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Ladybug and Cat Noir(e) x 1st Year NozoEli

Cat Noire → ♡ → Ladybug
Eli → ♡ → Nozomi

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English things that I Hate that were never really properly explained/confused me. 

To vs Too

Too: adverb

- Also, much, or very. 

Eg. There was too much cake. || It was too far away. || “So what if I like him too?”

To: Adverb // Preposition 

- Moving towards // direction or result

Eg. He was going to go out. || She had to pay.  

Fewer vs Less

Fewer: adjective 

- A smaller number

Eg. There were fewer ship wrecks than expected. 

Less: adjective 

- A smaller amount

Eg. There was less water.   

Who vs Whom

Who: subject pronoun 

- References to a person. Usually undefined. If it can be replaced with “he” or “she” use Who. They are the subject of the sentence. 

Eg. Who are they?

Whom: object pronoun 

- A reference to him or her. If you can answer it with “him” or “her” use whom.

Eg. To whom are you speaking? (answer: Him) (”You are speaking to him”)

Affect vs Effect


Affect: verb

- to influence or create a change. 

Eg. I affect the weather. 

Effect: noun

- the result 

Eg. What are the effects of weather on sport?

Lose vs Loose

Lose: verb

- to not win, or to misplace something. 

Eg. Our team always loses ||  I always lose my keys. 

Loose: adjective

- not tight

Eg. I like loose clothing.


Can vs May

Can: verb

- has the ability 

Eg. He can run. || You can go to the bathroom. (You can go to the bathroom, but are not allowed.)

May: verb

- has permission 

Eg. He may || You may go to the bathroom. (You have permission to go to the bathroom)

When you forget to renew that demonic pact you made a decade ago and the creature inside you tries to escape…

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Wammy’s House Headcanons (that all actually happened)

//As I’ve alluded to a few times, I went to a public school with very rigorous academic tracking, and thus spent most of my childhood among precocious, hypercompetitive oddballs who would have fit right in at Wammy’s House. So because I’m bored, here’s a smattering of the bullshit we got up to over the years that I think work perfectly as Wammy’s headcanons:

  1. In elementary school, a teacher noticed that a number of the kids weren’t getting along with anyone, so she dubbed them “the Friendship Group,” made them eat lunch together in her classroom, and tried to force them to make friends with each other. The first Friendship Group lunch ended with Mello hurling a chair across the table at Near’s head. There was no second lunch.
  2. In middle school, Matt started a secret Pokemon card club that met during lunch. Roger promptly banned it. Pissed, Matt started a secret poker club instead. Roger found out and banned it. Matt then started a no mercy rugby club…
  3. Also in middle school, Near, Matt, and Mello set aside their differences to conspire against a particularly obnoxious substitute. Through cunning use of distractions and good teamwork, they managed to sneak behind the teacher’s desk and unplug the overhead projector seven times in forty-five minutes. They also convinced the baffled substitute that Matt’s name was actually Fred.
  4. One day in the cafeteria, Near and Mello got into a loud and pointless argument about whether the Holy Trinity was polytheistic. The argument ended with Mello yelling “THREE PARTS, ONE WHOLE, DIPSHIT,” and smacking Near over the head with a stale cafeteria breadstick.
  5. In high school, Matt decided to scientifically test his theory that a particular teacher never paid attention to him by seeing how many pencils he could get to stick point-first in the ceiling before she noticed. It took her two days and nearly thirty pencils to catch on.
  6. On a Spanish class trip to Barcelona, several students got off a stop too early on the subway and wound up in a red light district. Mello somehow managed to offend a prostitute he tried to ask for directions, and the whole group was chased for several blocks by angry, screaming women. Mello was never allowed to live it down.
  7. In literature class, the students were given a list of novels and allowed to choose which one they wanted to read. Mello chose Moby Dick because he assumed no one else would, and he wanted to show off. Near chose Moby Dick because it would piss off Mello. Matt chose Moby Dick just to watch the Near/Mello shit go down.
  8. On a similar note, Mello spent weeks bragging about how perfect he was for a part in the Wammy’s House annual musical and telling everyone else not to even bother auditioning. Near, who hated musicals, auditioned for the same part just to piss Mello off–and got it.
  9. One day, Roger had a mixup and forgot to hire a substitute for the history teacher. Upon realizing they’d been left to their own devices, Mello and several other students began gleefully writing nasty messages about the teacher on the whiteboard–only to discover when they tried to erase them that the marker they’d been using was actually a Sharpie. Mello spent the last five minutes of class frantically scrubbing the board with soap and water and yelling at Matt to stop laughing his ass off and help.

• Tsukishima Kei - Year 1, Class 4
• Yamaguchi Tadashi - Year 1, Class 4
• Yachi Hitoka - Year 1, Class 5
• Ennoshita Chikara - Year 2, Class 4
• Sugawara Koushi - Year 3, Class 4
• Sawamura Daichi - Year 3, Class 4
• Kuroo Tetsurou - Year 3, Class 5
• Yaku Morisuke - Year 3, Class 5

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I know you HC Baku as ace, but do you HC any other BNHA characters as LGBTQ+? :) I'm curious b/c I've always seen Izuku as bi and I'm also aroace

quite a few actually!!

Ace/Ace-spec: Bakugou, Todoroki, Mic, Tooru, Toshinori, Iida, Aoyama

Ace/Aro: Izuku, Tsuyu, Aizawa

Bi: Kirishima, Uraraka, Denki, Momo

Demiro: Bakugou, Todoroki, Toshinori, Mina, Iida

Aro: Midnight

gay/lesbian: tbh, i kinda waver between Mic, Mina, Jirou, and Tetsutetsu being gay or bi, but i imagine they lean more towards gay overall.

that’s about it so far!!

(tbh, some of my hcs for these end up changing over time, at least for charas i don’t think about often, but this is what i hc them as of right now)

  • Ancient Rome, teaching Latin: The third conjugation is evil. It's evil and it hates us.
  • North Italy to South Italy: Just like you!

Midoriya has been a long time listener of Put Your Hands Up Radio.  After moving into the UA dorms more and more people began to join him, and they’d all listen to Mic’s eccentric radio show at the end of a long school week.

When Bakugo manages to sneak in some alcohol (”We can’t have alcohol! We’re minors!” “Shut up, four-eyes! I’ll kill you!”), they make a drinking game out of it (1 drink any time Mic uses English,  2 drinks any time Mic makes a pun, finish your drink any time a Pro Hero calls in, etc)

It ends up becoming a great bonding experience for the class, even some people from 1-B start to join in. 

The party comes to an end when a gruffy voiced listener calls in a song request:

“I’d like to dedicate a song to the UA students currently making a ruckus in the dorm.  Go the fuck to sleep or you’re all expelled.”


Did you know that Mary from the children’s rhyme Mary Had a Little Lamb was real? You can actually visit the school house where the famous event happened. The schoolhouse used to be in Sterling, Massachusetts, where it was built. However, in the 1920s, Henry Ford decided to move the house to Sudbury, Massachusetts, where it remains to this day. The schoolhouse itself taught grades 1 to 4 and served classes until 1951, when it closed. Mary Sawyer’s Little Red Schoolhouse is available to be toured, though it is certainly not the most grand tour - it being of a 1 room school. 

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I keep thinking that the students at UA are short even though even Hagakure (the shortest girl) is probably taller than my tiny ass self. also those teachers are tall as hell even Midnight makes the students seem tiny wth

tbh, a lot of the kids are pretty short? especially the girls. Tsuyu is the shortest at 4′11″, while Tooru and Jirou are 5ft, Ochako is 5′1″, and Mina is 5′3″

Momo is the tallest girl at 5′8″

even among the guys, most of them are under 6ft, so while they’re tall for their ages, they’re actually not unrealistic. All Might beats them all by being 7′3″, so he ends up making everyone else look shorter in comparison, haha

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First words with Daisuga!

I had fun with this!

It was a curse, Daichi was sure of it. Out of every possible word or phrase he could have on his collar bone, he was stuck with “Hello.” It was frustrating; almost everyone he met always said that, so how the hell was he supposed to know if it was his soulmate or not? 

Today was his least favorite day, as far as soulmates were concerned. It was the first day of high school, meaning he would have to meet a classroom full of people. He was excited to finally be at Karasuno, but meeting people, it had lost its spark long ago. 

His journey to school was pretty uneventful, but he knew that much. The problem wasn’t his walk to school but rather being at school. He took a deep breath as he approached the front gate, many as well get this over with. 

The chatter of students filled Daichi’s head as he walked to his classroom. Year 1 class 4, that was the room he was looking for. Once he found it, he sighed, this was going to be fun.

“Hello!” a girl chirped when he walked in. Well, there was one. A fun fact about Sawamura Daichi is that, after realizing how screwed he was because of the lousy “Hello” on his collarbone, he decided there was only one way to make this work. If he was going to have something short and simple, his soulmate was going to have the weirdest, most random sentence he could come up with. 

“Do you think squirrels have families?” he asked, turning to look at her. 

“What?” she asked, her face scrunched up in confusion. 

“Oh, nothing,” he replied, walking over to an empty seat by the window. It wasn’t her, that much was certain. If it was, there would be more realization than confusion on her face. The downside to his system was that it didn’t create the best first impressions, but at this point Daichi really didn’t care. 

“Do you, um, mind if I sit here?” a Jesus-looking boy asked him. Daichi smiled, he liked it when his first conversation didn’t start with hello.

“Go for it,” he grinned, nodding towards the empty desk next to he. The boy smiled sheepishly and sat down. Class began shortly after, the teacher coming in and introducing herself.

“Okay,” she began, clasping her hands together.”Since most of you don’t know each other, I’m going to put you into pairs so you can get to know one another. Fill in these questions with the answers your partner gives you, and hopefully you will find common interests. Okay, when I call your name and partner, please go find a seat next to them.” 

Daichi grabbed a copy of the worksheet and looked at it, drowning out the teacher as she called name after name. It had all the simple questions; what was their name, what club were they going to join, what their word or phrase was. The last one annoyed Daichi, but it also made him chuckle. He wondered what his soulmate had written on him, whatever it was, Daichi figured it would be one of a kind. 

“Sawamura, you and Sugawara will be partners,” his teacher called. Daichi raised his hand, signalling to whoever Sugawara was. A silver-haired boy walked over to him, his smile almost reaching the beauty mark under his left eye. He was gorgeous, Daichi didn’t even try to deny that. 

“Hello,” he greeted when he reached Daichi. Daichi sighed, this again.

“Isn’t it sad that snakes don’t have arms?” Daichi asked, spewing out the first thing that came to his mind. To his surprise, the other boy started laughing.

“Out of all the things you could have said, why that?” he chuckled, grabbing his sides. 

“Well, when you’re stuck with this on your collar, you have to get creative,” Daichi responded, pulling his shirt collar down enough that the dark “Hello” was visible. 

“Oh my God, I’m glad that there is a somewhat reasonable explanation for this,” Suga grinned, rolling up his left sleeve. Daichi froze when he read the dark ink. “Isn’t it sad that snakes don’t have arms?

“Well, I guess my plan worked,” Daichi chuckled, smiling at the other boy. 

“You’re such a dork,” Suga smiled, pushing Daichi gently.

“Yeah, well looks like you’re stuck with me.”

I just saw an interesting post:


And since not everyone read the novel:

Book 1, chapter 6:

At that moment, Guren hears a shriek coming from a different direction. Not only that, but the shriek belonged to the voice of a girl he knows quite well.


He turns to look. The voice came from where Class 1 and Class 4 were fighting in their ring. As expected, even from there came a cheer. The same kind of cheer reserved for Mahiru, and Shinya, when they appeared.

At that same moment,

“Kill her! Kill her!” Was chanted.

“Please kill her, Seishirou-sama!”

“Please kill that dirty Ichinose bitch!”

Guren looks closer. When he does, he sees Sayuri and Seishirou are fighting. However, Sayuri already seemed to be falling apart. She had been hit, and blood streamed from a cut on her lips. She gasped for breath, shoulders shaking. Furthermore, the front of her sailor uniform had been torn off, and she tries to cover herself with her left hand.

“What, you want more? Do you really intend to fight me one-handed as you cover your boobs?” Seishirou says opposite her, smirking meanwhile.

The other students laugh at that.

“In that case, please strip her bare!”

“It’s pretty brazen for cattle to wear clothes, after all!”

And so on, they shouted.

Seishirou holds his arms wide open as he takes their requests.

“You hear ‘em. Now, in response to everyone’s requests… let’s take your clothes off, hmm~” He says, and takes a step forward.

Sayuri responds by ducking, but Seishirou is overwhelming fast. Seishirou’s hand reaches for Sayuri’s breasts.

“Ugh,” Sayuri says, trying to slap the hand away. But her hand misses Seishirou’s, as he changed his fist’s trajectory towards her face instead, and strikes her.


Sayuri’s head jerks. Through the gap in her clothes, you could see her undergarments.

But Seishirou doesn’t stop his attacks.

“Cattle shouldn’t show off such filthy things.” He says, then striking Sayuri in the belly.


Her body bends in a shape like the letter C. He head goes down, before being kicked up like a ball.

It’s likely that at this point, Sayuri has already lost consciousness. The difference between Sayuri’s and Seishirou’s power was simply too big. He was an opponent Sayuri could do nothing against.

Which is why at that point, the referee should have called it to an end, but…


Seishirou keeps kicking Sayuri’s body. He’s trying to make the collapsed Sayuri get up. Even though she had lost consciousness, Seishirou grins while kicking her body.

Translations from gomigeemu

Book 4  chapter 2 :

All the enemies in the audiovisual room had lost their lives.

Mito collapsed on the ground.

Guren’s arm steadied her.

Her eyes full of tears, she gazed at him.

“…… You, you came to save me.”

Inside her, there was a sense of satisfaction. A sense of being restrained. Her desires were greatly excited.

Inside Guren’s mind, the demon whispered.

“Kill her”

Mito continued to speak.

“…… I, I, I’ve…… Been saved by you again……”


“…… I thought, I was done for…… I though everything had ended, I had given up……”

“Rape her”        (note: WTF NOYA)

His hand moved and gripped the front of her uniform.


Mito’s face was full of shock.

But not caring about this, Guren tore the front of her uniform.

“No!? What, what are you doing……”

His lips covered hers.

“Uwah……Uh…… Wait……”

At first she resisted somewhat. But Guren’s tongue pried her lips open.

She stopped struggling.

“…… Ah……”

Mito’s body went limp. She gave in to him.

She opened her lips.

Her eyes were still sparkling with tears. But her expression seemed to be of rapture.

“…… Gu, Guren…… I, if it’s you……”

She said.

Too easily, she gave in to him. Perhaps she was also under the influence of Mahiru’s spell. Fresh blood, death, life-or-death situations – these appeared in front of her eyes, these were the turning points that made her basic human desires lose control.

Translation from 2minutesofyourtime 

One of the color pages of this volume:

Mito’s reaction is probably justified by how much she needs a man to love, we also see how she plead for Guren to save her while in despair. (it seems that even Mito, need to crush over Guren and be in his harem, at first she had so much potential as a strong and independent woman, just like Shinoa…)


While the author justify Guren actions as Noya controlling him, and tries to lighten the context by making it so Mito wanted it later, it remains a fact, Mito didn’t consent on having her blouse ripped and kissing him at first. And because of her later “consent” it’s brushed as nothing.

When people complains about Kagami’s sexist writing or queer baiting, I often see some people brushing all that as “fujoshi’s complaint” or mere “ship war”.

Well, for those who disregard these problems as superficial ship wars and fujoshi obcessions. Sexist elements in story and queer baiting  only makes the general public reaffirm their already normalized belief that those things aren’t a problem but just fanservice. 

It’s about discrimination that many suffer. The erasure of those problems that brings discrimination in real life.

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Hi, so my MC was born and raised for seven years in a huge underground complex with roughly 200 other girls, some of them had been kidnapped as babies or toddlers, some were born there as well. The group that raised them trained them to be assassins, so they were brought up with intense training in martial arts, mostly. The children were not allowed to talk to each other or really interact with each other, but they learned to read and talk in class. [1/4]

They also were made to watch some “arena fights” of older girls, that ended deadly. They were taught that they had to be strong and that was mostly defined by cruelty and being emotionless. If they misbehaved they were put in a small, soundproof, pitch black room for days at a time with only some water and bread and no sanitation. Other than that, they shared a bedroom with ~50 girls, so solitary confinement was meant as absolute punishment, not the norm. [2/4] How problematic would the reintegration be? My MC is 18 now and struggles with depression and anxiety and the generall feeling that she’s not strong enough (=messed up view on what “strong” even is) and that she’s not normal and doesn’t fit in, etc. But what would her childhood be like? She and another girl she always protected were adopted by one of the soldiers that saved them and they were provided professional help all their lives, and are still in therapy. [¾] I know that she’d struggle massivley with the hugeness of the world (though they’ve been taught a lot about the outside world, though mostly that it’s bad) and the masses of other people, but what kind of behavior could I expect of her growing up? Thanks in advance ^^ [4/4] 

I think you need to re-think this scenario if you want your character to be able to act like a socialised, neurotypical human being and an assassin of any ability.

Children brought up without people speaking to them, without interaction with other children (or by implication people) and without much interaction with adults speaking to them, may not learn to speak.

Trying to restrict normal human interaction in such young children like this would be profoundly damaging to their development. And it would be damaging in ways that would undermine their effectiveness as assassins. They would not be able to ‘pass’ as a normal person in any society. They would not be able to communicate with others.

I lived communally as a child, and also it strikes me as something that would be impossible to enforce if they’re living communally as you suggest.

Essentially the way you’re describing the character at 18 sounds far too well-adjusted for the childhood you describe. I think that leaves two options: either change the character at 18 or change her childhood.

If you want to change the character at 18 I suggest looking up ‘Genie’ and other feral children. That’s the closest thing I can think of to the experience you’re describing. And it means none of these girls would be able to fight effectively or function as assassins so you would also have to deal with why the adults involved chose to continue the ‘training’ program when the result is no effective assassins.

I think changing the character’s childhood would mean less rewrites and a less drastic change to your story.

A lot of the abuse and neglect you describe is not only unnecessary but likely to undermine the character’s effectiveness as an assassin hugely. If the point is to raise these girls to be effective killers then the less torture they go through the better the results will be.

Using solitary confinement for long periods of time on young children- that is going to be intensely damaging to their physical and mental health. It will destroy their memories, their ability to learn, their ability to interact with adults and children, damage their eyesight and probably make them more susceptible to disease. That’s not a complete list and I have more information on solitary confinement in adults here. All current research suggests the effects on children are much much worse.

And what you describe isn’t solitary confinement, it’s closer to sensory deprivation. A form called ‘Baldwin’s Box’ to be exact. Adult volunteers generally can’t stay in these things longer than 24 hours. It is profoundly almost uniquely damaging causing hallucinations, massive memory loss and (in extreme cases in adults) victims can lose the ability to recognise faces and ordinary objects.

It also hugely increases the risk of these children dying because left inside for days they’re likely to self harm and an open wound in a box with no sanitation means a serious infection.

These children would be unable to learn to read or fight if they were treated in this way. They would probably be unable to look after themselves and would need carers.

I do have a solution to all this and it’s kindness.

Instead of abuse and silence make the adults in her childhood loving, caring people. Have these girls raised being showered with gifts and affection and praise. Have them unconditionally love the teachers and carers raising them. Have those teachers speaking to their charges and playing with them.

Have these loving, kind teachers, the people who have told all of these girls how wonderful and special and beautiful they are, teach their charges that the world outside is awful. Have them grow up learning that the teachers and girls around them are the only people they can expect kindness from.

The people above ground? They’re animals. They’re cruel and horrid and stupid and just so much lesser than all the beautiful girls down here. They can’t be trusted. They’re child abusers and rapists and torturers and hundreds of other disgusting degenerate things. They all, each and every one, deserve to die.

All these special, beautiful, wonderful girls? They’ve all been rescued from a terrible place. And really, since they owe their teachers and each other so much, it’s only right that they do their duty. It’s only right that they help defend and support their home. They’ve been saved and really the teachers don’t ask for very much, they just want everyone to work hard and do their best.

That is a regime I could see producing extremely effective assassins indeed.

There’s a strong bond to the adults they’d work for, a strong bond to each other and a lot of positive reinforcement for learning the skills they’d need to be effective. They probably wouldn’t suffer from any illnesses that would impair their assassination abilities. The death rate would be low and the success rate high.

These girls would ‘graduate’ willing and able to do anything the teachers asked of them. Not through trying to suppress natural emotions and behaviours but by using them.

This is how people are controlled and manipulated into doing horrible things. By creating a society for them, full of people they love and then telling them if they don’t obey they’ll lose everything.

I think this would produce someone a lot more like the character as you describe her at 18. She’s been ‘rescued’ young and found out everything she was taught was wrong. Her beloved teachers were the monsters, not the people outside. And she’d struggle because she’d probably still love them.

I can see a set up like that leading to depression and anxiety and someone feeling generally out of synch with the world.

She’d probably fall back on the training she had to blend in, mimicking behaviours and people around her, interacting on a surface level because that’s what you’re ‘supposed’ to do. She’d probably have a lot of trouble connecting with other people and would be extremely socially isolated. But she might not initially appear that way if she’s mimicking ‘normal’ 18 year old women’s behaviour, interacting with a lot of people but forming no real connections.

I think she’s probably at risk of falling into addiction and her training would probably make her very capable of obtaining and hiding drugs or alcohol.

Another thing I think she might struggle with is feeling like a monster, like she’s fundamentally unlovable and could never hope to find any real connection with anyone. Because if the people who raised her are actually monsters then where does that leave her? They said no one outside could ever love her and what if they’re right? What if she’s damaged?

All of this is likely to feed into thoughts about self harm and suicide, though whether she’d act on those thoughts or not is a different matter.

It’s a pretty fundamental re-write, and as always you are under no obligation to make the changes I suggest. It is your story.

But I think changing her childhood in this way would make the story more realistic, both in terms of her assassin-based skills and the behaviour you describe in her at 18. I think it would also make the story a lot more creepy and give it a bigger emotional impact.

I hope that helps, should you chose to keep the characters childhood as is I’m working on a sensory deprivation Masterpost you’ll probably find that helpful.

And good luck with your story. :)



The Legend of Korra seasons 1-4 was a master class of animation for a TV series in the last decade. Season 1 in particular showcased some of my absolute favorite moments, largely done by S1 Chief animator at Studio Mir, Choi In Seung.



Mordeadus - homebrew




Note: Vampires are playable in this setting.


Vast rolling fields, thick blood birch forests
Note: Blood birch appears to look like regular birch except instead of white and black bark, they have red and black bark and a deep red blood sap.

Vampire clan - The Kalithan

They are a clan of slick talking vampires who run a large scale thief guild across the continent with many sub thief guilds under their wing

Patient and smooth but very greedy, they come off as charismatic and charming.

Vampire Abilties

Counts as undead vs turning
They do not eat or drink
Immune to poison/disease
No CON bonus to hit points
D12 hit points per level
Damage resistance 1/blunt per 4 class levels
Vampires cannot be healed with healing spells and instead ,regenerate 1 point of damage a day per level
Healing/holy deal double damage
Sunlight deals D6 damage per round.
Note: Because vampires are overpowered compared to someone playing a human, consider awarding less XP to vampires per encounter.

Blood Pools

Each vampire has a blood pool which they use to live and grant themselves abilities.
If a vampire’s blood pool reaches 0, they die and turn to dust.
Every day a vampire loses 1 blood point automatically.
Every vampire has a number of blood points in their pool with a maximum number of 10 plus 2 per class level.
To gain 1 point in the blood pool vampires must drink blood from a human, draining 1 CON point from their victim per blood point which the human can regenerate at a rate of 1 CON a day.
If the victim reaches 0 CON, they die.

The Kalithan Specific Vampire Abilities

To create a Kalithan vampire, a human must be drained of blood, given 1 Kalithan blood point and then have a 500 gold piece gem destroyed in their honor.

Kalithans get plus 2 DEX and CHA and minus 2 CON and STR.

Anyone who becomes a Kalithan vampire loses all previous classes and replaces them with thief levels.

Using 1 blood point heals 1 hit points per class level
Using 2 blood points can increase open locks, diplomacy, pickpocket, move silently, set traps, hide, climb or tumble by 2 for the Kalithan’s remaining blood pool in rounds.
Using 2 blood points can increase their DEX or CHA by 2 for rounds equal to their remaining blood pool.

Clan Culture

The Kalithan group together in clans called guilds. They love treasure, gold,jewelry, magic items anything of value and will con, cheat and steal their way to get it.

They will always try to get the better bargain in a deal, get the highest percentage of a treasure and are not above stealing from their own friends.

Within the clan is the vampire who owns the most treasure who is at the highest station with every member being one enormous haul away from ruling the nation.

Kalithans will use their charisma to get close to someone and then take what they want from them when their guard is down.

The clans strongest vice is smoking tobacco gathered and harvested from the farms. No vampire is ever caught without a pouch of tobacco because it is bad manners to not end a deal or conversation with a smoke.


The plains are sprawling with failing cities and towns of run down building and beggars. Out in the country, the region is dotted with a numerous small ranches and farms with the people more well-off.

The forests tend to be wild with few inhabitants except for a few logging villages that exist on the border.

Architecture Style

Kalithan vampires

Each guild lives within a villa built in the center of each city. The villa is built of polished white stone and blood birch with dark red clay tile roofs.

The insides tend to be a maze of false tunnels, hidden rooms and doors with many halls lined with traps keeping intruders at bay.

Secret tunnels run behind walls used for peeping on guests through holes cut into paintings. Secret doors are hidden behind bookcases and cupboards leading to a system of tunnels that run to the sewers in the city.


The people build with blood birch leaving the bark on the wood for texture and design.

The rooftops are made of dark brown clay towers with the poorest using straw tied into bundles.

Clothing Style

Kalithan vampires

They wear leather tunics and leggings often with vests and caps. Leather belts holstering knives and daggers run across their arms, legs and chest and most have a pipe placed in an open loop on their tunic.


Both women and men tend to wear dark colored dyed leather tunics and leggings of browns, blacks and maroon.

To cover for the cold, they wear black furred cloaks held closed by leather strips knotted through loops. Very few wear dresses.

Every human citizen of Kalithan is required to wear a blood birch bead necklace or bracelets. The blood birch jewelry is crafted by the Kalithan vampires and have their guild crest scratched into the beads. This is a symbolic sign of being owned, the necklaces being collars, the bracelets akin to shackles.

If any citizen is found to not be wearing their beads ,they are stripped and flogged with a second offense being death by hanging. If any non citizen is found wearing beads, they are killed outright.

If any sub-thief guild, more on these in issues, finds someone who is not a Kalithan citizen wearing the beads, they are tortured and killed with their head being sent back to the Kalithan guild whom the beads belonged to.


There is no central religion.


The Kalithans rule over the people as dictators. The guilds together form one massive guild that stretches across the entire nation with their sub-factions extending to every nation on the continent. The richest guild has the height of power, ruling over the nation while the other guilds each have control of their city and surrounding lands.

The Kalithans keep the riches of their guild deep below their villas hidden in the maze of tunnels and guarded by legions of undead and beasts with no human ever allowed to see the extent of their wealth.

Penny pinching, the Kalithans rarely spend their money to improve the quality of life for the humans instead rather having them live destitute in squalor than spend a copper to raise the standards of living.

Being a thief guild, they have no reason to steal as they only need to collect taxes to obtain the people’s gold and treasure. However, they do tax everything, having the highest tax rates on the entire continent.

The Kalithan clans squeeze as much as they can from the people to the point of almost collapse, letting the citizen keep just enough to buy clothing and food and repair their shelters.

Anyone who lies about their wealth or hides it is punishes severely with beatings, whippings and even being skinned alive. This has created a local saying, “Better to eat the dirt then have no teeth.


The nation has few exports except for some small crafts traded independently by small business, merchants and tobacco.

The main import is stolen treasure gathered by the 100s of sub-guilds throughout the continent. The main resource the nation produces is steer hide and tobacco. The ranches and farms employ most of the unskilled labor and it is what keeps the peasants from going completely broke and homeless.

The steer ranches provide the people of Kalithan with most of their protein and clothing material and the tobacco farms the main crops.

These two industries are under the protection of the Kalithans, being one of the few things the vampires put money into, hiring troops of Glongia mercenaries, they pay them to keep an eye on the ranches and farms looking for theft and poachers, having full authority to punish those caught in the act.



As the Kalithan branched their influence to other nations, they either allied themselves or killed rival thief guilds. As a result, now the Kalithans are the only thief guild on the continent with others always being sub-guilds.

A sub-guild, usually being human, must pay a tithe to exist or be wiped out.

The sub guild is the lightning rod, the fall guy in the region they exist. The Kalithan, having no wish to start a war - a government finding out their citizens are losing half their wealth to a foreign thief guild who is also the heads of states would lead to a lot of wars very quickly - never run a sub-guild themselves instead staying far away, keeping their hands clean.

The only proof the Kalithan run these sub-guilds are humans who have confessed or shipments of gold sent to Kalithan that have been intercepted.

Some sub-guilds do become greedy or have grown tired of foreign powers controlling their black market and sometimes guild wars do break out. In cases like that the Kalithan will hire Glongia mercenaries to wipe out the leadership or request other sub-guilds take over.

The average foot thief just getting their lock picks dirty will know their guild is the tip of the iceberg, but rarely ask how far it goes, knowing the things in the dark should stay there.

Blood Gremlins

There is a vampire race of gremlins that feed off of blood to survive.

They live in swarms and will drink anything with blood, humans, animals and even vampires, becoming like locusts devouring anything they can come across.

The swarms are created by fat queen imps who can lay dozens of eggs a day with each eggs only taking a week to hatch. Killing a queen does not ensure the death of the swarm, once one queen is dead, a new one will form within days from the survivors. Not much is known how this occurs but most wizards tend to agree it is the magical nature of the creatures with some sort of hive connection that alerts the swarm a new queen is needed.

Dangerous to the villages, farms and ranches, sometimes swarms can grow to such sizes even the cities and vampires fear their numbers. Wihtin the citie,s they are like vermin and constantly hunted down. The gremlins mostly feed on the rats but do often feed on the sleeping as well, even making their way into the villas.

On the countryside, they live in giant dirt mounds similar to red ant hills with even a slight disturbance of the nest bringing out the entire swarm.

Travelers have been known to have been attacked at night on the roadside and entire cattle herds have been wiped out.

To deal with the threat, the Kalithan do what they never do and offer rewards, from imp heads making a few copper, destroyed nests dozens to 100s of gold and queen sacs making platinum. The Kalithans  even hire Glongia mercenaries battalions to sweep the forests and plains regularly, destroying nests and having kill teams search the sewers daily. Still despite the efforts, the blood gremlin infestations seems to be growing, suggesting something more than breeding is causing them to appear.

No one knows how or where the blood gremlins started, but everyone does agree they are spreading with nests now being found on the borders of the Vierillim, Allvien, Lycanthrope forest and the Storm Plains. If not stopped, it is reasonable to assume the blood gremlins could sweep across the continents, eventually wiping out entire ecosystems even civilizations.