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Red** (04/02/16) This is the history of the reader and Dean Winchester and will span the majority of the seasons. Starts in about season 2 through right before Dean goes to Purgatory, up to MOC!Dean, and right on through to season 11. Reader knows nothing of the hunting world. 

I Am Yours ** (04/22/16) Dean has been in hell and the reader is having a hard time coping with life. TW: Anxiety.

Come Over (04/30/16) Based off the song Come Over by Kenney Chesney, It’s a little angsty. It’s a little sexy. It’s a little fluffy. 

The Real You (04/30/16) Based off the song The Real You by Three Days Grace, angsty MOC!Dean. 

Faster Gun (05/01/16) Based off the song Faster Gun by Little Big town, Mentions of blood and injuries, language, little bit of PG-13 foreplay.

Who’s Counting? (05/01/16) Based off the song Kashmir by Led Zeppelin, Mentions of drug use, language, angst if you squint. 

Hurt (05/03/16) Based off the song Hurt by Johnny Cash, Angsty as hell. Like, I cried writing this. Drinking and driving (NEVER DO THIS!) Language. TW: Anxiety.

Stoned on Your Love** (05/12/16) Based off the song Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapelton, Language, brief mentions of sex and masturbation.

Your Guardian Angel (05/17/16) Based off the song Your Guardian Angel by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, other than language, this is pure fluff.

Insomnia (06/01/16) Consider this a preface to the Pilot. Dean and the Reader reunite after a couple years and Dean has a request.

Lucky** (06/07/16) Based off the song Feed my Frankenstein by Alice Cooper, Reader encounters Demon Dean in a bar… 

Lose Control (06/09/16) The Winchesters keep taking over the Reader’s hunts and she is less than pleased about it.

My Favorite One (06/18/16) Reader recounts her history with Dean after someone close to the Reader finds something of his…

Salvation (10/05/16) The Mark has made Dean a different person and affected your relationship with him. Is there anything you can do or say to help him through this difficult time?

Crazy, Stupid, Love (10/31/16) Dean has no idea you have feelings for him and you may or may not be acting irrationally about it. 

Out of My Head** (11/21/16) Dean is a little insensitive toward your feelings and you try to make yourself forget.

Where I Belong** (11/23/16) Love is a crazy thing and sometimes creeps up on us. What will Dean do when he realizes just how much you mean to him? 

All That Matters** (11/28/16)  It’s a chance meeting, a one night stand that neither of you can forget, years of regret and longing, and a lot unspoken between you. What will happen when Dean Winchester waltzes back into your life again?

Always** (02/04/17) Dean and the reader meet in a bar just days before he’s set to go get Sam and look for their dad. While he didn’t mean to drag her into the life, and he tried with all his might to keep her out of it, fate has other plans.

Long, Lean, and Lethal** (04/27/17) The Reader finally takes things into her own hands when it comes to her feelings for Dean. 

End Credits (05/08/17) Dean’s made his deal and the Reader is unhappy about it. Denial and a hefty dose of ignoring Dean seem to be her way of trying to fix her broken heart, but will it work?


KISS MY LIPS YOU FOOL (AU Neighbor!Dean) Reader is having a rough day and is rescued by her handsome new neighbor.
Kiss My Lips You Fool Pt. 1 (03/26/16)
Kiss My Lips You Fool Pt. 2 (03/27/16)

ORDINARY DAY** Dean gets in contact with the Reader after years apart and begs for some ordinary time with her. Catch is, the Reader doesn’t know about his deal or how much time he has left. Will this make or break the leftover time Dean has left?
Ordinary Day Pt. 1  (09/10/16)
Ordinary Day Pt. 2  (10/01/16)

SLOW** The reader and Dean have always fought feelings for each other. What will happen when they reunite after years apart? 
Slow (08/07/16)


Sweet Relief** (06/21/16) AU Nurse!Sam. Reader is a Nursing Student and is doing her first Round of Clinicals and is lucky enough to shadow Sam.

Amnesia  (06/25/16) Sam gets hit with an amnesia spell on a witch hunt. 

Home** (11/07/16) Daddy!Sam. The Reader finds out she’s pregnant and leaves the life, desperate for normalcy and safety for her unborn child. Somehow, Sam and her are reunited. How will they figure things out for them and the future of their family? Set in beginning to mid season 8. 

Aftermath  (11/12/16) Sam has just chained Lucifer and and dove into the pit and the Reader is having a hard time coping. 


THE CONSERVATORY (AU!Sam) Both the Reader and Sam go to the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and meet by happenstance. Could it be true love or will the past intervene to separate them?
The Conservatory Pt. 1  (04/13/16)
The Conservatory Pt. 2  (04/13/16)
The Conservatory Pt. 3  (05/16/16)

RUSH** (AU!Sam) Based off the song My Best Friend’s Girl by The Cars. The Reader met Sam after eye flirting with him at her favorite cafe for weeks. But how will her best friend react to this new development?
Rush (05/03/16)
Rush Pt. 2 (11/03/16)

INTO THE FIRE** Season 1. The Reader finds out Sam is back in the life. 
Into the Fire  (07/02/16)
Into the Fire Pt. 2  (07/14/16)
Into the Fire Pt. 3  (08/03/16)
Into the Fire Pt. 4  (08/20/16)
Into the Fire Pt. 5  (08/23/16)

DAY 3382

Jalsa, Mumbai                  July 1,  2017                Sat 10:09 PM 

Birthday greetings today July 1,  2017 for Ef Alla Ukhina .. wishing her the very best for her health and prosperity .. from us all the Ef Family ..

 .. and the sun rose, and despite “extenuating circumstances that coerce me to preclude you from such a bobble of extravagance ..” I am here a little before time to wish all the great responses from my previous letter and the joy of seeing that it amused many ..

there is work and there is work .. and there is restriction and there is will .. will wins .. work accomplishes .. and what it entails finds its position here :

these be the campaigns for the work done .. more of which should come in due course .. a course that could spell attention dedication information and a hint of accented suffocation … no not really suffocation, but a kind of play that brings a smile of completion in the world of execution .. execution of work not the other kind .. !!

the ability to change is limited in us all .. efforts made may yield some results .. results that could satisfy .. but that factor is dependent on many other factors .. compatibility, acceptability, suitability and one that comes pretty near to availability ..

confused ..??

well that is the general idea .. at times it makes interesting cover to NOT be able to be read, in the sense of the real .. quite frankly most of the time we as beings find ourselves in that range often .. but we recover and resume and rejoice at our vulnerable availability .. much like what most of us are doing now ..

Fact is Ladies and Gentleman of the Ef .. buying time and space is an art, much like the art of speaking that was consuming the letter last night .. and equally I find myself inefficient again in putting any credit to the matter ..

Best then to come to the factual .. and bring forth, what needs to be brought forth .. in substance ..

an offering perhaps of a ‘toffee’ .. strawberry outside lined with the mango flavour in the inside .. yummy and cool .. try .. it may change your taste for life ..

or perhaps :

the counting of a rupee  .. its value in todays world of some eminence, would you not say .. it did in my time .. it could get you a jar full of sweets, or half a membership to the School cricket team .. but now .. a humungous marketing tool in the pricing world .. how many products does the world have that falls just short of the round figure .. a 200, 250 or a 300 .. not many .. in fact not many at all .. its always 199, or 249, 299 .. a brilliant psychological technology that brain washes customer after customer after customer .. !!!

I do the same tonight ..

Happily of course .. in rhythm with the selling that is done .. and its flourish !!

bewildered at the outcome of such selling .. the two toned appearance signifies the possible entrenched question mark, often marking the continued expression of the person above .. ‘dunno what is goin’ on ..’

and more ..

an end to this .. else Ef Alla Ukhina birthday shall pass away, and none shall get opportunity to wish her ..

and so ….

good night in the language of the Ef Alla

Amitabh Bachchan


Miyawaki Sakura Karaoke SHOWROOM / 28.05.17

Setlist (Not mine, credit to the uploader)

7:15 Uhho Uhhohho (AKB48)
9:40 Oshibe to Meshibe Yoru no Chouchou (AKB48)
12:00 Kagami no Naka no Jean D’Arc (AKB48)
14:30 Kimi Dake ni Chu Chu Chu (Tentoumu Chu! / AKB48)
16:45 Kimi ni Tsuite (AKB48)
20:30 Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou (AKB48)
22:25 Kondo Koso Ecstasy (Next Girls / AKB48)
24:30 Shiokaze no Shoutaijuu (AKB48)
26:35 Shoot Sign (AKB48)
30:20 Tomaranai Kanransha(HKT48)
32:25 Make noise (HKT48)
35:00 Yume Hitotsu (HKT48)
40:00 Watashi Wa Blueberry Pie (HKT48)
41:40 Yume Miru Team KⅣ (Team KⅣ / HKT48)
44:50 Innocence (SKE48)
47:25 Glory days (SKE48)
50:00 Pinocchio Gun (SKE48)
55:50 Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shojo (NMB48)
57:30 Seishun no Lap Time (NMB48)
1:00:30 Teppen Tottande(NMB48) (HKTver.)
1:03:00 Zutto Mae Kara(French Kiss)
1:06:05 Suika Baby (Not yet)
1:09:10 Naminori Kakigoori (Not yet)
1:11:20 Hirahira (Not yet)
1:13:45 Eccentric (Keyakizaka46)
1:17:25 Bukiyou Taiyou (SKE48)
1:21:00 Soramimi Lock(HKT48)
1:26:45 Otona Ressha(HKT48)
1:31:15 Anata ga Ite Kureta Kara (AKB48)
1:34:35 Yuuhi wo Miteiru Ka? (AKB48)
re-watch 2017 - 1.09 & 1.10: Anslo Garrick

This is the first case that feature a former associate of Red with a grudge against him (that we know of). Apparently Red sent Garrick to a prison and either before or after out a bullet in his face.   A nice pick up with Kate. SO I think Anslo also betrayed Red, and he did not make sure either Garrick was dead. 

You trashed a one-of-a-kind partnership.

We were never partners, Anslo. You violated whatever trust I had in you. So, naturally, I did what I always did: And beat you.

I was impressed by Ressler’s lying ability.  He conned Red. Kudos Donald!

Liz telling Tom how he can trace his entire life up to now!  I love those little threads that are picked up later on.  Neither one of them had any idea who their parents were, and what were the circumstances under which they came to be rootless.

Whatever Liz was with her when she was put int he closet is not her stuffed rabbit, that in her manipulated memory is a live rabbit.  One rabbit is on the night table, with googles, by a clock that says 11:40.  

and that is the other rabbit. In the ground at the time.

Ressler’s naivet, on the other hand is astonishing.  His comment:

He doesn’t even know this place exists.
All he does is extract people from places that don’t exist, places exactly like this. Garrick exfils high-level detainees always by considerable force. He liberated Mahmoud Al Azok from an Alcatraz-like CIA black site in the Bering Sea.

is even more contrast to the Ressler of season 4.  

First mention of the Factory, where the CIA brings Red in 2.09.

Death count: 22 to minute.  I certainly hope Fitch added those to his casualties, since a lot of them were FBI agents.

Liz in the elevator is reminiscent of Die hard.  Interestenly  her hand with the scar is bandaged.  We also get Tom in a undershirt in season 3.

 Garrick got some of the best villain lines:

Red, Red, did you really think there was a distance you could cover or a hole deep enough that you could hide in?  There is nowhere in this world that I cannot reach you, Red. Fortification be damned. I heard you made yourself some sweet little immunity deal, Red. I heard that you fitted the FBI with strings, and now they hang upon your hip like a hatchet. Not bad. Prudent. But they can’t keep you safe from someone like me, Red, someone who sat in blackness for five years. Five years thinking about the pain I was going to inflict on you while slowly breaking your will, your body, and finally your mind. That day is here, my friend. And it will end with your screams, as God is my witness.

We’ll be fine out here, Red.But with these charges rigged to blow inward, I can’t say the same about you.It’s no matter.I intend to thoroughly torture the hell out of whatever’s left of you.Oh, come on! Play with me!

Ressler missed in Brussels. Considering he is an excellent shot, we can only assume he did it on purpose. Curiously, Agent Gale, also from the Reddington Task Force also missed a clear shot in 4.20.  This is a detail from 1.01.

Red is not wearing a plaid vest in this episode.

I love how Red goes on and on about the scar and the eye.  Love dark Red.And how Anslo is laughing .

Liz’s trick with the phone is used by both Tom and Solomon in Redemption.

That needle in your arm becomes the one in your neck” is another phrase that comes back as Rostov plunges one on his in 4.08

badass Liz: “we’re going to find those jammers.”   

I love how Red makes so many jabs at Ressler while trying to save his life.  

Why not let them have me, Donald? I’ll likely be tortured for weeks and left to rot until they finally deign to put a bullet in my skull. Wouldn’t that please you?

Donald, never let it be said that I valued a Zegna Venticinque tie over a human life, even yours

And you thought we had nothing in common

Oh, come now, Donald. Think how much smarter you’ll be afterwards.

Donald! Donald! Feeling any wittier yet? Any strange cravings for beluga caviar or Marcel Proust?

Ressler was obsessed with catching Red, but a big part was making his name: Five years, I chased you.Five years trying to make my name.Look where it’s gotten me.

I cannot shake the belief that Red called Audrey, not the FBI.

Most of all Red wants to sleep as he slept when he was a boy.  Without concerns, without a mythic battle.

Harold Cooper is also a badass agent. And Red place a good bet onnsaving Harold by feigning he does not care.  Cooper is very interested by Red saving Ressler’s life.

I know that Liz thinks that Red would not come out except for her, but that is not true. Red tried to save Luli too. In fact he is pressuring Anslo to get Cooper instead of Luli, because his people cannot help, and Red does not know the code, but Luli was not about getting int he box but about hurting Red. In fact he is trying to get Ressler to recover consciousness, but cannot.  Red praying with Dembe is a beautiful scene.

I hope Liz learned the lesson about just knocking out bad guys instead of killing them.

But when Anslo sees Liz he discards the idea of killing Dembe and instead chooses Liz.  So it means he knew of Liz. And I love that he asks Liz please to kneel. So a gentleman.This is the point that I think I was wrong and Cooper does not know who Liz is to Red, as he orders Ressler to not give Red the code.

It is obvious that Anslo knows Dembe. 

I had forgotten that Red leaves Ressler’s gun with him, and one of Anslo Garrick’s team  is going to execute all of the Post Office and Dembe,  He asks them al to kneel. Cooper is very impressive when he comes to the forefront and calls the man a coward.  But as the man is aiming at Cooper,  the only one who refuses to kneel, Ressler kills him.  So they all owed their lives to Red and , who saves Ressler, who saves them all.

Red tells Liz with his eyes to use the paddles on the ambulance, and Liz’s reactions should clearly indicate this is a very special rookie agent.  She is certainly quite capable of taking a lot of stress.

Diane Fowler’s pointing to a mole, is all the more sickening because we know  Aram had been  set up as Louis Cougan.
Anslo is the first one that acknowledges learning so much from Red, as Kaplan does later on.  Red tells ANslo he was greedy and made deals Red would not approve of. And when Red asked him what did he expect:
I learned so much watching you, Red. You taught me Gave me a taste of the good life. But that’s all I was allowed A taste.
You’re greedy, Anslo. You went behind my back, made deals you knew I wouldn’t approve. What did you expect?
I suppose I expected something better than a bullet in the face, Red.
What a satisfying continuity in Kate Kaplan, who presumed to decide form him, who took Liz away from him.
Tom is trying to get Liz to safety. note the absence of plaids n those scenes. That is not an act.

Now one loose end:  Aram said he looked through cellular transmissions.  So someone in the post office. But Diane Fowler was not there all the time.  So who is left?  Who was telling Diane when Red was there? A person of the outside of the PO, or a person inside?  And who could it be?  Meera?  She was placed by Diane Fowler.  She is former CIA, like Peter Kotsiopolus?

A very telling line by Anslo Garrick, that with Red everything is more complicated than it appears. 

 The first doctor administering torture. He is 12 cc over them and Red is not begging for death.

First kiss Red blows to an enemy. The second will  a blow  to Berlin.

Both Anslo and Red laugh, and Anslo gets him stuck again, now well over the limit and Red still says nothing. With the pain enhancement chemical, and being hit by Also who is discharging all his anger, Red is saying nothing. Which makes the idea that Red is saying things to Rostov in 4,.08 because of the torture risible,

But Alan is interesting.  He tells Red he always liked him, and Red scoffs.
The next interesting bit is that meera reaches out to other agencies and long other things they turn a redacted file on black sites.  Intimating that this is a government job.  Why else would they go to a decommission black site?

And Alan is in plaid: plaid shirt and plaid tie

the keens’s house at the beginning of 1.09. No plaid.

but at the end:

and we know the reason for Cooper look when they find where they had Reddington, including the hook to hang him and the blood: Seaduke.

and the lab tests confirmed the blood was Reddington. remember that as my friend @brerrabbitga says: the rare blood type, the prints, and the tattoos and scar on file have to be matched.

So, all impostor theories are fun, but have not much base to them.

and on a completely frivolous but fun Zee shootout

grandpas-and-grunkles  asked:

what if someone mistook tiny bill for a piece of nacho and aTE H I M

omg i was talking to @friendlyufo about this the other day

[2/10/2016 1:49:05 PM] mint: Imagine if, he fell in a bag of Doritos
[2/10/2016 1:49:09 PM] mint: That’s how he’ll die
[2/10/2016 1:50:16 PM] AAAAA: omfg
[2/10/2016 1:50:43 PM] AAAAA: someone starts eating them and hes just screaming the whole time dodging their hand
[2/10/2016 1:51:40 PM] mint: HE DESERVES TO HAVE THAT HAPPEN


As presented by me in a group chat. You can thank me later:

[1/10/16, 2:45:03 AM] Agro: AND THATS WHY HE SHOWS UP AT HER HOUSE
[1/10/16, 2:45:59 AM] Agro: CHLOE DUBITCH IS HERE
[1/10/16, 2:46:09 AM] Agro: ADRIEN AND MARI GAVE HER LOOKS
[1/10/16, 2:47:08 AM] Agro: They being cute
[1/10/16, 2:47:16 AM] Agro: He put his hands on her shoulders
[1/10/16, 2:47:31 AM] Agro: Mari went off on chloe
[1/10/16, 2:47:36 AM] Agro: Chloe ran off
[1/10/16, 2:47:46 AM] Agro: Oh now dubitch is about to start something
[1/10/16, 2:47:54 AM] Agro: She fucking with the food
[1/10/16, 2:48:23 AM] Agro: There are 4 judges
[1/10/16, 2:48:43 AM] Agro: The mayor, chloe for some reason, rock dude, and alya’s mom
[1/10/16, 2:49:21 AM] Agro: Woah I never realized how totally american the rock stone dude was
[1/10/16, 2:49:33 AM] Agro: He’s clearly american
[1/10/16, 2:50:12 AM] Agro: Chef is Mari’s uncle looks like?
[1/10/16, 2:51:00 AM] Agro: Possesses the chef hat. Obv
[1/10/16, 2:51:19 AM] Agro: His power is everyone getting an upset stomach
[1/10/16, 2:51:37 AM] Agro: And becoming his slave because of it LAWL
[1/10/16, 2:52:32 AM] Agro: They’re covering the building with caramel which apparently traps everyone in
[1/10/16, 2:52:53 AM] Agro: Mari and Adrien making excuses to each other to find a place to transform
[1/10/16, 2:53:02 AM] Agro: Since no one else is around
[1/10/16, 2:53:54 AM] Agro: They so surprised to find each other in the hotel lol
[1/10/16, 2:54:12 AM] Agro: Rock dude started running like naruto wat
[1/10/16, 2:54:29 AM] Agro: Chloe being hung over a boiling pool of soup
[1/10/16, 2:55:43 AM] Agro: LB just threw a chair against a door to lock someone inside but when she did she was sitting in it so she and chat fistbumped
[1/10/16, 2:56:07 AM] Agro: They in elevator together, chat not wasting the opportunity
[1/10/16, 2:57:21 AM] Agro: Guess all the clips of future episodes were from this one episode
[1/10/16, 2:57:41 AM] Agro: I hope chloe gets boiled
[1/10/16, 2:57:58 AM] Agro: He carried her up his staff again
[1/10/16, 2:58:20 AM] Agro: All the people he possessed have meat-based weapons
[1/10/16, 2:58:57 AM] Agro: Cheese grenades
[1/10/16, 2:59:35 AM] Agro: LB saves chloe, then once they over solid ground just fucking drops her lol
[1/10/16, 3:00:39 AM] Agro: HE HAS A GIANT FUCKING SWORD (like ffvii cloud) MADE OF PIZZA
[1/10/16, 3:00:48 AM] Agro: Cataclyyyyyma
[1/10/16, 3:01:01 AM] Agro: Day saved!
[1/10/16, 3:01:41 AM] Agro: They need to translate this episode so i know everything that comes out of adrien’s pretty mouth
[1/10/16, 3:02:20 AM] Agro: Adrien is talking back to chloe
[1/10/16, 3:02:40 AM] Agro: I REPEAT HE IS TALKING BACK TO CHLOE
[1/10/16, 3:02:49 AM] Agro: “Super marinette”
[1/10/16, 3:03:00 AM] Agro: This was a nice episode
[1/10/16, 3:05:46 AM] Agro: Start of the ep tho Alya sent Mari a text being like “I GOTCHU HO”
[1/10/16, 3:05:54 AM] Agro: “HERE’S YOUR CRUSH AT YOUR FRONT DOOR”
[1/10/16, 3:06:04 AM] Agro: They cute
[1/10/16, 3:06:07 AM] Agro: lots of shoulder touching
[1/10/16, 3:06:19 AM] Agro: I wanna know all the things Chat said tho
[1/10/16, 3:06:32 AM] Agro: Also what they said when they were trying to get away
[1/10/16, 3:06:54 AM] Agro: and right after they transformed and jumped back into the middle of the lobby

That’s basically it.