I feel I should’ve done more for #0817 than a sorry Post-It doodle on Instagram, but considering that it’s the middle of my terminal exams and my stress levels are sky-high (so my health isn’t excellent), I think I’ll let it go. I promise to make full-size proper drawings come my hols, when I’ll get my Cintiq back. Thank you for your continued support despite my erratic posting schedule.


My birthday is finally here!! Thank u Jesus for another one!!🙋🏽👑 #0817 #BoutTime #MyDay #LemmeHaveTheMic #ItsMyBirthday #AllDay #LetsGetActive #SometimesTheWomanIsAKing #ItsSupposeToRainThough #StillGoingIn #FreshFeetShawty #QweenLee #ShesACoppa #ItsOn (at Im Cuttin Up All Day, I Dont Care If Its Monday!!!)

0817: It’s Show Time!!

I decided to put some efforts in digital drawings because it’s my last holiday–I dont think I’ll be able to draw/slacking off/etc during school-day. So, yeah… hours has been spent to finish this.

Now, I realized that digital works doesn’t suit me. I think I’m back to my traditional one.. It’s more comfortable and I can do it while sleeping~XD don’t try this at home tho…

Also, Happy Independence day Indonesia!

As you can see the title was chosen based on today’s date so.. yeah. I’m so noisy. o_o

tools & ingredients: A messy sketch, photoshop, comicstudio, and some free time. Don’t forget some loves~XD

bughammer asked:

"Jounetsu, Jounetsu! I made you a Mister Brusher, so your tails can look shiny all day--even when you sleep! I also brought key lime cake that my sister made, though I asked her to personalize it. Happy Birthday!" (And again, a happy bday to you too, Tutku!)

Jounetsu blinked, a light blush dusting her cheeks at the gesture of the cake and robotic invention. It was definitely very thoughtful. ❝Thank you, Skuld. This is very sweet. I hope you get an eternal, never-ending supply of ice cream.

OutofLightning;; TYVM bby <3 Jou and I appreciate the message.