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Getting to know BTS: Suga/Yoongi

a series: 3/7

things you should know about Suga, an introduction 

Min Suga Genius Jjang Jjang Man Bboong Bboong—origins here  ⭐︎

Suga Review (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

Nevermind Live ⭐︎

Mixtape ⭐︎

AgustD MV 

Give it to Me MV

Tony Montana Live

B-day Present to Fans Projects (1) (2) ⭐︎

Savage Suga


Kaep Jjang 

Awkward (cute) dancing (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) bonus

DJ Suga—wants to be radio host (1) Hosts BTS’ KKUL FM every year

Produced a song for another artist, Wine

First Love Live (2) ⭐︎

Freestyle rap (1) (2) (3)

싸이하누월 MIX Final

Student Council Member

Kumamon love

Fansigning bonus (1) (2) (3)


Archery (1) (2) (3

Shooting Guard—Suga Basketball (1) (2) (3) (4) bonus ⭐︎

Suga suga suga

Suga Playing the Piano (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) bonus ⭐︎

Something Special Stage

this stage

Suga x Trophy 

SOPE (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)

Otsukare Song bonus ⭐︎

Spotify Playlist

EXO ask meme

Send me a number and I’ll tell you:

1) My favourite EXO MV.
2) My EXO bias.
3) Favourite concept.
4) Least favourite EXO song.
5) Favourite EXO song.
6) EXO M or EXO K?
7) Last EXO song I heard.
8) Favourite Sehun hairstyle.
9) Favourite EXO ship.
10) How I got into EXO.
11) Last EXO merchandise I bought.
12) Have I ever seen EXO live
13) Was my first bias different to the bias I have now, and if yes, why?
14) Chen’s eyelashes or Xiumin’s eyebrows?
15) A blog that makes me think of EXO.
16) My favourite EXO blog URL.
17) Which Pokemon do I see each member as
18) Member I think would be the funnest brother
19) Do I think EXO should make another series like Next Door? Why/why not?
20) What I think would happen if EXO raised Sea Monkeys together.
21) Which member I think would be most likely to be arrested and what for
22) Who kills a spider, who takes it outside, and who just keeps screaming
23) Which animal slippers would each member wear
24) [Ask Me An EXO Question Of Your Own]

EXO’s dates are all planned, Part 5

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5

Yixing’s solo MVs are also scheduled…

It’s not even just about the songs. For example EXO Showtime’s first episode was aired on 28th of November 2013.

EXO Next Door began on 9th of April 2015 and ended on 28th of May 2015.

  • The Lost Planet began on 23rd of May 2014
  • The Exo'luxion began on 7th of March 2015
  • The Exo'rdium began on 22nd of July 2016
  • Exo Planet #4 will begin on 24th of November 2017

anonymous asked:

how to get into golden child and know them better?

sure thing!

resources to help you learn their names:

-predebut concept videos: Bomin, Joochan, Donghyun, Jibeom, Jaehyun, Seungmin, Youngtaek/Tag, Jangjun, Jaeseok, Sungyoon/Y, Daeyeol

-predebut individual vlives to get to know them: (some are a little awkward bc the members are so shy!)
watch on vapp with eng subs: Bomin, Joochan, Donghyun, Jibeom, Jaehyun, Seungmin, Youngtaek/Tag, Jangjun, Jaeseok, Sungyoon/Y, Daeyeol

resources to help you fall in love: 

-their predebut reality show: WoollimPICK
all episodes (+ eng subs) watch on vapp: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

-short bonus clips from WoollimPICK
watch on youtube, on naver

-GNCD is extremely entertaining to watch live, here are their DamDaDi livestages: 
watch youtube playlist made by me while making this ref post lmao

-latest reality show: Ring It! Golden Child
all episodes (+eng subs) [as of 171005] watch on vapp: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

-official MVs: DamDaDi, No One Like You (Joochan), Drought (Jangjun and Youngtaek/Tag), performance video (Donghyun, Daeyeol, Jaeseok) [not a mv but it’s official]

official resources to stay updated on them:

-twitter (they share cute selfies!!)

-instagram (even more selfies!!)

-youtube (atm they’re sharing daily videos, and they post other content like behind the scenes, dance practices, etc.)

anonymous asked:

Hi I'm a fairly new Teen Top fan (at first I wanted to say I'm a new angel but that sounded a little silly) and I was wondering if you could recommend some shows Teen Top has done/been on, please? Since you make gifs I thought you might know the good ones. I'm also really curious about the show the gifs of last week where they're singing and c.a.p turns off the background music so only Chanjo's voice can be heard are from? Thank you very much in advance, have a nice day!

Hello Angel, welcome to the fandom! I hope you really like it here~ I have replied to this question before, but I’ve updated the dead links and added other stuff:

The gif set of the boys fooling around in the studio, and C.A.P turning off the music, you can watch the video here!

Well, for starters, I suggest you watch their Weekly Idol episodes first! Here are the subbed episodes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (more episodes here!)

Teen Top recently came out with their own show called ‘Teen Top on Air: The New Beginning’ and you can watch the episodes here!

Their recent interview with KBS is the funniest you can watch it here

Their DVDs are bomb (and eng subbed too praise the lord): 1, 2, 3, 4,

Here are their first edition MV put up together!

If you don’t have enough time but want to watch something entertaining, I suggest you watch Niel’s 4 things show english subbed here!

If you want to watch Teen Top + 100% (100% is their dongsaeng group)’s ‘Rising Brothers’ episodes, here are all of them, and if you want to see them individually learn things and be cute af, you can watch the other section of ‘Rising Brothers here!

You can watch L.Joe’s web-drama ‘Magic Bottle’ (only 3 episodes): 1, 2, 3

Changjo worked in a movie ‘Mak Girls’ so you can watch Changjo being his pretty self in movie cuts: 1, 2!

You can also watch Teen Top’s ‘Never Stop in Guam’ and you can find the eng subbed episodes here

For small videos of everyday Teen Top, you can watch their English subbed ‘Teen Top On Air’ videos here!

Other than that, some videos I linked might be un-subbed because the channel subbing them was taken down and they haven’t re-uploaded the videos yet. I hope you have a good time watching all these! You have a good day too love ^^

Masterlist [UPDATED]

Screenshot Saga:

DNA: [Part 1] | [Part 2] | [Part 3] | [Part 4]

Go Go: [Part 1] | [Part 2] | [Part 3] | [Part 4] 

DNA M/V: [Part 1] | [Part 2] | [Part 3] 

Not Today MV: [Part 1] | [Part 2] | [Part 3] | [Part 4] | [Part 5] 

Mic Drop: [Part 1]  [NEW]


What BTS would be like drunk

How BTS would cuddle

BTS in a haunted house


How do you feel about the fact that BTS is my life?

Diss me! 

Do you secretly make dad jokes? 

Oppas, step on me!

Jimin why does your jacket keep flying off like that

Namjoon oppa, I think Jimin found his jams! 

Jimin- ah, am I charming? 

Don’t I deserve to be punished…

Jimin why are your hands so tiny?

Jimin could kill me w/ his tights

When was the last time you took care of your toenails, Jimin? 

Diss BTS for being BTS

Namjoon poppa

Jungkook oppa

I’ll sue you


-raps rest of mumbling agustd lyrics-  [NEW]

Tie me up with your headband  [NEW]

Bandana Yoongi is mine  [NEW]


BTS on Halloween

Cheer Ups:

[Part 1] [NEW]


Encore {Seven Deadly Sins}: 

[Prologue: Incipere]  [NEW]

[Chapter 1: Teaser]   [NEW]

[Chapter 1: Mendacium] [NEW]

[Chapter 2: Teaser]  [NEW]

[Chapter 2: Stigma] [NEW]

[Chapter 3: Teaser] [NEW]

[Chapter 3: Amor Primus] [NEW]

[Chapter 4: Teaser]  [NEW]

Send an ask, be it for diss, reaction, cheer up, AU update or screenshot- Trust me I don’t mind since I have no asks :’)

BIGBANG ask meme

Send me a number and I’ll tell you:

1. Favourite BIGBANG song.
2. Favourite BIGBANG MV.
3. Favourite era.
4. My BIGBANG bias.
5. My least favourite BIGBANG song.
6. My favourite album from MADE.
7. My favourite picture of the five of them together.
8. My favourite ship.
9. How I got into BIGBANG
10. When I got into BIGBANG
11. Member I’d most like to date.
12. Member I’d most like to be best friends with.
13. Favourite and least favourite GD hairstyle.
14. Favourite BIGBANG social media post and why.
15. Favourite running gag within the fandom (eg. You liiiike?)
16. Something I’d love to tell Daesung.
17. Something I’d buy as a gift for Taeyang and why.
18. Somewhere I’d take GD if he came to my city and why.
19. TV show I’d love to watch with Seungri and why.
20. Place I’d most like to visit with TOP and why.
21. What BIGBANG merchandise I own.
22. Have I seen them live.
23. Why I love them so much.
24. Favourite BIGBANG sub unit.
25. Favourite solo artist in BIGBANG.

SHINee's songs


1.Replay (x) (Live) (MV)

2. In My Room (x) (Live)

3. Real (x) (Live)

4. Love Should Go On (x)


1. The SHINee World (x) (Live)

2. Love’s Way (x)

3. Love Like Oxygen (x) (Live) (MV)

4. Romantic (x) (live)

5. One For Me (x)

6. Graze (x) (live)

7. Last Gift (x)

8. Best Place (x) (live)

9. Y Si Fuera Ella (x)

10. Four Seasons (x)

AMIGO: SW Repackaged

1. AMIGO (x) (live) (MV)

2. Forever Or Never (x)


1. Talk To You (x)

2. Juliette (x) (live) (MV)

3. Hit Me (x)

4. Senorita (x) (live)

5. Please Don’t Go (x) (live)

6. Romeo + Juliette (x)

2009, YEAR OF US: EP

1. Y.O.U. (x)

2.Ring Ding Dong (x) (live) (MV)

3. JoJo (x) (live)

4. Get Down (x)

5. SHINee Girl (x)

6.  The Name I Loved (x)


1. Up & Down (x)

2. Lucifer (x) (live) (MV)

3. Electric Heart (x) (Live)

4. A-Yo (x) (live)

5. Obsession (x)

6. Quasimodo (x) (Live)

7. Shout Out (x)

8. Wowowow (x) (Live)

9. Your Name (x)

10. Life (x) (live)

11. Love Pain (x)

12. Love Still Goes On (x) (live)

Hello: Lucifer Repackaged

1. Hello (x) (live) (MV)

2. One (x) (live)

3. Get It (x)

THE FIRST: Japanese Album

1. Lucifer: Japanese Version (MV)

2. AMIGO: Japanese Version

3. Juliette: Japanese Version (MV)

4. Better (live)

5. To Your Heart (live)

6. Always Love (live)

7. Replay: Japanese Version (MV)

8. Start (x)

9. Love Like Oxygen Japanese version

10. Hello: Japanese Version

11. The SHINee World: Japanese version

12. Seesaw (x) (live)

13. Stranger (x)

14. Kiss Kiss Kiss (with Juliette)  (x) (Live)


1. Sherlock (live) (MV)

2. Clue (x)

3. Note (x)

4. Alarm Clock (x)

5. The Reason (x)

6. Stranger (live)

7. Honesty (x)


1. Dazzling Girl (MV) (live)

2. Run With Me (x)

1000 YEARS

1. 1000 Years, Always By Your Side (MV) (live)

2. The World Where You Exist (x)

DREAM GIRL: The Misconceptions of You

1. Spoiler (x)

2. Dream Girl (x) (live) (MV)

3. Hitchhiking (x)

4. Punch Drunk Love (x)

5. Girls, Girls, Girls (x)

6. Aside (x)

7. Beautiful (x) (live)

8. Dynamite (x)

9. Runaway (x)


1. Fire (MV)

2. Moon River Waltz (live)

WHY SO SERIOUS: The Misconceptions of Me

1. Nightmare (x)

2. Why So Serious (x) (Live) (MV)

3. Shine (x) (live)

4. Orgel (x)

5. Dangerous (x)

6. Like A Fire (x)

7. Excuse Me Miss (x)

8. Evil (x)

9. Sleepless Night (x) (live)

Boys Meet U: Japanese Album

1. Password

2. Breaking News

3. Dazzling Girl

4. 1000 Years

5. Run With Me

6. Kiss Yo

7. The World Where You Exist

8. Keeping Love Again


10. Sherlock

11. Fire

12. I’m With You

THE MISCONCEPTIONS OF US: Combined + Repackaged

1. Selene 6.23 (x)

2. Better Off (x)


1. Boys Meet U (MV)

2. Sunny Day Hero


1. Everybody (x) (live) (MV)

2. Symptoms (x) (live)

3. Queen Of New York (x)

4. One Minute Back (x) (live)

5. Destination (x)

6. Close The Door (x) (live)

7. Colorful (x) (MV)


1. 321  (MV)

2. Colors Of The Season (x)

Other Songs

1. Stand By Me (x) (live)

2. Scar (x) (live)

3. Body Guard (x)

4. Green Rain (MV)