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‘While I’m still drunk,’ he said, ‘I just wanted to do something, but you have to promise not to punch me.’

'Sure,’ I replied, warily.

And then he put his hand on my jaw and tilted my head and kissed me. I was too startled to do anything more than kiss back. After a minute he rocked back on his heels and looked at me with a satisfied expression.

'Yeah, that’s what I thought. Night, Malfoy.’

'Night, Potter. You’re very weird.’
—  And Save Me From Bloody Men by blamebrampton

anonymous asked:

How long have you been making art?

I think around 9 years? 
I started drawing more everyday when I was 13
I would still doodle and stuff before that too, but it was more spread out like a few times a month and I also wasn’t quite actively interested in like improving and stuff. So I just count from age 13 and onward for questions like these.


ok but at their show in turin last night billie’s mic stopped working so he had to use mike’s but it was TOO TALL for him so he had to stand on his tippy toes while singing and then he went back to his mic and said “mike, you’re so tall” IDK IT WAS SO CUTE

I am 7 years late to this fandom