Being Human (UK) Masterpost

Season 0 

0x01 - Pilot

Season 1 

1x01 - Flotsam and Jetsam

1x02 - Tully

1x03 - Ghost Town

1x04 - The Boy Who Cried Vampire

1x05 - Where the Wild Things Are

1x06 - Bad Moon Rising

Season 2 

2x01 - Cure and Contagion

2x02 - Serve God, Love Me and Mend

2x03 - Long Live the King

2x04 - Educating Creature

2x05 - The Looking Glass

2x06 - In the Morning

2x07 - Damage

2x08 - All God’s Children

Season 3 

3x01 - Lia

3x02 - Adam’s Family

3x03 - Type 4

3x04 - The Pack

3x05 - The Longest Day

3x06 - Daddy Ghoul

3x07 - Though the Heavens Fall

3x08 - The Wolf-Shaped Bullet

Season 4 

4x01 - Eve of the War

4x02 - Being Human 1955

4x03 - The Graveyard Shift

4x04 - The Spectre Calls

4x05 - Hold the Front Page

4x06 - Puppy Love

4x07 - Making History

4x08 - The War Child

Season 5 

5x01 - The Trinity

5x02 - Sticks and Rope

5x03 - Pie and Prejudice

5x04 - The Greater Good

5x05 - No Care, All Responsibility

5x06 - The Last Broadcast

Carmilla's Pet Names For Laura: A Very Important and Necessary Documentation

You will probably think many of these don’t count as pet names but I put them here anyway. The nicknames have kind of become a thing in this fandom so it’s nice to have a record.

I will continually update this as episodes or bonus videos come out.

If I missed one, message me and I’ll add it!

Name + quote and episode, as of 0x12.

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