VMM set anecdote #9 : a.Dohr.a.Bell grooming rituals

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I have also decided to take a break from my sabbatical and share a really fun little story. Can’t wait to post this one! I’ve had this tucked away carefully in my vault for a rainy day (it is actually raining for me!)… and today it’s pouring actor LoVe. :)



So Kristen and Jason are between takes on set when the following goes down…

Kristen walks up to Jason all determined-like and silently begins to meticulously pick a fluff off his shirt in his pectoral region.

After watching her curiously, Jason reciprocally, with a completely straight face, pretends like he’s going to oh-so-carefully pluck a piece of fluff off her currently very baby-ample bosom.

Kristen, trying not to smile, retaliates by taking whatever matter she has just picked off Jason’s shirt and adding it to hers, gently patting it in place.

Jason grins and lacking very little conviction chides her, “Ewww, gross! What’s wrong with you???”

Kristen busts into giggles in that way she does when her whole face scrunches up and she bites her tongue.

Jason walks away shaking his head in faux shame, smiling broadly.

Kristen left the fluff in place and just continued about her day. :)


Such adorable people. A.DOHR.A.BELL PEOPLE!!!!

How can you not LoVe them?

I feel bad I have not given you stories recently and that I’m going to be crazy busy for at least another week with my bday and hosting visitors from out of town, etc, so I don’t know when I’ll be able to post properly… :/

So I’m placating you with Jason’s face again.

Shameless, I know. Enjoy!!!


VMM behind the scenes footage #8.

See all videos HERE. See all behind the scenes posts in my 09er tag.

Sorry for the delay! I was sick and down for the count. Enjoy!

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to share some of my pain with you. I read somewhere that Piz and Logan are gonna be V love interest. And I can tell that my heart is breaking right know, because she still won't know if she wants to be with Piz or Logan?? And Logan's dead girlfriend?? Will Veronica be a rebound?? It's really a lot to put in a 2 h film. Also I'm afraid that we won't see V&L together because of the books./ - this will be 2 parts, sorry- Monica /

Sure we will see LoVe magic, but it won’t be settled definitely. Really I have tears in my eyes right now, and I like it much better with just the preview. Please tell me (us) something that will mend our hearts till 2014… / Love Monica :) /

Sorry, another part - Logan called her out of the blue after nine years without contact?? That’s messed up, be in contact with Piz, but not with Logan…. / Monica/

First off, thanks for sharing with me Monica! I love hearing from you guys. I feel your pain and I hope I can be of some comfort to you, but my hands are sorta tied…

So here’s the thing… I know - like actually know from being on set - what the status of Veronica and Piz’s relationship is in the movie. Because of this, I feel like I can’t comment on this topic without spoiling stuff for people who don’t want it spoiled.

What I will do is talk about the movie in the abstract and try to let you know a little bit more about my own emotional roller-coaster when it comes to the film…

I’ll be frank, from day one (way before I ever gained any insider knowledge), I was extremely skeptical about almost all of the plot points Rob revealed… Veronica hadn’t taken a case in 9 years? Hadn’t seen Logan in 9 years? Logan’s girlfriend dies again? Logan is a accused of murder for a 4th time? Seriously Rob?!?!?

Then I got on set and I learned things. Some made me happy, ecstatic even, some sad, some worried, some shocked, some excited, some baffled. Do I still have concerns? You bet your ass I do. But here’s the thing… (1) All scenes I saw saw filmed fall within the first half of the film and (2) I gave Rob my money to make the movie he was going to make in good faith. I can hope and pray all I want that this movie will be everything I want it to be, but the truth of the matter is, that’s pretty much an improbability no matter what. This is Rob’s brainchild and it will come to fruition however he sees fit. I have to be okay with that.

So what I’m doing is this… I am doing my damnedest to relinquish the preconceived notions I have developed these past 6 years about the characters and where I think they should go. I am trying to leave myself open to finding out where Rob wants them to go. It’s incredibly hard, I’m not going to say it’s not. And a big part of this is that I am trying to make my peace with Piz because whether I like it or not, he will play a role in this movie…

One thing I will say though, is that while I never liked Piz as a V love interest in the show, if 9 years later V is still running that far and that fast away from Neptune, the PI life, and who she’s been, Piz makes more sense to me as a potential romantic interest now than he ever did then.

I will also say, if Logan feels like he can call up Veronica after 9 years and ask for help, I feel like that speaks volumes about what he thinks about their connection. And if after one phone call with Logan, Veronica flies 3000 miles to Neptune and picks up investigating again after shunning both for 9 years, does that not also speak volumes about how she feels about him? Especially if she’s in a relationship?

I feel the need to reiterate that while V apparently left Logan behind, she also left Neptune and private investigation behind as well. In my opinion, V is way off her course in life in multiple ways. Yes, she has pursued the law, an outlet for justice, but it’s also one within the conventional judicial/corporate system. The Veronica I fell in love with didn’t work within the system, she’s who you went to for retribution when the system failed. Veronica used to be proud of being that person. I was was proud of her for being that person. She was also someone who did not believe what goes around comes around. She knew it didn’t and that sometimes you have to make it. She could not abide by ‘live and let live’ as a life philosophy. (Piz is the antithesis of this and it still stands as one of my biggest problems with V ever choosing him as a romantic interest on the show.)

I am as eager to see Veronica get back on track as a person, as I am to see her choose Logan. In my mind, they are two sides of the same coin - Veronica gaining greater self-understanding and self-acceptance about who she really is/what will make her happy and secondarily, what choices in life will best suit that person - both through employment and romantic entanglements. That will hit my “pleasure zones" as Rob likes to call them.

In my opinion, everything hinges on execution. Even the best stories can sound awful on paper. Take for instance: teenage girl detective show on the UPN. ;)

I also want to speak to what you said about not seeing LoVe together because of the books that will now follow… Rob wrote the movie before the book deals were ever a thing. Therefore, it is my conclusion that the ending for the movie will be what he always wanted the ending to be. He wants the audience to be satisfied, we know this. I don’t think he’ll leave us hanging.

That being said, I personally have no idea how the movie ends. Someone offered to tell me, but I declined to know. (Some days I’m proud, others I want to kick myself. Hard.)

What I can tell you is that after a long conversation describing some of the very concerns we’re addressing here with a particular cast member, I and a couple other KSers were told, “Veronica figures a lot of that stuff out in the movie…Make a bunch of realizations,“ and then very sincerely they added, “I think you guys are going to be happy with the movie.” They also said, while the ending to the film left them feeling eager to do more, it felt much more resolved than S3.

I hope you will find these statements as comforting as I did.

Do I want want Veronica and Logan together? An emphatic, YES. (And honestly guys, I really do think Rob will have this happen based on everything he’s said in the press, etc and my valid belief that he doesn’t want to be brutally attacked at the premiere.) However, if LoVe is to happen in the movie, no matter what, a huge part of that story is their journey back to each other. Any way you slice it, Rob has decided that these characters have not seen each other in 9 years (Now, whether that’s solely on Veronica, Logan, or on them both, we don’t know. Whether that means there has been no written contact or shared knowledge about each other’s lives, we also don’t know.)

Even if Piz isn’t in the mix, these two characters have a lot of ground to cover in one movie. To have LoVe be back together with no road blocks before them would never make sense to me after one movie. To have them be completely happy and snuggly? Even less. To have them choose each other and choose paths in life that will lead them to a healthier, stronger life together? That I’d buy.

I take comfort in the fact that many of LoVe’s strongest moments on screen are when they’re not together and that if Veronica chooses Neptune, private investigating and Logan, in any combination, it will have to be a very conscience choice because Rob has established she has a life, both romantic and career-wise, she has been working towards in NYC. If Veronica wants Logan, she will have to choose him. I find that a very satisfying idea.

One final thought, regarding your worry that Veronica can’t decide between Logan or Piz or that Veronica will somehow be Logan’s rebound… Did any time these characters get together feel like they were rebounding or couldn’t decide if they loved each other to you? Cause it sure never did to me. I don’t think those are the choices. I think the question will be do these characters, who have always wanted to be together on some level, feel like they have become people who can make a life with each other? In my eyes, with LoVe, other people have always been superfluous. It is their own hangups, insecurities and lack of self-acceptance that have been their downfall as a couple. They needed to grow up. Here’s hoping they have… *fingers crossed*

Holy moly I just ranted! I hope this is somewhat coherent.

Real life’s been taking most of my time lately, but I should be back here soon. xx

Was this at all comforting?

nightlocktime  asked:

Remember when Jason wanted to do over an scene because his "Veronica" didn't sound right? what scene was that?

It was during the scene at The 09er when Veronica regretfully tells Logan, “I, um, just accepted my first big, grown up lawyering job,” and he replies…

“Good for you Veronica. I don’t envy opposing council.”

Jason paused and asked to go again because he, “didn’t like that Veronica”. It sounded a little unformed in his mouth and not quite as reverent as usual.

Interestingly, not only did Jason not like the way he said Veronica, but he also looked down during the take which seemed to intimate some disappointment.

On the retake, Rob directed him to look directly at Kristen as to reinforce Logan’s sincerity and gratitude.

Jason and Kristen did the take again and it was much more charged.

Hope this was enough of a rundown! I was seriously watching everybody like a hawk. Cause I’m a nerd like that. ;)

VERONICA MARS MOVIE : On Set Diary : Mass Post #1

Hey MMs,

I know I’ve only made 8 official ‘set anecdote’ entries into my ’09er tag’, but along with a ton of other little tidbits I tagged, it’s actually added up to quite a lot. So I figured now seemed like a perfect time to make a summery post…

To begin, here are my pre-set posts:


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  6. Un-coiffed Chris & a Doh!ring moment
  7. Ryan, you do realize why I’m here, right?
  8. T. Scout is on the case… What’s with those peepers?

TIDBITS: (sometimes much bigger than a bit)

I hope this makes it easy for you newbies to catch up or you old-faithfuls to re-visit!

What do you marshmallows think; good idea? Any suggestions?

VMM set anecdote #1 : Lunch with the brOTP

Just to give you a taste of what you could have if you vote to get mini stories now and the full download later…


On the VERONICA MARS movie set…

Day 1 

We have broken for lunch and all the Kickstarters are sitting on one side of the tent/makeshift dining hall, but we haven’t gotten our food yet. The crew has started getting their food and they filter in and sit on the other side of the tent. Jason appears with a full plate and is moving to sit with the crew.

All of a sudden, one very brave Kickstarter at my table calls out, “Jason, we have a seat for you over here if you’re interested!” (Balls of steel that woman, I swear!) The rest of us Kickstarters hadn’t even spotted Jason yet and are totally caught off guard. We’re like, “Wait, what’s happening??” lol

Jason, who is still standing, plate in hand, looks up super bashfully and a little bit confused having not noticed the group of Kickstarters prior to this moment. He then looks outside toward the food line sorta like he is looking for someone, which apparently he was…

He smiles shyly, but really warmly and says, “Only if there’s a seat for Ryan too. We’re supposed to eat together.”

(Seriously, how adorable is that?!)

We basically say, “I think that can be handled.” Only problem is we literally don’t have any extra chairs at our table despite having plenty of space, so we make haste and grab 2 from against the wall a few feet away. Jason comes over and sits right next to me. (My inner fangirl might have been careening just a little bit.)

He puts down his food, says hello, etc. and goes to eat when it becomes completely apparent no one else at the table has food and we’re all about to just sit and stare at him while he eats. We basically deadpan, “Well, this isn’t awkward at all. Why don’t the rest of us go get some food and you can eat in piece for a minute.”

He smiles and we leave and while we’re in the food line we realize we just left him completely alone at the table. Oops! Too funny.

I happen to get back to the table first where thankfully one of our fearless Kickstarter leaders, Mary, is talking to him. I sit and we make small talk and then Mary jumps in and asks if I’d like her to take our picture - to which I’m pretty sure I replied, “Um, YES.” I’m nothing if not cool and collected in the face of photo ops with my fav actors/television characters… Hence the cute/lame pointing photo of us on my Twitter account… 

I hope you know I was thinking of you all while I pointed! I was looking into the camera at you fellow marshmallows going, “Dude, it’s Logan Echolls. Can you believe this?” lol

Anyway, the rest of the Kickstarters returned and Ryan came and sat down next to Jason and we all had a super lovely lunch. Both guys are beyond sweet and personable! We chatted about Game of Thrones, advertising, crossfit training, the movie, and a bunch of other random things.

Then Rob Thomas showed up to sit down and chat, so Ryan and Jason left to share the love with other tables! Don’t you just love a story that ends with Rob Thomas came to sit down and chat?! I know I do. ;)

**FUN FACT: Apparently Ryan isn’t the only backflipper in the VM cast anymore. Jason can do one now too, but Ryan has to spot him. :)**


And now you see why my full write up is so frickin long! I’m verbose as hell. Most of this story took place in the span of 5 minutes!

REPOSTED cause my tags got screwed up! Whoops! Please re-like. :)

mysilverylining  asked:

Question. I'm assuming you got to see the cast actually filming a bit. Were you able to witness the phenomena RT has described where JD 'turns off' and Logan 'turns on'? It's fascinating when you see a photo how you can tell in an instant whether it's Jason or Logan. Does that translate to real-life viewing?

Yes, yes I did. (I’m grinning, FYI) Logan is a whole different animal compared to Jason and he definitely gets in a completely different Logan zone/mindset when he’s acting. His physicality totally changes too. That being said, he does seem to slip in and out of it pretty easily depending on the nature of the scene…

One time I was standing next to him while he was doing a scene and they yelled cut. Logan just fell away and Jason turns to me, grins, asks, “Having fun?,“ and high fives me when I answer, “Uh, yeah.”

Then he refocused and went right back into it for the next take.

(Tell the truth. You all kinda hate me right now, don’t you?)

anonymous asked:

Hello.) I don't need spoilers, but I'd like to know: how do you think, have the characters changed? Especially Logan, JD told that he's different now. Is he still that phycotic jackass we all love?)

My opinion is that he has changed, but that Logan is still Logan.

SIDE NOTE: I said this on Twitter, but I had a really funny conversation with Jason about returning to the role of Logan. I asked him if it felt the same to slip the Logan persona back on, even though the character had obviously evolved in the past 9 years…

Jason’s totally serious, contemplative answer:

“Logan will always be hot.”

Off my wry, you-know-what-you-said look, he clarifies:

“You know, temper-wise.”

I was like, “Right, obviously. What else would you be talking about Jason.“


Anyway, Logan’s definitely been on a journey, but as far I could see, the essence of Logan is still intact. :)

nightlocktime  asked:

I'm loving your anecdotes so much! You write them pretty cool you should take seriously a writing career! I wanna ask you about Jason, in interviews he seems very shy or like uncomfortable. Is he like that when he doesn't know people or is just with the media? what I take from your anecdotes he seems very playful but when he gains familiarity with people, am I wrong? what you can tell us about Jason and Kristen relationship/interaction, any anecdotes with those two? I wanna know everything! haha

LOL. Thanks! I’m trying to make them as entertaining as I can for you guys. :)

As for Jason, I was lucky enough to interact and observe him quite a bit and while I would say that while he is definitely quieter and less obviously extroverted than many of the other cast members (read: Ryan, Tina, Francis), he is by no means less personable or gregarious.

I can’t remember who said it, but I once read where someone called Jason something like, ‘the most other-centric person they’d ever met’. After meeting him, I totally understood that statement.

While the entire cast was extremely generous and so kind, out of all of them, I think I saw Jason take the most time to really go out of his way to address people in a personal manner. If he saw a new face on set, he made sure to take a moment to introduce himself. On many occasions when he had lulls in shooting, I would see him initiating interactions with KSers. He saw my BFF passing by and invited her to come sit and chat for what ended up being 15 mins. I saw him cross the room for the sole purpose of sitting with 2 KSers to get to know more about them. At the end of a long day, I was just standing to side observing quietly when he showed up next to me, squeezed my hand and asked if I was doing okay. 

He was incredibly attentive and sweet to everyone across the board. But within that, I still observed him to be a rather quiet and reserved person, even in the delivery of his humor.

For instance, when he did the pirouette, he just kinda did it out of the blue, drawing little attention to himself. Then he smiled and just went back to doing whatever, knowing he’d amused those of us who were paying attention and that was enough.

And yes, he can be very funny and playful when in the moment and comfortable. You could definitely see it with Ryan when they were taking photos with the fans. Ryan would usually come up with the the nuttier stuff (for example giving a lady’s pregnant belly a double kiss from the two of them, lol), but he was always game. 

In addition, as the days on the shoot progressed and he became more familiar with some of the KSers, he got more playful with us too. Ivan had him taking photos with KSers in the backseat of Logan’s car (he was such a good sport!) and when I got in and hopped closer to him, trying to avoid the seat belt buckles, he jovially exclaimed my name, faux-aghast, shielding his lap and pretending my hand had gone somewhere it shouldn’t have. I looked at him, his eyes glinting with mirth, and was like, ‘you come off all shy, but in reality you can be awfully cheeky!’

My guess as to where some of the awkwardness in interviews comes into play is because of perceived expectations and wanting to answer questions sincerely. I say this because I noticed some pensive hesitation in his speech whenever he was asked a serious question about Logan or acting and was trying to answer honestly. He seems to be a very thoughtful and deliberate person, but not always the most articulate when attempting to relay a point under the pressure of trying to deliver.

Does this make sense? I feel like I’ve just analyzed poor Jason to death now!!

(post 1 of 2 - KBell/Jason stuff coming up next!)


VMM behind the scenes footage #11

This here’s the last video folks! A quickie, but a goodie. The guys are pretending to be rained on by the sprinklers before they actually film using the rain machine. They get to be all glowery and victorious.

Fun fact: 

The guys really only got soaked to do that Veronica’s Army shot for the trailer. Prior to that, shooting the fight for the actual film, they got sorta drizzled on. [Jason and Chris are only shown soaked for 1 minute in the movie and it’s only semi-noticeable. Then magically everyone’s dry for the afterparty (which was filmed the day before). Think about it.] 

Kristen was never put under the rain machine, but poor Amanda Noret was not so lucky. She got soaked! But she was genuinely so happy doing it. I ran into her right after I watched them film that scene and she was all smiles. She’s a sweetheart in real life and was hoping people would cheer her defeat at Veronica’s fist.

Fun fact: 

After this video cuts off (my friend shot it, blame her!), Rob kept directing and said…

“Our guys, you hug your buddies… Weevil, you hug yourself!” LOL!

Poor Francis was so cute standing there with no viable comrade in arms for Weevil to cuddle, so he just gave himself a little squeeze with a laugh.


Thanks to all who watched these vids! I’m so happy to have gotten the chance to share them with you all!

See all videos HERE. See all behind the scenes posts in my 09er tag.

anonymous asked:

Can you tell us about Francis and Jason's interaction with one another on set?

Oh, yes! I have not forgotten about this!! My only snaffu was that the fun interaction I wanted to tell you about, I didn’t know how to properly tell you about without spoiling a line of dialogue. Basically, I have now worked around this and here are the bare bones… no spoilers…


Francis was having to do a serious line reading on camera and Jason was off camera. So Jason starts messing with Francis just trying to get him to break. Let’s just say humorous hand gestures were involved… 

In the end, I think Francis managed to hold it together and didn’t laugh, cause you know, he’s a professional. Us, KSer extras though? Not so much. I told Jason afterwards, if I’m that annoying extra who ruins the take for Rob, it’s all on him, because I totally cracked up when I was supposed to be stoic and stone faced behind Weevil. This just seemed to please Jason who replied with a toothy grin, “You’ve always gotta mess with your fellow actors.“ :)


Second Jason/Francis tidbit… Francis was talking about acting as a craft the next day and what people consider characteristics of great actors… He starts talking about how truly great actors are marked by what they give their fellow actors when they’re not on camera. He had just been talking about working with De Niro in A Bronx Tale so I think this is where he’s headed, but nope! Instead he launches into full Jason-love mode. “Take Jason,” he says. “When he’s not on camera, he gives you a 110%. Sometimes your not even ready for it! He just goes off! You’re just like Jason, buddy, hold on a sec. Wait for me! He wants to make sure he’s giving you his all so you can be the best you can be. He’s so generous as an actor.“ :)

This especially made me smile considering the “generous” kind of actor he was being the day before. lol


Last tidbit, which you may already know… they often call each other Jay and Fran. Can’t help it, I just think that’s terribly cute.


Hope that makes you happy Anon!! Sorry for the delay!! xx