5 Best Moments Cannes 2017: Kristen Stewart Rebels, Adam Sandler & Ben Stiller Trash a Car & More!   

At 0:12 Kristen Stewart at #1, talking about Cannes dress code vs gender equality.

At 1:45 Josh and Ben Safdie at #3, recollecting Robert Pattinson’s toilet in LA and their notification of Cannes competition entry.

12th House “Symptoms” When Underdeveloped

Some things you might experience when you are still underdeveloped/haven’t faced your fears or grown from your 12th House. 

Aries/Mars Symptoms: Shy or very passive, cries from anger/frustration, and doesn’t know how to deal with authority. Feels shame from anger or assertiveness, annoyed easily, hates disorder, fast driver, and could have gambling issues. Avoids, suppresses, or ashamed of sex drive and sexual desires.

Taurus/Libra/Venus Symptoms: Insecure about looks or material wealth/status, seeks approval, and is easily jealous. Changes themselves in every new relationship and can’t take criticism. Competitive with same-sex/dating rivals, and lies to themselves about love or admiration. Denies their feminine side and others’ feminine traits.

Gemini/Virgo/Mercury Symptoms: Never raises their hand in class, can be shy, and seeks out knowledge in private/secret. Can brag about knowledge and opinions and doesn’t want to know what others think of them.

Scorpio/Pluto Symptoms: Lack of assertiveness, avoids flaws or past trauma, hates crowds, desires to control environment, and has anger problems. Has jealousy issues, refuses to admit their fascinations, and has a secret manipulative side and secret side all around. Avoids, suppresses, or ashamed of sex drive and sexual desires.

Leo/Sun Symptoms: Humble to an unhealthy extent/low self-esteem, shy in groups, almost never leads, and has a timid vibe. Has misplaced loyalty, generosity and selfishness are unbalanced, and doesn’t always follow their heart.

Cancer/Moon Symptoms: Jealousy sneaks out, hides EVERYTHING behind toughness and/or confidence. Has issues with their mother/parents or has serious blockage to their own nurturing side. Is unnaturally detached, feels uncomfortable taking care of others, and refuses to cry!

Sagittarius/Jupiter Symptoms: Always feels unlucky, blames their problems on others, lacks confidence, and fears change. Avoids challenges, impatience is always bubbling under the surface, and hates public speaking. 

Capricorn/Saturn Symptoms: Irresponsible, a show-off especially with material things, doubts their self-worth, and lacks purpose. Fears change, doesn’t do well with authority, there is a lack of inner stability, and is easily used. Fear of failure controls everything, they can lack adaptability, and acts like a slow learner (likely isn’t). 

Aquarius/Uranus Symptoms: Tries to conform, easily gives into peer pressure, is overly attached to the group or friends. Doesn’t do well with change, can’t stand rejection, and is easily lost in mind, emotions, and self. Easily gives into temptation, dreads being an outsider, and trends and gossip can consume them.

Pisces/Neptune Symptoms: Addictive behavior, always seems to make wrong choices, and doesn’t trust self. Intuition and logic are always battling, they refuse to admit vulnerability or that they love someone. Refuses help, can be unforgiving, and doesn’t bend but breaks with challenges. Tricks self or lies to self, spiritually disconnected, and can’t handle loss.


Requested by @eurusholmmes. Also, this is my 1,000th post! Yay! I don’t really think this fic is ready, but it needed to be posted, so here it is.

You were so close.

You leaned against the smooth edge of the console, relief still humming in your veins after one of those adventures. You know. One of the we-almost-died-but-it-turned-out-fine-so-we-won’t-talk-about-the-extreme-emotional-tension-we-just-had adventures that left you feeling both buzzed and drained and wondering why the Doctor hadn’t done or said something differently in those moments of hey we might be dying.

The Doctor relaxed beside you, hunched just enough for you to be shoulder-to-shoulder and hip-to hip. He was still just slightly out of breath from the run you had taken to get back to the TARDIS without getting caught and killed (because, y'know, that would be bad). You would give him a few more minutes before you asked him if he was alright (he would say that, yes, he was fine, but you would know by that point that, no, he was not fine, and then you would have to drag him down to sickbay like a fussy child).

“Well,” you said, bouncing one knee in an attempt to work off whatever was left of the adrenaline in your system, “that was, uh, fun.”

“Yes,” the Doctor agreed, voice slightly breathy. “Let’s never do it again.”

“You’ll hear no argument from me.”

The conversation refused to carry and you found yourself noticing it again. How close you were. All either of you had to do was turn just a little bit and- and- had he done this on purpose? He had been getting more and more comfortable with the touching. The hugging was still a bit iffy, but he was the one who had put himself so close to you.

He leaned even closer to you.

“It’s okay now,” you said, hoping that was what he needed to hear. Sometimes that was enough.

But not this time, apparently, because instead of relaxing, the Doctor wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close to him.

He was hugging you, you realized, shock turning you stiff in his embrace before you relaxed and leaned back into him.

“I almost lost you today,” he whispered harshly. his hands balling into fists against your back.

It’s wasn’t that bad, you wanted you say, but you didn’t say that, because you knew exactly how bad it was. He had almost lost you, and you had almost lost him. And the worst part was that you hadn’t said anything. You had stayed silent when you thought you were going to die. Neither of you said a word. You held his hand, like you always would, but you didn’t say what you should have.

Well. You were going to say something now.

“Kiss me.”

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