Mewtwo anthro, Zero, colored. :d


This guy has been around for awhile and I have changed him a lot as I’ve drawn him. He is probably one of my oldest characters, sadly.

When I play him I really don’t even mention Pokemon type stuff. More or less he is the result in an experiment meant to delve into mental powers, but one of the people who worked on him was an older woman that grew attached to him. She faked his death and more or less raised him as a surrogate son, but he was sequestered away from the rest of the world.

Then she kind of, you know, dies.

He is a total mess, has no idea how to approach or interact with people, gets headaches because other people’s brains are NOISY and he can’t always shut it out. He nearly starves because he has no life skills. He ends up stealing and roaming around like some homeless purple alley cat.

He is actually pretty powerful but has hardly any idea of what to do with any of it. He’s timid and fearful of everything, and he is physically very fragile.

When he does make friends with someone, he is a total cuddleslut and wants to just drape himself in their lap all day.

As an aside, he can’t speak. He squeaks, mews, and grunts. All communication is through telepathy, but he now lip-syncs everything in order to not bug people out. He is actually pretty good at it.

Ninjago Season 5

Here are the first two episodes of Ninjago Season 5. 480p so it is perfectly sized for iPods and whatnot. Enjoy! Also I haven’t even seen Ghost Story yet so you guys get it exclusively before me. ;D XD Signal boost as much as you can, I want everyone to see. :DD

1 - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-3r7lTUCz34QjNqRVRLN3NBUjg/view?usp=sharing

2 - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-3r7lTUCz34VnYtVTU5VEFkdnc/view?usp=sharing


Lake Fairfax With @jacobfresty & @polaroid_riguez
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