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God, he was a mess. Aarti knew Arjun never had much of a spine, but she could have sworn she had raised him better than that. Instead, no, there he was, sitting on that damn couch, a grease stain on his shirt, doing nothing but playing that sappy video game where it always rained. 

How could he possibly not see what a blessing Catherine’s disappearance was to him? It was about time she set the record straight for him.

I really, really admire Timon’s toughness.  

I mean the guy’s like, what? 9 inches tall? Maybe 12, yet he’s walking through this crowd like “F all ya’ll!”

The camera’s focused on Pumbaa so you don’t really notice how much Timon is a badass, and Pumbaa’s the one who doesn’t do well in crowds?    

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Seriously look at this guy!

He doesn’t give 2 shits about his size. Isn’t that kinda admirable?


Can’t believe I have a new favorite cover of this song. I hate you, David Duchovny.

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Do you have any advice on drawing omnics? I've been seeing a ton of cool omnic OCs (including yours!) and I was wondering how you design them and such.

FIRST OF ALL THANK YOU SO MUCH!! im glad you like my designs enough to come to me for advice its super nice of you!!!

but as for ur question: be ready . long omnic design musing under the cut. im very passionate about character design lol

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so, trappist-1 is classified as 3 potentially habitable planets - their star is Very cool and (depending on the atmospheres of the planets) may not be warm enough to sustain life ,, which is all really sad and kind of a letdown HOWEVER, despite how uncertain everyone is about t1, its still super incredible that we have the tech and the dedication and the curiosity to even discover something like that!! for so long people have been teaching me that earth is the only planet in the known universe that can sustain life, but now we know that that might not be true ,,, and even if its just a chance that 3/7 of trappist-1 is habitable its still super amazing and historic and monumental that we know that,, that there could be Something