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Dear *anyone*

i suppose i’ll write to vera, since there’s no one else to write to at this point, huh…

dear vera,

i hope that you make it out of fabricated world safely. actually, i won’t hope for it - i’ll make sure it happens, no matter what. you’re still young, and i want you to enter the real world, being able to go to school, making friends, and not messing up your life like i did.

i want you to live a happier life than i ever will. so you better promise me you’ll live no matter what, or i’m not going to come home from work, ever! (just kidding, i’ll miss you too much– it’ll be torture for me if i did that…)

please continue to smile for me when times are tough. it’s okay to cry, but try not to do it when others are around. you can cry when i’m around though, ‘cause i’ll make sure to wipe your tears away, little bear.

i’m rootin’ for ya.