Haha..bow..  I look too Asian for Gopika now T-T  SHE MAY NEVER LOVE ME AGAIN!!!  Haha, just kidding >.>

  Wake up in the morning, get dressed, see my bangs all strange, do this, work on some APES until my aunt and cousin arrive to pick me up.  They get here kinda late.. I can’t go to my locker in the morning anymore T-T

  Edward walked me to French where the desk were arranged in a pinwheel.  We had a sub.  Sorry, as Matt said, “I can’t take subs seriously.”

[This is really random, but I wanted to save this gif somewhere.]

So basically, I’m your fangirl :3  And I would never be able to befriend you because I would just be all awkward like:

Bwahahhahahhahahahhaha XD yeah..

Anyways, back to school.

Go to humanities, cram/study the words for the first time, quickly take the vocab test, cry in shame because I know how bad I failed that.  Haha, jkjk, I just really hate tests.

I love choir.  Even on uneventful days where we just sing.  Choir’s always eventful in the scene of “live-in-the-moment” type things :3

Math test part 2.  If you didn’t already kill me yesterday, kill me now T^T

AND THEN MORE CLUB RUSH >:D  Performances by cool people, that’s cool :3
I joined all the clubs yesterday, so I sat on the ground and did some APES.

And then APES rolls along and I’m BS-ing the FRQ.

And then who knows what happens in APEC.  Probably a document of some sort and such.

And then I could finally go home and knock out.  I’m just so tired, lately since school started.