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inspired by these videos how about u reblog & tag this with the kpop song that first comes to mind for each of the following:

  1. dugeun dugeun (두근두근)
  2. hana dul set (하나 둘 셋)
  3. meoributeo balkkeutkkaji (머리부터 발끝까지)
  4. eomeo eomeo (어머 어머)
  5. eotteokhae (어떡해)
  6. annyeong (안녕)
  7. oneul bam (오늘 밤)
  8. maeil maeil (매일 매일)
  9. wae wae (왜 왜)
  10. hanabuteo yeolkkaji (하나부터 열까지)


Drew the comic based on Steven’s testimony, didn’t intend it to get so serious near the end. They’re all pencil sketches cuz I did it in one morning, plus sorry if it’s inconvenient to view, I’m not the best at comic layouts.

Text goes left to right and downwards.

Pink Diamond design is mine but lazily done.

Edit: Split the images for easier viewing.

anonymous asked:

do you ever forget that mArioettE kiSsED ADRIEN AGRESTE (they were in their alter egos but still) cause i do.

Anon, this is me every morning ever since episode 10 aired:

Me: (literally wakes up)

My brain: So anyways as I was saying, Adrien and Marinette kissed onscreen, and it wasn’t a quick peck either, it was a long and arguably passionate kiss (with moaning in some dubs)


The 4 angles (big gifs so you can appreciate it, yw)

Her little excited smile, I can’t believe 

You can see him melting, ok, I’m a good person I don’t deserve this


(grabs season 2 by the neck) GIVE US MORE OF THIS