Happy Birthday, Joseph Mark “JOE” Trohman!

“I’ve tried to make myself someone who can play a decent variety of stuff. I’ve even made myself learn things that I didn’t wanna learn, a kind of picking or playing that I just never would’ve gotten into otherwise. It’s made me an all around better player.”

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Name: Alexandria 
Nickname: Alex 
Birthday: May 6th 
Star sign : Taurus 
Gender: f 
Favorite color : emerald (any shade of green really) 
Time right now : 12:09pm 
Average hours of sleep : 8ish 
Lucky number: 6 
Last thing I googled : info for school books 
Book I’m currently reading : sadly none 😁 
Favorite bands: J Cole, Ed Sheeran, Chance, Hozier, Drake 
Dream trip: Hawaii, Egypt, Japan, France, Brazil… The list could go on forever

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A sociedade me ensinou que pra ser “aceito” tenho que ser “igual” a eles, mas a vida me ensinou que pra ter respeito, basta ser eu mesmo. (0nly)