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Got back from work to finish these. @moonlight-at-dawn wasn’t sure about the dressing up so I made them wear kigurumis lol (and I added Luna). I want an Umbra and Pryna Kigu

I hope Umbra and Pryna are pup shame enough lol. I will finish everyone else’s request tomorrow after my class! 

all to myself: vlog 4

“It’s hard to be a vlogger when half your subscribers care more about your hot friends than you.”
- Y/N, from her April 23, 2016 vlog titled ‘Jimin shows his stupid abs 8 times (not clickbait)

↳ vlogger au
pairing: jimin x reader, yoongi x reader

teaser&info | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | on-going

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Continuation of the little nyxnoct ficlet. I think I’m just gonna keep it to tumblr and post as I finish sections I’m far too shaky on characterization for AO3. So uh, here is 1k words of super cliched self-indulgent fic. Featuring hurt!Noctis, because I am me.

All the Right Reasons (1/?)

Warp training is rough as balls. It’s a strain on the mind and body unlike anything else. Half the glaives end up on their knees heaving up a week’s worth of lunches up after a full session, no matter how many years they’ve been at it. Even Nyx, who’s taken to it better than most of the rest, needs a few hours of quiet and still after to recover. Weaving in and out of existence with everything you are attached to a blade? A human body isn’t made for that. It’s hard on anyone, any day of the week.

But gods, what it does to Noct.

Nyx opens Noct’s apartment door to the sight of him plastered to Gladio’s side, more unconscious than not, in mid-calf fatigues, combat boots and a regulation overcoat with a blank ID badge, which means it’s an extra from the storeroom. He’s five foot seven of bird bones and just enough muscle mass to make him dense and cumbersome to carry, but going off the look on Gladio’s face it was Noct who insisted on making the trek on his own feet. Also going off the look on Gladio’s face, being allowed to make that bad call has served as punishment enough. It’s a mystery whether Gladio was born with that expression of equal parts irritation and concern in his arsenal or if it’s been cultivated especially over the years by too much time spent in the company of stubborn princes with no self-preservation skills.

Gladio says, “Hey,” and Noct croaks, “I’m fine,” and Nyx says “Right,” and helps Gladio get him inside.

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1. I’m grateful for @chileananderson, for what she wrote earlier today, and for making me think. I still can’t figure out what to say other than that. (I’m sending love 💛)
2. I’m grateful for my new job that I start tomorrow however scared I am.
3. I’m grateful for having a roof over my head.
4. I’m grateful for the words in the picture.
5. I’m grateful for having the opportunity to travel.
6. I’m grateful for music.
7. I’m grateful for the shining sun.
8. I’m grateful for my mom and sister who went with me to renew my passport.
9. I’m grateful for kindness from strangers.
10. Most of all, on a day like this, I’m grateful for a boring day.

I Love Myself Because...

I was tagged by @evyiione, you look amazing btw!


Post a selfie and list 5 to 10 reasons you love yourself. Then tag 10 other people who need to know how much they love themselves. Because we all need a reminder of how amazing we are!

1. I love my hair. It’s not so purple anymore but it still looks enchanting

2. I am not the thinnest, but that’s just me. I like food and binge watching Bob’s Burgers

3. I look pretty with and without makeup

4. I am smart. Not genius smart, but I want to learn and I always reach my goals

5. I’ve survived a divorce (my parents, not me. I didn’t get divorced lol) and I keep on surviving my father’s job (he’s a soldier and a veteran)

6. I am always trying to stay positive, cause my happiness can affect other people and help them

7. I always try to help, no matter what it is or who it is

8. I am a feminist, which I love about myself, cause I believe that everyone should be equal

9. I am bisexual and I do not accept hate on other people hating on ANY sexuality 

10. I am just a really great, confident, smart, friendly and pretty girl!


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Sana is now playable for the most part. Her shot type is wide to be more beginner friendly along with a bag of other tricks like a near 1 pixel hitbox.

I am debating if I should widen the angle of her shot to cover more screen but I am pretty certain if I do I will need to add a couple more lines of fire from her in order to fill in the gaps that will be made. If anyone watches the video and has any strong feelings about the matter one way or the other please do let me know!

Please try to ignore the art that is still left over from the prototype (namely the screen wide dust animation, the ‘hit explosions’, the center shot sprite and the moth balls that are hovering around her. They are temporary but rest assured they are offering Sana the ultimate in moth tactical support for now!).

I also started adding Sana’s character switch to the intro stage dialogues. She takes herself very seriously but she is also a very tiny moth.. a fact that is brought up by other characters much to her frustration. She wears those little platforms to get just a bit more height!

I need to decide on the spread of her shot type, then implement and balance her scoring mechanic and damage. After which I need to add a HUD graphic for her specific mechanics (just numbers for debugging atm). After all of that is done I will move onto finishing stage 02 with blocks and circles and the probably come back and redo all of the background art for the intro stage and move back into stage 02 for it’s art.

So much to do so back to work with me!

legalmargamind  asked:

So the Asian tour has finally started, 🎉 & a week and a half before the Manila PH 727 concert! 🇵🇭 I'm roughly around 6 months new here in the fandom, so if anyone here's going to be in the VIP 1 area come and say Hi 👋 I'll be there there with my best friend. 🙃 Also got an M&G, and my braincells cannot fathom that I am finally meeting 5H 🎈srsly, Lauren is going to be the death of me. 🙈🙊I cannot be mesmerized, and freeze in front of her, chill should be my middle name on that day. 😅😂

yasss OMG, i cant wait actually ill watch Coldplay first and then 5H, what a great weeek in ma laib! im still thinking the outfit bwahahahaha dead *girl prob

i will straight go to LAuren at MnG ho ho ho ho, and take a pic between Ally and Lauren since Norminah are hella tall i dont wanna look like a dwarf ;p 

anw shout out to pinoy CS, u can meet this gorrrllllm say hi and go bwahahahahahahah ….. jk,

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once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and then send it to ten of your favourite followers!

askdlfhswaofih thank you anon! I actually have zero nice things to say about myself so I’m gonna say five nice things about my dog:

1. I like that she is giant but still insists on sitting on people’s laps
2. She has helped me so much with my anxiety and I will always be grateful to her for that
3. She thinks she’s human
4. She has a smushy face
5. I love her because she is grey 

5 OTPs

Thank you for the tag @captainkillianjones! It was a nice break between preparing for vacation, writing lesson plans, and doing homework myself.

1. Captain Swan (DUH!!!) - Once Upon a Time

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2. SethKate - From Dusk till Dawn

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3. Vane x Eleanor - Black Sails

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4. Gannibyl - Spartacus: War of the Damned

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5. MerLex - Grey’s Anatomy (I LOVED/STILL love MerDer, but since the writers ruined that I am all for seeing Meredith find her happy ending with the one person who has been there for it all.)

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I am going to tag: @lenfaz, @cat-sophia, @the-lady-of-misthaven, @o-u-a-timer, @mayquita, and @chrissascorner.

Okaaayyyy so I’m kinda freaking out because I attend Primavera online high school and I’ve been dropped from them before and they let me back and only gave me 1 class to deal with but I failed it (I was and still am going through some shit with myself, my depression etc.) and I was supposed to get my new class but I haven’t and I’m freaking out. I think they may have dropped me again but they didn’t send me an email (like they did last time) so I’m like what’s going on¿? It sucks because if they do drop me again then I have to go back to school and everything was just so bad there and I’m really trying not to cry.

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if youre still doing the sappy lines prompts, could you do one with zoe/alana with #1 and #22??

Heck yeah! Sorry it has taken me a few days to get to this. I love your blog though, it is very nice :)) (also my first time writing for this ship!! wooo!! it was really cute and i love it)

#1: “I am in love with you”, #22 “You make me so happy”.


And idk if how i described zoe’s hairstyle made sense but it looks kind of like this in my head but like neater? idk man i tried

The atmosphere of the restaurant was nice, but almost overwhelming in Alana’s state. Her palms were sweaty, so she kept rubbing them against her nice skirt. Everything was perfect- the candle light, the quiet voices that weren’t loud enough to disturb the two, and of course, Zoe.

Zoe looked beautiful. Alana’s girlfriend of four years had her hair partially tied up in a bun, but still had hair flowing down. She was wearing a cute button up floral shirt with rounded white collars (her favorite) and was smiling at Alana.

“This is a lovely place, Alana, but how did you afford it? I mean, us both being full time college students with part time jobs, this couldn’t have been easy.” Zoe asked in a hushed voice. Alana pushed down her nerves and smiled back. There was no way that she was going to tell Zoe that she had to pull extra shifts and work in the library and was going to have to do double the amount of work she usually did for the next two weeks.

“Zoe, it is our four year anniversary. How could I not go all out for you?” Zoe giggled and blushed. “Just a side note, you look lovely in the candle light.” Alana added. Zoe bit her lip and raised her menu so her face was concealed from Alana’s sight. She then lowered it, a look resting upon her face which Zoe had come to recognize as her mischievous face.

“Is that a new kink?”

Alana gasped loudly, drawing the attention of those in the tables closest to them. Zoe burst out in giggles, covering up her mouth.

“Zoe Murphy,” Alana spoke in a stage whisper, quiet enough so others wouldn’t hear them. “If we were not in this hundred dollar restaurant I would throw bread at you!”

Seeing Zoe laugh made Alana forget her nerves, and the source of her nerves, but those two things quickly came back to her attention as the girls calmed down.

“Are you okay? Ever since you picked me up you look like you are going to throw up or something.” Zoe asked, concern lacing her voice.  Alana forced herself to push away the anxiety and smile.

“I am fine. Have you decided what you are going to get yet?” Zoe smiled and looked back down at her menu.

“Not yet, but I think I might get one of these pasta dishes.” Alana let out a mental sigh of relief. The pasta dishes were some of the cheaper options.

“Me too, honestly.”

An hour later, as the waiter took their now empty dishes away, Alana reached across the table to take Zoe’s hand. Zoe looked at it warily, but squeezed back gently.

“Zoe Murphy, I love you.” Alana started. It seemed like a good starting point.

“I love yo-” Zoe started to say, but Alana cut her off.

“Let me say this, okay?” Zoe squeezed her hand encouragingly. “I love you, so much. You make me the happiest person on earth. You have supported me through college, and even though I was in college while you were in high school, we made it through. At the end of this year, I will be graduating, but I know that we can make it through this again. But that brings me to this.” Alana took back her hand and pulled out a page ripped out of a newspaper. It was littered with circles made in red sharpie. “Zoe, I want us to move in together.” She slowly slid the paper across the table. Zoe’s eyes grew wide. The paper was a section for apartments and flats for sale in the area.

Zoe looked up at Alana, and back down at the paper. Her eyes were still wide, and with every second that she was silent Alana’s anxiety grew.


Alana blinked. She looked at Zoe, who was now beaming.

“Yes?” She repeated uncertainly.

“Yes! Let’s move in together. I want to live with you, Alana.”

Alana blinked once. Twice. Three times before it actually sunk it.

“Oh my god, really?”

“Yes! Yes!”

Alana shakily got up from her seat and so did Zoe, who grabbed her in a tight hug and kiss.

“I love you so much. Tomorrow morning, let’s start looking for an apartment.” Zoe whispered. Alana smiled, and just held Zoe closer.

山本彩‏ @SayakaNeon
1:28 AM - 23 Mar 2017

Next week, Shibata Aya-san will appear [on Nakai no Mado].
We were filming on the same day,
and she came to my dressing room to greet me.

Lately, I often happen to see Shibata-san on TV,
It’s encouraging that she’s still doing her best after graduating,
so I became happy,
and said “Let’s both do our best

柴田阿弥‏ @_shibata_aya
12:16 PM - 23 Mar 2017

@SayakaNeon This tweet made me happy (;o;) I should be apologizing for suddenly coming to your dressing room 😂 I was happy and barged in 😂 I’m the one who has received encouragement ever since my time in SKE! Really! I hope we can meet again somewhere 💓😭

The RFA: A Summary


  • did i tell you how much you remind me of rika
  • lolol
  • if v and remy from ratatouille were drowning and i could only save one you’d see me at the funeral eating some tasty fettuccine alfredo


  • i look like a god
  • i act like a god
  • therefore i am a god
  • oh and fuck you jumin


  • man i love elizabeth 3rd
  • maybe later zen
  • my dad sure gets on my nerves but i still take the time to get him a #1 dad mug
  • assistant kang remember to go hold elizabeth for your own suffering after work okay


  • i honestly do not get paid enough for this
  • my blood could be 98% coffee and i still wouldn’t care
  • i’m so stressed i don’t even care anymore
  • seven no


  • seven yes
  • i calculate the angle of my dabs for fun
  • don’t pay attention to me
  • why the fu c k are you ignoring me 
  • bro


  • if it weren’t for the laws of this land i would have slaughtered you
  • call me edgelord mcgee because i hate my life
  • the zero is seven’s name is how much will i have to live


  • kms
  • jk lol
  • i’d rather start a secret society, blind my fiance, brainwash a kid, and fake my own death ;)


  • lol what are we looking at
  • oh right i can’t fucking see because i’m dead

I know people love to hate on the Kardashians and say they are stupid or useless, but I am actually proud of them. They make me proud to be an Armenian. A few days ago the Wall Street Journal published a full page advertisment which denied the killing of 1.5 million Armenians by the Ottoman Turks and this denial still continues. This kind of propaganda perpetuates hatred by denying my people’s national tragedy. And in response Kim Kardashian bought a full page ad in the New York Times to call them out.

So next time anyone ever says that the Kardashians are dumb bimbos or a waste of space I will point them to this article because she really is making a difference in the world. 


“It has been an honour and a privilege to provide more positive on screen representation to the queer community- my community. And I would not be here today without all our fan’s support. I would not be here today without all of our fan’s support. I also want to thank everyone at smokebomb, shaftesbury, shift2, and my mom who’s my number 1 fan who made my dress last night. And especially to my beautiful co-star who is the real backbone to the little web series that could. You inspire me to work harder every day, Elise, so thank you so much, to my onscreen love interest- and maybe my real life one sometimes. But this isn’t for me. I think this is for all my fans who feel like they don’t belong or feel like an outsider. I am very much still that little girl who used to get shoved into lockers so, this one is for all of you.”