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TFP Character Scale

This one was lot easier, although I’m not sure about June’s height.

Optimus Prime: 9 meters (10.5 meters after upgrade)

Bulkhead: 7 meters

Ratchet: 7 meters

Bumblebee: 5.8 meters

Arcee: 4.8 meters

Cliffjumper: 5.6 meters

Jack Darby: 1.77 meters          

Miko Nakadai: 1.45 meters

Rafael Jorge Gonzalez Esquivel: 1.21 meters

June Darby: 1.75 meters

Agent William Fowler: 2.10 meters

Wheeljack: 6 meters

Smokescreen: 6.6 meters

Ultra Magnus: 8.8 meters

Megatron: 11 meters

Starscream: 7.1 meters

Soundwave: 7.4 meters

Breakdown: 7.4 meters

KnockOut: 6.3 meters

Airachnid: 5.1 meters

Vehicons: 6.5 meters

Dreadwing: 9 meters

Insecticons: 10.2 meters

Skyquake: 9 meters

Silas/ Colonel Lelan Bishop: 2.2 meters

Shockwave: 7.8 meters

Predaking: 11 meters

Lewin Light [Profile]

Name: Lewin Light or Ruin Rite (ルーイン・ライト) / Lightning (ライトニング)

Birthday: February, 24

Age: 34 years old

Height: 1.77 cm (5'10")

Blood Type: AB

Occupation: Exorcist

Relative(s): Father; Mother; Sister; Brother


🍔 He hates baths so he often goes a week without one.

🍔 He does not like to clean.

🍔 His favorite pastime is researching demons.

🍔 His average hours of sleep per night is 8.

🍔 His favorite foods are hamburgers and French fries.

🍔 His favorite type of girl is those with big butts.

Reação do BTS à você sendo baixinha

J-Hope: Você deve me achar muito legal né?! 1.77 cm não é pra qualquer um 

Jin: Ei pequena, você é muito fofa sabia?!

Rap Monster: Quem é o grande dominante aqui? Ah sou eu mesmo baixinha 

Suga: Ah por que tão fofa?! *explosão de aegyo*

V: Quem anda implicando com você? Não acredite, você é a maior pessoa que conheço, se duvidar é até maior que o Jimin

Jimin: Ei pessoinha, como está ai perto do chão? Não se preocupe seu oppa vai te proteger 

Jungkook: Ei criança, o que você está fazendo aqui? Sua professora está te esperando pra hora da soneca  

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Shiro Fujimoto [Profile]

Name: Shiro Fujimoto (藤本獅郎)

Birthday: May, 10

Age: 49 years old

Height: 1.77 cm (5'10")

Blood Type: AB

Occupation: Exorcist and Priest

Relative(s): Rin Okumura (adoptive son); Yukio Okumura (adoptive son)


⛪️ His pastimes and talents are: collecting dirty books, taking care of his glasses, and falling asleep anywhere and anytime.

⛪️ His average hours of sleep per night is 6 hours.

⛪️ He likes hot girls with large breasts.

⛪️ His favorite manga genres are: Romance, emotional drama and social drama.

⛪️ His favorite food is Oden, especially the Japanese Radish (Daikon).

Thoughts after I saw ep 77

1. Super’s portrait of Goku is seriously making me sick…

2. Pregnant Bulma. Vegeta continue being the loving husband as he is. Quality stuff. 👏🏻

3. I hope Super give Bulla some credit like she’s the daughter of a powerful alien and a smart scientist, like if baby Pan can fly she sure can too. Super doing Bulla right is my only wish for the following series.