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I finally made a full official character sheet for 0zzy 

it took longer than i thought but now that I have this I can start working on my animation again!

anyways I should probably have a bio for him now

0zzy is a humanoid that lives on an abandoned planet  with only a goat/deer hybrid to guard him. his main purpose is to visit other planets and destroy them in order to stay alive. he eventually  comes to earth and mess things up and just a little shit in general. There more to it but I too lazy to talk  about it.

feel free to draw him UvU…please

anactualgargoyle asked:

and did you ever finish 0zzy? I think it's the animation you were working on for like a year. I'd love to watch it

unfortunately no.  I’ve just being so busy and felt like the storyboard for  it was a bit messy and such.i want to get back to it though and hoping to finish it by the time i’m done with senior year