All the kawaii instagram pictures I took at AnimeBoston this weekend!! I seriously don’t think I’ve ever had this much fun at a con before, hanging out all day friday with Heather in PSG & getting to wear Rouge the Bat and my bunny suit and partying with sick damage dudes and spending the entire weekend with Meesh basically made it the best weekend ever for me. Eeeeeiiiii I’m so excited to get pictures back!! *A*

0yuki asked:

22, 23, 39 <3

22; What I love most about myself. Truthfully, I haven’t been very predisposed to feel super excited about or proud of myself lately, as I’m very much in the middle of a growth period and kind of feel like I’m not displaying myself at 100%, but rather, walking around with proverbial construction tape wrapped around me, as it were. That being said, I think the thing I value most about myself is my ability to sense a need for change, and my desire to move forward and grow. 

23; What I want to be when I get older. I want to be happy, healthy, and good to the ones I love. Also if I could be Elmo that would be cool. 

39; Childhood career choice. I wanted to be a vet for a long time, as well as a marine biologist, but as both of those careers are likely to involve guts/vomit/euthanasia/science, they didn’t work out. :c But I did want to be a puppeteer/voice actor from a young age, too, so those are a little more agreeable as far as I’m concerned. C;

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22, 32, 41 <3

22. What I love most about myself:

i dunno, i just like being an NFP, even if i’m not always good at it. i like to think i’m a genuine person and my instinct is to, like, hug, n'shit. 

32. What my last text message says:

it’s a qt pic message of tumblr user poisonparfaitparty uwu

41. Who I wish I could be

.….johnny negron, guillermo del toro or just somebody who has a job after college 

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6: What are the top five places you wish you could go before you die?

1. margaritaville

2. margaritaville

3. margaritaville

4. margaritaville

5. margaritaville

(i honestly don’t know because i want to see so much of the world but also revisit places i’ve been as a different person. TAKE ME TO WHERE THERE IS TASTY FOOD I HAVENT TRIED AND ALSO IDK MAN PLACES THAT WILL MAKE ME FEEL REALLY SMALL, AND ALSO FANCY PALACES) 

12: Do you like sports? If so, which ones?


being in europe for the world cup was fucking awesome, i enjoy being around european people being excited about sports

it’s hard for me to follow them though

i like to…ride….bike….s…..

16: What are your biggest fears?

pretty much, like, dissatisfaction and bed bugs.