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Phoenix is still here! Did you missed her?
I received some gorgeous clothes from @kalcia.workshop and I thought I should take a picture.
I made her some bags from leather to go with the outfit. The antlers are also made by me but they are not for her but my incoming soony.
List of items;
Model; minifee mirwen tan

Shirt,skirt,corset,socks, dragonfly necklace; Kalcia
-Antlers, boots, bags, other accessories; me
-Face up; me
-Alpaca wig; me
-Eyes; mehiart


Jacqueline sighed, shaking her head. <<Well, then what are you waiting on?>>, she hissed.

Bethany rolled her eyes, taking a deep breath. <<It’s not easy, Jackie. I have to triangulate the signal and the phone has to be on, too>>, she explained. <<It may take a while>>.

Jacqueline crossed her arms, stomping her feet. <<Whatever>>, she mumbled under her breath.

With a chuckle, Samantha grabs a hold of Caleb’s hand. “He’s been amazing. I don’t think I’ve had to clean the toilet even once since we moved into the apartment.”

Caleb shrugs sheepishly, squeezing Samantha’s hand with his own. “I do what I can. It’s the least I can do seeing as I’m not carrying a child. Besides, I’m more than used to it having been a butler for quite some years. So we manage just fine.”


Halo Ammunition Sketch Page 3!

A sketch page based on a Pre-Halo event Fire Team Quiver when they first received their MJOLNIR Mark IV armor systems. Before that time they wore the SPI Armor Systems as they are SPARTAN IIIs.

I wanted to add more sketches, like 3 of the Spartans taking down a Mgaelekgolo or even more CQC between Spartans and Sangheili and Jiralhanae. But decided that nah! I don’t have any good design/angles for these moments and I want to save them for the comic in the future.

SKAM Theories

Okay, I promised myself I wouldn’t get into all the theories about season 4 of skam but here we are…  There are going to be spoilers about the first three seasons on this post, you have been warned.

So I read some of the theories, but I did not see anyone talking about this, which is why I’m assuming it’s not being talked about. If it is I’m sorry and I would love links to the discussions. 

The thing most people are missing when theorizing about who the main will be is the name of the show. I googled skam after I watched the entire series, which was stupid. I should have done it way earlier. skam means shame. It’s the one common thread (except for the same school and birth year) in all the mains. The main plot of each season explores something the main character is ashamed of and ends when they learn to live with it.

Eva was ashamed because she cheated. The season ends when she says she is done feeling sorry.

Noora is ashamed of her past sexuality (and eating disorder) and she has sex at the end of the season.

Isak is in the closet and he left his house to avoid his mothers’ mental illness. We end with him dating Even. 

No matter who the main character is next season, they will be dealing with some kind of shame that will probably have to do with something that is taboo. Also I think this common thread is super cool and interesting and I hope I am not reading too much into everything.