Dueler is an arcade/action/strategy/timing(?) game I made in approximately 8-9 hours with Game Maker and SFXR. It was inspired by Messhof’s Nidhogg, Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda series, and 0h Game Jam. The general idea behind the gameplay, is that you must Shield the opponent’s attacks at the right time, whilst looking for opportunities to attack them by either dropping a Bomb at their feet, or swinging your Sword at them. Attacks damage you as they stop displaying, so you have right up until then to Shield them. All actions you make are followed by a short period of delay in which you can’t make any more actions. More technical information can be found in the included text file.


Up - Start a single player game.

Left - Player 1 Sword.

Right - Player 1 Shield.

Down - Player 1 Bomb.

W - Start a multiplayer game.

D - Player 2 Sword.

A - Player 2 Shield.

S - Player 2 Bomb.

F4 - Switch between fullscreen and windowed mode.

F9 - Save a screenshot to the root folder that “Dueler.exe” is in.

Note that you can also resize the game window when in windowed mode by dragging the edges of it with the mouse.


Download game with included text file (Click here!).

View game on YoYo Games (Click here!).

Download messy source (.gm81, sorry, I should have made it with FlashPunk, I know!) (Click here!).