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No Solas, look to your fucking sweater. 

Okay, you guys are going to think I’m the most anal DA fan in existance but this sweater bugs me. First off, it’s not knit, it’s a woven fabric trying to look like a knit. It should be an honest knit and not a deceitful weave pretending it’s something that it’s not. Why is it a woven fabric? Look at the crosshatching in red. Those are vertical and horizontal threads going over and under each other. I know very little about weaving but I think weavers call those thread the weft and woof. If it were a knit the details would look like little V’s. 

Second, whoever cut that fabric should stab themselves in the eye with their shears. Again, I haven’t cut fabric in years but I’m pretty sure that if you were cutting out sleeves you’d make the top line up with the grain (or whatever), the directions of those threads. If it had been done properly the lines would have lined up with the “should be” instead of the “WTF”,

And can we talk about that shoulder seam? Who the fuck seams like that? The stitches should be invisible. Solas, stick to magic because your sewing skills suck. 

Now, if anyone wanted to knit that sweater it would be a really easy knit. To get that look you’d have to knit the front, back and sleeves separately and then seam it together and knit on the collar. Your basic pattern would be, I think *knit 6, pearl 1, knit 1 pearl 1, knit 6*. Use a DK weight wool (Merino if you have the money). Knit a test swatch, measure that, measure yourself, do a shitload of math and, voila! Solas’ sweater!

Meanwhile, I am so disgusted with Bioware’s lack of attention to fabric that I am never going to play another game of theirs again. EVER. 

Or at least for the next ten minutes. 

Imagine Your OTP
  • Person A: Want some chap stick?
  • Person B: Hell no!
  • Person A: Why not?
  • Person B: There is a conspiracy theory where that is actually just fiberglass! I don't want to cut my lips!
  • Person A: ............ThE GoVErNmENt Is cONtrOlLInG uS!1!1
  • Person B: Shut up! It is just fiberglass!
  • Person A: [Person B], get me my aluminum hat!1!1! THat iS tHE onE wAy To StOP tHe MiNd cOntRolLInG!1!1!
  • Person B: Shut up! *puts on aluminum hat and goes to their bedroom*

How to Prepare a Needle 

How To Prepare A Needle: Meth (Safe Injecting)

After tons of requests for a video on how to prepare a needle, I have finally made one. I hope you guys enjoy! I do not promote the use of illicit drugs. Please be safe and responsible. Please read my disclaimer. Click here to submit video requests. For further inquiry, click here

For written information on how to prepare a needle, I have detailed, step by step instructions that contain tips + pointers + safe injection practices, as well as instructions on how to prepare a needle with meth, heroin, or morphine. Here you can read about Safe Injecting: How to Register a Needle. If you are unsure how to safely administer your shots, get help. Everyone starts somewhere. Most importantly, do not share needles with anyone. It is not safe.

Follow the 3-Poke Rule or 1 and Done Rule: Once you have used a needle 3 times, dispose of it. Open a new one. 1 and done, meaning 1 use and then dispose of it. It’s safest to open a new sharp for every use because needles begin to dull after even a single poke.

Tools for sterile needle preparation:
sterile syringe, tourniquet, sterile water, sterile alcohol wipes, sterile bandaids, sterile spoon (cooker/stericup), cottons, biohazard disposal.
- Measure out the amount of crystal and put it in in your spoon (or stericup).
Add roughly 20-30cc of water.
- Cook the crystal in the water until it just begins to bubble.
- Stir the shards in the warm water until they have all dissolved. Meth is water soluble.
- *optional: Add 5-10cc’s (or one drop) of cold water to cool down the liquid.
- Place a cotton ball in the center of the liquid.
- Make sure the “eye of the needle” (the side of the needle point that has the hole) is facing down, pressing against the cotton.
- Begin to pull the plunger back slowly at a 45° angle and the liquid will begin to pour in.
- Once that has finished, flip the needle around with the tip facing the ceiling.
- If there are remaining air bubbles, gently shake or flick the barrel until they are gone.
- Slowly push the plunger to the top of the barrel. There should be no space.
- Wipe the tip of the syringe off before you shoot. Most of the time there is residue that is left on top – that is the only reason doing a shot of meth should burn.

  • Me: *leaves room*
  • Family: whOaA????1????? ThE VAmPiRE HaS DAreD tO LeAVe iT's CaVE???????1???1??
  • Family: *mocks my weight*
  • Family: *mocks my interests*
  • Family: *mocks my friends*
  • Family: *mocks my feminist beliefs*
  • Me: *returns to room and vows to never leave again*
  • Family: but why doesn't she want to socialize with us????1????1?1?? Silly moody teenager

rashandtaxes  asked:

Can you explain why Amonkhet's -1/-1 synergies were mostly Green and Black while The Scorpions God is Red and Black?

The Scorpion God was flavorfully about killing which falls more into black and red’s camp. -1/-1 counters were used because he was suppose to be killing indestructible Gods.

Fic: “I Choose Us...” (1/1)

A Chris Evans x OFC Fanfic

Summary: Chris and Natalia go on their first date night following the events of Fix You
language, slight angst, sexual content
: Thanks for reading! xx


Chris let out a nervous breath, a cloud releasing from his mouth from the cold January air. Picking up his wife of twenty years for dinner shouldn’t have been as nerve wracking as it was, but this was their first night out together in what felt like forever, something that their marriage counselor had suggested to reconnect.

Over the years, date night had been a constant in their relationship; something that kept the magic alive. But, like every couple could relate to at one time or another, a growing family meant additional responsibilities, and taking time for themselves had somehow become scarce.

In an attempt to shake off the nerves, Chris puffed out another breath and rolled his shoulders back. Another ten whole seconds ticked by before he mustered up the courage and ascended the porch steps, one at a time. Once he got to the door that needed a new paint job, he respectively rang the bell rather than using his keys, clutching the bouquet of flowers in his tight grip.

Immediately, without fail, he heard the dog barking, followed by the sound of nails scratching across the floorboards. The door swung open seconds later and Chris prepared himself for the unavoidable attack.

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i’ve been grading my sister’s practice dbq’s and long essays for her, so here’s how i wrote all my dbq’s in us and euro.

not sure if the euro test has happened or not?

also, for those who don’t know, dbq’s are scored:

  • +1 for thesis
  • +1 for argument
  • +1 for using 6 documents
  • +1 for POV on 4 documents
  • +1 for context
  • +1 for synthesis
  • +1 for outside info

The formula is basically the same for long essays, except:

  • +1 for thesis
  • +2 for argument development
    • important to note what kind of question it is:
    • compare/contrast, continuity/change over time, periodization, causation
    • for each one, you get one point for basically answering it, (ie similarities and differences for compare and contrast) and another point for explaining why those things existed/that stuff happened 
  • +2 for evidence
  • +1 for synthesis

good luck to everyone taking the test tomorrow!

A few amazing moments from the SHINee World V concert in LA last night

- SHINee dabbing. Enough said
- Jonghyun and Onew’s amazing harmonies during ‘Please Don’t Go’
- Minho talking about going to go see the Clippers games (he wanted to go see the Lakers instead lol) and fanboying screaming “YEAH BABY”
- Cues Minho imitating the basketball players
- Key interjecting during all of this saying “I don’t know anything about sports, so what did you eat today?” (very done with Minho at this point LOL)
- Taemin imitating Key speaking English and getting extremely embarrassed (PRECIOUS)
- Jonghyun squeezing the hell out of Taemin cooing and saying how adorable he is
- Taemin saying SHINee should pretend they are like the Power Rangers cause SHINee is 5 and Power Rangers are 5; Key going “Don’t say we are 5.. you did”
- Key singing parts of LaLa Land
- Key not remembering those parts of LaLa Land and Minho asking Key if he’s ok (cause Key is literally ripping his hair out at this point)
- Jonghyun being extra and blowing kisses to everyone
- Minho and his legendary ‘dibidibidis’
- SHINee seeing our fanproject during ‘1 of 1′ and Jonghyun asking to see it again after ‘1 of 1′ ended
- Us showing Jonghyun’s birthday banner to SHINee and Key going “OH YEAH IT’S ALMOST JONGHYUN’S BIRTHDAY LOL” 
- /cues our happy birthday song to him/

And finally, wise words from Key aka Kim Kibum himself:
“ You guys this is real. You are not watching Youtube right now”
“Thank you all for singing with us and even singing some of our fanchants. You could be better at Korean than some of us ahaha” 

Bless SHINee. Bless them all. 

Let’s talk about White Aligned Races

Art by Matt Stewart

Mark Rosewater recently said that the dwarven experiment in Kaladesh was not a big success. This comes from a long line of Wizards trying and failing to find a White characteristic race. Now, it’s certainly possible that Wizards of the Coast just happens to be repeatedly finding races that people don’t particularly resonate with, but I honestly think they’re missing an important part of what makes the other characteristic races characteristic races. If you’ll bear with me, I’d like to explain why goblins, merfolk, elves, and zombies are great, and why kor, kithkin, leonin, dwarves, and aven fail to get sufficient love.

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- ̗̀ m a s t e r l i s t  ̖́-

[M] smut

[S] fluff

[A] angst

< hyung line >

kim namjoon

reflections [A] (coming soon) 

hazy eyes [S] (coming soon)

kim seokjin

sweeter than sweet husband!au [S] (coming soon)

jung hoseok

take the crown prince!au [S] (coming soon)

min yoongi

monochromatic feelings [A] (coming soon) 

like the wind [A] [S] (coming soon)

< maknae line >

kim taehyung

childish, but i still love you [S] (coming soon)

1+1= us? badboy!au [M] (coming soon)

park jimin

handcuff me anytime police!au [M] (coming soon)

dream come true elf!au [S] (coming soon)

jeon jungkook

grind till i own it [A] [M] 1, 2, 3

he’s out of this world alien!au [S] (coming soon)

julie andem & the rest of the skam production team: *sabotage a season that was supposed to be focused on sana bakkoush, a Muslim girl of color by introducing dumbass unresolved subplots, destroying good FEMALE friendships, introducing even nastier female friendships, making all her characters act like they’ve been body-swapped with mean, selfish clones, completely misuses a chance to present beautiful, uniquely Muslim experiences to a non-Muslim audience, orchestrates a disgusting scene where a white boy “explains” racism/islamophobia to a Muslim girl of color after calling her a “condescending bossy bitch” & makes sure said Muslim girl agrees with & validates his stupid ass opinions so her white audience can be guilt-free, actively tell people of color who have experienced racism that it’s their fault cos they were “looking for hate”, constantly portrays sana as the villain who keeps apologizing to people who don’t deserve it, just consistently transforms a season that had so much potential into a literal shitshow* 

y'all gremlins: OMG Julie andem is an I C O N shit’s about to go down yo she warned us!1!!1 just TRUST her!!11!1 skam is SOOO realistic Julie understands us nasty ass teenagers so well OMG!!!! all you ugly pee oh sees complaining need to shut up & be grateful for this HISTORIC representation also this is a EUROPEAN show for EUROPEANS & if u don’t like it go back to your co- I mean….watch another show!!!1!1 and remember sweeties ALT ER LOVE #EVAK4LYFE