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I’ve had these [Kings season] tickets for 5 years, and there’s been only, like, 8 guys that have stood out.  It’s really hard to stand out on a rink, you know.  You can’t tell who’s who, everyone’s got their helmets on, and then there’s a couple of guys you’re like ‘Jesus’…Malkin’s one of those.  The first time I saw him in person, with the seats we have, just watching the way he just holds people off while he holds the puck… there’s only like 3, 4, guys in the league who can do that, that can do the skate-around, keep possession, guys are banging them, guys are hitting them with their sticks, and they’re just like, unfazed.

[TianShan Week]

Day 1: Pursuit

…an effort to secure your very own Guan Shan!

Oh man, why do I keep making mini-comic when I don’t have much time~ XD

Pretends I’m not living in UK time… *whistles*

You’re the only one, that can stop my mind from going a million miles per minute. 
You calm my soul, and make all my worries fade away. You’re my happy place.
—  From Me to Her (from @musicnblood to @notbr0ken-justbent)

I’m so proud of tsukki from the last episode so i drew him

$1 story - G is for guro



I know this is super light. I’m sorry.



Blood, bruises, violence.

Jesus fucking Christ, what the fuck happened to you?!’

Mo Guan Shan sat on the edge of the tub.

He was covered in blood.

‘It’s not all mine.’

‘Yeah, I assumed that because you’re conscious right now.’

He Tian reached around him to start the water.

‘Alright, take your clothes off.’

The red haired boy shook his head.

‘Don’t be weird, I’m trying to help yo

‘I can’t lift my arms.’

He Tian sighed, searching the bathroom counter for scissors and gently cutting the filthy shirt off, careful not to jostle him.

‘Stand up.’

He slowly helped the other boy out of his pants and boxers, very proud of himself for not saying doing anything rude or shitty for several straight minutes.

He helped his friend into the tub, gently wiping away the blood and filth, exposing his pale skin, peppered with blossoming bruises.

He looked like he’d been hit by a fucking truck.

(He Tian would later learn it had been a baseball bat.)

The large welt on his side explained his shallow breathing and immobility.

He’d clearly broken a few ribs.

His lip was split.

His eye was swollen nearly shut.

The cut over his cheekbone might need stitches.

His knees and shins were scraped and bruised.

He Tian gently pulled pieces of gravel from his palms.

His knuckles were so swollen he could barely move his fingers.

He Tian let the filthy water drain, refilling the tub with clean, warm, water.

Mo Guan Shan shivered violently.

Deep breaths.

Be gentle.

Now is not the time.

He would get him cleaned up.


In bed.

Give him some water.

And some pain pills.

And an ice pack.

And then come go home and jerk off like a normal pervert.

He helped Mo Guan Shan out of the tub.

He was trying to stay quiet, not show how much pain he was in.

That was probably for the best.

He Tian dug through his dresser, finding a pair of loose pajama pants.

He bandaged the still bleeding wounds.

Wrapped his ribs tightly.

Helped him into bed.

Did the rest of the things he’d promised he would.

All he could think about was licking the blood from his lips.

Deepening his bruises.

Opening his wounds.

‘Will you stay?’

He Tian blinked at him, in shock.

‘I…don’t want to be alone.’

‘Yeah, of course.’

He settled in next to him on the bed, switching on the tv.

He tried very, very, hard not to look at him.

Not to adjust his painful erection.

‘You’re fucking sick, do you know that?’

Damn it.

‘Yeah, I know. I’m sorry, I’m just going to go to…’

‘You don’t need to.’


‘You can do it here.’

‘You do know why…’

‘The blood? The bruises? Me being in pain?’

He Tian looked away.

‘God, no wonder you like spending time with me.’

His voice was teasing.

‘Ok, I think this might be the painkillers talking.’

‘So what?’

‘So that would be a little creepy.’



They both laughed.

Mo Guan Shan winced and groaned quietly.

Deep breath.

‘You can kiss me.’ The red haired boy whispered, gently pulling the blanket off himself.

He Tian bit his lip, raking his eyes over the pale, damaged body.


‘Everywhere that hurts.’

TianShanWeek - Day 1 - Pursuit

*during lunch time*

Zhan Zheng Xi: I wonder why the other two still haven’t shown up…

Jian Yi: Oh! I got a text from He Tian before, he said he was in hot pursuit of Mo!

Zhan Zheng Xi: … 

Zhan Zheng Xi: What the fuck is that supposed to mea-…

*Mo crashes and bolts through the courtyard*

Zhan Zheng Xi: …

Zhan Zheng Xi: Where the fuck is he-…

*He Tian chases Mo with fire set to his clothes*

Zhan Zheng Xi: …

Jian Yi: …