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A, J, O and Z ! YEAAAA

A:Favorite Game of all time?
wow,the first question and i actually struggle to find an answer for this! this one is HARD.
buut i guess i’d say pokemon emerald, because  i’ve never had so much fun playing a game for literally hundreds of hours as i had with this one…

J:Favorite system?
haha, since i only own handhelds and since august a wii, i don’t have that much to choose from :’D 
the mighty nintendo 3ds ! i’m so impressed what this little thing can do and i still fall in love everytime i look at that big yellow pikachu face on it 

O:Favorite antagonist?
clive !!! (professor layton)

Z:Game character you most associate with?
now that’s a hard one…i haven’t even played thaaaat much games yet but there are still about 30572058205 characters to choose from? and the most just don’t get into my mind right now, nevermind how much i try to think of it (i really just sat there, starring in the distance, thinking,but nothing came into my mind) 
buuut because i still want to answer it SOMEHOW i’d go with luke triton, because i look like a little boy as well and i love knowing and learning new things and i also like to solve puzzles, altough i’m super bad at it. i’d love to have such a nice teacher like layton is too hahaha maybe then there’d be a chance for me to think smarter

thanks for asking!!!!

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filb.de/oekaki/… its a drawing of my pokesona : D

It won’t let me see. :< It brings me to a not hotlinking page.

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Whoops! Way to go Dualscar…way to go.

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Ohhh! That is very pretty! The face is so gentle and innocent.

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I can really only say I’ve done one creative thing this month. 25.media.tumblr.com/tum…

Building a castle? O: That’s better than anything I’ve made in that game. xD

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Got an answer for makiokuta?

I think something messed up for you there. :<

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(i hope its ok to shorten the questions for space °A°) 14: Drawing and watching anime 15: None? maybe earrings though :o 16: Donut hole! 17: a bit of both i think :3 18: Hmm more rule-following BUT with lots of own thoughts to it 19: Something pastel, rose maybe? 20: Art thieves 21: Drawing! Especially traditionally!!!! 22: I dont think so 23: White or something pastel? 24: I could cheat and quote celty here. maybe "You must not lose hope!" hehe ^u^ 25: Art supplies, laptop, food.. lil bro maybe

Aaah thank you for doing this too! That wasn’t necessary though ´w`

Aaaaaaaaaand you got *drum-roll*

36 POINTS! that makes you a stalker in training i guess? ;w; you need much more points to scare the shit out of me, young warrior.

I wouldn’t take my brother on a desert island though. he’d cry without mother ;A; what a loser. But the rest is pretty accurate. I often thought that a pen and endless amounts of paper were the only thing i need to be happy hehe

also skipping out on the questions you don’t know the answer to is a smart thing to do. i should have done that too…