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You know I’m not big on goodbyes. Never have been. But it’s time for me to go.
An old friend got in contact. A man I thought was dead. After everything me and him went through… I can’t ignore this. I owe him, Javi.

I’m sorry if this is hard to understand, you deserve more than this flimsy note as an explanation. But I gotta move on to the city. The years we had together were great and I’ll keep them close to me always. Take good care of the dog, don’t forget to walk him from time to time.


gabi404  asked:

Do we know anything about canon ages? I think I remember Lucretia LOOKING like a woman in her 50s, which would actually put her in her 30s (130s) before Wonderland, which would make her in her 20s before she left her homeworld? But I can't remember any details about other characters or any more info about Lucretia. Thank you!!! (Side Note: This blog has been such a help, thank you for putting so much time and energy into this project!!!)

Alright, I think I can help.

Lucretia is currently in her 30′s (130′s) but gave up 20 years of her life, so she’s kind of in her 50′s (150′s)

Magnus is 32 (132) as of episode 54. He did give up 10 years of his life in Wonderland, but he (probably) got those years back when he got his body back in episode 59.

Merle is older than Taako or anyone else really. We don’t know by how much, just that he is old. That’s not even counting the century on the Starblaster.

Taako and Lup are…. well I have no idea, there is no age given. Lup says that she and Taako have “been alive for over a hundred years,” but that is a vague number, and it was in year 82, so I still have no idea how old they would be by now. In episode 7, Griffin gave Taako a flashback of being 65 while he was on his grandfather’s farm, BUT that was only so Taako could have another piece of the taco recipe (sour cream) back when that was a constant thing and, for all we know, that could have been retconned. Not to mention that we don’t know if we count cycles where someone’s dead or if someone’s been a lich, and now we can’t even say that Taako and Lup are the same age anymore.

Angus was 10 when he was first introduced in Murder on the Rockport Express, and he became 11 during the Live Boston Stunt Spectacular. 

Barry Bluejeans is in his 50′s (150′s), considering the fact he looks like Tom Arnold. We have no idea if we’re supposed to retract any numbers from that from during the decade or so between The Stolen Century and Here There Be Gerblins.

We have no idea how old Davenport is. Merle made a guess for 130 or 140.

Magic Brian’s age when he died was 121. He’s also male, a drow and 6′1″. I didn’t make that up, go listen to episode 7, time: 61:37

Most other characters are given vague descriptors to try and express their ages.

Ages in The Adventure Zone are left very vague. Do with that knowledge as you will.

Also, thank you for the compliments!!! I kinda needed that!!!