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Me when Square Enix releases a survey for FFXV’s future content and you can only vote once and all of the options should’ve been in the game since day 1:

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Cold Cape Cod Clams, ‘Gainst Their Wish Do It

Rucas Fic Week 2017

Day Eight// AU + Free Choice: Unwilling and unable to face everyone on her own when it comes time to attend Auggie and Ava’s wedding, Riley Matthews hires a solution in Lucas Friar. Loosely based on The Wedding Date.

Notes: Obviously, this is an AU and it takes place in the future. The characters are adults. While I’m not someone who will ever write smut, and I don’t plan on getting particularly graphic with language or even implications, the vary nature of this story is a bit more adult than what I’ve written previously. I’d place the rating somewhere around a PG-13/14.

Also, this is essentially the first installment to what has started developing into a multi-chapter fic. So this starts a lot of threads and leaves them dangling by the time you reach the end. But you will get answers eventually.


The invitation comes on a Wednesday and Riley immediately considers throwing it in the trash and pretending she never got it.

It’s not that she hasn’t known it would be coming–Auggie had told her about the engagement weeks ago and asked her to be what he called his ‘Best Sister’–but receiving the invitation makes it real. Auggie and Ava are getting married, they’re holding the wedding in Cape Cod, and Riley is expected to join them and the family for a week of wedding festivities at the end of the summer. Riley could just about throw up at the thought. It’s really the sort of scenario she’s been trying (semi-successfully) to avoid since high school graduation nearly eleven years ago, and if the invitation were from anyone else she probably would crumple it up and pretend it got lost or RSVP with an easy lie about not being able to get the vacation time at work, but this is for Auggie.

The only acceptable reason for Riley not to attend would be massive injury and/or death.

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Second Chances: CH 1


bucky barnes x reader

fic summary: Your life in DC quickly went to shit, so you took all of your money from your old husband and ran to live far far away from it all. One night, you hear a knock at the door and a certain soldier from your past needs a second chance at life. 

Everyone in their lifetime manages to get into some sort of trouble, and most of the time it’s something that could be swept under the rug. You’d had run ins with miniscule trouble, however this time it was different; you knew there was no second chances being given out. Fleeing the state was the only option left for you, and you barely had time to grab your dog and some clothes, plus the wad of cash that had been tucked away in a safe in case this situation ever occurred. After a month or so on the road, you’d finally found a little piece of heaven to call your own. There’d been a worn down farmhouse for sale that needed some work, just outside of Portland, Maine. There was a dense forest surrounding the edges of the cornfields that marked the end of your property. A sweet little town was just a mile down the road, where you were able to get all the groceries and supplies you’d needed.

Finally having your own spot to call home once again was enough to bring you immense joy, that and being away from everything you’d endured in your past. The only exception to your solitude was your puppy, who you’d picked out from the pound before you left the town you had lived in all those years.

The daily routine was something of a dream for you, now that you were only selling goods from your garden, and eggs at the farmers market on Saturdays. Since it was Friday evening, you were making your rounds about the farm to prep for the next morning. Picking some of the tomatoes that had just finished growing, and the basil looked fresher than ever. The chickens finally cooperated and laid eggs, just in time for the upcoming market. You were more than happy with your bounty as you headed into the sun porch where your labrador was waiting patiently for you. After a ruffle to his ears, you walked into the kitchen and locked the door leading to the porch in preparation for bedtime. It was leftovers day so you found yourself on the couch, watching Parks and Rec, and eating some day-old chicken.

Your bed was practically calling your name after the long day you had volunteering to work at the local fair that was going on. It was just selling tickets and earning a small amount of cash, but you certainly had a good time seeing your new friends come out with their loved ones, and kids. Money wasn’t an issue since you had sold your old house, and it was a big one. So instead of worrying about money and mortgage payments, you paid for your house in cash the day you bought it and concentrated on making money for the fixes. Plus, you got some free stuff from the man who worked in the mom-and-pop tool shop down the road. He quickly came to see you as a daughter to him, and he slipped you some free paint and wrenches.

Everything was going just as planned for your Friday night, until you heard a knock at your door at 9 pm.

You shot a quick glance at your phone, and there were no messages indicating that any of the few friends you had were coming over. Sure, it was Friday and everyone could be out and about. But you still lived in the middle of the woods, with a giant field surrounding your house. But you figured if anything it was Gregory who ran the tool shop, and since he didn’t know how to work a cell phone it could’ve very easily been him outside. But as you approached the front door, you noticed that the porch lights weren’t even on, and that’s when you knew something was off. Either you had a ghost on your porch, or someone snuck up sound enough to not set off any motion detector.

But then, a husky voice cut through the deafening silence ringing in your ears, “Please… Help me.”

You made the brass decision to swing the door open, and your jaw went slack as you recognized a bruised, and bloody Bucky Barnes leaning on your door frame.

“Well,” Augustus continued, “what I thought was serious, but the reality—I mean it’s not good either, but—” He sighed, beginning to pace the length of his bedroom. All this hedging wasn’t making any sense and he knew it. “This…this morning I went to check on my sister because she hadn’t gotten up for school. I figured she was still sleeping, so I knocked on her door, but she didn’t respond. I thought maybe she hadn’t heard my knocking and she hates missing class, so I went in there and she wasn’t…she wasn’t moving and there was this bottle of pills toppled over and—”

Isaac drew in a sharp breath, which made Augustus inwardly cringe because it only reemphasized how terrifying that moment had been.

“Yeah,” Gus continued before he could lose his nerve. “Um…turns out she hadn’t—well she’d taken a few extra sleeping pills, but not to—She’d had a bad night and wanted to sleep. I don’t know, but the whole thing keeps replaying in my head. And it doesn’t help that she’s been having a rough time lately. I’ve never seen her this down on herself. She’s been…hurting lately and I…I don’t know what to do,” Augustus concluded, immensely grateful that Isaac couldn’t see him as he hastily swiped his cheek with the palm of his hand.

“Sorry,” he added. “I don’t why I told you all that. I shouldn’t—”

“It’s oka—” Isaac began, but Augustus cut in again, vehemently shaking his head.

“No, it’s really not. It’s not okay because we haven’t talked like this in over five years and now I’m falling apart on you like a fucking idiot and—” Augustus stopped, looking heavenward with burning eyes and feeling wholly fed up with himself. “And if you’re having second thoughts now about trying to be friends again, I wouldn’t blame you in the slightest if you backed out now and left.”

“Augustus…. Why would I do that when I never wanted to leave you in the first place?”

its scary that like if a group doesnt comeback for 4 months or more they just completely stop being on my dash like how quickly we forget idk the kpop industry is so intense now ppl gotta stay relevant ……

I always believed a person only had one lover; one soulmate; one deep connection。But then I met him, the one who made me fall in love in the friendliest way possible。 

I completely consider you my platonic soulmate。In the sense that, like I stated, I am totally in love with you, I am— but not in the sense of I want to marry you and hop your body parts until my knees are shaking。No。I simply adore your personality, your aesthetic, your conversation and above all your existence。Because in my times of need —my lowest points— you are my comfort。My complete support system and my rock。 

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Je suis quand même un peu triste d’arrêter le contemporain et de quitter ma pote de la danse, mais j’aurais dû monter au cours supérieur, et le lundi soir c’est pas super comme horaire quand même. De plus je me serai retrouvée avec les filles avec qui j’étais avant, et j’aimais pas aller à la danse, parce que j’étais exclue du groupe, et j’ai pas envie de revivre cette situation 3 après, alors que je me sentais enfin bien à la danse.