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Masterlist for all my reactions (which aren’t so much at the time XD)



-Mafia!Jungkook Imagine Part 1//Part 2//

 BTS reactions:

-you wanting to run into their arms but your falling right in front of them

-your getting hit by a basketball because you checked them out

-you falling asleep on their lap

-Taehyung actually being a fallen angel (Blood, Sweat and Tears)

- when you start crying during a fight

- when there are noises coming from your kitchen but your supposed to be alone

- when they see someone harassing their s/o

- when their s/o is afraif of Freddy Krueger (can’t sleep)

-when your nervous to meet their parents

- when you sit down on their lap and snuggle up to them

- Mafia!AU when your their s/o and you try to run away from them

          -(Jungkook, Taehyung, Jin, Rapmon)

- when you use a night light but your embarrassed about that

- Mafia!AU when their s/o gets kidnapped


Bts as:

- Jimin

- Jungkook

- Taehyung


BTS when they they get arrested and your the police officers child:

- Taehyung and Jungkook

- Jimin and Yoongi



Got 7 as:

- Mark

-Hogwarts Houses

- Animals

Got7 reactions:

you start crying during a fight

- when someone harasses their s/o

- you sit on their lap and snuggle up to them

- when their usually childish s/o is listening to death metal

- Mafia!AU when they think your dead but your just going shopping /Hyung Line

- Mafia!AU when they think your dead but your going shopping/ Maknae Line


Monsta X

 Monsta X as…

-Hogwarts Houses

Monsta X Reactions:

- when they send you to buy groceries but you come home with a puppy instead

you know what’s tiresome? make a resource reply about self defense directly in response to a specific situation (face grabbing/forced kiss) targeted at women, men leap on it:

1) when you give advice to prevent an attacker from choking you, they are like ‘if they’re crushing your windpipe, they’re doing it wrong, they should be coming from the sides like trying to pop bubble wrap’ yes OK genius man lets gIVE THE SEXUAL HARASSER TIPS ON HOW TO IMPROVE HIS FORM CHOKING YOU

2) offer extreme advice that does not help any women who find themselves in this situation like: “buy and carry a gun” and “go for the jugular with a freddy kreuger glove” like yes! this is definitely helpful to women we carry these items on ourselves at all times. I know I do! Never mind that the expectation to be armed or use a weapon already has consequences upon women in self defense situations– “why didn’t you mace him?” “why don’t you carry a taser?”

3) Self-congratulate and like each others inane replies

4) use the opportunity to swagger about how they weren’t replying to the thread, just talking about how they’d fuck up someone who’d attack them

5) reframe survival/escape-oriented self defense (rather than Big Damn Hero action movie combat) as “let the aggressor threaten you and then maybe get him off you, *maybe*“


Thank you, @violatheviolinist!  Here’s a super quick tutorial on how I make faces, ft. the AU boys! These tips go for making faces of all kinds, not just male ones.

Here’s some additional info.

1. This is embarrassing, but I was in the Queen fandom (Yes, the band. Also, it’s Freddie Mercury’s birthday tomorrow and I’m delighted and ANYWAYS) for five years. Trying to nail likeness for four different male band members was a big help when it comes to drawing different faces for my future stuff.

2. Building from interesting shapes also helps with general character design as well! You can easily build shapes and characters with the layer and opacity tools in Photoshop (not sure about other programs). If not, grab a Sharpie and block some shapes together and trace over them with a separate piece of printing paper or tracing paper and go from there.

3. Also, draw from real life helps a bunch or just general portrait drawing. Find a nice pic of your favorite actor or something, and make a graphite study of them. This kind of practice comes in handy when developing your own work. Even professionals have to remember to work from life to strengthen their techniques. (If you follow any Disney vis dev artists, they’re always posting various still life and landscape studies, not just drawing from their imagination all the time.)

I’m not a mega-professional when it comes to this, but I hope it helps you out! Happy drawing!

-Mod Junior


What a stream that was! Thanks for coming everyone, it was great talking to you about the game and about the art. Not sure when the next stream will be but maybe I can start-to-finish a piece of art for it. Anyway, regarding the above drawings!

1. Bonnie and Chica with detailed eyes. Foxy is there literally by accident. I drew him and then realized I drew him.

2. Mangle! Mangle was requested and boy did that cheek floof take a while.

3. Freddy winking into space, the Marionette in a tiny car going beep beep, and a slightly enraged Springtrap. 

4. Another request, Plushtrap! Why haven’t I drawn him before?!

5. Toy Bonnie doing something that would probably need several weeks of repairing and repainting to his knees.

6. This bear will always have a special place in my heart. Hes not a bunny but hes close enough.

I might colour some of these. Some of them came out nicely. And don’t ask about the watermarks. If I didn’t have to do it I wouldn’t.

Sleep With Me [Part 3]

This is NOT  smut

The previous part was

Request: “Hi! Could you please do one where one of the other weasley’s walks in on you and fred in bed together? thought it’d be a funny one, thanks i love your writing!”


“Where are the others? Ron asked, walking into the kitchen to grab a plate of brownies,

“Wouldn’t have the fuzziest,” George wondered, “Fred went up to grab a jumper, and Y/n went up to see what’d taken so long, and they never came back down”.

Now that all the dishes were done and the table was clean (‘no thanks to them’ George thought), he went upstairs to look for them.

As he reached his bedroom, the door was shut, but he could hear the faint sounds of you and Fred talking.

George, immediately thinking that you had bailed on him to get out of cleaning up, he slammed the door open and marched in.

— Your POV —

“Do you think we should go back down?” you ask Fred, not wanting to move,

“Just a bit longer,” he says quietly, as he scoots closer to you and pulls you closer to his chest, pulling the blankets over the two of you and wrapping both his arms around you tightly.

The door suddenly slams open to reveal George.  You shriek, and as soon as he realised what he was seeing, his eyes widened, “OH GOD”.

“GEORGE, GET OUT!” Fred yelled, one arm swatting the air in his direction, his other arm pulling you closer to him so nothing of yours was showing.

George’s hands flew to his face to cover his eyes and he turned around,



George shut the door with his foot, a loud thud echoing around the room,

“You’re in bed, naked, with Y/n!” he whisper-shouts, “What if Mum or Ginny or anyone walked in?!” he was now looking at his brother as he spoke, the blanket now up around both of your necks,

“Oh my God, shit, shit, shit…” you say, burying your face into the doona to hide your embarrassment,

Once the shock had work off George, he saw the amusement in the current situation: his brother had just slept with the girl of his dreams, and he was here to make fun of the two of you for it.

“George, don’t you dare say a thing to anyone, you got that?” Fred warns, seeing the mischievous smile forming on his brother’s face,

“Nah of course not,” George started, “I won’t say a word about how you’ve practically been in love with Y/n for about two years, and now here she is naked in your bed… You had sex didn’t you,” he said, beginning to laugh at how perfectly terrible his timing was to walk into the room.

You groan from under the doona ad Fred shakes his head warningly at his brother.

George began to laugh, “You and Y/n, about time! You and Y/n finally decided to—“ George was interrupted by another voice,

“What’s going on up here?” Ron started as he walked up the stairs to the twin’s bedroom. Before you could think, Fred pulls the doona up over his head, the two of you now completely under the doona.

“What’s all the noise about—“ Ron started, as he walked into the room to see George standing awkwardly in the middle of the room, and a big lump under the doona where you and Fred hid.

“How did you possibly think this would be a good place to hide?” you whisper to Fred,

“I’d like to have seen you come up with something better in under two seconds!” Fred whispered back.

“George, is that Y/n and Fred under there?” Ron asked questioningly,

“Oh, uh, yeah,” George stammered, “Y/n, uh, wasn’t feeling to well, so she went to have a lie down,” he lied.

“So why is Fred under there with her?” Ron asked, probably not believing a word coming from George’s mouth,

“Uh, you know, he was just…”

“And why are their clothes there on the floor?” He asked again, pointing to your dress, as well as George’s shirt and trousers. Thankfully, both of your underwear were still on the bed, eliminating the likeliness of Ron knowing you were totally naked. You panicked as neither Ron nor George said anything, so you tried to think of a lie,

“I threw up on them!” you yell out from under the doona.

Fred gave you the most bewildered look you had ever seen, “I threw up all over our clothes, so we had to, uh, take them off, and now we’re under here so no one sees,” you lie,

“Yeah, so if the two of you could leave right about now so we can get changed that would be great,” Fred adds.

“Come on Ron let’s get out of here,” George says as he walks out the door,

“And don’t tell anyone—“

“That she was sick!” you both say in turn,

“I don’t want your mum thinking her cooking made me feel ill—“

So don’t say a word, alright Ron? Alright, George?” Fred says the last bit in a warning tone,

“Yeah alright alright, I won’t say anything because I don’t want Hermione to have to move rooms again,” Ron says, shutting the door behind him and George.

The two of you peep out from under the doona, to see the thankfully empty room.

“Now I’m going to have to give you some of my clothes to wear, since your trunk is still in Ginny’s room and you threw up all over yours,” Fred laughed, walking over to his drawer to get you some clean clothes,

“See Freddie, I could come up with a better lie in under two seconds,” you say with a smile, hugging him from behind. Fred turns around to face you, smiling, and kisses you on the lips, his hands either side of your face,

“Now quick, we better go downstairs before any more of them suspect something,” Fred says, handing you some fresh clothes.

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One Morning At Home - Part 9

(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)
(Part 5) (Part 6) (Part 7) (Part 8)
(Part 9)

And so this series comes to an end!  Thank you all so much for your encouragement, feedback, and patience! I hope you’ve enjoyed it and I can’t wait to finally share the other stories I have in mind for you all! ^_^

Home is where your heart is…

“Mo Soul” Player Playlist 21 April

1. Chuck and Mac - Powerful Love
2. Otis Redding - Cigarettes & Coffee
3. Rufus & Chaka Khan - Sweet Thing
4. Al Green - Lets Stay Together
5. Marvin Gaye - Come Live With Me Angel
6. Mayer Hawthorne - Cosmic Love
7. John Mayer - Still Feel Like Your Man
8. Fat Freddy’s Drop - Boondigga
9. Jazz Liberatorz - Blue Avenue
10. Gramatik - No Way Out
11. Incognito - Something ‘Bout July
12. Boz Scaggs - Jojo
13. Toto - Georgy Porgy
14. Bobby Caldwell - What You Won’t Do for Love
15. Sameed - Dusty Jazz

If you really want to enjoy music and help musicians and bands, buy their lp’s or cd’s and don’t download mp3 formats. There is nothing like good quality sound!!!

(Angel Lo Verde / Mo Soul)

Foxy is Different

Okay, so I’ve read a TON of  theories on Five Nights at Freddy’s, and I just want to give everyone a round of applause for all the awesome theories they’ve come up with! Many seem plausible, but I feel like adding my own theory to this. 

This is what I’ve come up with… Foxy doesn’t hurt you. 

Before you go apeshit and shoot down my theory, let me ask you, why is it that in FNAF 1, Foxy doesn’t jump in your face and try to literally bite your face off like all the others? And why does he just stay behind the curtains? Why not roam the halls like all the others? Why does he not pause and go somewhere else as soon as he’s out of sight of the cove? 

External image

I think it’s because he is afraid of the other animatronics. In FNAF 2, you notice that there’s another version of Foxy; a painted, almost clown like version of Foxy is in a heap on the floor in a room called “Kid Cove” and it didn’t seem like Foxy and this one had any sort of connection at all. The workers didn’t even call it “Foxy” anymore, instead referred to it as “The Mangle”. 

And also in FNAF 2, Foxy and the Marionette are the only ones not fooled by the empty Freddy Fazbear head that they have given you to hide in. I do believe that the Marionette is the core one out to get you. And the Marionette is distracted by the music box and when the music on that stops playing, he comes after you. Ever think that maybe… The Marionette has possessed the other animatronics into thinking that your a danger? 

And continuing the pattern from FNAF 1, Foxy is the only one that goes into your room differently. Instead of standing still in front of you and biting at your face like all the others still continue to do, Foxy actually dives into your room. And it looks like he’s very, very urgent about it. 

I don’t believe that the Marionette can fool Foxy into thinking that you are a threat. Foxy is the only one that the Marionette does not have control over. Now you’re probably asking, “Why does the screen say GAME OVER after Foxy jumps into the room?" 

Another theory advised… You hear the bloodcurdling scream that Foxy lets out when he supposedly murders you… I think he’s screaming in fear. He comes to you, the one that he thinks will not hurt him because he knows that you are a human and not an animatronic. But when Foxy screams, he alerts the others. Upon doing so, they all flood your office and murder you. 

And lets remember that this is the jumpscare that most gamers fear and scream about time and time again. Mainly because he is so unexpected. 

External image

External image

This also works for FNAF 1. The second you don’t see Foxy outside of the curtains of Pirate Cove, he’s running down the hallway, almost to avoid all of the other animatronics as well. If you catch him in time, he doesn’t stand there and wait for the door to open after you close it. Instead, he bangs on the door, begging, pleading for you to let him inside. After a few seconds, the bangs cease and he’s back in the Cove. I think that one of the animatronics are dragging him back to the Cove and then leaving him there. And the pattern is endless. Every time you aren’t paying attention to Pirate’s Cove, Foxy gets the opportunity to escape and run to your office. 

Foxy knows your human and is hoping that you will protect him from the other animatronics in the building. He is fearing for his life, just like you. 

And this ties it all together… Why would the other animatronics be after Foxy if he tries to leave the Cove? Simple. Foxy is the one responsible for the Bite of ‘87. Many theories have been posted for this, but I do believe that it was Foxy who caused this event. It might have been a simple malfunction and Foxy collapsed on stage, promptly ripping one of the patron’s heads open… Or it might have been on purpose. Maybe Foxy was protecting someone… A human, no doubt. He might not think all humans are evil and was protecting a human from another human. 

FanFiction has butchered that theory to no end. And I do believe that’s true. This might be the reason why the animatronics aren’t allowed to have that much freedom anymore, because of Foxy. And so, they are angry at him for ruining their lives and are out for revenge on him. And he seeks safety in who? A human. You. Another thing to let broil in your head… What if Foxy was protecting you? Is that why he seeks safety in you? Because he believes that you are simply misunderstood, just like him? Because he knows that you would never hurt him because he saved you from someone that evil? The bite took place in 1987, the same year that appears on your check in FNAF 2. And it is now known that the game is a prequel… so FNAF 1 is after that happened. We can’t be sure how much time has passed, but probably enough time for your character, Mike Schmidt, to grow up and work at the same place that was your solid salvation. 

And Foxy is your friend, jumping and screaming for help, begging you to save him from what might become his ruin. You two are connected. 

But don’t take my word for it. All I have are theories and statements. But if you believe it’s possible, than hit me up. Let me know what you think of this theory… 


Aggettivi determinativi (p.2)

Here I am to try to explain better the second group of adjectives:

a) Aggettivi possessivi: la mia maglia. | my sweater.
They explain the owner of the noun:
mio, tuo, suo, nostro, vostro, loro. [my, your, his (her, its), our, your, their]
As you know, they are all declinable in genre and number (singular / plural). Beware: the genre and number of the adjective doesn’t coincide with the genre and number of the owner of the thing, but to the ones of the object (person) “owned”.
Le sue scarpe. = His shoes = Her shoes.
Sua sorella. = His sister. = Her sister.
It can be explained though in another part of the speech, or with a “sua (di lui) (his)” / “sua (di lei) (her)”
A list:

b) Aggettivi dimostrativi: questa maglia. | this sweater.
questo, codesto*, quello. [this, that, (these, those)]
They are all declinable in genre and number, according to the ones of the noun they refer to.
They indicate the position of someone/something: 
->in space:
questa casa. | this house.
quel ragazzo. | that guy.
-> in time:
quest’anno. | this year.
quella volta. | that time.
They are also used to recall something mentioned before or to anticipate something (a further explanation about something just mentioned).
Tornerò dopo su questo argomento. | I’ll come back later on this subject.
=>Gli aggettivi dimostrativi can act as pronouns too.
(*codesto is not used very much anymore, but it works as questo, it refers to something close to the speaker: codesto libro. | this book.)
A list:

c) Aggettivi indefiniti: una maglia qualunque. | a (whichever) sweater (generally speaking)
They indicate someone or something in general. In general, they can loose the last vowel when they precede a male noun, as it happens with the articolo indeterminativo (same rules), while when they precede female nouns, you can leave the final vowel and avoid the apostrophe-thing:
nessuna idea. (nessun’ idea) | no idea.
They can be divided into 4 categories:

1) singolativi, when they refer to something but considerate it as singular:
qualche spicciolo. | a few money.
A list:

-tale can be used as aggettivo dimostrativo, too: 
tale situazione. | this situation.
(una tale situazione = such situation)
-qualche is used only as singular, and it can be preceded by the articolo indeterminativo to intensify a situation: 
qualche uomo. | a few/some men.
una qualche soluzione. | a solution / some kind of solution.
-alcuni/e (plural form) is used with plural names:
=> qualche (singular)-> alcuni (plural)
alcuni uomini. | a few men.
But they can precede also a complement or subordinate (complemento partitivo = introduced by the articolo partitivo - dei, delle, degli..; or proposizione relativa = usually introduced by “che” - “that”):
Questi sono solo alcuni dei problemi rilevati. | These are only a few of the problems I noticed.
Ce ne sono alcune che non avevo mai visto. | There are some that I haven’t seen before.
-alcuno/a (singular form) is rarely found in positive sentences, mostly in old italian literature’s works. It is mostly used in negative sentences instead of “nessuno/a”:
Non vedo nessun problema. = Non vedo alcun problema. | I see no problem.
-certo is an adjective if it comes before a noun, it means “sure” when it comes after the noun. It can be preceded (when used as adjective) by the articolo indeterminativo to intensify the situation.
Secondo certe testimonianze. |  According to some depositions.
Testimonianze certe. | Trust worthy / sure depositions.
Ha chiamato una certa Anna. | A not specified Anna just called. (someone you don’t know but maybe the other person you speak to, does.)
Certo can also be used allusively to refer to something improper, or to augmentate a noun or insult something/someone:
Ho saputo certe cose.. | I found out such things.. 
Lui ha certe braccia.. | He has such (nice/big) arms..
==> certo  ≠  qualche: certo refers to someone/something you know nothing about, qualche refers to someone/something you might know something about (like the quantity).
Certa gente. | Some (unknown/generally speaking) people.
Qualche persona. | A few people. (not many people)
-altro = other, more
-altrui = of someone else
-quale = certain, such as

2) collettivi, when they refer to a group of people or things and considerate it in its totality or generally:
ciascun albero. | each tree.
ogni donna. | every woman.
A list:

-qualunque, qualsiasi, qualsivoglia have the same meaning (whichever / whatever / any):
qualunque/qualsiasi/qualsivoglia persona. |  anyone.
Before a noun, they express togetherness of a group:
qualsiasi vestito. | whichever/any dress.
If they come after the noun (preceded by the articolo indeterminativo), they get an insulting value and express mediocrity:
un uomo qualunque. | a common man. (with no particular virtue)
These adjectives don’t have a plural form, but they can follow a plural noun:
delle leggi qualsiasi/qualunque. | whatever laws.
You can write both un qualunque amico or qualunque amico (with the article or not), but beware ==> the others aggettivi determinativi collettivi can’t be written after the article.
-tutto can be followed by the articolo determinativo or indeterminativo:
tutti gli amici. | all the friends.
è tutta una bugia. | it’s all a lie.
Tutto can have an augmentative meaning in some occasions, and the consistency of genre and number can be with both the subject or noun that follows:
Lui è tutto barba. = Lui è tutta barba. | He is all-beard. (It looks like he is only made of beard, He has a very big beard.)
-ogni = each, every
-ciascuno = each
-altrui = of someone else

3) quantitativi, when they express a generic quantity:
poco sole. | a little sun.
tante piante. | a lot of plants.
A list:

-articolo determinativo + poco, molto, tanto, troppo: used to intensify and specify the quantity:
Molti amici di Mario. | Many friends of Mario = a lot of his friends, we don’t know how many  I molti amici di Mario. | The many friends of Mario. = all of the many friends Mario has.
-poco = a little
-pochi = a few
-molto = a lot, many
-troppo = too much, too many
-alquanto, parecchio = quite some, much, quite a lot
- altrettanto = likewise, as much

4) negativi, when they give the sentence a negative value:
nessun animale. | no animal.
alcun problema. | no problem. 
A list:

-nullo might be used as well as = ineffective, useless, not valid.
un atto nullo. | a not valid act.
BEWARE==>The negative adjectives coming before a verb can’t be followed by another negation (example: non). But if they come after the verb, they need another negation:
Nessun computer funziona. | Not a single computer is working.
Non ho nessun computer. | I don’t have any computer. (I don’t have a computer)
When they are used with another adjective expressing a quantity, you can avoid putting the second negation:
Ho poca, o nessuna, fiducia in lui. | I have a little, or no trust in him at all.

d) Aggettivi interrogativi: quale maglia? | Which/What sweater?
A list:

These adjectives introduce a question, a doubt, about :
->a quality:
che squadra? | Which/What team?
quale dolce? | What/Which sweet?
->a quantity:
quanti soldi? | How many money?
quanta acqua? | How much water?
->an identity:
quale città? | Which/What town?
che colore? | What/Which color?
They are used both in direct and indirect questions:
Mi ha chiesto per quale squadra tifassi. | He asked me for which team I cheer for.
=>When singular, quale (both referring to female and male nouns) can be used in the form “ qual ”, and it doesn’t need the apostrophe.
qual è il tuo amico? |  Which of them is your friend?

The same adjectives (same list) are used also for the:
e) Aggettivi esclamativi: (e) che maglia! | What a sweater!
The only difference with the interrogativi are ofc the intonation and the punctuation.
che squadra! | What a team!

f) Aggettivi numerali: le due maglie. | The two sweaters.
[You can read also my old post here to have more examples]
These adjectives are basically numbers (or number related), and they can be divided into 2 big groups:

1)Aggettivi numerali ORDINALI: they indicate a position of a thing/a person in an organized sequence. They are variable: they change genre and number (plural / singular).
Il decimo posto. | The tenth place.
La decima scena. | The tenth scene.
I primi freddi. | The first colds (weather - the first times it get cold outside).
First ten adjectives come from latin words: primo (1st), secondo (2nd), terzo (3rd), quarto (4th), quinto (5th), sesto (6th), settimo (7th), ottavo (8th), nono (9th), decimo (10th). From the 11th, they are made of :
number + suffix (-esimo).
-venti => ventesimo. (20 => 20th)
When a number ends with 3 or 6, they don’t loose the end as it happens in general (ex. see above: venti, looses the last i when adding the suffix), before adding the suffix:
-trentatré => trentatreesimo (33 => 33rd)
-quarantasei => quarantaseiesimo (46 => 46th)
They can act as nouns (aggettivi sostantivati):
Viaggeremo in prima (classe). | We will travel in first (class).
Usually these adjectives are written before the noun:
Viviamo al terzo piano. | We live on the 3rd floor.
They come after nouns in case you are writing: 
->names of Popes, Princes, Kings: 
Luigi quattordicesimo (XIV) | Louis 14th (XIV)
But at times you can hear in italian Luigi quattordici ( Louis 14) too, even if it’s not correct.
->or to express a precise sequence:
Capitolo terzo, scena prima. | Third chapter, first scene.
Sometimes you can find an aggettivo ordinale instead of a cardinale:
->with centuries
Il secolo tredicesimo (Il tredicesimo secolo) = Il Duecento. | The 13th century. = The year (century around the year) 200 AC
->the first day of the month:
Il primo marzo = L’uno marzo. | March the 1st.
->with chapters/sequences:
Il secondo capitolo. = Capitolo due. | The 2nd chapter = Chapter 2.
=> It is usually better to write them in letters, except if you’re writing a very high number, or a scientific text.
When writing them in digits, usually you can find them written in:
->numeri romani (romans’ numbers): I, XIV, L ….
->or with an exponent: decimo = 10° = 10th ( exponent: o = male; a = female )
->you can find them written as 14ma = quattordicesima = 14th (female).
The aggettivo numerale ordinale ennesimo (from math, a number/letter with exponent = n) can be found and heard easily:
L’ennesimo problema. | The nth problem.
Rarely you might find also the old way to express aggettivi numerali ordinali (only from 11th on), that is based on separating the first digit of the number from the second:
18th= diciottesimo = decimoottavo (10th8th, basically).

2)Aggettivi numerali CARDINALI: they express a precise quantity (a number) . They usually are before the noun and are not variable: they are all male and plural, except obv. “uno” = one, that is singular and also has the female version, “una”. 
Ci sono cinque cani. | There are five dogs.
Eravamo quattro amici. | We were four friends.
They can also be used as nouns (aggettivi sostantivati):
Eravamo in quattro. | We were four.
=> It is usually better to write them in letters, except if you’re writing a date, a very high number, or a scientific text.
You might find a number after a noun in scientific/commercial situations (prices): 
€ 50,00
or when you’re writing about a precise sequence:
Leggi al capitolo 15, riga 10. | Read at chapter 15, line 10.

[I hope I didn’t make too many mistakes and I’ve been clear enough.. anyway, feel free to contact me anytime.] 

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Do you have any other characters in your fnaf au other than the extra Foxy (Captain)? Also do you have like some elaboration about Captain?? Where did he come from :o

my main FNAF AU consists of Freddy, Chica, Foxy and Bonnie. It is on the canon storyline but its after the bite of ‘87.

my FNAF 2 AU consists of Toy Freddy, Toy Chica, the mangle, Toy Bonnie, marionette and balloon boy. And all the gen 1 animatronics but they are more worn out and stuff. its on the canon storyline.

Foxicest AU consist of yiffpirate’s foxy from his foxy blog. if you dont know foxicove, whERE HAVE YOU BEEN OMG.

my ’ i used to be’ AU is my first contribution to the FNAF fandom and its way before FNAF 2. its about foxy malfunctioning, causing the bite.

FNAF 4 Theory to end all Theories!

Wow! FNAF 4 was a blast, wasn’t it? Being released first in October, then in August, and finally just a few days ago! Well, I have an explanation for the game…if you’ve read my previous two theories, you’ll like this one better.

Because WHOO, THIS game is a keystone to everything else we knew! Scott, my man, you’ve outdone yourself! Fantastic!

So in the game we have those minigames–which tell a big part of the story. The story tells of a little kid whose older brother works at the local Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria (the one in FNAF 2). Because the parents are nowhere to be found, the Brother (I’ll call him Big Brother) has to take the kid (I’ll call him Little Freddy) with him to work in order to watch him. At Big Brother’s work, him and his friends scare Little Freddy any chance they can—by doing things like locking him in the spare parts room, leaving him at the restaurant alone, or Big Brother even bringing masks home to scare Little Freddy with. In such a world where everyone-even his own brother- is against him, the only friends he has are the cute plushies of Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and Golden Freddy. Later, Little Freddy is at a party…his birthday party, which is at Fazbear’s Pizzeria. But Big Brother and his friends decide to torment him by bringing him face-to-face with Fredbear. One friend says that the kid wants to give Fredbear a big kiss, and they lift Little Freddie to Fredbear’s mouth—-

—Fredbear bites down, and the child stops squirming. This is the Bite of ‘87. Little Freddie is the one whose frontal lobe was completely removed…yet he survived. 

This is not the Bite of ‘87, but rather the “Incident of 83″. 

Many of you have shown me this. An easter egg from the most recent update of FNAF 4. The television says “Fredbear and Friends, 1983″. 1983. At first, I put this off as a “Since 1983″ business move. But Scott wouldn’t add something so trivial. He knows what’s up. 

The Incident of 83 is the first case of an animatronic hurting a patron (the second being 87); this was also the incident that Phone Guy mentioned in the dialogue from FNAF 3:

“After learning of an unfortunate incident in a sister location involving multiple and simultaneous springlock failures, the company has deemed the suits temporarily unsafe for employees, facing a top priority at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, which is why the classic suits are being retired to an appropriate location while being looked at by our technicians”

This is why the suits were moved in the first place.

Anyway, now the actual gameplay comes in. During the nights, the Nightmare animatronics (warped designs based off of the actual ones) haunt and try to hurt the child. But they don’t. Notice how every time you “get killed”, there isn’t a game over screen like we are accustomed to in the other games…we are just returned to the bloody-red menu where we can restart the night. It’s because we aren’t really killed. Little Freddy is actually in a coma, being forced to relive the nightmares over and over, until we can finally conquer them. In Night 5, there is only one animatronic we have to fight, the one who started it all…the one who caused so much pain and torment to Little Freddy: 

Fredbear. Or, rather, Nightmare Fredbear.

You may be skeptical about the whole “Little Freddy+Bite of 87=put in a coma” thing, but one little clue tipped me off. One tiny, almost unnoticed clue. If you’ve watched Markiplier play FNAF 4, you remember he saw something that seemed to strangely appear and disappear during the game.

Flowers in a vase, right next to Little Freddy’s bed. The calm colors of the vase and flowers greatly resembles those that a family member would bring someone if they were in the hospital. These flowers are a glimpse in real life for Little Freddy, seeing a vase of flowers on the hospital nightstand, presumably given by his guilty and (hopefully) regretting Big Brother.

EDIT: Markiplier’s 6th FNAF 4 video cements the theory that Little Freddy is in a coma!!! The voices at the end are Big Brother and his friends talking! The brother does regret tormenting his little brother, and wants to fix what he did!

EDIT 2: oursunkenship also had this to add: “ While watching either Pewdiepie or Markiplier (don’t remember which) I noticed for a split second an IV bag instead in that very spot; which is obviously much more solid proof than the vase of flowers alone. I thought I imagined it and was really puzzle by it. Makes sense now!”  Thank you for this proof, yo! 

After all this story, there is also an easter egg in the Night 3(?) minigame. When you are told to run, you run to the room on your left, and then exit it through the right side of the screen. Then, you’ll see this:

That’s right, it’s Purple Guy.

This brings me to the theory to end all theories. 

In FNAF 3, Phone Guy mentions “An incident concerning a sister location” that caused Golden Bonnie and Golden Freddy (Fredbear) to be put away. This “incident” is the Bite of ‘87, AND Phone Guy works at a pizzeria seperate from Purple Guy!!!

Which means after Purple Guy committed the famous murders at this location when he was on the day shift many years prior to the bite. But this still makes me wonder how Purple Guy is able to work at this Fazbear location even though he killed five children…..?

People have talked to me about how this game actually takes place in 1983…and that seems baffling. But I was able to fit everything together in this timeline here! Check it out!

If I come up with more theories, I’ll shout them out here :)

What do you guys think? Scott, I did good? MatPat, possibly more than a theory? A game theory?


Hello, tumblr-ites!

So as many of you know I am a huge fan of the musical Chess, and in particular I’ve recently been raving about the 1990 Long Beach production of the show, starring Jodi Benson (voice of Ariel in Disney's The Little Mermaid) as Florence.

Well, lo and behold a video bootleg of the production was discovered recently, and this being a somewhat momentous occasion for Chess fans I felt it would be appropriate to host a livestream of the video for all to see.

So for those interested, the livestream will be this Saturday, June 21st, at 11:00 AM Pacific Daylights Time (1:00 PM Central Daylights Time, 2:00 PM Eastern Daylights Time). This is a very strong production of the show and probably one of the best American productions, so I highly encourage you guys to come along and enjoy yourselves.

For any of you who haven’t seen/heard of the musical Chess, here’s the rundown: Chess is a rock musical set during the height of the Cold War, centered around the 1979 World Chess Championship between the brash American champion Freddie Trumper (Kim Strauss) and the Soviet grandmaster Anatoly Sergievsky (Robert Yacko). Florence Vassy (Jodi Benson), the American’s second and our main character, finds herself in the midst of East/West conflict and a doomed love triangle as she searches for her long-missing father.

Chess features a musical score by Tim Rice (Jesus Christ SuperstarThe Lion KingEvita) and Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus of ABBA, and features such hits as “One Night in Bangkok” and “I Know Him So Well”. The libretto was written by Richard Nelson, and originally directed on Broadway by Trevor Nunn. This production features direction and a revised script by David H. Bell.

I’ll post reminders about the stream later in the week - hope to see you all there!

(production picture originally posted by arqueete - go follow her, she’s great)


Oh, hey! Welcome back! If you’re reading this message, congrats for making it through your first night shift. Have a good Night 2: Ink and try to make it back for Night 3: Color if you can. Okay, have a good night and keep an eye on your security monitor.

Night 2 of my Five Nights at Freddy’s Speedpaint is now up on my Youtube channel! If you haven’t seen Night 1, Sketch, check that video out here.

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