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TalesFromThePharmacy: you always give me a hard time. you will fill this medication

wow you’re telling me your birth month/day is 3/31 but i can’t find you but i already know who you are with 1 prescription ready going green under insurance with month/day 3/3

weww i asked for license and you gave it to me without hesitation and now i can see it’s 3/3 so i tell you that this prescription is void and you will have to go back because dob is something that i can’t mess with

woahhh you really just wanna pick up that one that is ready and want this one back, gosh that was easy!!!

ohwait i sold you the prescription but you’re still there hmm “anything i can help you with today sir?”

oshit you want me to have another look at the script ok letsgetthatbadboy a look

owtfm8 you took your blue pen and marked over the blackink that the doctor wrote and all you did was squiggle out the 1 on the 31

weww “sorry sir i can’t take it, you will have to go back”

ogog you want to speak to my pharmacist notlikethis

give mic to pharmacist

“you are saying i will fill this? i’m telling you that i refuse even if it were valid” “please leave the pharmacy drivethrough sir”

wtf he’s not leaving

pharmacist is back in her station “what is the phonenumber for city police?”

i tell the guy what is about to happen and he leaves, i almost hit him with the “i’m going to have to call your doctors office and inform them of the drugseeking behavior you are exhibiting” if he had stayed

this was a 600script day too so there was about like 15 people inside during rushhour LOL

by him saying lasttime i gave him a hard time it was something like this:

ritalin rx had expired, we were out of stock, he was obvious pharmacy shopper and it was a friday so if the first 3 were good and we did want to fill it, he would have to wait a shitload of days xd

By: nervousloliboy

Nem azt mondom

Nem azt mondom, hogy tetszel
De a nyálas idézet a képeslapon
Meg a kergetőző kiskutyák a parkban
De még az a rohadt  szívecskés flakon
A kukában. Az is Te  vagy.

Nem azt mondom, hogy akarlak
De amikor leveszem magamról a ruhát
Ha felteszem a tűzpiros rúzsomat
Vagy táncolok, amikor nem lát
Senki. Az is Neked szól.

Nem azt mondom, hogy boldoggá teszel
De libabőrös leszek egy szavadtól
És mosolyra húz a szám ha látlak
Meg az agyam is lesokkol
Hirtelen. Na az Miattad van.

Nem azt mondom, hogy hiányzol.
De kurva jó lenne átölelni…



complete! i’ve wanted to do a jojo print FOREVER and of course it’d be my favorite boys. after 5000 years in the void i finally emerge with this. thanks to everyone who joined me in streaming this for the past two days! this’ll be available at j1 and my store at the next update. HAPPYー UREPPIー YOROPIKUNEー!!



body negativity got real that week ;-; anyways, if you ever go through some serious conflicts about how you view your body, i just want to say that i think self love takes time  ♡  

so dont be hasty, breathe, and do something nice to get your mind off it. love ya

Schedule of ‘The Shadowhunter Chronicles’ and other Cassandra Clare books


  • The Silver Mask* (Magisterium #4): 10 October
  • The Mortal Instruments: The Graphic Novel, Vol. 1**: 31 October
  • City of Bones 10th anniversary edition: 7 November


  • The Lost Book of the White*** (The Eldest Curses #1, adult trilogy about Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood): 20 March (according to amazon)
  • Chain of Gold (The Last Hours #1): fall
  • The Enemy of Death (Magisterium #5, final book): August, September or October


  • Queen of Air and Darkness (The Dark Artifices #3): spring?
  • The Black Volume of the Dead (The Eldest Curses #2): fall?


  • Chain of Iron (The Last Hours #2): spring?
  • The Red Scrolls of Magic (The Eldest Curses #3): fall?


  • Chain of Thorns (The Last Hours #3): spring?

After 2021

  • The Wicked Powers

* co-written with Holly Black
** other volumes to follow
*** co-written with Wesley Chu

Cassie is also working on a secret high fantasy novel (or trilogy) that’s not related to The Shadowhunter Chronicles.


16-year-old Emma Walker and 18-year-old William Riley Gaul from Tennessee had been dating for several months when she decided to call the relationship off. Unable to accept Emma’s decision, William stalked her incessantly for two months before his stalking reached calamitous heights. On the 20th of November, 2016, William took his grandfather’s gun and drove to Emma’s home. Once here, he stood outside her bedroom and watched her sleep. He then produced the stolen gun and shot Emma through her bedroom window.

The following morning, Emma’s parents were horrified to discover her deceased in her bed, saturated by her own blood. Several hours later, William professed his love for Emma on his social media accounts, completely unaware that police had already suspected him in her murder. 

He was released on $1 million bail on 31 January, 2017, and shall remain free until his trial.

GOT7 SHIPS & wedding proposal

Markson: Jackson is screaming “Marry me!” And they both Jump into each other’s arms, mark is laughing happily.

2Jae: JB goes down on one knee, revealing the expensive ring he bought to Youngjae as he starts to sing ‘1:31 AM’
Youngjae is nodding uncontrollably and bursts into tears.

Bambam does a bottleflip, asking Yugyeom to look at the cap, he does and sees the pharse ‘MARRY ME’
Yugyeom dabs 7 times in a row, tears in his eyes.

Jinyoung: (while staring at the mirror): I do.


Néha megpróbálom elmondani, milyen erős a szerelmem
De ha rád nézek, és a galaxist látom a szemedben
Elveszítem a szavakat, és az eszemet teljesen.

Néha megpróbálom elmondani, mennyire hiányzol nekem
De abban a pillanatban, ahogy megfogod a kezem
Megszűnik a világ, és megszűnik minden.

Néha megpróbálom elmondani, hogy csak rád tudok gondolni
És mindig mikor eszembe jutsz,  ott van az a valami
Ami boldoggá tesz, mégsem hagy nyugodni.

Néha megpróbálom elmondani, hogy tökéletes vagy
Hogy rádnézek, és remegek,és a szívverésem kihagy….
El akarom mondani neked,mennyire akarlak.

anonymous asked:

Is it true that there's a new military policy meaning the Korean members can be enlisted at any time now?


“Celebrities will no longer be able to delay enlistment in the military. They’ll serve whenever called. That means any random time after age 18. Right now celebrities usually delay enlistment till age 30. Korean Military Manpower Administration now asking companies for information on all male artists born between Jan 1, 1980 and Dec 31, 1999. The change is in response to public demands for equality with regard to army enlistment and service. Some online reactions mention that there are sons of politicians/businessmen who delay enlistment too and that should change as well.”

I’m curious how Korean companies are going to handle this because letting Korean members of their groups enlist early puts them in a tough situation. Groups last 5-7 years (at least until their contracts end) so companies are trying to promote them during first few years as much as it’s possible. 

Recently NCT Ten who’s Thai went to Thailand to register because just like Bambam mentioned at one of the recent fansign events they might have to enlist. If you volunteer you serve for 6 months. If you don’t, you take part in lottery. If you get picked you have to serve for 2 years.

A Tribute to Scanlan Shorthalt

With the parting of ways that took place in Episode 85, we look back at some of our personal favorite moments of the gnome bard from the first 84 episodes of Critical Role.

Thanks to eponymous-rose for editing this video together, and thank you to Geek & Sundry and Critical Role for use of these clips! All content used with permission. Full list with in-show timestamps below the break.

Have you heard of Scanlan the sad?
Couldn’t ask for a better comrade.
He walked off with Kaylie
To learn on the daily
How to be the best Shorthalt dad.

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Hack The Planet: Sombra Stuff


Sombra’s base skins are named after natural colors:

Cidro (Citrus) / Incendio (Fire) / Mar (Sea) / Noche (Night) 

Her “Azucar” skin (Lit. “Sugar”) is based on the sugar skulls commonly associated on the skulls created for Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos), a very popular holiday in Mexico. These skulls are called ‘calaveras’ (Lit. “Skull”) and are created as offerings to the deceased. Sombra’s trademark hacking symbols (the skull) is based on the sugar calaveras as well.

Her “Los Muertos” skin is based on an in-universe gang known as Los Muertos (Lit. “The Dead”) that terrorize the city of El Dorado and like to wear glow-in-the-dark tattoos that make them resemble skeletons. 

Both her Azucar and Los Muertos skins have glow-in-the-dark tattoos, but Azucar’s is patterned on white sugar skulls while Los Muertos’ is patterned on neon skeletons.

Sombra used to be a member of Los Muertos, where she single-handedly leaked vital LumeriCo information and started a public overthrow of the power company.

Sombra was a member of the gang from a very young age, using her small stature and unassuming looks to steal data and give it to Los Muertos. Although some members of the gang show anti-omnic tendencies, most art of the gang shows that omnics can join if they want

Sombra’s voice line “Mess with the Best and Die like the Rest” is a reference to the movie “Hackers”, for obvious reasons. “Hack the Planet” is also from that movie.

Sombra’s playful ‘Boop’ she does to Katya Volskaya in “Infiltration” is actually a thinly veiled threat. Katya does this ‘boop’ to her daughter a sign of affection. Sombra did it to Katya to show that she has been watching the mother and daughter and can easily do more damage if she would like to.

Sombra’s “Amused” emote where she draws a data-chunked circle in the air while music plays, then laughs dismissively and disables it has a long history. During the “Quien es Sombra?” ARG, Overwatch players were desperately trying to figure out who Sombra is and where she was from. This led to people frantically searching the game for anything that could possibly lead to Sombra’s whereabouts. Some users on the Overwatch reddit found some texture artifacts in the skybox of El Dorado, with most believing it to be some kind of code or cipher. This was called “the Skycode”. Everyone was trying to decrypt it every way, from 3D visualization to language ciphers to data compilation, but nothing was working. Then some users decided to try and make the data into a song, and this is where the “Amused” song comes from. the theory that the Skycode was an encrypted song was very popular, but in the end the Skycode artifact was just that: an artifact. It had nothing to do with Sombra at all and was simply a quirk of Overwatch’s graphics engine. Thus, the “Amused” emote.

Sombra’s ammo counter on her gun is in Hexcode, a common data type used in coding and hacking. Her gun holds 60 bullets, with her counter listing “3 C (60 in hex)” then counting down through the values from there. Her full value table, with each bullet being one value, is below:

3 C (60) | 3 B (59) | 3 A (58) | 3 9 (57) | 3 8 (56) | 3 7 (55) | 3 6 (54) | 3 5 (53)

3 4 (52) | 3 3 (51) | 3 2 (50) | 3 1 (49) | 3 0 (48) | 2 F (47) | 2 E (46) | 2 D (45)

2 C (44) | 2 B (43) | 2 A (42) | 2 9 (41) | 2 8 (40) | 2 7 (39) | 2 6 (38) | 2 5 (37)

2 4 (36) | 2 3 (35) | 2 2 (34) | 2 1 (33) | 2 0 (32)| 1 F (31) | 1 E (30) | 1 D (29)

1 C (28) | 1 B (27) | 1 A (26) | 1 9 (25) | 1 8 (24) | 1 7 (23) | 1 6 (22) | 1 5 (21)

1 4 (20) | 1 3 (19) | 1 2 (18) | 1 1 (17) | 1 0 (16) | 0 F (15) | 0 E (14) | 0 D (13)

0 C (12) | 0 B (11) | 0 A (10) | 0 9 (9) | 0 8 (8) | 0 7 (7) | 0 6 (6) | 0 5 (5) |

0 4 (4) | 0 3 (3) | 0 2 (2) | 0 1 (1) | 0 0 (0)

Sombra’s Translocater is based on stolen and reworked tech from Tracer’s Chronal Accelerator. Sometimes when you Translocate as Sombra, she’ll say a sarcastic “Cheers, Luv!”. Also, during prematch banter, Sombra will say “Sometimes I feel sick after I translocate. I’m sure you know what mean, eh Tracer?” to which Tracer replies “Wouldn’t be a problem if you disappeared forever.”





This is probably my favorite one yet. As soon as I saw this prompt my first thought was “BEE MOVIE SCRIPT.” ‘Cause y’all already knew Anti is a meme-loving fuck. XD

EDIT: I split up the first text into two pictures because the original single photo was too blurry to read.

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