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In 1940, confirming a pregnancy was not as simple as peeing on a stick. There was the rabbit test, but it was expensive and took days to return a result. There was also the option to just wait and see. After the first missed period, that's what Alice did. After the second missed period, she told Bucky, who immediately went to an authority on the subject matter: his mother. Winifred Barnes was, indeed, an authority on the subject matter, having had six children herself. (1/4)

As the third month passed and it was clear that Alice was in fact pregnant, Winifred began helping the young couple prepare for the arrival of the baby. Among those preparations was planning for the birth. She insisted that Alice give birth at home with a midwife. When Alice pointed out that obstetricians and hospital births were the norm in the city, Winnifred snorted and said “What do MEN know about birthing babies?” (2/4)

When the time finally came, the only man in the room was Bucky, who had insisted that he be present for the birth of his child. While Winifred and the midwife attended to the actual birthing process, Bucky’s focus was entirely on alleviating or at least helping Alice weather the pain and discomfort as best he could. He read parts of her favorite books aloud during those long, slow, early hours of labor. He wiped her sweaty face with a cool cloth and whispered encouragements in her ear. (¾)

He held her hand as she pushed. Alice had an iron grip. Bucky quietly set and wrapped his broken fingers afterwards, barely cognizant of the pain. He knew that what he was feeling was nothing compared to what Alice had gone through. Bucky would not have complained if Alice had ripped his entire arm off. When he held his newborn son in his arms for the first time, Bucky knew he’d do whatever it took and endure any pain to make sure his son grew up safe, secure, healthy, and loved. (4/4)

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Eggs and Black Coffee

My Soul Eater/SoMa College AU is here!

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Part II is here x and Part III is here x

It was a routine she had established since the day she first stepped onto Shibusen College’s campus as a full time student. Every morning, she got up at 7 on the dot, brushed her teeth, pulled her hair back into her signature pigtails, and slid into whatever outfit suited her fancy, usually a plaid skirt, a white v-neck, and a pair of black boots that that loved her toned calves.

 She left home at exactly 7:20 every morning and arrived on campus at 7:55. Once she arrived at the prestigious college’s dining hall, she would sit in the same booth, eat the same eggs, oatmeal, and pancakes, (She was a runner, okay? She needed the carbs.) drink the same vanilla latte, and read whatever novel she was engrossed in that week. It was predictable, but it was stable and precise, and those were things that Maka valued beyond measure. So, naturally, when she encountered early morning bumper to bumper traffic because of an accident at the intersection in front of Shibusen, she was a little more than perturbed.

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karlie should thank taylor for making her famous she was a nobody and taylor wanted to help her as friend so that is why she is known now #kaylor are just friends!

Oh, honey.

First off, you don’t come on to my blog and insult my Sunshine Queen Karlie Elizabeth Kloss like that. Since you brought this on yourself, I’m serving you up a hot, heaping plate of reality right now. 

Things that Karlie Elizabeth Kloss, my Sunshine Queen, Kaptain of the Kaylor ship and all around Kool Kid/Kookie Monster, etc. has done before meeting Taylor Swift:

she was already walking the runways of New York/LA/Milan/Paris Fashion Weeks since she was 14/15 in addition to so many campaigns she’s done for brand names like Christian Dior, John Galliano, Marc Jacobs, Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta, DVF, Tom Ford, Versace, Donna Karan, Gucci, Alexander Wang, among so many others. (you know what, click on this link it’ll take you to her portfolio so you can see for yourself, x

she’s been on 33 (and counting) covers of Vogue magazine, a feat that obviously wouldn’t be possible if she wasn’t well-known. This isn’t just Vogue US -I’m talking international covers here (for other magazines as well like Glamour, Vanity Fair, etc.). And that’s more covers than years she’s been alive on this earth.

she’s opened and closed for so many runway shows, which are coveted spots in the modelling world, for the institutions I’ve stated above and more. Like these designers and people literally pick which models they want to join, especially if the said model is the one opening and closing their show -it becomes a personal invitation.

she did her stint in TV-land for Gossip Girl (Season 4 Episode 1, as herself) and MTV’s House of Style with Joan Smalls plus numerous commercials for VS, L’Oreal and others. It’s all on youtube, go crazy watching all the videos.

she has a friggin haircut named after her!!! Google the ‘Karlie Cut’ And this was just in 2012, before the VS Fashion Show. I mean really, there aren’t many people in this world that get haircuts named after themselves, and it’s not just any ordinary person who has this happened to them. 

she was a Victoria’s Secret Angel and did so many commercials/ads for them. Literally, Taylor came along towards the end of the VS career. Her angel status started in 2011 with that ‘Aquatic Angels’ segment that she closed for. 

her Karlie’s Kookies have been a thing since 2012. It’s in collaboration with Christina Tosi for Momofuku Milk Bar and the proceeds of which go to FEED Projects which launched at a DKNY Fashion’s Night Out thing. 

TL;DR…FUCK YOU FOR SAYING KARLIE WAS A NOBODY BEFORE TAYLOR. She was already a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry, Taylor merely expanded her reach into other fields and fan base even further. You don’t come on to my damn blog and invalidate all her past achievements just because you didn’t know her before she met Taylor.