“Egy matematikusnak feltettek 10 kérdést. A matematikus 9-et hibátlanul megoldott. De az utolsót szándékosan elhibázta, amin mindenki szörnyülködött. A matematikus válasza ennyi volt: ”…Látjátok, 9-et megoldottam hibátlanul, és az utolsót szándékosan rontottam el. És ti nem a jól megoldott 9-cel foglalkoztatok, hanem azzal az egy rosszal…“


In general I am ___. (1st)
Aries - passionate, ambitious
Taurus - nurturing, indulgent
Gemini - talkative, curious
Cancer - sensitive, shy
Leo - warm, fun
Virgo - shy, analytical
Libra - peaceful, aesthetic
Scorpio - private, intuitive
Sagittarius - adventurous, philosophical
Capricorn - serious, work-oriented
Aquarius - humanitarian, goofy
Pisces - empathetic, dreamy

I give off ___ vibes. (7th)
Aries - energetic, motivating
Taurus - patient, stubborn
Gemini - bubbly, chatty
Cancer - paternal, creative
Leo - childish, friendly
Virgo - critical, reliable
Libra - social, harmonious
Scorpio - secretive, loving
Sagittarius - bold, humorous
Capricorn - hardworking, social
Aquarius - detached, helpful
Pisces - zoned out, wise

Socially, people see me as ___. (10th)
Aries - inspiring, impulsive
Taurus - grounded, hard working
Gemini - well spoken, open
Cancer - compassionate, emotional
Leo - vibrant, fun-loving
Virgo - analytical, kind
Libra - diplomatic, cooperative
Scorpio - magnetic, observant
Sagittarius - unpredictable, free
Capricorn - well-mannered, disciplined
Aquarius - charitable, detached
Pisces - endearing, wise

On the internet I seem ___. (11th)
Aries - obnoxious, friendly
Taurus - graceful, luxurious
Gemini - curious, informative
Cancer - tender, sensitive
Leo - creative, theatrical
Virgo - practical, factual
Libra - aesthetic, peaceful
Scorpio - private, formal
Sagittarius - reckless, knowledgable
Capricorn - reliable, responsible
Aquarius - intellectual, different
Pisces - mystical, enlightened

I can’t wait for the new intro, peridot and lapis’ new outfits, the inevitable finding-amethyst episode, jasper’s redemption and her growing relationship with amethyst, more answers about the diamonds and the future of homeworld, seeing more of homeworld in general! I can’t wait for bismuth to fix the house and make a new weapon for connie, for lars to come back to his family, for other corrupted gems to be healed. I can’t wait to LEARN WHAT’S IN THE CHEST. there are so many things to look forward to.