IT BEGINS! Happy 20th Anniversary!

Happy 20th anniversary to Yu-Gi-Oh!
Today’s the day! It’s been 20 years since the debut of Kazuki Takahashi’s Yu-Gi-Oh! in Weekly Shonen Jump on September 30th 1996.

Shots have been distributed to around 90 animators who have graciously signed up to help animating for the project! To those who signed up, please check your email to see if you got your shot, thank you for participating and happy animating!!

We still have plenty of shots left, so if you want to be apart of the YGO Reanimate, please send your name, email and a link to your website and reel/any animated work you’ve done to phuiscribbles@gmail.com (Bonus point if you can tell me about your familiarity with Yu-Gi-Oh!) 

Again be sure to check the main post and FAQ for more details. 

- Phui Jing Ling

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My parents were discussing how most dads are rougher with children and don't think things through like the moms would and she goes, "Not many men can make good mothers." And my reflex response was, "Danny Williams does." I need help.

can you imagine Steve and Danny adopting a baboo and everybody notices that Danny is the more nurturing and sensitive parent whereas Steve is more playful and all for letting their baboo explore?

but then Chin and Kono start to see the shades in their parenting. that Danny is the parent who stands their baby up and sits a distance away when trying for their first steps but Steve is the parent who walks behind with his hands outstretched so they don’t fall. that while they both agree on letting their baby cry it out (even though it hurts) when put in their own room, Steve is the one who cracks and runs to comfort. that Steve is nervous about their toddler going down the big slide on the playground but Danny is the one who finally lets them go.


Happy :D

Thank you everyone for understanding my situation. I’ve seen a therapist for some help and I am slowly inching towards happy and healthy. I’ve done a lot of thinking about my blog, and I realized that I’m not having fun playing The Hollands. I just don’t know what to do with them and I’m bored with them. I have realized that legacies aren’t for me.

I’ve decided to just stay a story-telling simblr. Not a legacy-player, but a story-teller. I’m really sorry for everyone who loved them, I did too. It’s breaking my heart to write this, since Mavis is my most favorite sim that I have ever made.

Unfollow if you please, but know that much better stories will be coming. I haven’t been putting my heart into writing it, and I think I haven’t because I just have other ideas that I would like to do more.

I’m excited to show you what else I have in store!

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thinking about Hae Soo and Wang So tho and like their wedding night WHICH WILL HAPPEN THEY WILL GET MARRIED THEY WILL GET TOGETHER THEY WILL BE HAPPY 5EVA!!!!! but like he’d actually be like so gentle with her???? people think ah because he’s an angry person who has killed and has issues and hasn’t always been the nicest etc etc (HES GROWN SO MUCH THO HE IS GETTING THERE MY BAB SON ;___;) that he would be really violent and forceful but nah he loves the girl so much he would treat her so preciously hed like whisper sweet things in her ear and hold her close and stroke her hair and they’d make each other laugh and he’d make sure she was safe and happy and he’d look at her with THAT LOOK on his face and in his eyes and they’d both be so happy with each other and then they’d fall asleep together after and i just cANTCOPE


2 more people and I’ll have 200 followers!

And I can’t do shit to reward my love to you guys because I’m Brazilian (dollar costs a lot. :\) dunno how to draw and can’t think of anything else.


have a gif? 

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Ah, and special thanks for sticking arround anyway. :3 shoot also special thanks to @zaunsownchemist for being cool, @cervantestheferryman for being even cooler, @the-purplefairydust for being so cool no human words can describe her and @yordleassault because he’s a nice RPer and a fun guy to hang with! Also @tiny-mastermind-of-evil because he’s just greeeat. ^w^