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Can you do 31 and 1 (tease)? :)

His phone rang. “Gibbs,” he barked.

It was you. “Did you get my text?” You asked, “I sent it two hours ago!”

“I was out in the field.” He paused, pulling the phone from his ear and glancing at it. “Was it important?”

You shrugged even though he couldn’t see you. “A bit.” You sighed, “Check it and then text me back.” You quickly hung up after that.

When he looked at your message, his ears turned red and his face burned. 

Do you like it? You wrote, I thought maybe you would… I know you’ve had a bit of a rough day. There, on his screen, was a photo of you in only his white dress shirt. The first three buttons were undone, and he could barely make out the fuzzy image of your breasts underneath the fabric.

He smirked, and typed back. I can’t wait to get home to you and tear it off.

Well, it’s too late now… I’ve changed.

He typed back, I’ll make it up to you?

You wasted no time in typing back, Oh, you’re going to have to. Otherwise, this is the only thing you’ll see tonight. You sent another photo, this time of you in the bath with only the bubbles concealing you.

Tease, he wrote back, and then thought better of it. I’ll be home in 10. Be ready with that shirt on.

You smirked from the bath, I thought you wanted it off anyway?

10, (Y/N). He wrote.

He was home in 5.

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1-31 of the panic! Questions 😋💕

im just gonna assume you meant 2 separate ones and not all jfkfbjh

What what the first P! song you heard?

honestly i have no clue, it was so long ago and i was so.. so small

What song is your least fave?

i think its always been like camisado? i have nothing against it i just listen to it the least

ask me panic Qs yay

Nem azt mondom

Nem azt mondom, hogy tetszel
De a nyálas idézet a képeslapon
Meg a kergetőző kiskutyák a parkban
De még az a rohadt  szívecskés flakon
A kukában. Az is Te  vagy.

Nem azt mondom, hogy akarlak
De amikor leveszem magamról a ruhát
Ha felteszem a tűzpiros rúzsomat
Vagy táncolok, amikor nem lát
Senki. Az is Neked szól.

Nem azt mondom, hogy boldoggá teszel
De libabőrös leszek egy szavadtól
És mosolyra húz a szám ha látlak
Meg az agyam is lesokkol
Hirtelen. Na az Miattad van.

Nem azt mondom, hogy hiányzol.
De kurva jó lenne átölelni…



body negativity got real that week ;-; anyways, if you ever go through some serious conflicts about how you view your body, i just want to say that i think self love takes time  ♡  

so dont be hasty, breathe, and do something nice to get your mind off it. love ya



complete! i’ve wanted to do a jojo print FOREVER and of course it’d be my favorite boys. after 5000 years in the void i finally emerge with this. thanks to everyone who joined me in streaming this for the past two days! this’ll be available at j1 and my store at the next update. HAPPYー UREPPIー YOROPIKUNEー!!


Malia Obama started her internship at the Weinstein Company in New York on Monday, 1/31/17. According to sources Malia is working in the production and development department, reading scripts and deciding which are worth pitching to executives - such as Harvey Weinstein - to put into development. The internship will run through the spring and pays around $9 an hour.


16-year-old Emma Walker and 18-year-old William Riley Gaul from Tennessee had been dating for several months when she decided to call the relationship off. Unable to accept Emma’s decision, William stalked her incessantly for two months before his stalking reached calamitous heights. On the 20th of November, 2016, William took his grandfather’s gun and drove to Emma’s home. Once here, he stood outside her bedroom and watched her sleep. He then produced the stolen gun and shot Emma through her bedroom window.

The following morning, Emma’s parents were horrified to discover her deceased in her bed, saturated by her own blood. Several hours later, William professed his love for Emma on his social media accounts, completely unaware that police had already suspected him in her murder. 

He was released on $1 million bail on 31 January, 2017, and shall remain free until his trial.

E il fatto è che non ci va mai bene niente. Ogni capodanno ci lamentiamo di quanto sia stato merdoso l'anno che sta passando, di quante cose orribili siano succede ma il fatto è che non ci pensiamo mai su. Quest'anno fermiamoci. Prima che arrivi la mezzanotte fermiamoci a riavvolgere il nastro di questi 366 giorni. Al conto alla rovescia, al 10, 9, 8 pensiamo a tutto. Pianti, risate, viaggi, scuola, paure, amori, amicizie. Pensiamo a quante cazzate abbiamo fatto, a come abbiamo passato queste 366 giornate, che sia stato in compagnia della persona che amiamo o da soli a leggere un libro. Al 7,6 promettiamoci che penseremo a quanto siamo cresciuti quest'anno, a quante cose abbiamo fatto pensando al presente e non a quello che penseremo l'indomani perché così si vive, al momento. Pensiamo ai successi scolastici che ci hanno reso felici ma anche agli insuccessi che magari ci hanno delusi. Al 5,4 promettiamoci che penseremo alle giornate passate con gli amici, alle serate d'estate a vedere un tramonto o alle giornate passate in famiglia. Al 3,2 promettiamoci che penseremo alle amicizie, quelle nate e quelle concluse ma anche a quegli amici che anche quest'anno hanno dimostrato di tenerci a noi. Pensiamo agli amori, a quelli nati e a quelli finiti. Al 1 pensiamo alle giornate che abbiamo passato da soli, magari rinchiusi in camera piangendo per una delusione o per un insuccesso e allo 0 ringraziamo il 2016 per tutti i momenti belli e brutti che ci hanno aiutato a crescere e diamo il benvenuto al 2017 e promettiamoci che vivremo alla grande negli attimi della nostra adolescenza che ricordiamoci, la vita non ci proporrà due volte…♡

1.31.17 | 11:50 PM
last day of january, started off great, ended off with my first mental breakdown in 2 months so, after calming down I made a recovery page in my bujo for more “positive” therapy feat. smol birbs