ceslatoil, @mysterykin, @amclaudan, @webelieveinjohnlock, @ask-sportarobbie, @wolfymist, @winsomejacobs, @immagraveyardfrnkxgerd, and @deadbih!

mischieviousmarauder  asked:

Hi! Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable) SPREAD POSITIVITY ❤

1. I love my eyes. According to my friend they’re almond shaped, and they’re really dark brown and I have long eyelashes so I think they’re quite pretty.

2. My reading face. This one sounds weird, but basically if I’m reading a book I really like then I smile a tiny bit? My cousin took a photo of me reading on the train once and my reading face made me look cute for once.

3. My style. I dress like a female Remus Lupin tbh. I love oversized cosy jumpers and faded jeans and beaten-up ankle boots.

4. My confidence. I know I’m not drop-dead gorgeous, I don’t have clear and glowing skin, my teeth aren’t straight, and I have stretch marks and I’m not skinny, but I love myself. I decide my worth, and what other people say doesn’t really matter to me.

5. My writing. I love that I can make people smile and laugh and cry with my words

mikeywaysmustang  asked:

Top 5 AFI songs? Top 5 Davey "looks"? Top five favorite colors?

Top 5 AFI Songs

1. Cruise Control

2. Midnight Sun

3. Morningstar

5. Clove Smoke Catharsis 

5. The Days of the Phoenix 

Top 5 Davey Looks

omg this is a Mess but (in no specific order)

Top 5 Favorite Colors

1. Burgundy

2. A darker emerald green if that makes sense?

3. Black

4. Pastel pink

5. Champagne 

/Ask Me About My Top 5s!!

tag meme thing woah check it out my guys

thank you @goner for taggin me!!! i love these thank u lots! this took me a solid 50 hours to get around to doing because i am lazy but here it is!


1. last song you listened to, and your favorite lyric from it?

‘scar tissue’ by red hot chili peppers (i’ve been listenin to this on repeat for like a week) “blood loss in a bathroom stall, southern girl with a scarlet drawl”

2. what was your favorite show as a kid?

my dad had us watch a lot of odd old cartoons and 1 i remember loving was this british cartoon called kipper..about this dog, named kipper, and i remember every individual episode. there was 1 episode where he found a staircase in his house and it lead into like an alternate dimension and he road a rollercoaster through space. i have recurring dreams about it

3. what’s your favorite type of art?

all of it!!!

4. where do you want to be right now?

somewhere far away. or bed

5. drawing or painting?

drawing !

6. favorite music video?

umm the music video for bright eyes’ ‘first day of my life’ is so cute

7. hand-drawn or computer animation?

both!! they are good

8. what was your first url?

i’m pretending this question doesn’t exist because whatever it was i guarantee it was embarrassing

9. twitter or tumblr?

tumblr i literally never leave this site..

10. if you could instantly become an expert at a certain instrument right now, which instrument would you choose?

drums. lowkey i would kill to be able to be a good drummer and join a cool punk band or something idk..

i also am too lazy to come up with new questions !

i tag, as usual, everyone, bc i am also too lazy to tag all my lovely mutuals (which is all of u) so yeah do this. i lov y’all and thanks again @goner for taggin’ me 

20 Followers I Would Like to Get to Know

Rules: Tag 20 of your followers that you’d like to get to know better. I was tagged by @isakxevenallday (thank you!!)

1) Blogs: Just  @mylittlematch 

2) Name/Nickname: Cicely/ One of my friends calls me Cicel and I think that’s hilarious. 

3) Gender: Female

4) Star Sign: Sagittarius

5) Height: About 5′2″ 

6) Sexual Orientation: Bisexual is how I’m most comfortable identifying at the moment.

7) Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

8) Favorite Color: I’m a sucker for red AND yellow. Can’t pick one.

9) Favorite Animal: Cats are pretty cool

10) Average Hours of Sleep: 7 to 8

11) Cat or Dog Person: Cat…dog…um…cat

12) Favorite Fictional Characters: In Skam I love Vilde Lien Hellerud. I’m currently watching Community and I love Annie, Troy and Abed a lot.

13) Number of Blankets I Sleep With: 1

14) Favorite Singer/Band: This is a HARD question to answer … Mainland, DREAMERS, Local Natives, The Naked and Famous, Joseph, Slothrust, PWR BTTM and WAY more. 

15) Dream Trip: I’d love to go on another road trip through the desert and mountain area and Norway (DUH)

16) Dream Job: It scares me how hard of a question that is for me to answer…

17) When was this blog created: 2013 I think

18) Current Number of Followers: 518

19) When did your blog reach its peak: It’s been slowly and steadily growing

20) What made you create this blog: My first Tumblr blog was a blog dedicated to the show “Skins,” which lead me to make a personal one.

I TAG: @pinof09 @sugarcaneweathervanes @jorrainbow @fallenforurlove @flower-child-xoxo @ddarbz @simplyangiec @kirstenstein @graceil @sa-etre @bread-goblin @skamluv @harleyquinnlovescake @trasum @selectivelysalty @lastcallforties @cthruboy @godilovesatan @gyllonhaal @alansupahtramp

OTP Tag Game

I was tagged by my friend @boat-nectar1 to name my five favorite ships in no particular order and tag another ten followers.

1) ❤Johnlock❤ (a.k.a. my reason to live)

2) Solangelo (actually I ship every gay couple in pjo, but solangelo is my otp)

3) Stormpilot (my gay babies from space)

4) Bubbleline (they’re so cute together aaaa)

5) Sculder (the only straight couple that I ship)

I have so much more otps,  it was pretty hard to choose

Now, I tag @benedict-lover @i-am-the-saltiest @raesthetsaand @millenialjawn @little-hobbit-derptective @imamoosed @johnlock2013 I would tag more, but it’s late and i really need to sleep. Love you all.

During my countless viewings of Robotboy, I’ve noticed quite a few errors, whether in animation or coloring. I’m going to share a few that I’ve seen. :3

1: (”Automatommy”) Superactivated Robotboy’s miscolored left arm. (It’s supposed to be grey not blue! :Oc)

2: (”Automatommy”) This time Activated Robotboy’s lower arms are miscolored (they’re blue not white).

3: (”Kami-Chameleon”) You can see the outline of the back of Tommy’s head through his hair:

4: (”The Revenge of Protoboy”) The red circuitry design that’s usually on Protoboy’s head is missing in this shot:

5: (”Kurt’s Father”) Deactivated Robotboy’s eyes are open here:

when they should be closed like this:

6: (”Kamikazi Nightmare”) In the first shot of Tommy, Lola, and Gus captured by Kamikazi, they’re positioned like so:

but when SA Robotboy is about to free them, Lola and Gus appeared to have been switched:

7: (”Kamikazi Nightmare”) SA Ro is shown guarding the kids:

but in the next shot, the kids are gone:

8: (”The Manchurian Robot”) Tommy is wearing his usual clothes as he runs after the double-agent/ambassador  who had kidnapped Lola:

when he’s been wearing lederhosen the entire episode:

9: (”The Manchurian Robot”) That cone-shape inside SA Ro’s arm cannon is blue **it was red for a split second** when he activates it:

then it’s red in the next shot:

10: (”The Manchurian Robot”) When SA Ro is aiming at the double-agent, the top of the helicopter looks like it’s been cut off:

11: The next shot also shows that the part next to Lola has more red:

Which wouldn’t seem odd if you don’t take the design of the helicopter into mind:

12: (”Six Million Euro Man”) Robotboy Superactivates **after his right leg/left arm get stolen**, so the final pose of his transformation sequence looks like this:

but because part of it was stock footage, you can see that they’re both intact at the beginning of the sequence:

13: (”Constantine Rising”) SA Ro extends his left leg to throw out cables to save his friends:

but then the next shot shows the cables coming from his right leg:

14: (”Constantine Rising”) On a related note, Tommy, Lola, and Gus jump on SA Ro’s left leg (also SA Ro looks larger than normal here, that or the kids were drawn smaller than usual):

The next shots show them hanging onto his right leg: