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hey there everyone!!! i thought it was about time i did a follow forever, and i’ve held it off for a long time already so,,,,,,,, check out these blogs, they’re radddd– and if i left you out i apologize, but this is just a short one because i have to sleep in a bit! thank you to everyone who follows me, knowing people find it entertaining is gr8


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i’m sorry this is a bit late, but i wanted to do it anyway, so here’s my first ever follow forever! i’ve met and become mutuals with so many cool people over this year, and i wanted to give credit to the people who put a little extra joy in my days. i’m so sorry if you aren’t in this and you wanted to be. i was trying not to make it too long since i knew it would be really long already. (mutuals are bolded btw)

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alright let’s get started and say ily all and ayyyyyyyyyy

in no particular order: elizabethlutece book-er dewitten carmine-brothers bigdaddysigma kyrats beardedjoel youbettershowup you-cannot-kill-the-plague ladyqunari ladybran lolzforshits stillupsetoverlegacy theknifeofdunwall become-legendnatesdonutshop volsungs songbirdplush thediviision anidewitt henrydaughtry hrleenquinzel pontmercury niiyora ziodyyne nonbinarypit metalcutiemark rapturereminder murderouscrows burialatsky wedontgivethatup ajayghaleofficial augustne burraburra tamakikyo thats-slightly-raven thisgirlgames thisguygames beauzifulcanis-x-lupus calicojack hanclsomejack misscomstock dlsnrowe christaofficial phasel0ck brefelansilverpaw callmebooker delsinsrowes delsinsbutt nolannorths bsaajill ruvikvictorianos arca9ine pocky-tsundere mildwalking deadbodyguard nightfling lalondin canadianvillafuerte tae-baby hearthehowling cinnamondo chihiroghost claralilleofficial meduseia 0mage-of-doom0 zombie-tea-party mochi-tan leagveoflesbians sarahpaulsons-buttcheeks honeylimon sonofacpu pansexualsarita orlesiantrash vervykitten meekcheeks

i hope yall have a great day and ur all cuties (ノ◕ヮ ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Saturday Evillecon part 3!

(Some of these Dave sent me aka redsunlight. thank uwu)

Sollux from Homestuck - 0mage-of-doom0

Karkat from Homestuck - zombie-tea-party

Mikasa from Attack on Titan - doctorsherlockfanclub

Jean from Attack on Titan - wangsofreedom

God Tier Aradia from Homestuck - aradiamegido15

Kanaya from Homestuck - angel-and-co

I’m Marco! :)

Feel free to tell me if you see yourself and I’ll tag you!


Decided to do a follow forever! Favorites are underlined. Love all of you guys!

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What we can make you:

  • If you have a different commission request, let us know. if it is a prop of some kind we MAY be able to make it for you. (things like this will be on a case by case basis!)
  • message us OFF ANON to talk about pricing/what it is you are interested in commissioning. you can message either zombie-tea-party or 0mage-of-doom0. whoever you feel most comfortable speaking to. <3
  • no harm in asking for more examples of our work! we will be happy to provide pictures of what we do have.
  • we have no problem explaining our process to you so that you feel comfortable in what it is you are purchasing!
  • right now, we have no cap on how many commissions we are taking in, so please, message us! talk to us about what you might want. if you decide you don’t want anything in the end, NO BIG DEAL! it is not a waste of time to discuss a possible commission with you.
  • even if you are not interested in a commission, if you could please reblog this i would appreciate it. some of your followers might be interested and it would help us out a lot.
  • feel free to inquire about a commission even if you’re not sure if you are going to get something. you are not wasting our time! we want to answer your questions! :) 
  • we accept paypal
  • we will not take forever to get you your shit
  • we can work with deadlines!
  • we are reasonably priced!
  • you can message either myself or 0mage-of-doom0
  • message me for details or to discuss what kind of wand or flower crown you would be interested in! 
  • do not message on anon about commissions. i do not mind if you end up not getting a commission after we speak, but i like to not spam my followers! i will not pressure you into any commission. i promise i am nice. i am not scary :P <3 
  • you can message either myself or 0mage-of-doom0. whoever you feel more comfortable speaking to!
  • we are fast! we can work with deadlines!
  • even if you are not interested in a commission like this, could you please reblog this. one of your followers might be! :D 
  • love ya!
Just putting this out there that matt and i now take cosplay sewing commissions and have 3 spots open if anyone is interested please message me!

please reblog this for anyone who might be interested. 

  • please message us off anon to discuss commissions/pricing! we do not want to spam our followers with our commissions requests.
  • we are nice so don’t be shy we are happy to help you!
  • please check out our commissions tag to see a bit of our other work you can message either me (jack) or 0mage-of-doom0 (matt) with inquiries! whoever you feel more comfortable talking to! 
  • it’s okay if you;re not sure if you actually want/can afford a commission to message us! we are not mad if you decide you don’t actually want a commissions from us this time. we are more than happy to take any of your questions.we are fast and reliable!we will not take forever to get your commission to you and are always open to talking to you about the progress of your commissionwe accept paypal, or in special cases if you feel more comfortable with us listing the product for you on ebay we can do that too for you to buy it through that medium. <3give us a try! we are really nice, i swear. :D please reblog even if you yourself are not interested in a commissions. some of your followers might be! thank you so much!