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Okay so I wanted to do the positivity day thing. I just want to say I really love this fandom, and the people who are apart of it. I’m sorry if I don’t talk a lot to any of you, I have social anxiety even in a digital setting so bear with me. You’re all super cool and mature, and this positivity day thing we are doing in light of certain events is evident enough of that. I’ve never wanted to be apart of a fandom as much as the Kylux Fandom (or ever star wars in general). It’s helped me get through some tough times, and I’m grateful. and so….

         ❤️ Here are some people I’d like to thank ❤️


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Thank you all so much! Hope I got everyone (◍•ᴗ•◍)♡ ✧*。

Drag Queen AU. cant stop wont stop. thanks to both @saintvader and @0olady-deliriumo0 for screaming with me about dead canons for this

- Hux is very much like a hybrid of  Willam, Bianca and Alaska 

- Kylo is like  a Hybrid Adore, Sharon and Violet 

- Hux’s is seasoned and kylo is a newbie

- they are THE power couple of drag, on and off the stage

-they both wear black but Hux wears pastel wigs and kylo keeps it monochromatic blacks or red. SO pretty much Hux is black and pastels and Kylo is Blacks and Reds.

-they preform together, and their shows are so sort after that they always sell out. Their lipsynic battles always end if a cat fight and SOMETIMES it is a legit fight between them, the audience has no clue is it is real or fake. they are just THAT good.

- slutty lipstick blow jobs in night club bathrooms is kinda their thing.

- they are always trying to one up eachother because they are super competitive,  and of course Hux most of the time wins cause he is seasoned. 

- so much shade is thrown.

- they are so caty to eachother while they are in drag but as soon as their make up and wigs come off, they are a teeth rot-tingly cute couple.

-their apartment has two room dedicated to wigs and clothing.

-their song is Sharon Needles - Dressed to Kill (honestly see hux and kylo so much in that video and song)

- sex after every fight, ever show, every night out. sometimes they dont even make it out of the public’s eye.

- Hux’s stage name would be General Ginger or something like that, NOT sure about Kylo tho. 

AND that is all i got for now.


Here’s a quick doodle I made, of Jack and Pitch as gingerbread men.

(Which totally do not look like gingerbread men… More like trolls made of gingerbread. I’m sorry, I tried… But I did have fun drawing it, and I gave my own design to them. I thought Pitch would look better in a grey robe instead.)

I want to dedicate this little doodle to a number of bloggers I’ve been following over the past 3-4 years I’ve spent on Tumblr. This includes friends, artists, fic writers, people I admire, and just cool people overall! Thank you all for giving me a great time on here! This is my thanks to you!

@neir-2-you @50shadesofpitchblack @raininginadelaide @fearking @unchangeablexangel @theshadowsreturn @ionahi @ask-the-jack-frost @iceskatedancerjack @canadachild9 @trauma-tize @asksassyjackfrost @crysalgira @chiaroscuroterror @teaforascripturient @mah-blackberreh @riseofthelove @geblurgh @the-nightmareking @department-of-fagriculture @teddybat24 @only-1-a @guardian-of-da-gay @tejoxys @jillandjackalope @future-mrs-frost @ksclaw @ab-memoria @cianethedevil @coockie8 @fuyunoringoworld  @kazechama @cavahn @girahimu-sama @malsomega @littleivor @yararaa @frostandnight @2330nm @hexgurl1999 @mira-eyeteeth @speechless-ann @koibitotedare @livori @gretchensinister @w-i-s-s-l-e-r @chibi-cho @fuzzykitty01 @falloutfrost @ask-the-jack-frost @0olady-deliriumo0 @zinfandelli @sadieyuki @emeraldembers @fuckyeah-toothfairy @empyreandarkling @the-boogeyraven @the-ink-addiction @cryptogeist @sylphidine

Happy new year! Love you all! I hope 2016 will be a great year!