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can you do that for the 0, 3 and 5 part of your follow forever too ! c:


0mgidc - Jannifer is literary so perfect omg I really miss her blogging more. She’s been busy having a social life so it’s okay. I remember when I first followed her and we were obsessing over Degrassi and things were just amazing and she’s just so perfect I’m honestly so glad I followed her <3 

 3ternity Calli, okay I’ve used to talk to Calli more a while ago but I never really get to see her on anymore, or she’s on and not blogging which ever it is, but I remember the day she followed me and I was literary about to pee in my pants because she’s just so perfect and everything about her blog is amazing and like Anjuka she’s one of those few people that likes to keep quality blogs not repetitive and that’s why she’s one of my favorites. She’s true to herself and honestly we would be great friends because I’ve read her confessions and I can say that I relate a lot  with her <3 

 3verlastinq NASJHSN RIMSHA Okay She is so amazing okay I can say that we are really good friends and she’s just so perfect and she doesn’t DESERVE THE HATE THAT SHE GETS :( She is one of the kindest and sweetest people I’ve met on here and I can say that we get along really well and she really made me feel welcomed by talking to me and she’s just absolutely amazing. 

 5trait MARWO OMG Me and here are really good friends also, she’s one of those people that likes to help everyone and I love that about her, even if she’s feeling down. She is literary so freaking pretty but she doesn’t believe anyone and all I can say is that she deserves all of the followers, friends, love and everything she gets because she is truly a wonderful person to have in this world and gives me hope for this society.