1 5 am is a good time for me


Do you want decent art of your ocs or favorite characters?

Ofc you do this is the fucking internet, you guys can’t get enough of that good quality art.

So I am here to give you that good shit.

Sketches $5

*I have 2 different styles. Sometimes they blend together, If you want it to be specific then just ask which one you’d like your character(s) of choice to be in!

Line Art $10

Color $20

With Background: $25

I’m going to do commission slots so I won’t get overwhelmed because I am still in school and doing artwork for my AP Art Portfolio at the same time. Some might take longer than others!






If you would like one of these slots, email me at gaykuyaizayoi@gmail.com along with photos of the character you would like me to draw (especially if it’s a OC. I need some type of reference).

If you order something more than a sketch: Once the sketch is finished I will send a “sneak peak” then I will send my paypal link or discuss another form of payment if paypal is a issue. (If I know you irl, cash is preferred. That way there isn’t any hassle, I can just drive to the bank and make a deposit.)

I will draw:

NSFW / Nudity




Mechas / Robots

I will NOT draw:


If you have any questions, send me a ask or message me!

P.S. This is the first time I ever done something like this, so if I mess up with something I apologize in advance!

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if you receive this you make me happy!! ╰(✿˙ᗜ˙)੭━☆゚.*・。゚share five things that make you happy and send to your five fav accounts!!

Hi friend,

Thank you so much! Five things that make me happy are:

1.) Jesus. Always. Every minute of every hour of every day.
2.) My husband and our fur babies. Essentially, family. I am so blessed.
3.) Hot drinks. My coworkers always make fun of me because some days I have more than one in my hand at a time. Coffee/hot cocoa/tea/apple cider? Yes, please!
4.) Reading. Whether it’s reading His Word or a classic or fantasy or contemporary fiction. Curling up with a good book is where it’s at. 
5.) Hiking. I live in the mountains and getting lost in the woods on the weekends soothes my soul. I’m going on a 9 mile hike with one of my best friends soon and am so looking forward to it. 

Now to pay it forward… :)

All my love,


#1-126 Prompts for any Character!!

Okay!! So, you can pick any of these prompts for any character you want at any time. Thanks!!!!

1. “This isn’t gonna end well!”

2. “Did you enjoy yourself last night?”

3. “Are you kidding me? We’re not ‘fine’!

4. “You’ve only heard his side of the story. You never asked for mine.”

5. “Well, this is where I live.”

6. “Oh my God! You’re in love with him/her!”

7. “You make me feel like I’m not good enough.”

8. “For some reason I’m attracted to you.”

9. “I am not losing you again.”

10. “Why don’t they just kiss already?”

11. “I think I picked up your coffee by mistake.”

12. “All I wanted was your honesty.”

13. “Why do you keep pushing me away?”

14. “I can’t explain right now, but I need you to trust me.”

15. “I’ve never felt this way before….and it scares the shit out of me.”
16. “Don’t fucking touch me!”

17. “Are you really taking his side against me?”

18. “Wait a second are you jealous?”

19. “I wish I could hate you.”

20. “I’m sorry if this upsets you, but I’m going to marry her/him.”

21. “You know, it hurt when I realized that you’re not in love with me. But nothing can compare to the pain I felt when I saw you fall in love with her.”

22. “Come over here and make me.”

23. “This is by far the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”

24. “You’re the only one I trust to do this.”

25. “I thought you were dead.”

26. “This isn’t just about you. It’s about what’s best for all of us.”

27. “I love you, you asshole.”

28. “You did this for me?”

29. “You can’t protect me.”

30. “You know I wouldn’t do this if I had any other choice.”

31. “Promise me you’ll look after your mom.”

32. “I’m so stupid to make the mistake of falling in love with my best friend.”

33. “Stop talking about the past, I could be dead in a matter of hours… make me up a future.”

34. “The way you flirt is shameful.”

35. “I waited and waited, but you never came back.”

36. “You never told me you had a fucking twin.”

37. “I want to go back to before….”

38. “I just wanted an easy day with my girlfriend/boyfriend. What’s so wrong with that?”

39. “Go then, leave! See if I care!”

40. “Why are you up so early?”

41. “Please, take me instead!”

42. “You braided his hair?”

43. “She’s been missing since Friday and you’re not worried?”

44. “Have you lost your damn mind?!”

45. “Please don’t argue. You have to leave right now, you aren’t safe here.”

46. “I’m your daughter.”

47. “I’m not surprised that you murdered him.”

48. “Is there a special reason, as to why you’re wearing my shirt?”

49. “Am I supposed to be scared of you?”

50. “Don’t use me as an example. I wasn’t a good kid.”

51. “Is that what you’re doing? Trying to make me to hate you?”

52. “I’ve been in love with you my entire life.”

53. “I’m not happy here.”

54. “If he’s going to treat you like shit I’m going to kick his ass.”

55. “I just want to cuddle and watch Friends.”

56. “You’re hiding something from me.”

57. “If I die, I’m going to haunt your ass.”

58. “I want my best friend back.”

59. “You better have a good reason for waking me up at the ass-crack of dawn.”

60. “I don’t know what I did to deserve you.”

61. “A wedding?”

62. “I just want to be alone right now.”

63. “Don’t you dare to ever do that again!”

64. “Where would someone hide in a town like this?”

65. “If I ever see you anywhere near her, you’ll have to deal with me!”

66. “I thought you were a dream come true.”

67. “Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.”

68. “I came here to explain what happened, and I’m not leaving until you listen.”

69. “I made a mistake.”

70. “H-How long have you been standing there?”

71. “You can’t break my heart like this!”

72. “I wasn’t going to wait around for you forever.”

73. “The skirt is supposed to be this short.”

74. “I’ve moved on.”

75. “This is why you don’t ever have any shirts to wear.”

76. “Run, and don’t ever look back.”

77. “The three seconds rule doesn’t apply to sticky foods.”

78. “I think I’m in love with you, and I’m terrified.”

79. “Please, don’t give up on me.”

80. “When are you going to realize that I don’t care?”

81. “I may be an idiot but I’m your idiot.”

82. “When you love someone, you just don’t stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then. Specially then!”

83. “Fuck…I feel I’ve been hit by a car.”

84. “Those things you said yesterday… Did you mean them?”

85. “I know that you have reached a decision, but given that it is a stupid ass decision I have elected to ignore it”

86. “I’m tired of being your secret.”

87. “They always make shower sex sound so appealing, but honestly it seems quite dangerous.”

88. “Do you ever think if people heard our conversations they’d lock us up?”

89. “Let me tell you exactly where in hell you can go.”

90.“Who gave you that black eye?!”

91. “After everything you did, you’re asking ME to apologize for snapping at you ONCE?”

92. “I miss her so damn much, and it’s killing me that she’s gone!”

93. “What the hell are you doing here?! I told you I never wanted to see you again!”

94. “It must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.”

95. “Are you drunk?”

96. “I’m sorry, what were you saying? I keep getting lost in your eyes.”
97. “You got her pregnant?! What were you thinking?”

98. “It’s okay baby, I’m here for you.”

99. “You say the nastiest things when you’re angry, so yes, I’m walking away from you now.

100. “I’m starting an idiot jar. Any time you do or say anything idiotic, you have to put at least a dollar in it—more depending on how stupid the thing that you said or did was.”

101. “My parents asked about you.”

102.“Oh, gosh, you’ve insulted me! What ever shall I do? I’ll be mentally and emotionally scared for years!”

103. “You haven’t even touched your food. What’s going on?”

104. “Do you need me to get anything from the store?”

105. “They say I’m in here because I’m crazy, I think I’m crazy because I’m in here.”

106. “There’s no getting out of this. You ruined me”

107. “If you don’t want to talk about what happened, then say so. Don’t just lie and say it’s fine.”

108. “I was going to kiss him, but then my friend texted me about going to Taco Bell, and, well, there’s this cashier that works there who is way cuter, so I bailed on the rest of the date.”

109. “Don’t say you love me.”

110. “It’s a hobby of mine to prove you wrong.”

111. Meeting him/her for the first time

112. Him/her asking you out

113. Your first date

114. Your first kiss

115. Cuddling with him/her

116. Neck kisses

117. “I swear I didn’t mean to touch your butt.”

118. “Why are you wearing my shirt? Please, don’t take it off. It looks good on you.”

119. Going on a vacation together

120. Going to an amusement park together

121. Dancing together

122.Him/her rescuing you (if the person you want can do that ex. superhero)
123. Your first time

124. And what did we learn from that?” “Not to mess with you.”

125.Comforting him/her after a nightmare

126. The wedding day

it was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Good things:

1. yesterday a freshman girl came up to me after class and said “everytime you raise your hand I get excited because you make the best points that blow my mind.” It should be noted that after 3.5 yrs of school, debate & mock trial I am very articulate at this point, if nothing else my ability to express ideas is like pretty good. 

And it was a freshman girl?? Like, guys speak so much in class, and teachers call so much more on male students and if I can inspire young female students to speak out and show that it’s okay to be loud and have just as much to say as the guys than I am seriously happy.

2. my teacher: “Only one person in this class got 100%.”

me: lol, not me, I only studied two hours for that test.

test: 45/45, me: hot damn!! (it should be noted I’ve taken classes that have covered the exact same material as this boring ass class, but it’s still like…!!!)

Bad things:

1. I have no idea tf is going on in econ?? Like I’ve only ever got a D in one class and it’s microeconomics. I hate econ so much. I thought that havig to take it a second time would make it easy & put me ahead of the curve, but my brain just doesn’t wrap around any of it. Price elasticity: :((((

 2. My first section of my honors thesis is due Friday haha. Ten pages in two days. I mean I can 100% do it, but I want it to be good, this whole thing determines how I graduate and it’s the biggest thing that reflects me. But the thesis isn’t that groundbreaking or clever so I’m pretty bummed.

5 times hinata was picked up and turned off + 1 time it turned him on ;)))

based on this post by @yaoi-yaoieverywhere. also on ao3


1: Kuroo

Kuroo is convinced that Hinata isn’t human. There is no possible way that a normal human being can have that much energy and Kuroo’s been around Bokuto and has to deal with Lev on a daily basis. But even Lev has his limits- Kuroo has seen it first hand, has worked Lev until his freakishly long limbs can’t even twitch anymore.

But Hinata. Hinata never seems to tire out.

Kuroo had just watched Karasuno do 15 rounds of straight flying falls. Everyone else is sprawled on the ground wheezing but Hinata is jumping up and down around Lev, laughing and chattering away, paying no heed to his nearly unconscious teammates.

“That’s not normal.” Kuroo says incredulously. Something grabs his ankles and Kuroo nearly shits himself before he realizes it’s just Daichi.

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Things to Stop Saying to Yourself

1. “I’m no good at …”

Say instead “It’s just a skill, and something I can learn.”

2. “I’m such a failure …”

Say instead “I got it wrong, and everybody makes mistakes.”

3. “There’s no point in trying …”

Say instead “It maybe hard, but step by step will get me there in time.”

4. “Everybody hates me; I’ve got no friends …”

Say instead “It doesn’t really matter what these people think about me. There are others who will recognize my value and true worth.”

5. “I hate myself. I deserve to be rejected …”

Say instead “I am beautiful inside, and have value and worth. I deserve to be cherished and be treated well.”

Under the Mistletoe

A/N: This a drabble I wrote for @marvelingjules. I am not sure how I feel about this to be honest or if I even like it all, it gave me such a hard time coming to life. Bare with me this is un-betaed, so if you see any mistakes, please let me know politely. But here’s my first attempt at something structured. I went with  5 +1 theme and tried to incorporate H/C and fluff.  Hope you like it.


When it began Tony hadn’t noticed anything out of the ordinary. Waking up December 1st to find the tower covered in Christmas decorations had been startling enough.

Getting kissed under the mistletoe, just seemed par the course. When Clint took part in decorating there was usually copious amounts of mistletoe involved, anyway. 

Pepper being the one to kiss him, might have also played a part.

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emotionally-compromised-idiot  asked:

Once you get this, you have to say 5 things you like about yourself, publicly, then send it to 10 of your fav followers (non-negotiable) SPREAD POSITIVITY!!

I bet I am doing these like 25. time, but who cares, it´s important to find good in life (and people - this includes oneself too)

1. my hair (although it´s more of love-hate relationship)

2. my eyecolor (because most of the time I cannot pinpoint it´s color xD)

3. my imagination (seriously, when my brain can make up a dream about Crowley breaking into my house to give me a gift, it gotta be some good shit)

4. my wits (which get me in trouble just as much as they get me out of it)

5. my punability (no matter what time it is, I make puns - both good and bad and I love them all)

thanks for tagging bros @emotionally-compromised-idiot @someonebeatmetotheurl you´re cutiepies :3

now, for tagging - I cannot possibly pick 10 fav people, cause you´re all my faves (I may not chat with you one regular basis, but we´re still besties) so let´s pick first 10 people in my notes :)

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that´s all folks :) see you around

Fun Facts

I was tagged by http://fatgirlgetsfitatlast.tumblr.com/ :)

1. Who are you named after?
In my family, the first born Male in each generation is named John - making me the 9th.

2. Last time you cried?
I honestly don’t remember - which is a good thing. Probably at a SOS support group a year or so ago. I am not against men crying or anything, but have been pretty happy of late :) 

3. Do you like your handwriting?
No, I have horrible handwriting, even when I try my best. 

4. What is your favourite lunch meat?
Rotisserie turkey

5. Do you have kids?

6. Do you use sarcasm?

7. Do you still have your tonsils?
Last time I checked. 

8. Would you bungee jump?
Nope :) 

9. What is your favourite kind of cereal?
I don’t so much eat cereal any more. If I did, it would be this kind. 

10. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
.50/50. I made the mistake of not doing it at a running store and the sales lady literally winced in pain :) 

11. Do you think you’re strong?

I can hold my own weight - which is saying something. 

12. What is your favourite ice cream?

I don’t so much eat ice cream any more but I like Mud Pie Mojo. WHich is chocolate, coffee and fudge. 

13. What is the first thing you notice about someone?

Their smile. 

14. Football or baseball?

15. What is your least favourite thing about yourself?

16. What colour pants are you wearing?
Pants are overrated

17. Favourite smell?

18. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?
Valerie and Kevin (Work friends) 

19. Favourite sport to watch on TV?
See #14

20. Hair colour?

21. Eye colour?

22. Favourite food to eat?

23. Scary or funny movies?

24. Last movie you watched?

25. What colour shirt are you wearing?

Shirts are overrated

26. Favourite holiday?

27. Wine or beer?

I don’t drink

I tag my crush list from earlier today. 

  1. enouragemint
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littlemangalover  asked:

Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then, you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers. (non-negotiable, positivity is cool~) 🌈🌈

oh my god thank you so much?? “ten favorite followers” i’m crying, you’re too nicee

And even though I answered this challenge before, i’m gonna do it again and maybe remember to send these back out this time ksjlfkjl

1. I can grow my nails out long and they won’t break, so when I paint them it looks pretty good

2. I’ve managed to save a little over 2,000 dollars in the bank, and am hoping to put some of it toward backpacking across Europe with my friend

3. My friend’s mom thinks I’m responsible enough to let her go to Europe with me alone

4. Whenever I get intense food cravings, it’s always for fruit instead of anything unhealthy

5. idk???? My boobs are big, so I look half decent in some bathing suits

Ask tag

rules: share 11 facts about you, answer 11 questions, tag 11 people, ask them 11 questions

I was tagged by @panicwheresthedisco thank you 

11 facts about me:

1. I am trash.
2. I live in Australia.
3. I waste too much time on here.
4. I need to do homework but I am going to watch tv shows instead.
5. I am terrified of spiders.
6. My life is an organised mess.
7. I am worthless.
8. My friends are priceless and are such good people, they deserve to be happy and so much more.
9. I am currently listening to Twenty One Pilots song
10. Now I’m listening to a Blink-182 song
11. I have run out of facts

Questions i was asked:

1. your favorite colors? why?
I can’t decide

2. do you like where you’re from?

3. favorite band?
My Chemical Romance closely followed by Panic! At The Disco and Twenty One Pilots

4. favorite lyrics?
every single lyric mcr has ever written (I cant pick one, are you kidding me)

5. what are your hobbies?
Reading?? listening to music???? idfk

6. what are your pronouns?

7. what are you good at?
Being trash

8. do you have pets?
Yeah, two cats, two dogs, one bird and four chickens

9. can you play any instruments? if not which ones would you like to learn if you’d want to?
id like to learn piano or guitar maybe im not sure 

10. what do you look for in a friend
Just in general, if someone is a good person or not

11. siblings?
a younger brother

i tag: (you don’t have to do it if you dont want to)
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my questions:

1. How was your day?

2. What was the last dream you remember about?

3. What is 5 things you love?

4. Who was the last person you talked to?

5. What is your favourite song right now and why? (if there is a reason)

6. What is a name you really like? (for a human)

7. What is your favourite show?

8. What was the last thing you ate?

9. What is the last song you listened to and do you like it?

10. What should you be doing right now?

11. What was the last book you read and what was it about?

Need some encouragement...

You know I usually just reblog Markiplier fanfic, but I kinda want to write one of my own. I have been told by my teachers that I’m pretty good at writing, not great but I’m ok. I’m great at storytelling, and I would love to do more. But the issues I’m having are: 1. I’m horrible with punctuation. 2. I am nervous people will criticise me for my writing abilities. 3. I know my first one will turn out horrible 4. I always have a hard time keeping the same tense i.e. Present/past 5. I know it will take me forever due to school&home life. I guess I’m just looking for encouragement and support. If I were to write one it would be Mark or dark x reader. Would anyone want to read it? And maybe give me constructive criticism? If I wrote one at all.

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✨ tag thing ✨

tagged by @nctgiri​!! thank you so much ♥

rules: complete the survey and say who tagged you in the beginning. when you are finished you have to tag people to do this survey. have fun and enjoy!!

1: are you named after someone : nope!

2. when is the last time you cried : i cried today after an intense fight hasgjdhgas but like. it’s all good again!!

3. do you like your handwriting : depends! it goes from super scribbly to attempted sophisticated.

4. what is your favorite lunch to eat : cup noodles not gonna lie

5. do you have kids : i am the proud mother of seven boys they sometimes go by the name of nct dream but that’s extra

6. if you were another person, would you be friends with you : dude no i don’t hang with rowdy weebs like me

7. do you use sarcasm : me???? ?? ? ??  nooooooooooo

8. do you still have your tonsils : yes!

9. would you bungee jump : possibly if someone dared me because gotta prove that i am Edgy™

10. what is your favorite kind of cereal : froot loops!!!

11: do you untie your shoes when you take them off : no i literally walk around with my timberlands constantly untied idk what i’m doing i suppose it’s a Look

12: do you think you’re a strong person : i try to be but probably not i get anxious really quickly

13: what is your favorite ice cream flavour : nutella!!!!!!

14: what is the first thing you notice about people : depends on the person really!

15: red or pink : both!

16: what is the least favorite physical thing you like about yourself : my jaw, my legs

17: what color pants and shoes are you wearing now : checkered pj pants and no shoes

18: what was the last thing you ate : pizza and it was heavenly

19: what are you listening to right now : nct 127 - heartbreaker

20: if you were a crayon, what color would you be: mm white? or red. idk shjagdj.

21: favorite smell : i love the smell of vanilla………and incense sticks……..i basically love everything that smells good!!

22: who was the last person you spoke to on the phone : my little brother!!!

23: favorite sport to watch : baseball probably. or ski jumping. although it terrifies me.

24: hair color : silver / white

25: eye color : light green / grey

26: do you wear contacts : nope!

27: favorite food to eat : mcdonald’s fries or mr. noodles. what a healthy life i live.

28: scary movies or comedy : i can’t watch them but between the two scary movies. i love psycho thrillers though. anything with lots of tension!

29: last movie you watched : amélie!!

30: what color of shirt are you wearing : black!

31: summer or winter : winter!

32: hugs or kisses : depends on person, relationship, occasion. but i definitely like a good hug.

33: what book are you currently reading : “the plot against america” by philip roth

34: who do you miss right now : my sanity

35: what is on your mouse pad : i do not possess a mousepad am not that fancy

36: what is the last tv program you watched : i don’t watch tv sahgdjas.

37: what is the best sound : my cat’s purring. or when you hold a shell to your ear. and busy city sounds at night. that one especially.

38: rolling stones or the beatles : the beatles! though i listen to neither.

39: what is the furthest you have ever traveled? from austria to alaska. 

40: do you have a special talent : i’m pretty good at kickboxing but idk if that counts since i’ve been doing it for a few years ajhsgda.

41: where were you born : austria!!

42: people you expect to participate in this : ok so here it goes i tag @freakydeakytaeyonq, @taeiloves, @shin-taeil, @spicypancakedoyoung, @ilovnct, @boomingty, @nakamuto and @teewhytrack! of course this is completely optional!!!


Request:  “PART 5 for the Grant Ward!! It’s so good”

Description: You wake up after being unconscious for some time after being rescued from the botched mission that led to both yours and Grant’s torture.

Continuation of Part 1, Part 2Part 3, & Part 4

Rating: E (Mild Language)

Characters: Grant Ward, Reader, Leo Fitz, Jemma Simmons, Daisy Johnson (Still Skye at this point in the story), Melinda May (Mentioned), Phil Coulson (Mentioned)

Relationships: Grant Ward & Reader, Leo Fitz & Reader, Jemma Simmons & Reader, Daisy Johnson & Reader

Warnings: I am so sorry if I get anything wrong medically. The worst I’ve ever had happen to me was passing a kidney stone. Twice. And there was no need for any major medical equipment involved.

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anonymous asked:

Yoooo!!! Your editing skills are amazing!!! What tips would you recommend to players newer at editing screenshots?

I would recommend not fretting if you’re editing isn’t as good because 1. you are a beginner and 2. editing took me a year to get my head around

Also take your time, again, my edits take 1-5 hrs and I am glad they do because I take my time

i was tagged by @ghostype sorry this took so long i dont have a good enough excuse @_@

1: are you named after someone? not my first name but my middle name is the same as my grandmas

2: when was the last time you cried? lmao last week sucked ballsack and i had an emotional breakdown two days in a row

3: do you like your handwriting? for the most part yes 
4: what is your favourite lunch meat? ham i guess
5: do you have kids? i am an emotionally and economically unstable 20 year old no i do not
6: if you were another person, would you be friends with you? no i suck
7: do you use sarcasm? i mean yes
8: do you still have your tonsils? yus
9: would you bungee jump? no id throw up
10: what is your favourite kind of cereal? gotta get me that cinnamony toasty crunchy and that cocoa pebblez

11: do you untie your shoes when you take them off? do you think i have my life that much together

12: do you think you’re a strong person? no lmao
13: what is your favourite ice cream flavour? cookie dough probably
14: what is the first thing you notice about people? facial features idk
15: red or pink? pink
16: what is the least favourite physical thing you like about yourself? *gestures to all of me*
17: what colour pants and shoes are you wearing now? black and youll never catch me wearin shoes unless im out of the house which is rare
18: what was the last thing you ate? chipotle 
19: what are you listening to right now? my mom has the tv on while shes cooking in the other room
20: if you were a crayon, what colour would you be? lime green
21: favourite smell? p u p p y  s m e l l 
22: who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? my doctor
23: favourite sport to watch? the kids baking championship. 
25: eye colour? green
26: do you wear contacts? no but i probably should
27: favourite food to eat? ice cream or sushi
28: scary movies or comedy? scary movies can eat my ass
29: last movie you watched? hidden figures i think?
30: what colour of shirt are you wearing? grey
31: summer or winter? i hate winter less than summer summer is 2 hot i would rather snuggle in blankets
32: hugs or kisses? i….. dont know
33: what book are you currently reading? im a piece of shit and dont read anymore
34: who do you miss right now? @cremisiusaclassii
35: what is on your mouse pad? lmao i have this mouse pad my sister made me in a graphics class when i was in like fifth grade and its a shitty mario collage i love it
36: what is the last tv program you watched? the kids baking championship lmao
37: what is the best sound? my dog makes this rly weird sound when hes dreaming and i laugh without fail every time
38: rolling stones or the beatles? ok i had a huge beatles phase in 8th grade and i cant think of a single rolling stones song rn so i have to go with the beatles
39: what is the furthest you have ever traveled? italy *heart eyes emoji*
40: do you have a special talent? i have no talent
41: where were you born? thats classified 
42: people you expect to participate in this survey? nobody has to do this if they don’t want to but i’ll tag @cremisiusaclassii @inquisitor-julia @100-yardstare @miusix @shanayxd @fox-of-magic bye

Tag game thing

so i was tagged by @just-affxtion thank you so much !!!

Name: Alex

Birthday: April 16th!

Gender: female

Height: 16…5 cm?

Time zone: Western lol

What date and time it is there: 2/24 1:16 pm

What time and date it would be in Antarctica: 2/25 -  9:16 am

Average hours of sleep I get each night: Eh, if it’s a good night and i don’t work the next morning, then around 9? Usually 4 or 5.

RL otp: JENLEE (sorry rayvanah lol)

Other otp: Rayvanah and Kayvee and…..Anya² I’M SORRY I COULDN’T HELP IT 

The last thing I googled was: Antarctica time LMFAO

My most used phrases: boi, are you kidding me, what, also

First word that comes to mind: ROOKIE ROOKIE

What I last said to a family member: “i haven’t gotten my tax refund yet” lololol

One place that makes me happy and why: erm, probably just at my apartment? because i don’t have to talk to anyone unless i want to and i have my laptop and food XD

How many blankets I sleep under: 2 bc my bedroom window sUCKS and isn’t properly insulated

Favorite beverage: Mountain Dew is my weakness

The last movie I watched in the cinemas was: La La Land

Three things I can’t live without: music - food - music

Something I plan on learning: The guitar! Or korean, whichever comes first

A piece of advice for all my followers: Don’t take anything on this website too seriously. Or real life for that matter. You make your own living.

One song you all need to listen to: This work of art, and this masterpiece.

I’ll tag @taeyepn @bubbleflexe @redvelvetseulrene @betterthinkaboutittwice @fantaesy @moonbyuliskillingme @otterlycrete and @that-useless-lesbian