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Some Data on Why Streaming is Needed

These are the latest stats on Louis: 


- Global. As frustrating as it is, Louis is stuck at number 51 and is therefore invisible on the Global Charts. The differences he needs to make up for with number 50?  1,143,550 -  1,138,677 = 4873 daily streams more. 

- US. He is at 56. Improved from 58, but still invisible. Difference to make up for with number 40 (a debut within top 40 would break the Beatles’ record):  424,495 -  322,902 = 101,593 daily streams more. To be visible at all, the difference would be 39,450 additional daily streams. 

- UK. He is at 57. It’s an improvement from 61 where he was before, but again. He remains invisible. The difference to make up for with number 8 (per his stance in the midweek charts): 249,933  -  82,866 = 167,067 daily streams more. I don’t see that happening. If he wants to be visible at all - the difference would be 17480 daily streams more. That at least should be doable. 


- Global. Currently ranked 11, but over the last 24 hours he dropped 5 places. The difference to get him back to the Top 5 and therefore visible? About 6000 additional sales. 

- US. Currently ranked 22. For the Top 5, he’d need about 5000 additional sales. 

- UK. Currently ranked 13. For the Top 5, he’d need about 1000 additional sales. 

Radioplay will help, but as you can see, the streaming differences are way too big to be solved just by a bit of airplay. We have to try harder. 

Mālik bin Dinār, Al-Ḥasan said :

“Whoever is content with Allāh upon a little provision, Allāh will be pleased with his little actions.”

[Ar-Riḍā’ ‘Anillāh Biqaḍā’ih 1/50]

I emailed my school and got my class schedule. I’m teaching 4 sections of theatre 1 and they put my theatre 2, 3 and 4 into ONE CLASS. I think they’re trying to kill me and my kids. That class is going to have like 50 kids in it. 2 has a TOTALLY different curriculum than 3 and 4. I had SUCH big plans. I had theatre 1 classes with less than 15 kids I them last year. I can’t do anything with that! I figure, in a theatre 1 class, 50% of the kids choose not to perform. So if these classes have 14 kids, I literally cannot do anything with them. Then they shove my 2, 3 and 4 (there’s a WORLD of difference between theatre 2 and 3) into a single class and want me to teach 3 different curriculums? Let’s get RID of a theatre 1 and put theatre 2 there. LOOK, I SOLVED THE PROBLEM.

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so good… so pure….


timmy’s secret wish is the worst episode of fairly oddparents i have ever seen :’D - forget about chloe or sparky or season 10 - this is the one where it turns out that timmy is actually 60 years old and cheated his way into never having to let go of his fairies - which results in cosmo and wanda losing Poof.

Naturally, all of this ends with Timmy getting his fairies, Poof and his youth back, without any permanent consequences or punishment whatsoever.

i cannot believe this ;____;