OK, so I wrote a complaint to the BBC. As I’m not from the uK, I wrote a real letter:

BBC Complaints
PO Box 1922

Hamburg, 29th January 2016

Sherlock Series 4

Dear BBC,

once, you were the beacon of truth and originality. Your shows were groundbreakingly brilliant. As I am a livelong fan of Sherlock Holmes, I was especially delighted by the new adaptation done by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. I followed this series since 2010.

Therefore, can you imagine my shock when I just watched series 4? As I don’t live in the UK, I pre-ordered the DVD and just watched it over the weekend. I loved everything on this series up to The Abominable Bride. But series 4 was not only disappointing, it is, in my honest opinion, pure treachery in regard to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories. Please, let me explain:

Especially The Final Problem has nothing to do with how a Sherlock Holmes story works and it’s a right affront to say that it was adapted from the works of Conan Doyle. because it wasn’t.

No, this is not about canonical purity (like “Eurus wasn’t in the books!” whining). It’s about the structure of the narrative that makes a Holmes story.

Sherlock Holmes is not a magic wizard - he operates by logic. Therefore, his deductions are comprehensible and reasonable. When he explains them, people can follow through (even saying that it sounds easy when explained). The deductions follow logical rules to determine the truth.

Now, by introducing an omnipotent, superintelligent, crazy and therefore unpredictable previously unknown factor like Eurus into the above equation, who, because she’s mentally ill and a genius, is motivated by inexplicable and irrational impulses, the writers literally threw over the board. It’s not a game anymore, indeed, because this is not the Holmesian game as it has been played for decades. It broke the rules, it revoked the contract the writers had with the audience: that when a Holmes story is adapted, the viewer has a chance to solve the puzzle. The lost sister was never foreshadowed in any episode, not even hinted at, before suddenly taking centre stage in the penultimate episode. That, at least to me, is rather cheap storytelling, even cheating on your audience.

Because we didn’t have a chance to figure it out. The writers and the director reduced that beautifully crafted, exciting show to a pile of senseless rug pulls just for the sake of it. There is nothing to analyse, no motivation to look into, no making sense of it. And that is not only true for The Final Problem now, because by carelessly interlocking the Eurus factor with previous episodes, Moffat and Gatiss even destroyed the frame of reference I thought they had established.

Another point I want to complain about, that intelocks with Eurus, is the show’s dealing with its female protagonists. They either sacrifice themselves for the male hero(s) (Mary), are reduced to a sobbing, pining mess (Molly), used in a purely sexual way (Irene Adler) or have to be locked away because they are superintelligent and therefore crazy. Whereas Sherlock and Mycroft were shown to control their mental powers and reign them in to make use of them (Mycroft as a government official, Sherlock at least as a freelancer, albeit with a drugs problem), the sister wasn’t able to channel her extraordinary gift. She doesn’t seem to have got any help, but was just locked away. To me, as a female academic, that says that very intelligent women are also easily bound to go off the rocker because they are too emotional (Eurus apparently killed Sherlock’s childhood friend because she was jealous). I find that depiciton of female genius highly problematic.

And please tell me why the show was marketed with the catch phrases „Miss Me?“ - a hint to Moriarty – and „I love you“ or „Sherlock is in love“? Because Moriarty was only shown in a flashback and wasn’t that important after all, because he was only employed by Eurus; and with whom Sherlock might have been in love didn’t register with me. Certainly not with poor Molly Hooper, or Irene Adler (who’s a self-proclaimed lesbian). Was it the sister he didn’t even know he had? Well, you certainly love your siblings, but I hope you are not actually in love with them, as this indicates romantic interest…

In all, I feel rather let down and a bit cheated by Sherlock series 4. Sorry for throwing that at you, but as I said, I truly loved this show once.

Yours sincerely

This is the reply I got:

On the plus side, it’s not the general ‘NO JOHNLOCK’ response - on the down side, they simply say that you can’t please everybody (true), and, as the series is so hugely successful, it doesn’t really matter if a few people had issues with the series…

Yet I do think that the conclusion is the most vital part of a series, especially if the conclusion throws most of the previous series overboard and retcons large parts of its own narrative.

*shrugs* But what can you do?



doodle-wabbit  asked:

Do cryptids think i’m a good person?

in 0ur various eyes you”” are the loveliest being to postdate earth’’s creation;.;.; 

/.//many watch and wait anxiously at your windows,’.’’” under your bed, behind the dumpster near your work in hope s,.;.’of being graced with your very presence. 


‘;[remember, __we watch and we love…’.. ;.;;

4 MIL!

THE HELLEVATOR MV REACHED 4 MILLION VIEWS YAYYYYYY SUPER PROUD OF OUR BOYS HEHEHEHE THEY DESERVE IT SO MUCH !! 0ur next milestone is 10 mil and I’m sure we’ll reach it super quickly once the survival show starts and our boys start gaining more popularity YAY

indonesia-is-my-siti  asked:

ah, greeting! i wonder, do both of you know anything about your ancestors?

IVAN: mдny sweeps дgф д mдle jдdeblффd wдs hдtched

IVAN: jдdeblффds themselves дre rдre

IVAN: but д mдle фne wдs unheдrd  фf

IVAN: when he mдtured he rebelled дgдinst the highblффds with his brфnzeblффded mфirдil  дnd mдde д new фrder

IVAN: д system фf equдli-

ALFRED: thank5 f0r the h1st0ry le550n 1v1e

ALFRED: let5 talk ab0ut my ance5t0r

IVAN: i wдsnt dфne yet!

ALFRED: l00k they a5ked ab0ut 0ur ance5t0r5

ALFRED: n0t the l0wbl00d rebell10n

ALFRED: 5o my ance5t0r was The Turnc0at 

ALFRED: a f0rmer archer0type wh0 became l1ke a 5py f0r the rebel5

ALFRED: later the h1ghbl00d5 captured and executed h1m but that5 n0t 1mp0rtant because he5 hella awe50me

ALFRED: …he r15ked everyth1ng f0r what he bel1ved 1n…

ALFRED: …hey 1van

ALFRED: y0u never t0ld me ab0ut y0ur ance5t0r

IVAN: …well

IVAN: i never reдlly lффked him up…

IVAN: he wдs knфwn дs The Renegдde

IVAN:  д fфrmer bфlshevikyдr i think…

IVAN: …yфur дncestфr culled him


IVAN: …i knфw

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there's been something scratching at my walls lately, my usual darkness is corrupted. i'm scared, friends

oh .’.—-you r fear brings tears to 0ur many eyes– “

tears of lust and .;. concern,;.’

..//we ‘.will stay with you at night, f riend… 

will that easy -your tortured; mind,;,;?? >> ?

anonymous asked:

Dare. Karkat. Take off the mask. Let us see your face

“Knowing I would be at risk of having it being taken from me by a certain someone…. forcing me to show my face…. this is the ONLY time that i’m willingly taking it off so that you may see…”

“With 0ur culture, usually 0nly th0se wh0m are very cl0se t0 us get t0 see behind our masks…”

arisen-ap0calypse  asked:

i w0uld just want t0 h0ld y0u and be gave t0 face with you and kiss y0ur cheeks and n0se and if y0u wanted t0 let 0ur bulges intertwine id als0 just want t0 speak really s0ftly and hum sweet n0things int0 y0ur ears and maybe just let y0u kn0w that im here and that id d0 anything in my power t0 pr0tect y0u and give y0u a better life than this s0 i guess all in all i just wanna cuddle y0u and h0ld y0u and if something else happens then it happens but i d0nt wanna f0rce it

yknow aa ii thiink part of the poiint of the a2k meme ii2 beiing on anon


wicked-honktraband  asked:

What was ya upbringing like then? Did ya have a lusus or was you raised by another troll? Did you learn about what life on Alternia was like at all? Did you hatch on Earth?

t0 answer y0ur questi0ns in 0rder.

i was raised m0stly by my br0ther, 0ur dad was rarely ar0und. br0ther and dad are b0th terms ad0pted by the humans f0r ease 0f reference, the psii0niic was b0th mine and mituna’s genetic d0ner but we were h0used t0gether because we all share the same sign. there’s an0ther 0ne, t00, but he was taken bef0re even dad was, s0 we never met him. the psi0nic is 0ur lusus, in a way, but as s00n as mituna was 0ld en0ugh t0 watch me he came h0me less and less. it’s n0t his fault, he’s trapped in a branch 0f the g0vernment under 0ld laws that g0t grandfathered in. he’s lucky he can c0me h0me at all and i… i can’t blame him f0r that. i guess.

i kn0w a little ab0ut alternian life, yes. with tr0lls being integrated int0 the human systems there’s certain classes in sch00ls as an extra curricular that lets us learn ab0ut the h0me planet. it’s m0stly tr0lls in th0se classes but a few humans are interested en0ugh in extraterrestrial life t0 take them t00. the alternian language h0wever is mainly 0nly taught at h0me, rather than in the sch00ls. i can speak it and technically write it, but it’s 0nly g00d with an0ther tr0ll, and 0nly tr0lls wh0 were raised by 0ther tr0lls, since ad0pti0n by the humans is c0mm0n t00.

yes, i hatched 0n earth. i’m the f0urth generati0n 0f tr0lls 0n earth, even my dad was hatched here. i’ve met tr0lls th0ugh, 0lder 0nes and highbl00ds, that were 0n the 0riginal c0l0ny ships and even remember alternia itself. the alternian hist0ry teacher is a cerulean and he’s a c0uple hundred sweeps 0ld, he’s fr0m alternia directly s0 has a l0t 0f g00d st0ries.



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