Four years ago I met probably the best person I’ve had the privilege of meeting. @niiccollee is smart, beautiful, funny and all kind of other cheesy bullshit. She thinks my terrible jokes are funny every time and lets me cry my eyes out to her whenever I need to. There’s a big dumb piece of earth that stops us from hugging on a regular basis. We share a middle name with each other and every other white girl in existence. She’s got amazing eyebrows and I would do anything for her. It’s really hard finding your other half and when they are 3000 miles away it makes life pretty hard. I know she will always be there for me and I know she knows I’m here for her forever. I wish we could have known each other since birth but I’m happy to have her shove herself into the rest of my life. Bitch is my best friend. She is my sister. I’d better shut up or we won’t get our ice cream. 🌉✈️🗽💚🌵🔜 #datass #itsmidnightinNY #091610